Top 10 History Podcasts

Did you find history class a snooze-fest? These history podcasts aim to change the way you view history. They make it engaging, mysterious, funny, and leave you wanting to learn more. These are the top ten history podcasts for November 13, 2019.
Mo Rocca loves obituaries and so he created Mobituaries. He looks at any death that intrigues him from Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy, to the poisoning of famed oak trees, to the death and disappearance of sitcom characters.
You’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore. Dan Carlin takes a look at history like no other. Recent episodes include a deep dive into the Achaemenid Persian empire, Japanese society during the Asian-Pacific War, and the historical entertainment of executions. Just a word of warning, these podcasts can get very graphic.
There are things in history our text books may have skipped or glossed over and this podcast brings you the greatest and strangest things you may have missed.
America has a dark side and sometimes that dark side goes public and brings down politicians, celebrities, and heroes. America Scandal brings to light the scandals that have shaped America.
5. Lore
Sometimes real life can be scarier than any fiction. Lore dives into the dark side of human nature.
Sometimes you have to look at the past to know the present. Throughline examines the history that has shaped our world.
Every Tuesday, Political Scandals brings you the controversies of some of America’s most famous elected officials. They peer into the greed, deceit, and cover-ups that have changed the polls and how it all leads to the 2020 election.
How do you know the truth is the truth when the truth isn’t the best story? Every Wednesday, Conspiracy Theories tells the stories behind the world’s biggest controversies and cover-ups.
What happened to the “good ‘ol days”? Did they ever exist? Which of the 58 elections were ever good or were they all dirty?
When it comes to monarchs their life choices shape nations. Find out about the love affairs, murders, and tyrants that led nations to bleed.

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