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Trends Like These Podcast Review


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Pop culture is a strange beast. It’s ever-changing and covers both the events that change our worlds and lives and the entertainment we consume. There’s so much happening every day it’s hard to keep track of it all; so much sometimes it’s hard to know what you should be paying attention to. Fortunately, podcasts like Trends Like These exist. Trends Like These will keep you updated about the most recent events while also keeping you entertained!

The Hosts: The podcast’s tagline is ‘Real-life friends talk internet trends.’ In that case, who are these friends? Brent Black, Courtney Enlow, and Travis McElroy form the team of hosts that make this podcast a treat to listen to.

All three have experience talking to the public in various facets. Brent Black had a YouTube series focused on comedic lyrics writing, Courtney Enlow has written for a variety of websites and magazines, and Travis McElroy has been part of four podcasts, including this one. At first, it was Travis and Brent, until they realized they needed another host for a more balanced discussion, so they brought Courtney into the group. The synergy in this team is impressive; they bounce so well on each other it’s no wonder the podcast is as popular as it is!

The Guests: Guests are a rarity in this podcast. In recent times, the only guest that appeared was a guest co-host, who hosted the episode alongside Brent.

Why You Have to Listen: The podcast started like many other projects: as a way for them to talk to each other! That’s why they have this vibrant, cheerful tone. Given they’re taking a look at what’s trending on the Internet, the topics they talk about aren’t always nice; sometimes there are a few that are about the current events. No matter what they talk about, it truly feels like they’re all having a good time. It’s all thanks to their charisma.

Since they talk about what’s trending on the Internet, you likely know about all the topics they discuss. There are several topics in every single episode. For example, the episode from April 13, 2018 considered: The response to the Simpsons’ decision to take Apu off the show, Tony Robbins, MIT’s mind reader, Roseanne Barr, Wrestlemania 34, Michael Cohen’s arrest, T.J. Miller, Billy Mitchell, and Trump Tower. Just by reading that list, you know the range and mix of topics that trended online during that week! More recent shows have covered COVID and the resulting doubling of sex toy sales, stimulus checks, and presidential candidates. This podcast was a good way to stay in touch with the trends on the Internet, whatever they are.

In total there are 265 episodes in Trends Like These. Sadly, just a month and a half ago the podcast came to an end, but there’s plenty of content to go through as each episode normally has more than an hour of content! Even if the topics may be outdated, listening to them is a worthwhile endeavor, if only so you enjoy the way these three wonderful hosts interact with each other. We wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a try!

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Rating: Teen+

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