Top 10 Social Sciences Podcasts

We all interact and socialize in different ways and these podcasts might help you understand why through science, discussion, and myths and legends. These are the top ten social sciences podcasts for December 12, 2019.
Our unconscious brain shapes our choices, our behavior, and our relationships. This podcast uses science and storytelling to help us understand why.
Through storytelling and science, explore the hidden world that shapes our ideas and controls our behavior.
This show is half advice and half survival guide. They answer all your questions how to snack silently at the movies to how to find worms.
Myths and legends told through science and the real history of how they came to be and what we can learn from them.
Through science and research, learn to be happier and have a more meaningful life.
Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman’s podcast has a new guest each episode to help you understand the mind and help you better understand yourself.
Mysterious Radio features interviews about hauntings, UFO’s, secret societies, and everything else bizarre.
This podcast will help you understand our world through science and critical thinking so we can all hopefully make better decisions.
A podcast created by Stanford Continuing Studies Program, listen to discussions and lectures on psychology.
A podcast about all the services provided by social workers. They dive into the research, education, policies, and everything else that goes into social work.

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