Top Paranormal Podcasts That Will Convince You the Truth is Out There

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Whether you have always been intrigued by the idea that aliens and UFOs could be real or you only recently began wondering just how much truth there may be to tales of the paranormal, there are dozens of podcasts that will cater to your curiosity. Many of us first began to wonder what, or who, else might live amongst the stars with us when we saw Steven Spielberg’s classic film E.T.: The Extraterrestrial. Others might have been introduced to the idea by television shows like Dr. Who, Star Trek, or The X-Files. Either way, UFOs and aliens have been a part of our popular culture for over a century. These top paranormal podcasts will keep that spirit alive.

#1: Skeptiko: Podcast Review


Launching in 2007, Skeptiko is one of the longest-running top paranormal podcasts available for fans of the unexplained, weird, unsolved mysteries, and, yes, UFOs and alien encounters. Skeptiko comes at these subjects through a primary focus on the ideas behind human consciousness and spirituality, which makes for a unique lens through which to approach such subjects.

The Host: Alex Tsakiris founded Skeptiko to contribute to the search for answers behind some of the most difficult to understand parts of life: the why and how of human perception. He is a widely respected expert on NDEs (near-death experiences) and parapsychology.

The Guests: Skeptiko is an interview-based paranormal podcast, and as such Tsakiris has featured an amazing array of guests over the nearly 500 episodes in his show’s backlog. Grant Cameron has discussed the intentions of alien visitors, Chris Shelton has talked about how Scientology is a cult, and Kevin Annett spoke on the nature of evil.

Why You Should Listen: Taskiris is earnest in his desire to get to the bottom of some tough philosophical and parapsychological questions. There are no purely perfect answers to many of them, with many falling in the gray area just outside of present-day science’s ability to disprove.

Listen to Skeptiko

Must-Listen Episodes:

Richard Dolan, UFO Disclosure, Toothpaste Out of the Tube?

Alexis Brooks, The Intersection of Consciousness and UFO Journalism

Rating: All Ages

#2: Alien Theorists Theorizing: Podcast Review

Alien Theorists Theorizing

At its heart, Alien Theorists Theorizing is four guys, squarely in the camp of sci-fi geekdom, who are merely seeking to enjoy a good time shooting the breeze about some truly controversial and wild events. This strongly-reviewed podcast with over 140 episodes to choose from falls into the “conspiracy theory” subgenre, although much of the crew’s chosen content deals with unsolved mysteries, cryptids, and UFO and alien encounter tales.

The Hosts: This show is co-hosted by four real-life buddies named Zel, Braden, Andrew, and “Maester Dan”, the resident researcher (this the “maester” title from the Song of Ice and Fire novels). The team’s banter and jokes keep the proceedings lively. While having four co-hosts might seem daunting at first, for this kind of paranormal podcast, the multiple POVs and opinions keep it interesting to listen to.

Format: While guests are few and far between in this top paranormal podcast, our team of co-hosts is more than capable of maintaining listener attention. Each episode starts with an intriguing intro to set the scene for the current mystery, phenomenon, or conspiracy to be explored. After this, Zel and his friends dive into the details surrounding their subject matter and the entertaining back and forth that carries us through the next hour-plus.

Why You Should Listen: The paranormal podcast genre is so varied that there is a lot of content, and potential content, out there to be listened to and mined for future shows. Alien Theorists Theorizing does a great job of picking and choosing compelling stories, so listeners are bound to hear something new in the majority of episodes.

Listen to Alien Theorists Theorizing

Must-Listen Episodes:

Case File 104-Bob Lazar

Case File 105-Eisenhower and Aliens

Case File 115-The Washington D.C. UFO Incident

Rating: 18+

#3: New Thinking Allowed: Podcast Review

New Thinking Allowed

New Thinking Allowed has a long history, going back to 1986 when its predecessor Thinking Allowed began as a television show distributed by PBS all the way to 2002. It covered a huge range of topics including cutting edge technology, parapsychology, frontiers of science, spirituality, and more. The show’s host revived it for YouTube and podcast formats in 2015.

The Host: Jeffery Mishlove, PhD is a parapsychologist and host of New Thinking Allowed since its earliest inception on TV. He is a renaissance person when it comes to all things related to how humans interpret the world and then act on that understanding, and it is from this perspective that he approached his interviews with many experts.

Guests: Mishlove has achieved his own level of renown in the paranormal community due to his long history with the field, and as such has many connections. This has allowed him to call on hundreds of guests over the years to join him, including Whitley Strieber, Eben Alexander, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, and Pierre Grimes.

Why You Should Listen: Be prepared for a truly epic journey into what the human mind makes possible and how there may be more to it than we can fathom. This top paranormal podcast will expand just about every corner of what you thought you knew about consciousness– and perhaps even convince you that aliens could be real.

Listen to New Thinking Allowed

Must-Listen Episodes:

InPresence 0109 Conscious Robots Aboard UFOs

Future Communion with Whitley Strieber

Alien/Human Interactions with Barry Taff

Rating: All Ages

#4: The Black Vault Radio: Podcast Review

The Black Vault Radio

The Black Vault Radio is probably the most extensive investigative podcast looking into the conspiracy theories and evidence behind possible U.S. military cover-ups of UFO and alien sightings and contact. A huge amount of research has gone into this show, and all of the sources and transcripts are available, including video versions of episodes, on this top paranormal podcast’s website.

