7 Podcast Review Sites You’ll Want To Read Before You Listen

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Sometimes it’s hard to know what podcast is good or bad. You might have heard from a friend of a friend about a podcast or a coworker might have brought up something they are listening to in the car, but how do you know if it’s right for you? You could just take their word for it or you could check out these top 7 podcast review sites that will help you find what to listen to next.

1. Podcast Review

Podcast Review is a part of the Los Angeles Review of Books. It features reviews of podcasts both big and small as well as interviews. The site is simple enough to navigate as it is broken down by reviews, interviews, and newsletter.

Reviews is where you will find reviews of podcasts as well as essays and lists while interviews is where you will find interviews with the hosts of some of the most popular and lesser known podcasts. If you would like to keep up to date with all of Podcast Review’s latest reviews, interviews, and recommendations you can sign up for their newsletter.

If you are you looking for something more in-depth than Podcast Review might be the site for you.

2. Discover Pods

Discover Pods is a one stop shop for all your podcasting questions. If you want to know how to start a podcast, what the best equipment to use is, or where to host your podcast they can help. Since this is a list of the top 7 podcast review sites, you are probably wondering why Discover Pods is on this list. Well, they have around two hundred seventy-seven articles in their review section.

In their reviews section you will find mostly lists in the form of best of’s. They break them down by shows with articles like “The 20 Best Sports Podcasts” or by episodes with articles like “The 9 Best Hidden Brain Episodes”. The reviews section also feature interviews and podcast focused stories such as taking a look at podcasts that have been remade into other forms of media. 

If you want a list of shows that fit a specific niche you like than you should check out Discover Pods.

3. Wil Williams Reviews

Wil Williams Reviews is all about what Wil Williams is listening to. She is a “millennial writer”, her words, living in Phoenix, Arizona and she has been reviewing podcasts since 2017.

With a focus more on the indie podcasts, Will Williams’ reviews section features “This Week in Podcasts” where she highlights what is going on in podcasting, has episode reviews, features first impressions, delivers lists, and let’s you know what “You Should Be Listening To.” She also re-listens to and recaps a podcast she had previously listened to and figures out if the podcast still holds up. If you want her to review a podcast, you can submit podcasts for her to review and she also has a weekly newsletter so you can keep up with all her thoughts on podcasting.

If you are looking for podcasts that are lesser known, Wil Williams Reviews is a great site to start with.

4. WhatPods

WhatPods wants to help podcast hosts make a better and lasting podcast. From show development to networking to finding gear, they will help you master the podcast space. Though, WhatPods focuses on the podcaster they do have a section for the listeners.

In the listeners section you will find top episodes, top shows, and countdowns. Sign up for an account and you can endorse episodes, review shows, review episodes, recommend if a show is hot or not, and interact with a community of listeners.

If you are looking for a community of listeners like yourself you should give WhatPods a try.

5. Podchaser

Podchaser wants to make podcast discovery easier through its community. You can follow creators, find podcasts, see what guests have been featured on a podcast, rate and review podcasts, and enjoy curated lists.

Once you sign up you can rate and review podcasts and their episodes as well as recommend podcasts. You can also look at other users’ profiles and see their top podcast list, their reviews, and their rankings within the community.

Podchaser is a great site to not only find what you want, but also find out what your fellow listeners like.

6. Anatomy

Anatomy is another community driven podcast review site. It relies on its users to rate and review podcasts and their episodes. There aren’t a lot of reviews yet, but that is because this community has just started growing.

On Anatomy you can sort podcasts by “Top Rated”, alphabetical order (A-Z or Z-A), and date (newest or oldest). If you want to listen to episodic or serialized podcasts, you can also filter by either tag. If you find a podcast or episode you want to listen to you can add them to “My Shows” so if you don’t have time to listen to it now you can always come back and listen later.

Even though the Anatomy community is still just starting out, this a site to join and keep an eye on.

7. Podparadise

Podparadise model is simple, they want to make it easy to subscribe and listen to podcasts. The site displays the top 200 podcasts as they are currently ranked on iTunes and you can switch between categories to see what is topped ranked amongst your favorite type of podcast. Once you select a podcast you can choose to look at the reviews of listeners from iTunes.

If you are looking for something a little more bare bones and trust the iTunes crowd then this is the site for you.

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