The Stress Less Show Podcast Review

The Stress Less shows featuring Carlee Myers on handling stress

If you need help in curbing emotional eating, or you are feeling overworked or having problems managing your thoughts, this is the podcast for you! The Stress Less Show is the answer to “How Do I Handle Stress?” Common discussion themes found in this podcast are intuition, stress management and self-criticizing. 

The Host: Carlee Myers is a stress management coach. She helps others in handling stress and advises them on how to find joy from work and home. Myers has a relaxation space for women called the Stress Less Space in Philadelphia. Her clarity in explaining factors that affect one’s stress levels makes listeners more aware of their own emotionally cultivated habits. 

The Guests: The episodes feature amazing experts in intuitive development coaching, job search consultancy, herbalism, and dreamwork consultancy. Some of the guests worth checking out are Danielle Mercurio, Abigail Vettese, and Stephanie Heath. 

Why You Must Listen: Myers discusses empowering themes surrounding confidence and the importance of knowing one’s worth in society. Whether you are having issues managing other people’s expectations of you or you’re trying to establish your place in the work world or home life, listeners can greatly benefit from the self-help discussions featured in the podcast.

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Must Listen Episodes 

How to Escape the Expectations of Others and Focus On You

Do You Know Your Worth?

How to Uncover What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Rating: All Ages

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