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Podcast Accelerator
Podcast Accelerator

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Sometimes short episodes released several times a week can work better than one hour-long episode released weekly. The Podcast Accelerator uses this format admirably, perhaps even surprisingly well! Presented by entrepreneur Mark Asquith, this podcast offers insights and honest reactions to podcasting news.

The Hosts: Mark Asquith is the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media, a podcast tech company at the helm of many podcast-related projects. Ranging from making websites specifically for podcasts to training to – the podcast hosting platform — Mark Asquith is responsible for so much in the podcast world. Now he’s here, taking a moment to bring you some useful information that can help you turn your podcast into a business.

Mr. Asquith is full of enthusiasm right from the first word in every episode. The energy in his words goes great with the background music and fires up the listener, making them pay attention and absorb all the information imparted. With a host like him, the insight and news he delivers are quite…captivating! Now imagine a rimshot, if you please.

The Guests: The way the podcast is structured would make anyone think to have guests would be a futile endeavor, but Mr. Asquith can make it work. Sometimes guests – podcast industry experts – will feature in the episode. These episodes are released as bonuses. 

That said, these guests aren’t common. Most of the episodes will have only Mr. Asquith, but stay tuned for those bonus episodes! 

Why You Have to Listen: This is a quite varied podcast. Every episode has something that’s of interest to you as a podcaster, whether it’s news, education, or insight about the current state of the podcasting industry. As we said, there’s a lot of energy in the Podcast Accelerator! You can’t get bored listening to this show, that’s for certain.

It’s even more remarkable that Mr. Asquith carved himself an excellent reputation in this particular niche. If you check the ratings and reviews page in iTunes, you’ll find the majority of the comments point out how knowledgeable the host is, as well as how easy it is to learn from him. These opinions are very accurate! Even those episodes with commentary about current news will make you feel like you learned something. Mr. Asquith just has that kind of energy.

Currently, there are 174 episodes. Just as the podcast description states, most of the episodes are pretty short. You’ll find most are less than ten minutes long, rarely slipping past that threshold. That said, there are occasionally some as long as 49 minutes, These long episodes are rare, but they’re like a treasure in audio form — you really should listen to all of them, Mr. Asquith truly shines in those.

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Rating: Not Rated

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