Top 10 Spine-Tingling Unsolved Mystery Podcasts

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Unsolved mysteries are all around us. At any given time, a large number of people are actually near someplace where something strange or terrible (or both!) once occurred. These top unsolved mystery podcasts look at all things unexplained: true unsolved crimes, ghosts and hauntings, weird creatures, and implausible events.

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Astonishing Legends

#1: Astonishing Legends: Podcast Review

At number one on our list, Astonishing Legends is a podcast that takes an extremely broad view of the mystery genre. From kidnappings to murders, haunted houses to cryptids, and everything in-between, this unsolved mystery podcast covers a huge variety of material. The team has published over 170 substantial episodes (~2hrs apiece) since 2014.

The Host(s):

Forrest Burgess and Scott Philbrook are masters of painting vivid pictures as they delve into their stories. There is no shortage of dark mysteries and unexplained phenomena for the pair to investigate. With an endless supply of brotherly give-and-take, our hosts take us on a journey filled with wickedly creepy vibes.

The Guests:

James Willis, a paranormal researcher and author. Lyle Blackburn, infamous cryptid hunter. Horror show host Joe Bob Briggs. Chuck Zukowski, UFO investigator. These are some of the guests you can expect to show up on the Astonishing Legends mystery podcast. Some of them lend their talents to multiple episodes of unsolved zaniness.


Perhaps the peak of this podcast’s goosebump-inducing ability, Ep. 155: Abduction at Devil’s Den is a virtuosic two hours of audio creep-factor. This tale is about two Air Force medics taking a weekend camping trip in Arkansas’ Devil’s Den Park where they had a horrific encounter with what might have been aliens. They were abducted and experimented on, and the actual physical evidence, including mental and physical scarring, is all-too-convincing.

Listen to Astonishing Legends

Must-Listen Episodes:

Ep. 128: The Near-Death Experience Part 1

Ep.147: Blood Bathory Part 1

Ep. 166: Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

Rating: Teen +

#2: True Crime All the Time Unsolved: Podcast Review

True Crime All the Time Unsolved takes unsolved mysteries podcasting to a whole new level. This is a subset of the main True Crime All the Time podcast series that exclusively deals with unsolved mysteries. The hosts take a very methodical approach to each case, starting with the crime and delving into the victims, clues and possible suspects.

The Hosts:

Two Mikes share one mic in True Crime All the Time Unsolved. Mike Gibson and Mike Ferguson prove themselves to be real true crime fans as well as experts on cracking cases that have long been cold. Our hosts know how to break down the details of an unsolved mystery in a way that captivates listeners.


Ferguson and Gibson command the show with great prowess for the average hour-long running time. The podcast is really about the two hosts mulling over the strange circumstances surrounding every case, with the listener acting as a third detective.


In Ep. 158: Sonny Liston, the two Mikes take on the mysterious death of heavyweight boxing champ Sonny Liston in 1970. For fans of the sport, our hosts pay fitting tribute to the great fighter before plunging the depths of the mystery around his demise.

Listen to True Crime All the Time Unsolved

Must-Listen Episodes:

Ep. 155: The Richardson Family Murders

Ep. 144: Unsolved Christmas Murders

Ep. 135: The Allegheny Murders

Rating: Teen +

#3: Those Conspiracy Guys: Podcast Review

Ever wondered about the real truth behind who might have been behind the grassy knoll? Yes, that grassy knoll. If so, then you will find a lot to love about Those Conspiracy Guys. Though the subject matter can get rather serious, this is a comedy podcast at heart.

The Hosts:

Gordon Rochford and Paul Kelly are two longtime Irish buddies who decided to tackle some of the darkest possible happenings in our strange world on their podcast. Since 2014, Kelly and Rochford have faced the likes of the Casey Anthony case, the Hinterkaifek Murders, the disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst,and the Bobby Kennedy assassination, taking it all on with a hefty dose of raunchy comedy.

The Guests:

Though most of Those Conspiracy Guys episodes consist of Rochford and Paul bouncing off each other with a sense of improv and off-the-cuff observations, they often have guests on the show to enhance listener enjoyment. These have included comedians Gary Lynch and Konstantin Kisin as well as numerous other fellow podcasters and funny folks.


In what is the perfect example of a truly unsolved mystery, the episode titled The Somerton Man (Taman Shud), the regular hosts are joined by Jarlath Regan (of An Irishman Abroad fame), Together, they try to unravel the mysteries surrounding a dead man on an Australian beach whose identity is still unknown, but who had local ties and may have been involved in international intrigue.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

DB Cooper

The Death of Princess Diana

John Titor: Time Traveler

Rating: Teen +

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#4: Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast: Podcast Review

Taking a unique approach to the mystery and true crime podcast genres, Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast is a real winner. The team behind this fun show digs into the cases that aired on the classic TV show Unsolved Mysteries. Our hosts outline an old mystery and then follow up on what has transpired with the investigation during the intervening years.

