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Gruesome crime podcasts

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Let’s be honest: you want the most gruesome, most addictive crime podcasts you can find. When you’re listening to serial killer podcasts, you want to know the most disturbing stories there are. You want to know the gritty details and the unresolved cases. The big mysteries and the horror movie type plots that you can’t believe are real.

You want a Jeffrey Dahmer podcast that will tell you everything he did, not just the bullet points. Everybody gets some morbid curiosity some time. While most true crime podcasts shy away from this much detail, there are a handful of podcasts that lean right into it. The most addictive crime podcasts on the internet get right into the nasty parts of the criminal world, letting you know everything you could ever want to - and a little more.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the most addictive crime podcasts we could find and written a short review so you know which is right for you. These podcasts include only the most disturbing details, the spree killers no one ever talks about. I hope that your lunch break wasn’t too recent, because these gruesome true crime podcasts might make it hard to keep down. You’ve just opened a vault to the most stomach-turning audio content on the internet.

1. The Minds of Madness

The Minds of Madness

A deep dive into the crimes committed by everyday people, The Minds of Madness is one of the most addictive crime podcasts out there, as it goes into detail beyond what even the most seasoned true crime veterans can handle. Hosted by Wondery, The Minds of Madness tells detailed stories of crimes that happened seemingly out of nowhere. The podcast is a veritable horror film, with enticing writing throughout.

The Host: The host of The Minds of Madness is unnamed, but does a good job. His voice is an acquired taste for many people, although it’s easy on the ears. The writing more than makes up for any vocal issues, being both punchy and evocative. Excellent editing makes it easy to get lost in this podcast, as the host goes into great detail on every crime scene.

The Guests: The Minds of Madness doesn’t regularly feature any guests.

Why You Must Listen: Marcus Feisel has a story that many still talk about. The tale of a foster child tortured, there are many moments that are absolutely sickening. The climax of the story comes as Marcus cries out, and receives no help from the strangers who can hear him. The story is heartbreaking but impossible to turn away from.

Listen to: The Minds of Madness

Must Listen Episodes:

Marcus Feisel

The Railroad Killer

Bruce McArthur

Rating: 18+

2. Small Town Murder

Small Town Murder

Small Town Murder takes a look at murder cases in small towns, as the name implies. A duo of comedians takes on the retelling of these stories, which are often mundane. However, these stories can sometimes get gruesome. The host’s morbid curiosity can shine through, leading to some dark episodes.

The Hosts: James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman split hosting duties on this one. Each of them is a comedian, currently located in Arizona, which leads them to be naturally intelligent speakers. Being comedians, they keep a lighthearted tone most of the time but get serious when the time is right.

The Guests: The two hosts have enough energy between them to fill the hour, so there are usually no guests on Small Town Murder.

Why You Must Listen: Broken Bones & Brutal Murder in Baraboo, WI is a notoriously gruesome episode of Small Town Murder. It details the crime spree of a teenager in Wisconsin who went off the rails. Only stopped by another teenager with a desire to live, circus loving Baraboo saw horror come to life in one of the bloodiest, most graphic podcast episodes ever.

Listen to: Small Town Murder

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 32: Broken Bones & Brutal Murder in Baraboo, WI

Episode 134: Some People Just Don’t Mix in Byers, CO

Episode 159: You Can’t Dismember Your Problems in Florence, AZ 

Rating: 18+

3. The Last Podcast on the Left

Last Podcast on the Left

Hosted by a group of friends, The Last Podcast on the Left mostly covers pop culture crimes. With unprecedented energy and passion for the conversation, the podcast brings a lot of energy to the table. The podcast doesn’t always deal in dark details, but occasionally dives into them - and dives deep - with its Heavy Hitters episodes.

The Hosts: Three men spearhead the podcast, the first being comedian and host Ben Kissel who provides excellent structure. He’s backed by Marcus Parks who does deep research into the topics being talked about, quickly becoming very intelligent on the topic. He’s keen to find the scariest, darkest stories out there. Actor Henry Zebrowski caps it off, bridging the gap between a research project and entertainment piece.

The Guests: With so many already in the room, there’s no need for more guests on this podcast. 

Why You Must Listen: The B.T.K. Killer duo of episodes is some of the best podcast episodes ever produced, and some of the bloodiest. Moving effortlessly between natural conversation, comedy bits, and investigative research, these episodes are a rollercoaster ride. From hilarious highs to horrific lows, they are absolutely worth the time.

Listen to: The Last Podcast on the Left

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 59: The B.T.K. Killer Part One

Episode 105: John Wayne Gacy

Episode 200: H.H. Holmes

Rating: 18+

4. True Crime Garage

True Crime Garage

With beer going around and ridiculously named hosts, it would be easy for True Crime Garage to come across as silly. So, what makes it one of the most addictive true crime podcasts? True Crime Garage goes above and beyond the normal true crime podcasts - it doesn’t intend to be the darkest or the bloodiest. Instead, True Crime Garage helps to bring to light new information in the cases they cover.

The Hosts: The hosts of True Crime Garage are two men - Nic and The Captain, as he’s affectionately known. Two middle aged men, they remain mostly anonymous. They bring a deep passion and dry humor to the table.

The Guests: True Crime Garage does not often bring guests on.

Why You Must Listen: True Crime Garage is fascinating because the hosts aren’t telling a story - they’re debriefing the audience. They treat the podcast as though they’ve been to the crime scene, and they are really working on the case. They reach out to family members of victims, and set out to get crimes solved.

