The End of Time and Other Bothers: Podcast Review

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Do you love fantasy role-playing games? If so, then you’re going to love the immersive experience of The End of Time & Other Bothers podcast. This improvised show takes the Dungeon World to another level as Sean (the game master) and his cast battle half-demons and explore magical waterfalls. And just for context, the game takes place within the Alba Salix universe (it’s a podcast that centers around a royal physician named Alba, along with her friends Holly and Magnus). So whether you’re fascinated by ongoing post-apocalyptic traumas or you want to sit back and listen to a group of friends make smart (and horrible) decisions, this podcast may just be the perfect gaming choice for you.

The Hosts: Since this is a fiction-based podcast, there isn’t really a “host.” Rather, we’ll shed a spotlight on Sean Howard, Stephen Smith, and Eli McIlveen. Sean is the game master of this podcast and has a strong love for D&D, animals, and in-depth story plots. Stephen is the game consultant who loves both board games and tabletop games. Eli is an audio editor and sound designer who created the Alba Salix podcast. He also loves blueberries and public broadcasting.

The Guests: There aren’t any guests on this podcast, so let’s go over who the major cast members are. First, there’s Carter Siddall who plays the role of Blat. He’s a big fan of community theater and sketch comedy but has also spent some time playing the Dungeons and Dragons game. Marisa King, who plays Darcy, played a little bit of D&D as a kid, and currently has a newfound love for all RPG games. The character of Eggerton is played by Michael Howie, and he prides himself on being a “flightless human” who loves dogs and journalism. And finally, we’ve got Maggie Makar, who plays the role of Ananka. She loves voice acting, making weird facial expressions, and improvising with the Staircase Improv troupe. 

Why You Have to Listen: The cast is funny and the GM knows how to keep the story interesting and compelling. There are also over 50 episodes that vary in length (between 20-60 minutes), so there’s plenty of mysterious adventures to listen to. Some of the content may be disturbing for viewers though, as certain episodes contain themes of violence, bodily harm, drug use, and kidnapping. But if you’re not bothered by this kind of stuff, then march forward, dear listener!

Listen to The End of Time & Other Bothers

Must-Listen Episodes:

Journey to the Temple, Part 1

The Riddle, Part 1

The Academy of the Fallen, Part 1

Rating: 18+

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