The Hosts: John Greenewald, Jr. has been scouting up a library of sources and contacts from the UFOlogy community for years now. The podcast in its current form launched in 2018 and has over 50 in-depth episodes to peruse in its backlog.

The Guests: Greenewald’s guests in The Black Vault Radio podcast comprise a veritable who’s-who of UFO experts. The list includes Jordan Sather of the Q Anon movement, Lieutenant Tim McMillan (investigator into the Nimitz UFO encounters of 2004), and Emmy Award-winning journalist Linda Moulton Howe.

Why You Should Listen: The host’s enthusiasm for his subject matter combined with the sheer breadth of detail he has gathered make this podcast one for the UFO enthusiast’s bucket list. Every episode is packed with insight into alien and UFO events and leads to even more questions.

Listen to The Black Vault Radio

Must-Listen Episodes:

Ep. #54 – Special Edition: The FAA’s UFO Connection

Ep. #45 – Special Guest: Linda Moulton Howe

Ep. #41 – Special Edition: U.S. Navy UFO Statements

Rating: All Ages

#5: Tales From the Rabbit Hole: Podcast Review

Tales From the Rabbit Hole

Coming at the realm of paranormal, conspiracy theories, and alien and UFO contact in particular, from the opposing angle of most such offerings, Tales From the Rabbit Hole is a podcast/video series that will appeal to listeners who are skeptics by nature.

The Host: Mick West is a respected skeptical investigator and writer known for and, and has done much to debunk chemtrail theories as well as explain UFO sightings either as natural or man-made phenomena.

The Guests: West has interviewed dozens of people on various conspiracy and paranormal topics over the years. He’s spoken with Stian Arneson about UFOs and crop circles, the anonymous “Paul” about the Planet X / Nibiru conspiracy, astronomer and former SETI director Seth Shostak, and many other interesting people.

Why You Should Listen: While alien and UFO encounters are a big part of this top paranormal podcast, listeners will probably discover a lot of other material to satisfy their appetites for strangeness.

Listen to Tales From the Rabbit Hole

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 45: Brandon Fugal: The Owner of Skinwalker Ranch

Episode 36 – Gary Voorhis: Tic-Tac UFO Witness

Episode 24: Nick Pope – Area 51, UFOs and UFOlogy

Rating: 18+

#6: Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know: Podcast Review

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

Part of the iHeartRadio network, Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know is nearly the polar opposite of the previous top paranormal podcast on this list. This show is all about jumping in headfirst to the world of weird phenomena and unsolved mysteries and swimming around in all of the wild conspiracy theories and often outlandish suppositions. 

The Hosts: Ben Bowlin, Matt Frederick, and Noel Brown started this podcast back in 2008, all sharing a love of the weird and unexplained. Their personalities are what drive Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know. Together, they sincerely try to learn more about various psychic phenomena, reports of UFO and alien encounters, government conspiracy stories, and anything else that might just have a kernel of truth hidden beneath years of conjecture.

Format: Each episode features the trio of hosts outlining a specific conspiracy, event, or phenomenon, and then digging into the details on the people involved, the real facts that are available, and any holes in the stories or beliefs. 

Why You Should Listen: While trying to find ways that their various subjects can be debunked, Bowlin and crew tend to have open minds when it comes to their conclusions. This gives Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know an overall positive spin on these edgy ideas without all-out rubber stamping them as truths.

Listen to Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

Must-Listen Episodes:

Why is the Navy worried about releasing the secret UFO Files?

The UFO over Montreal

Canada’s Roswell: The Shag Harbor Incident

Rating: All Ages

#7: Somewhere in the Skies: Podcast Review

Somewhere In The Skies

With nearly 170 weekly episodes in its backlog, Somewhere in the Skies is one of the biggest paranormal podcasts you will find. While the show takes on the entire category of strange, unexplained phenomena, up to and including Bigfoot, its primary focus is alien and UFO sightings and related tales.

The Host: Ryan Sprague is one of the mainstays of paranormal podcasting. He also co-hosts the UFOlogy podcast Unknown. He has been researching and writing about UFO topics for years, and regularly appears as an expert guest and even co-host on many well-known forums such as the Mysteries at the Museum TV show and on the Science Channel.

The Guests: From Mike Damante, author of Punk Rock and UFOs: Stranger than Fiction, to UFO researcher Jason McClellan and New York Post journalist Steven Greenstreet (who followed up on the Pentagon’s UFO program announcement), Sprague has interviewed a who’s-who of UFOlogy’s top minds.

Why You Should Listen: Sprague handles the demanding subject matter with his trademark panache and deep respect for those that dedicate their lives to searching for the truth that seems to be hiding just out of view. Listeners often praise this top paranormal podcast for its no-stone-unturned approach to covering a story.

Listen to Somewhere in the Skies

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy

Punk Rock and UFOs: Stranger than Fiction

Medieval UFOs: Mythologizing Aerial Phenomena

Rating: 18+

As the technology developed by NASA and other space agencies continues to improve, we get glimpses that take us ever farther into the universe. Perhaps one day we may have an answer, scientific proof, that aliens are real. Until then, it’s fun to enjoy science fiction, keep researching, and talking about the possibilities!

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