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The Powerful Ladies Podcast is a collection of interviews with empowering women doing wonderful things. They are sought out for being both awesome and “up-to-something” which includes filmmakers and authors, personal trainers and entrepreneurs in textiles and event management, doctors and lawyers, and activists and wellness coaches, among others. Each one has a story that offers all listeners new possibilities for their own path to power.

The Host: Kara Duffy is a Business Coach and Consultant who has a passion for world travel and empowering women. When she was part of the corporate world, she had success in reviving projects that weren’t working. She can also speak from the experience of an entrepreneur, knowing exactly how it feels at its worst and best moments. 

The Guests: Here are some of the guest descriptions: “CEO, founder and director”, “Product & Experience Designer”, “Journalist, Co-Founder & Globe Trotter”, “Dr of Chinese Medicine & Yoga Teacher”, “Granola Business Owner, Competitive Powerlifter, Nutrition & Holistic Life Coach”, “Founder of Year of Joy”, “Matriarch of #1 Deli in the US”, “Writer, Music Journalist, and Multi-Medium Story Teller”. Kara’s guests run the gamut of occupations as greatness is not confined to one area.

Why You Have To Listen:  A fascinating array of powerful ladies, they are a great example of women on the rise in every imaginable industry. They are sometimes business owners or entrepreneurs but can also be leaders in their field. These women may have found a creative niche or new possibilities for reaching their goals without simply following established modes.

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 13 : Sandy Zhao Ran Ji

Episode 57: Sasha Sagan

Episode 11 : The Miracle Sisters

Rating: Teen+

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Malayna likes ideas and sharing them, with the hope of inspiring positive action. She is passionate about nature and creativity and holds special places in her heart for Joseph Campbell and historical fiction.


Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Radio, TV and Film from Cal State Northridge included an extended internship at the World Famous KROQ working with the morning show, and another in music publishing for TV and Film.

Work History

An L.A. native, she started working in the entertainment industry as a kid, as part of a singing group that did radio, TV and movies. She grew up to work in print media, television marketing and then TV production before focusing on writing. These days she’s a freelance digital media consultant (which means she mostly connects online in whatever ways she can!).