The Hosts:

Three is definitely the charm with the Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast. Karlin, Eliza and Alison share their “love of cheap wine and Robert Stack” in this podcast that is one part cold case files and one part girls’ night. The hosts take these mysteries seriously but temper the blood with a healthy dose of snark and dark humor.


Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast relies primarily on the charisma of its three co-hosts, which is in no short supply. However, they often roll listener questions into their episodes, which is great for audience participation and adds some extra life to the party.


In A Busy Bee S2E12, Eliza, Alison and Karlin display just about every possible emotion across several true crime tales. These include the story of a man who may have been wrongfully convicted, the case of the Hat Box Baby, and more, topping it off with a twisty conclusion.

Listen to Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

That’s a Bread S2E10

Between the Folds S2E6

The Coziest Corpse S1E13

Rating: Teen +

#5: Mystery Team Inc.: Podcast Review

Mystery Team Inc. continues the girl-powered dichotomy of truly stark real life cut with the knife of bitingly hilarious comedy. While our previous entry was strictly true crime, this podcast bites off a much broader chunk of mystery, including conspiracy theories, aliens and UFOs, cryptids, and more, along with the requisite unsolved murders.

The Hosts:

Kayla van de Bunt and Maggie Stabile emcee the podcast as the titular members of Mystery Team Inc. Friends since childhood, Maggie and Kayla consider themselves “amateur sleuths.” Based in Los Angeles, the two really bring a frenetic entertainment vibe to the podcast with spot-on comedic delivery.


Kayla and Maggie generally manage each episode by themselves. The only guest so far (across 37 monthly shows) has been Monster Prom writer Maggie Herskowitz. The Mystery Team is confident and funny enough to carry the hour-long episodes without help, however.


With Episode 22 - The Persian Princess + The Murder Of Karen Silkwood: Good For Her, Maggie and Kayla manage to wring some dark comedy out of the tragic-yet somehow uplifting-story of the unsolved mystery surrounding nuclear power whistleblower Karen Silkwood’s death.

Listen to Mystery Team Inc.

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 9 - The Murder of Harry Oakes and Blob Rain - Kids, don’t give up on your dreams.

Episode 18: Blair Adams and Nona Dirskmeyer - The Crisp Taste of Mango/Mystery

Episode 29 - Robert Durst Part 1: I’m Just a Goblin Billionaire

Rating: Teen +

#6: Hillbilly Horror Stories: Podcast Review

With an almost sadistic glee tempered by a hefty dose of down-home charm, Hillbilly Horror Stories is here to cleanse the palate after listening to hours of more serious fare.

The Hosts:

Comedian Jerry Paulley and his wife Tracy make up the team behind the electrifying Hillbilly Horror Stories podcast. Jerry’s unfettered love for the weird, unexplained and creepy is the heart of the show. Tracy is along for the ride and game for anything her husband might dig up in his search for the most cringe-inducing unsolved mysteries.

The Guests:

The Paulleys’ chemistry is sufficient to make Hillbilly Horror Stories compulsive listening, but they often welcome guests to share their own real-life tales of the strange. The co-hosts have also been joined by fellow comedian and podcaster David Race of Monstrosity Podcast and even some of their family members, including granddaughter Dakota who is one apple that didn’t fall far from Grandpa Paulley’s tree.


A crazy, terrifying and twisty story is made way more palatable in Ep. 156: The Acid King. Between Tracy’s fitful reactions and Jerry’s all-too-evident delight in his wife’s horror, this tale of satanic cults, unsolved murder, and mayhem goes to many unexpected places.

Listen to Hillbilly Horror Stories

Must-Listen Episodes:

Ep. 182: The Bennington Triangle

Ep. 176: The Moonlight Murders

Ep. 141: Missing 411 Cases

Rating: Teen +

#7: Minnesota Mysteries: Podcast Review

What do you get when you cross a uniquely regional viewpoint with the spine chilling unsolved mystery podcast genre? You get Minnesota Mysteries, of course! While most podcasts centered on unsolved mysteries tend to swing wildly from one locale to another, often crossing continents, this particular one finds greatness by digging around solely in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.”

The Hosts:

Lauren and Pascal Poulose are another husband and wife team (like the Paulleys of Hillbilly Horror Stories). These Minnesota locals relish gabbing about and investigating mysterious events and circumstances equally as much as Jerry Paulley. But they have a specific goal in mind: spread the word on their home state’s most interesting spooky stories and unsolved mysteries.


Pascal and Lauren cover anywhere from one to several strange mysteries in each episode. The episodes themselves vary between 25 minutes to an hour+ in length. Our co-hosts usually tackle their mysteries themselves but were joined by the host of the More Questions Than Answers paranormal podcast in S3E6: The Soap Factory w/ Adrian Lee.