Listen to: True Crime Garage

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 382: Serial Killer /// Scott Lee Kimball /// Part One

Episode 355: JonBenet Ramsey ////// Little Miss Christmas 

Episode 391: Jason Corbett /// Part 1

Rating: 18+

5. White Wine True Crime

White WIne, True Crime

Are you ready to get wined and crimed? Similar to True Crime Garage, White Wine True Crime is a love letter to true crime by two middle-aged drinkers. White Wine True Crime covers everything from murder to popular crime.

The Hosts: The hosts of White Wine True Crime are two female comedians, Kari and Caitlyn. Caitlyn offers up little about herself, while Kari is very open about her passion for writing and rap music. These two are killing it with their humor regularly.

The Guests: White Wine True Crime infrequently has guests, but sometimes invites on other comedians to offer their opinions. They have also featured other podcast hosts, such as The Captain.

Why You Must Listen: The most admirable aspect of White Wine True Crime is how they handle the scariest parts of a story. While not shying away from the darkest details, the hosts maintain a conversational and humorous tone. Never disrespectful, but never too dark - and easily some of the most addictive crime podcast conversation for the light-hearted.

Listen to: White Wine True Crime

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 104: Voyeur

Episode 101: Storm of Suspicion

Episode 068: Casey Anthony An American Murder Mystery With Adam Todd Brown

Rating: 18+

6. Casefile


“Fact is scarier than fiction…” the Casefile website begins. Listening to the podcast will convince you that fact is the scariest thing there is. Ambient sounds serve as the perfect back drop for what might be the most addictive crime podcast out there.

The Hosts: The singular host of Casefile is unnamed, but does a fantastic job. A mild Australian accent and quiet, but firm tone are perfect for what the podcast is trying to do and makes the podcast a very easy listen. While the graphic content is some of the darkest out there, the host makes it go down a bit easier.

The Guests: Casefile does not feature guests.

Why You Must Listen: Casefile is very high on the list of the most addictive crime podcasts because it doesn’t add or speculate, or dramatize. While they set the scene for drama, Casefile keeps things as factual as possible. This only makes it more terrifying, as the show goes into excruciating detail. If the devil is truly in the details, Casefile brings every devil to light.

Listen to: Casefile

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 11: Annelise Michel

Episode 96: The Toy Box

Episode 118: The Chicago Tylenol Murders

Rating: 18+

7. This is Actually Happening

This Is Actually Happening is the scariest title on this list, and it might be the darkest podcast here. This Is Actually Happening isn’t gruesome, but visceral. The podcast focuses on crime that has happened and is still having an effect, and that makes it the scariest for many people.

The Hosts: Dr. Whit Missildine brings us the podcast. His background in Social Psychology makes him perfect for the job, as he provides a deep understanding of the people involved in the stories he’s telling. Dr. Whit is veritable missing person on the show, as he allows the guest to tell their story.

The Guests: The guests on This Is Actually Happening are the purveyors or the victims of crime. They give us the story of a crime and how it’s affected them, uninterrupted. With presumed aid from the doctor, all of the guests give incredible, graphic tales of psychological dismay.

Why You Must Listen: If you like real, there is no other podcast as real as this one. Other crimes we know to be fact, these we get to see from a different perspective. This isn’t about the darkest crimes and messy crime scenes. It’s about the terrible turn lives can take when true crime happens.

Listen to: This Is Actually Happening

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 148: What if you killed someone?

Episode 128: What if your son stabbed your daughter?

Episode 123: What if you refused to be annihilated?

Rating: 18+

8. Generation Why

Generation Why

With a bit of wordplay and a lot of friendship, Generation Why? is the most addictive crime podcast for people of a certain age. Digging deep into cases, Generation Why? covers mostly unsolved murders, but will sometimes look into wrongful convictions in these killings. The cases range from popular - like Emmett Till - to the relative unknown.

The Hosts: As with many of the most addictive crime podcasts, Generation Why? lives on the back of a pair of friends. Aaron and Justin are (unsurprisingly) two Gen-Y men, with a lot of chemistry. The two have a tendency to finish each other’s sentences.

The Guests: Generation Why? doesn’t feature guests.

Why You Must Listen: Generation Why? isn’t the bloodiest (although it does get graphic). What does make it so bingeworthy is the connection between the hosts, and their ability to breakdown a case. As the name implies, they don’t leave it at the crime itself, but instead get into the context of the crime scene. That can be both within the small world of the crime, and the larger world of crime.

Listen to: Generation Why?

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 352: North Hollywood Shootout

Episode 332: Emmett Till

Episode 315: The Vampire Murders

Rating: 18+

9. Unresolved


Unresolved is a juicy word for true crime listeners, and this podcast deserves its use. Focusing on cases that have been cold for some time, Unresolved jumps headfirst into its reputation as one of the darkest podcasts out there. Whether it’s killing or cybercrime, Unresolved will take the story and make it known.

The Hosts: Michael Whelan claims to be just a regular guy, and comes across as one. Beginning, usually, with almost a blog post, Michael makes the crime relatable. His descriptions are thorough but not boring, like the best college professors.

The Guests: Unresolved does not feature guests.

Why You Must Listen: The most obvious thing that makes Unresolved one of the most addictive crime podcasts out there is in the name: all of the cases are unresolved. There is no sense of satisfaction at the end of even the darkest and most graphic episodes of the podcast. With relevant and succinct descriptions, it’s hard not to let the episode play.

Listen to: Unresolved

Must Listen Episodes:

“Grave Robbing for Morons”

Arlis Perry

The Family Murders

Rating: 18+

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