The JV Club with Janet Varney: Podcast Review

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The JV Club with Janet Varney promises the chance to reminisce about what it was like to be an awkward teenager. The teenage years often bring to mind all kinds of memories, some good, others not so much. There are many stories to tell from those times – and that’s what this podcast is for! Hear about the tales from those halcyon days Janet Varney and guests have to tell. 

The Hosts: Depending on what kind of content you watch, you may have seen Janet Varney before. Her resume includes the comedy-drama You’re the Worst, and the comedy horror series Stan Against Evil. You also will find her as the voice of Korra in The Legend of Korra, an animated series that used to be broadcasted in Nickelodeon. It’s a very impressive resume!

In the podcasting world, she’s no slouch either. Janet Varney features in the cast of the sci-fi comedy podcast Voyage to the Stars, part of the comedy podcast network Earwolf. As you can see, The JV Club is not her first incursion into the world of podcasting. Janet Varney knows how to get your attention and create a mellow atmosphere perfect for conversation, encouraging guests to be spontaneous and reminisce about their teenage years.

The Guests: Every episode brings a different guest. You’ll find many famous female names from all sorts of walks of life, ready to talk about their past and teenage years. No two episodes are the same – everyone’s experiences vary so much. By the end of each episode, you’ll feel like you know these stars a little better than before. Some of the names that feature in this show are Zelda Williams, Kate Walsh, Kristen Bell, and Tara Platt.

Male guests can come to the podcast too – in fact, during the summer there are many episodes in a row where male guests feature. Last year stars such as Chris Sullivan, Neil Patrick Harris, and Justin McElroy came to participate. As you can see, there are plenty of guests. You should scroll down the list of episodes, you probably will find someone you’ll be very interested in listening about!

Why You Have to Listen: The teenage years are hard. Puberty always hits like a truck, and even if you think you’re prepared, more often than not you find yourself flatfooted by the intricacies of high school life. The teenage years are that weird time where you’re expected to start taking responsibility for your own life but don’t have the perks of being an adult. Of course, that means those times are full of experiences, both good and bad. That’s what this podcast focuses on, with amazing results.

Janet Varney is excellent at creating a conversational tone in this podcast. It’s the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re right there, sitting to a table with her and the guest, talking about the hardships of teenage life. In a way, it’s very inspiring to know you’re not the only one who experienced such things. That’s the strong point of the JV Club: relatability. The guests’ lives and situations will feel like they could have happened to you or to someone you know, making you recall what may have been times you cherish — and if your teenage years weren’t exactly fun and pleasant times, well, misery loves company. Knowing you’re not the only one who had problems is cathartic, too, albeit usually taken with a lighthearted tone. This is a relaxing comedy podcast, after all!

This podcast has been around for quite a while – on March 5th they celebrated the eighth anniversary of the JV Club. There are 374 episodes right now, not including reruns and other special episodes, each one with a guest. There’s plenty of reminiscing to listen to here and remember: life is full of variety. Everyone is their own little world. Podcasts like these are a window into these worlds, so be ready to find out more about other people. There’s joy in knowing someone else a little better!

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