Top 10 Documentary Podcasts

In these podcasts you will find hard hitting investigations, personal stories, and ghosts. These are the top ten documentary podcasts for December 5, 2019.
Two-time Peabody Award winner, Radiolab finds an idea and investigates it through sound and story.
Do you want to be great at everything, but know you don’t know what you don’t know? Or maybe you didn’t know you didn’t know? Freakonomics Radio helps you figure all that out.
This podcast has already been turned into a TV mini-series. It tells the story of Debra Newell and John Meehan, two people who fall in love, but one of them has a secret that will lead to a fight for survival.
When patients who are looking for a miracle cure end up in critical care a race begins to find out what went wrong to make sure more people do not get hurt.
Ike was a therapist in the Hamptons who boasted celebrities and Manhattan elites as patients. One summer, veteran journalist Joe Nocera, discovered his neighbor was gone and everything he thought about his neighbor was wrong.
This podcast takes a look at Jeffrey Epstein’s financial and sexual crimes and his network of enablers.
Ear Hustle takes an honest look at life in San Quentin State Prison by sharing the daily realities of the people who live and who have lived in San Quentin.
Award-winning journalist Katie Couric has questions and with the help of other journalists, celebrities, and politicians finds answers.
If it’s paranormal Jim Harold will want to know about it. In this podcast he interviews the people who live, investigate, and study the paranormal.

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