Though many of this podcast’s episodes are very entertaining, few are quite so emotional as S2E7: the Disappearance of Hang Lee. Lauren and Pascal try to unravel the story of a young Minnesota girl who vanished leaving little trace or clues even after 26 years.

Listen to Minnesota Mysteries

Must-Listen Episodes:

S2E3: The Legend of the Ice Man

S2E2: The Murder of the Reker Sisters

S1E8: The Grim History of Glensheen Mansion

Rating: Teen+

#8: Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories: Podcast Review

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is part of the Parcast Network, which is an umbrella for a lot of interesting and compelling shows. This one, in particular, is well worth a listen for any fans of mystery. Whether you are into true crime or even just fictional tales of murder and mayhem, you will find much to love about this podcast.

The Hosts:

Approaching 200 episodes, Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories was started nearly 4 years ago by Wenndy Mackenzie and Carter Roy. Rather than mere hosts, the two function more as writers, directors, producers and performers as they adapt stories of real-life unsolved murder mysteries.

The Format:

Carter and Wenndy lead an ensemble cast in what is essentially a series of audio theater. A real throwback to the time of radio plays in the first half of the 20th century,  Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories offers vivid dramatic 40-60 minute recreations of unsolved crime tales that will quickly become your “Pringles” of podcasts: you won’t be able to listen to just one.


In E139: The Family No One Knew - The Bricca Murders, the cast of Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories puts on a show that is guaranteed to keep you awake at night- You will probably need to listen to 12 Soothing Podcasts that Will Lull You to Sleep. This story about the unsolved murder of an entire family in 1966 is not something easily forgotten.

Listen to Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Must-Listen Episodes:

E154: “Muckraker Murdered”: Walter Liggett

E62: The Joan Robinson Hill Murder

E26: The Zodiac Killer

Rating: All Ages (though a little scary for younger children)

#9: Crawlspace: Podcast Review

Crawlspace is a true crime and mystery podcast that casts a wide net. With a combination of an earnest desire to help those in need along with the curiosity required to try and unearth clues, the hosts are on a real mission and it shows. 

The Hosts:

Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna began their quest back in 2013 with a true-crime documentary which eventually led them to create the Missing Maura Murray podcast. A couple years later the duo expanded their reach with the Crawlspace podcast, and have since brought to light a lot of info and clues (old and new) about more than 100 unsolved murders, missing persons and other cases.

The Guests:

Reenstiema and Pilleri don’t skimp when it comes to guests on Crawlspace. They have featured fellow crime podcasters like Javier Leiva, Meghan Sacks, John Taylor and others. However, in a powerful choice, the hosts also invite many relatives and friends of victims and missing persons as well as detectives and even criminal psychologists involved in those cases. These guests bring home the emotion and urgency behind the hosts’ mission.


In the episode titled Detective Cloyd Steiger, our hosts take a break from delving into a single particular case in order to conduct an intense interview with homicide detective Cloyd Steiger. This is a first-person deep dive into what goes on during the hunt for a serial killer.

Listen to Crawlspace

Must-Listen Episodes:

Missing Alissa

Death of Jaleayah Davis

Sheila Shepherd -1- The Unsolved Murder of Sheila Shepherd

Rating: Teen +

#10: The Generation Why Podcast: Podcast Review

One of the progenitors of the true-crime and unsolved mysteries podcast genres, The Generation Why Podcast began in 2012 and is now over 360 episodes into its tenure. Part of the Wondery network, this podcast is all about amateur sleuthing at its finest and blends serious conjecture with appropriately dark humor.

The Hosts:

Justin Evans and Aaron Habel are the heart of The Generation Why Podcast. Their friendship is evident as they share opinions with brutal honesty as well as the occasional in-joke. Aaron & Justin are keen on examining whatever clues are available and forming strong theories for the unsolved mysteries they take on.

The Guests:

The Generation Why Podcast’s library now contains a treasure trove of content. Over the years, Justin & Aaron have brought in fellow mystery podcasters like Mike Morford of Criminology Podcast. Guests and co-hosts are somewhat rare in this series, though Aaron & Justin are able to carry the episodes on their own with their enthusiasm.


The tragic 1953 murder of 17-year-old girl Auli Kyllikki Saari in Finland is the subject of Episode 294 - Murder of Kyllikki Saari. Justin and Aaron take their listeners on a tour of her home town of Isojoki, the mysterious circumstances of her death, and a list of suspects that could fit in any Agatha Christie novel. The case remains unsolved to this day.

Listen to The Generation Why Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 267 - Circleville Letter Writer

Episode 285 - Yuba County Five

Episode 359 - The Parachute Murder Plot

Rating: Teen +

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