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Music, it can make your day better, it can change the way you see something, or it can just make you want to sing. Take a glimpse into the lives of the artists who create the songs that fill our hearts, our ears, and our minds. These are the top ten music podcasts for November 20, 2019.
No matter where we stand we always have Dolly. This nine part series explores the Dollyverse and why we gravitate towards it.
Season 3 of Slow Burn looks at the tragic deaths of Biggie and Tupac and how and why their murders went unsolved.
The drugs, the fights, the sex, and the devil are all parts of stories that can build a musician’s legend. Disgraceland will take you on a journey through some of those alleged true crimes of world famous musicians.
The Prince Estate’s official podcast about one of the greatest musicians to ever touch an instrument, it explores his discography, features interviews with people he collaborated with, and stories about his amazing career.
Learn from “rockers” how they made it through the music industry in mostly one piece. Or maybe they didn’t.
Broken Record brings you the stories behind some of the greatest albums to ever be produced. All told by those who either helped shape it or were just there for the ride.
Aria Code tells the stories behind some of the most famous and loved arias of all time. It features interviews with those who have gone on stage to sign them and those who have been in the audience and never forgot them.
Hosted by a rapper and a social media influencer, Million Dollas Worth Of Game is a mix of music, life, and comedy.
All Songs Considered features the weeks best new music discoveries and interviews with upcoming artists and icons. Perfect for your morning commute.
While not strictly a music podcast, Alec Baldwin gets access to artists, policy makers, and performers in their own homes, studios, and offices. Hear about their lives through Alec Baldwin’s voice.

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