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Four years in, The Past and the Curious is the definition of labor of love. Produced by a group of history and science aficionados in their spare time, this podcast touches on events and personalities in an engaging, creative way that is clear and concise enough for kids and yet specific enough that their parents (and other adults) can listen and learn as well. It’s a perfect size for family mealtimes, as well, at about 30 minutes per episode.

The Hosts: Launched by Mick Sullivan in 2016, he has since been joined by friends Victoria Reibel, Jason Lawrence and Amber Estes Thienemen. This dedicated team produces audio stories about the woman who led the way for other women to wear pants (Amelia Bloomer), amazing little-known polymaths of history that were NOT Leonardo da Vinci, and even the hidden history of the hot dog-which strangely involves President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the King of England, and dead whales.

The Guests: Though The Past and the Curious is more theater than talk show, Mick Sullivan and crew often invite guest entertainers along to help inject even more fun into the edutainment-laden proceedings. These have included the unique band Big Momma Thorazine, fellow podcaster Mr. Eric from What If World, and many more.

Most compelling moment from any show or episode: In Epi. 24: Shipwrecks, the P & C team tells the tales of the Marquis de Lafayette’s costly steamboat sinking in the Ohio River and the Rhode Island lighthouse keeper named Ida Lewis who saved at least 18 lives over the course of her 54-year career.

Must Listen Episodes

Ep. 32: Strange Things

Ep. 31: April Fooling!

Ep. 8: Magic? Mesmer, Fox Sisters, Robert-Houdin, I’ll See You In My Dreams

Rating: All Ages

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