The Back Table Podcast: Review

The Back Table Podcast

The Back Table Podcast is a podcast that talks about all the things comedians talk about at the back table of comedy clubs. Listen to host Jeremy Nunes have hilarious conversations with other comedians that may start off with one topic, quickly go way off track, and result in knee-slapping comedy. Nunes also talks about current news and politics in a light-hearted and funny way. Jeremy and his sidekick “RSJ” have a popular segment in each episode called “Small-town Breakdown” where they read current complaints from small towns across the country. The broadcast is a clean comedy podcast so it is safe to listen to around the family!

The Host: For over 18 years, Jeremy Nunes has been a comedian and actor who travels doing clean comedy at venues across the country. Having appeared on The Break-Up and Last Comic Standing, he has been able to continue his career for such a long time due to his story-telling ability, his ability to improvise, and his ability to turn everyday situations into comedy gold.

The Guests: Jeremy brings in his comedy friends for witty interviews and comedy bits. David Graham, Peter Daniel, and Rik Roberts have all recently been guests. You will be laughing as they tell of their shows they bombed as well as some of their most popular comedy bits.

Why You Have To Listen: If you love comedy but don’t like all the filth and foulness that can come along with comedy, this clean comedy podcast is for you! It sort of sounds like The Daily Show for radio. It is funny and also informative. You will definitely have some good laughs while you listen.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

100th Episode Spectacular!

Rik Roberts

Baby Cheese Us

Rating: All Ages

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