Top Educational Podcasts for Kids and Parents

In these uncertain times, schools across the world are closed and parents are finding themselves homeschooling their kids.  Parents have no need to scour the internet for hours searching for the best resources and activities to keep your children engaged. We have compiled the top educational podcasts to help you teach your kids and keep them excited about learning during the Coronavirus scare. Fortunately, there is plenty of material to facilitate online learning and the process enjoyable for your “students.”

#1. KidNuz

Kid Nuz is a podcast for a daily dose of kid-friendly news. The fun and age-appropriate show was created by four award-winning journalists, specifically geared toward kiddos of all ages to help them understand current events. The show airs every day, and the anchors discuss a variety of topics, including the COVID-19 pandemic and political news for kids, business and entertainment news, as well as news about the arts, sports, space, and cultural issues impacting our country (apparently there’s some #stressbaking going on during quarantine!) Kids also get a kick out of the trivia and random fun facts that they learn on each show (did you know zebras and donkeys shouldn’t be genetically compatible, but the impossible has happened, and we now have the world’s first “Zonkey”!) Parents and teachers are also encouraged to submit birthday shoutouts, teacher salutes, and curious questions on the show’s website.

The Host: Kid Nuz was created by four journalists: Stephanie Kelmar is the founder and editor. Ro Thomas Schwarz is the co-founder and editor-in-chief. The anchors of the show that kids hear every day are Tori Campbell, the co-founder and anchor, and Kim Hunter, the editor and anchor. Campbell and Hunter, the voices of the show, have warm, kid-friendly personalities that invite children in and make them feel comfortable, even when the show covers hard topics.

The Guests: There are no guests on this podcast.

Why You Have To Listen: Kid Nuz is different from traditional news outlets. The hosts are dedicated to providing fact-based current news for kids. Eliminating the bias and fearmongering tactics found in other news keeps children curious, positive, and most importantly keeps them asking insightful questions. Each episode is under 10 minutes, and kids love waiting for the pop quiz at the end. It’s a great way to check comprehension after listening to the news, but kids enjoy the game of answering first and beating siblings - or mom and dad!

Listen Here: Kid Nuz

Must Listen Episodes:  

Court Call, Cinco de Mayo, President’s Trip, Little League Surprise, Spinning Dogs and #GivingTuesdayNow!

Mahomes Fandom, 99-year-old pop star, Couch Exams, Notable Launch, Swift Exit and a Teen Chess King!

April Fools’ Day, Orangutans and Otters, Puzzle Problem, Trooper Generosity, Fauci’s Famous and Spaghetti Trees!

Rating: All Ages

#2. Homeschooling with Technology

The Homeschooling with Technology podcast shares ideas on how to use technology to be more productive in your homeschool journey and to make lessons more engaging and entertaining. It covers tech skills your children need to learn and shows you how to incorporate them into homeschooling.

The Host: Meryl van der Merwe is a mother of 4 who loved using technology to homeschool and wants to share her knowledge and resources for others who are homeschooling. Now as a teacher at FundaFunda, she uses her technology in the online classes and web-based unit studies she offers.

The Guests:  Meryl brings in other digital learning experts to share their insights.  Guests have included Jayda Justus, Charlene Hess, and Sandra Balisky.  They discuss everything from virtual field trips, coding, and video games as learning tools.

Why You Have To Listen: It seems like everyone and their neighbor is suddenly homeschooling right now. The Homeschooling with Technology podcast has everything you need to fill your day with fun and educational lessons and activities. Digital learning doesn’t have to be boring and this podcast will show you all the tips and tricks to be successful.

Must Listen Episodes

Virtual Field Trips

Using technology to alleviate cabin fever

Project based learning techie style

Rating: All Ages

#3. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids is a podcast for kids by kids! Kids ask questions and they search for answers! They tackle big questions about our big world and silly questions. You’ll find out things like why people have nightmares, do animals get married, and what happens when a president gets impeached!

