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Have you ever heard of a podcast where the interviewer interviews another interviewer? Me neither. That’s why today, we’re bringing you the magic of The Turnaround with Jesse Thorn. You might have heard of people like Terry Gross (who hosted Fresh Air) or Reggie Osse (host of The Combat Jack Show), but what are they really like? Well, Jesse Thorn aims to find out, and you’ll get a sneak peek at what goes on in an interviewer’s mind. For example, Larry King is a fan of improvising during interviews while Ray Saurez has a background as a senior correspondent, which has shaped his overall interview style. So whether you want to be a host one day or you want to get a glimpse of a celebrity’s lifestyleThe Turnaround may just be the perfect podcast match for you.

The Host: Aside from The Turnaround, Jesse Thorn hosts a few other podcasts, which include Bullseye, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, and Judge John Hodgman. Thorn studied at the University of California in Santa Cruz before moving on to the public radio realm. He currently juggles 24 podcasts right now, but mainly helps out with the “behind-the-scenes” stuff. The word “busy” is clearly part of his vocabulary, as Thorn is also a voice-over artist and a keynote speaker. In fact, he’s reached out to the hearts and minds of those at Walt Disney Animation, CalArts, and South by Southwest Interactive.

The Guests: Many celebrity guests have graced the presence of The Turnaround podcast. You might recall familiar faces like Anna Sale, Jerry Springer, Susan Orlean, and Larry King, among many others.

Why You Have to Listen: This podcast is part of the Maximum Fun network, which is responsible for podcasts like The Adventure Zone, Adam Ruins Everything, Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incidentand Dead Pilots Society. (So rest assured, The Turnaround will be great). Now with regards to each episode, they’re basically about an hour in length, and the celebrity guests talk quite a bit about themselves, their past, and what draws them to interviewing other people. Is it really for a paycheck? Or is it to unveil the multidimensional personality of someone that the public may only know as “that rich celebrity who can’t act?” Well, the only way for you to find out is by listening to The Turnaround!

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Katie Couric

Larry King

Ira Glass

Rating: Teen+

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