The Irishmin: Podcast Review

Irishmin Review

Vox writer (by way of SBNation) and comedian Ryan Simmons takes on Martin Scorsese’s modern classic one step at a time in The Irishmin. With the express goal to not miss a single detail of the film, Ryan set out to watch the epic movie one minute at a time. Releasing daily Monday through Friday, the show has become a disjointed study of the film.

The Hosts: Eloquent and comedic, Ryan Simmons is on full display in this short form podcast. With a background in creating this sort of content through the SBNation series like Weird Rules, Ryan is completely in his wheelhouse here. While delving into film is not so comfortable, he steps into the role with ease.

The Guests: Ryan pulls in other Vox affiliated writers regularly, like Patrick Gill and Allegra Frank to discuss the film. Each brings a passion for content and knowledge from their background, providing a new perspective. They also introduce a bit of depth as – unlike Ryan – they have previously seen the film.

Highlight: The Irishmin has had many great moments so far, not the least of which occurred in its first two episodes. The hilarious tension as Ryan ends the first episode wondering why he’s looking at old men only to realize the old man is Robert DeNiro in episode two perfectly encapsulates the tone of the show. His monologue intros have created even more highlights, such as his inability to delineate “furrier” and “furry.”

Must Listen Episodes:

1: Monday, January 6

36: Monday, February 24 with Allegra Frank

42: Tuesday, March 3

Rating: Teen+

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