The Orbiting Human Circus: Podcast Review

The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) -- Season 1

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Delivering a compelling narrative with a radio show can be a daunting task, but the creators of this podcast prove it’s possible! Podcasts and radio shows have strengths and weaknesses other storytelling mediums don’t have, and The Orbiting Human Circus takes advantage of all the strengths while avoiding all the pitfalls of the trade.

This narrative podcast will tell you about the life of a janitor living in the Eiffel Tower, who dreams of being part of a surreal radio show broadcasted from a ballroom right at the top of the tower – a premise that’s cleverly written and charmingly explored. Every episode will leave you wanting to listen to the next right away!

The Host: The Orbiting Human Circus has a rather powerful team behind the scenes, starting with its creator, writer, and lead actor Julian Koster. The narrative weaved by Mr. Koster’s ensnares you and makes you sympathize with the main character, and fills the podcast’s world with life and poignancy. This talented man’s creation will grip you and introduce you to all sorts of characters you will be interested in finding more about, all thanks to his writing talent and capacity to build the right atmosphere for every part of the story!

The Guests: Given the focus of the podcast, there aren’t guests per se, but there’s quite a cast behind scenes.

The Orbiting Human Circus’ partnership with Night Vale Presents and WNYC Studios gives it access to rather competent staff, and the cast of voices that perform the many roles involved in this story are diverse, skilled, and unmistakable. You won’t get the characters mixed up – every voice is so different that, even if you forget something about the characters, just listening to the voice will be enough to remind you of their role in the story. 

Highlights: It’s difficult to choose a highlight without spoiling parts of the story! So for the purposes of this short review, we will talk only about the first episode of the first season. Highlights include the janitor’s well-delivered lines about his dream of taking part in the radio show, as well as the delightfully chimerical presentation of the machine translating a cricket’s song into something beautiful for human ears.

Must Listen Episodes:

Season 1 Episode 1

Season 1 Episode 8

Season 2 Trailer

Rating: Teen+

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