Top 10 Personal Journals Podcasts

Stories, interviews, and advice on some of the world’s strangest, saddest, and most complex people in the world. These are the top ten personal journals podcasts for December 17, 2019.
Each week This American Life tells a story of a place or a person or a culture through experimental journalism.
A spin off of This American Life, S-Town tells the story of a man who hates his town and he wants to do something about it.
Have you ever wanted to to back to a moment that you wish you could go back to and change? Heavyweight makes it happens.
Ryan Niddel uses his own experiences to give you perspective on yours.
Why do we love and how do we express it? This is Love looks at different stories of love thought obsession, sacrifice, and devotion.
Stories of the people we meet and the connections we make.
Hosted by Lena Dunham, Women Of The Hour’s older episodes are more personal, while the later episodes focus on women who history calls “crazy”.
People share their most embarrassing childhood artifacts and the stories behind them.
Stories told anonymously because they are too sensitive, too painful, or potentially damaging.
Interviews that discuss some of the world’s most complex ideas.

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