The Host: Jane Lindholm is the host of an award-winning radio show along with the But Why podcast. She has been earned awards both regionally and nationally for her use of sounds as well as interviewing . In 2016, she started the popular podcast, But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids.

The Guests: The guests are kids! Kids ask their questions as parents record them on their smartphones and mail in an audio file so Jane can answer them. Your kids will love to hear all the awesome and goofy questions other kids ask and you all will learn something along the way!

Why You Have To Listen: The But Why podcast is highly entertaining for elementary age kids. It will have your kids rolling on the floor laughing all while they are learning new things!

Must Listen Episodes

Coronavirus for Kids, And the Science of Soap

Why Do Lions Roar

What Happens When A President Is Impeached

Rating: Kids

#4. The Past and the Curious

The Past and the Curious is a history podcast for kids! They share real stories from history including, George Washington’s foibles, spies, photography, and famous shipwrecks.

The Host: Mick Sullivan is a music and history buff who is the manager of Youth and Family Programs at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, KY. He has created history-focused programming and shares some great times thinking, learning, talking, and laughing about the past and future.

The Format: Mick Sullivan reads the story from history and sometimes brings in another history lover to read the story.

Why You Must Listen: It is educational and funny! There is even a fun quiz at the end of each episode! Everyone loves a little family-friendly competition!

Must Listen Episodes:

Ok Bloomer!

Trains and Movies

Play Ball! Jackie Mitchell, Moe Berg, Summertime and more!

Rating: Kids

#5. Tumble

Tumble is a science podcast for kids, but the whole family will love it as the hosts relay stories about science discoveries, with the help of scientists!  The hosts, Lindsay and Marshall ask questions, share mysteries, and share what science is all about!

The Hosts: Lindsay Patterson, who has has a public radio and science reporting background, is the founder and co-host of the podcast. Her husband Marshall Escamilla co-hosts the podcast and also creates the music for each episode as he is a full-time music teacher with a master’s degree in music education. The couple has one child together

The Guests: Each episode features a scientist whose expertise is in the area they are discussing. They have interviewed sports scientists, geneticists, astronauts, and even a butterfly scientist!

Why You Have To Listen: Tumble is geared towards elementary-age kids and loved by all! It will keep your kids entertained for hours whether you are in the car or at home.

Must Listen Episodes

How to become an Astronaut

The Journey to the Bat Cave

The Electric Detectives

Rating: Kids

#6. Radiolab

Radiolab is a podcast about investigating a strange world. It has won Peabody Awards and a National Academies Communication Award “for their investigative use of radio to make science accessible to broad audiences.” With hundreds of episodes completed, they have even toured the country in sold-out shows as they explore big questions in science, philosophy, and mankind.

The Hosts: Jad Abumrad has written music for films, and reported and produced documentaries for a variety of local and national public radio programs. Robert Krulwich is a radio and television journalist who has worked for major TV networks and magazines.

The Format: The hosts walk us through various moments in history and today through song and story.

Why You Have To Listen: Radiolab is great for middle and high schoolers who ask the big questions and have curious minds. It will open your mind to new topics and provoking material and blow your mind again and again!

Must Listen Episodes

60 Hours

Dolly Parton’s America: Neon Moss

Birdie in the Cage

Rating: Teen+

#7. Grammar Girl

A five-time winner of Best Education Podcast in the Podcast Awards, Grammar Girl Podcast provides tips to improve your grammar and writing. The grammar, punctuation, style and business tips are guaranteed to make you a more successful writer.

The Host: Mignon Fogarty, the creator of Grammar Girl, is your friendly guide to the English language! She is also the founder of the Quick and Dirty Tips network.

The Guests: Mignon often has guests who are fellow writers, as well as authors and grammar enthusiasts and language experts. During the broadcast, Mignon also answers listeners’ questions.

Why You Have To Listen: The Grammar Girl Podcast is geared towards high school and older listeners. Informative as well as entertaining It is perfect if you love word origins and grammar rules.

Must Listen Episodes

How to Write Better Email. ‘Pandemic’ vs. ‘Epidemic.’ ‘Canceled’ vs. ‘Cancelled.’

