The Weekly Planet: Podcast Review

Two Australian mates, James Clement and Nick Mason, break down the latest news in the entertainment industry. With the easy banter of old friends, the pair provide hot takes, predictions, and reviews. The Weekly Planet podcast is generally centered upon movies, TV, comics, and video games.

The Hosts: Irreverence, silliness, and a tendency for tangents make Clement and Mason an endlessly entertaining duo. Their knowledge of popular culture, comic book movies especially, allows them to provide a rich stream of speculation and observation upon the most popular films in the world.

A comprehensive and scathing dissection of the controversial Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice makes for one of the most entertaining installments of The Weekly Planet podcast. Love or hate the movie, Nick and James’ tirade of increasingly heated exasperation is podcast gold.

Must Listen Episodes

128 Batman V Superman Is…(dramatic pause)

153 Batman (Best, Worst & Weirdest Versions)

208 Geostorm (is bad) & Black Panther trailer

Rating: 18+

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