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If pro-wrestling is your jam, then get ready for the hilarious and exciting Tights and Fights podcast. This pro-wrestling parody covers everything about WWE, “prestling,” and wrestling brain food. The topics are never-ending, and with over 200 episodes to choose from, you’ll probably have a tough time deciding between current wrestling news or the life of past champions. And though the hosts take their material seriously, there’s a funny spin to each episode. So basically, you’ll laugh and reminisce about what the wrestling sport is all about!

The Hosts: The Tights and Fights podcast is hosted by Lindsey Kelk, Hal Lublin, and Danielle Radford. Lindsey loves to write fictional stories, Danielle loves to tell jokes for a living, and Hal prides himself on being an actor, writer, and a producer. In fact, he’s worked on The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Mighty Magiswords, and Welcome to Night Vale. He’s also one of the hosts of We Got This with Mark and Hal, and is an expert when it comes to sketch comedy.

The Guests: Past guests have included AEW’s Colt Cabana, Says Who? podcast host Dan Sinker, AEW women’s champion Nyla Rose, and Darnell Mitchell from Uncanny Attraction. So in short, all of the guests on this podcast are wrestling experts or have worked in the business for many years.

Why You Have to Listen: The Tights and Fights podcast is catered for wrestling fans, but you don’t need to be an expert to listen to the 1-hour long episodes. The hosts keep their lingo nice and simple and they interview a whole lot of WWE stars. So whether you’re interested in topics like wrestling fandoms, layoffs, WWE history, or the major WrestleMania event, this podcast has something for all types of fans. There does seem to be a strong focus on the women’s wrestling aspect, as well as some of the hosts’ political views on social media sites, but overall, they all mainly talk about their love of this combat sport. And for those who are interested in the latest COVID-19 news, this podcast has a few episodes that talk about how the virus has affected the wonderful world of wrestling. 

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 151: Rob Van Dam on His Career, Concussions and CBD

Episode 191: Let’s get ready to furlough

Episode 183: Nat King Cole Bay-Bay

Rating: Teen+

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