Top 10 Entertainment News Podcasts

Everything you would want to know about celebs, athletes, politicians, and reality stars. These are the top ten entertainment news podcasts for December 11, 2019.
Everything you ever wanted to know or didn’t want to know about every celebrity you know or don’t.
All the Star Wars news, interviews, and lore you could ever need.
Broadcast from 4pm to 6pm in France and Belgium, this show deals with news, culture, calls from listeners, and finishes with interviews.
This podcast focuses on promoting nerdiness among black women and people of color.
E!’s Justin Sylvester candidly talks with celebrities.
B. Scott gives advice and interviews celebrities.
The most listened to program in Spain, it focuses on Spanish and international matters, features interviews, and finishes with more humorous stories.
French impersonations and comic take aways from Laurent Gerra.
Everything you would want to talk to people about, but would be afraid you would be made fun of for liking.
All things Chicago sports.

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