The Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn: Podcast Review

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Building a passive income for yourself is an attractive thought, and here is Pat Flynn to guide you through the high and lows of achieving such a goal. Every session is full of interesting, thorough, and useful information that will take you one step closer to achieving this dream! Or, at the very least, have more knowledge about how podcasts, websites, social networking, and building your own income is like. The Smart Passive Income Podcast is here to help you achieve what you want by inspiring and teaching you the tricks of the business!

The Host: Pat Flynn managed to build an income online from zero and now he wants to share his years of experience with everyone. His greatest strength as a podcast creator is that he knows how to break down his wealth of experience and information into bite-size pieces, delivered without confusion and with a vocabulary that doesn’t require any kind of preparation. Knowing the lingo is not a requirement thanks to the way Mr. Flynn explains everything!

Pat Flynn’s knowledge covers from niche websites to affiliate marketing to podcasts – knowledge he delivers with a calm and patient voice that will make you feel like you can achieve everything he’s talking about.

The Guests: There are so many people out there who have managed to fulfill their dreams and create online businesses, and Pat Flynn has invited many of them as guests. These individuals, normal everyday people with the same capacities than anyone out there, managed to succeed and now they share their experiences so you can realize anyone can reach the same results with hard work, dedication, and a few trade secrets.

There’s quite a variety of guests, of all kinds of backgrounds and lives! From a woman who created a podcast about female Youtubers, to the man who gave a 180° turn to a floundering baseball team thanks to an interesting philosophy towards customers, to Mr. Flynn’s own executive assistant, there’s always someone for you to learn from.

Highlights: Highlights include Episode #400, where Pat Flynn talks about ten things he has learned by recording so many podcast episodes. When someone experienced gives highlights about things they have learned, you know it’s all valuable, interesting information you should keep in mind.

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Rating: All Ages

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