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There’s only so much time to get you interested in a story and attached to the characters, but the Penumbra Podcast manages to do so in record time.

Filled with interesting and enigmatic characters right from the very first episode, this innovative podcast takes story genres we all know and love and puts them in the middle of new, interesting environments. You will find a hardboiled detective on Mars, and knights facing threats that would be at home in a different kind of fantasy story – these are the two stories that are currently being narrated in the podcast, with new episodes being released with regularity.

The Host: There’s no defined host in this podcast thanks to its narrative focus. However, the main characters could be considered the main draw – detective Juno Steel is quite iconic, for example. Not only the main characters are well written and their lives and times are explored thoroughly, the voice actors deliver their lines with skill, conveying the right emotions and giving life not only to the characters themselves but to the situations they go through!

When you enjoy the main character, you’re already on your way to enjoying the story, and the creators of the Penumbra Podcast know that quite well, given how effectively they manage to get your attention right from the first scene the main characters appear in!

The Guests: Any good story needs an array of characters. That’s where the rest of the cast comes in, giving shape to the worlds the Penumbra Podcast presents. When you listen to each episode you will realize it feels like you’re truly there, like you’re witnessing the conversations and the scenes as if you could see it with your own two eyes. This vivid experience is thanks to how each actor and actress give their all to make each word feel authentic – and they excel at it!

Some guests collaborate with the podcast, even if the focus may not be direct with the show itself. Currently, Sharon Oh and Milo Mars provide the illustrations you will see representing each arc.

Highlight: As usual, revealing too much about the story may not be a good idea. Instead, here we will encourage you to listen to two arcs that are likely to be of interest.

Some highlights in the Penumbra Podcast include the introductory episodes for Juno Steel’s stories ‘S1.E1 – Juno Steel And The Case Of The Murderous Mask (Part 1)‘ — and the start of the Second Citadel stories – ‘S1.E9 The Head Of The Janus Beast (Part 1)‘.

There are also a few short, one chapter stories, such as for example ‘S1.E3 – Shaken’. These stories aren’t as detailed or extended as Juno Steel or the Second Citadel’s stories, but they’re solid enough to stand on their own two feet.

Must Listen Episodes

S1.E16 – Peter Nureyev And The Angel Of Brahma

Juno Steel And The Promised Land

Canon: The Full Penumbra Tour, Presented By The Concierge

Rating: 18+

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