The Greatest Discovery: Podcast Review

the greatest discovery

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Do you love all things Star Trek? Would your family and friends consider you a “Trekkie”? Then get ready to add The Greatest Discovery podcast to your long list of things to do. Following each aired episode of Star Trek on Tuesdays, the men behind the podcast recap and review what they just watched while sharing a laugh. This science-fiction focused podcast is sure to get any space fanatic or Star Trek fan even more excited for Tuesday nights.

The Host: John Roderick and Adam Pranica steal the show for The Greatest Discovery, using their clever banter and immense knowledge on the subject of Star Trek to provide fans and listeners with the absolute best after-show commentary. In addition to having a knack for all things science fiction, both Roderick and Pranica are prominent history and film buffs, and they also host the Friendly Fire podcast.

The Guests: For the most part, The Greatest Discovery does not feature guests. However, listeners will be more than happy to hear Roderick and Pranica recap and recall their favorite weekly Star Trek moments.

Why You Have to Listen: While Star Trek might not be for everyone, even the most uninterested of listeners will find the charm and humor of The Greatest Discovery irresistible. However, if you are a fan of Star Trek and look forward to the new episodes that air every Tuesday, this podcast is the perfect addition to make your watching experience even better. There is no doubt that Star Trek is a show that has created a strong sense of community and companionship, so what better way to celebrate it than join in on the fun and listen as Roderick and Pranica rehash each moment?

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Must Listen Episodes:

Shades of Gold

Haunted and Horny

The Vomit Hat Trick

Rating: Not Rated

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