The Flop House: Podcast Review

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The Flop House Podcast

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The Flop House is a funny podcast about bad movies. Each episode focuses on a movie that flopped, either commercially (poor sales) or critically (poor reviews). With three award-winning comedians at the helm, no movie or actor is off-limits as the trash-talking and hilarity ensues. The show’s hosts don’t always agree as they riotously dissect the poor choices behind movie themes, plot lines, character development, and actor choices while pointing out obvious pain points as well as less-noticeable missteps. Occasionally they also point out a film’s redeeming qualities. Occasionally. 

Now part of the Maximum Fun podcast network, the show originally aired in 2007 and is published twice a month. Hundreds of movie flops are featured, both recent and old, mainstream and indie. You can start from the beginning, or peruse the archives to find a movie you agree is a flop. See a movie you love? Proceed with caution! Or at least with an open mind. 

The Hosts:  Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington, and Elliott Kalan co-host The Flop House. McCoy is an Emmy award-winning writer for The Daily Show, Wellington is a comedian and co-host of the podcast Till Def do us Ppardy, and Kalan is a former writer for The Daily Show and current head writer for Mystery Science Theater 3000. The trio’s dynamic is spot-on, and their witty, intelligent, banter and commentary keep listeners coming back for more. Kalan often breaks out into impromptu off-key song, all three are terrible at voices and accents, and their goofy and sometimes off-color humor is infectious. 

The Guests: The show regularly features guests, including fellow comedians, podcasters, and actors, such as Ronny Chieng of Crazy Rich Asians, Jordan Morris of Jordan Jesse Go!, and Travis McElroy from My Brother My Brother and Me

Why You Have To Listen: Even if you’ve never seen the movies featured on The Flop House, the show’s host are entertaining and downright hysterical to listen to. They don’t base their commentary on other reviews; they watch the movies before each podcast episode and then have a candid discussion. While it’s impossible to critique a bad movie without saying unpleasant things, the guys keep it respectful (but definitely not clean!), while never taking themselves too seriously. 

Don’t miss the highly-controversial review of the latest and last installation of the Star Wars saga, The Rise Of Skywalker (link below!). If you were a fan of the movie, you might be surprised by the plot gaps, inconsistencies, and downright nonsensical aspects of the movie that the guys reveal and go on to complain about. But even if your feelings get hurt, it’s impossible to be mad when the commentary is coming from The Flop House gang.  

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Must-Listen Episodes:

100: Tango & Cash 

309: Book Club

301: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

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