How to Identify Your Main Point. It’s Harder Than You Think!

Why People Hate Words Like ‘Moist’

Rating: Teen+

#8. The Calm Kids Podcast

The Calm Kids Podcast was created by two sisters Charlotte and Lucie. When Charlotte started having bouts of anxiety and was losing sleep, Lucie would make up relaxing stories to calm her down and help her sleep. They decided to record these stories to help other kids who may be struggling with sleep or anxiety issues.

The Hosts: Sisters Charlotte,8, and Lucie, 11!

The Format: Charlotte and Lucie tell unique stories they created that will make your child’s imagination soar!

Why You Have To Listen: This podcast is sure to settle even the most anxious heart. It is the perfect way to wind down before nap time or at the end of the day.

Must Listen Episodes

Zacks’ Zappy Zoo

Bye Bye Bugs

Mia and the Horrible Terrible Really Bad Day

Rating: Kids

#9 Book Club for Kids

The Book Club for Kids Podcast is place for readers of all ages to talk about books. There is a celebrity who reads to the audience and an interview with the author! Named one of the “Top Podcasts for Children” in the world by the London Times, it is a favorite of parents everywhere will love this podcast and will learn right along with their kids! Each show also features a trio of students who discuss the book featured on the show.

The Host: Kitty Felde is the podcast host as well as the executive producer. An award-winning public radio journalist, Kitty has reported from all over the world. She also writes kids books and plays.

The Guests: Kitty Felde has interviewed numerous authors including Kwame Alexander, Wendy Mass, Jack Gantos, and Jennifer Holm, just to name a few. There is always a celebrity reader each week; celebrities range from actors such as Joshua Malina and Valente Rodriguez to members of Congress like Rep. Adam Schiff and former spy Valerie Plame. Professional athletes also have appearances to read excerpts from books.

Why You Have To Listen: The Book Club for Kids is mainly geared towards middle school and up but the whole family will love it! It is educational and engaging! If you are looking for book recommendations for your kids to read, this podcast is for you!

Must Listen Episodes

Watch Us Rise

The Storm Runner

Double Identity

Rating: Kids

#10. Noodle Loaf

The Noodle Loaf Podcast is an interactive musical-themed show that also teaches kids about science. Kids love silly songs and learn along the way. Each episode is about 10 minutes each, making it perfect for a younger audience. This podcast will make you dance and laugh with your kids and focus on the positive instead of the Coronavirus scare!

The Host: Dan Saks, a music education specialist and father, is the creator and host of the show. His daughters, Joni and Shiloh join him as co-hosts.

The Guests: The guests are kids! Dan brings kids from around the world together to join the “choir” and sing with him and play games.

Why You Have To Listen: Guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained on road trips. It is also the perfect pick me up if you all have had a long day. Each episode is clever and engaging and the learning is exciting and genuine.

Must Listen Episodes

I Run on Grapes

Winky Dinky Little Pinky

All Covered in Juice

Rating: Kids

#11. 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy podcast tells stories of ideas and innovations that helped create the economic world we are in today with an array of topics including fast food, retirement, prohibition, and canned food. This podcast is sure to take your mind off the Coronavirus scare. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

The Host: Tim Harford is a journalist, economist,and broadcaster who has spoken at TED, PopTech, and the Sydney Opera House. Tim is a senior columnist for the Financial Times. He has won several awards including the Royal Statistical Society journalistic excellence award.

The Format: Each week Tim teaches us about a specific invention or idea and how it shaped our world.

Why You Have To Listen: These educational podcasts are perfect for anyone who likes to know how the world works. With each episode only 10 minutes long, you can learn a lot in such a short amount of time!

Must Listen Episodes

Fast Food Franchise



Rating: All Ages

When you’re looking for educational podcasts to help you home school your kids during a time when most schools are closed, our list will make your task easier. Many of the podcasts on the list have kids involved, which may help impart a valuable list - learning is an inside job that should trigger a passion that will keep them eager to learn more.

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