Try Not to Laugh with These Top 10 Silly Podcasts

Laughing at silly podcasts

Whoever said that “laughter is the best medicine” was on to something. Smiles, giggles, and bellyaches caused by laughter are the results of euphoric happiness. But sometimes, it’s hard to find where such happiness lies. YouTube vine videos get old after a while, and there are only so many stand-up comedy specials you can watch over and over again. Fortunately, we’ve got a solution for this, and that’s through the hilarious power of light-hearted and silly podcasts. So go ahead and give our top 10 picks a gander, but just try not to laugh too hard.

#1 My Dad Wrote a Porno

The web is riddled with porn and erotic tales, but what would you do if you found your dad’s secret erotica collection…that he wrote! It’s safe to say that most people would hide it from the world in shame, but that’s not the case for Jamie Morton. The host of My Dad Wrote a Porno shares his dad’s hilarious and strange sex stories for the whole world to hear.

The Hosts: While Morton has a catchy narrative voice, the overall discussion would be rather quiet without his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. Their comedic timing and chemistry resembles a modern-day “Three Stooges” troupe, and they all offer their own insightful wisdom regarding some of the more questionable sex scenes.

Why You Have to Listen: Ever heard of “buttery finger-tops?” Or the phrase, “wet as a summer in Manchester?” This is the epitome of British humor, and you probably won’t find the answers on Urban Dictionary. So for a more informal sex education class riddled with hilariously awkward love-making scenes, take a seat and try not to laugh during these 40-minute podcast sessions.

Listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno

Must Listen Episodes:

Showering Ideas

The Safe House

Two C***s In The Clink

Rating: 18+

My Brother My Brother Like Me

#2 My Brother, My Brother and Me

When life is throwing a whole lot of sour lemons at you (aka obstacles), who are you going to call? Nope, not the Ghostbusters. You’re going to listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me, because these three real-life siblings have just the advice you need to get you through pretty much anything. Whether that’s dating, cooking, or hyena holes (yes, that’s a thing), this podcast will hook you up with the brothers you never had.

The Hosts: The McElroy brothers (Travis, Griffin, and Justin) may be related, but they’ve all chosen different career paths in life (aside from this podcast). Travis is a trained actor who has worked with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Justin is a comedian who once worked as a video game journalist, and Griffin is a jack-of-all-trades who can write, compose music and voice act.

The Guests: Many celebs have graced this podcast with their presence, and some of the more notable ones have included Felicia Day, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jesse Eisenberg, and Bill Corbett.

Why You Have to Listen: The show is structured in a hilarious Q/A-style session, where the brothers attempt to answer questions from both their fan base and Yahoo! Answers. Some of their past discussions have included eBay listings of possessed items, celebrity wines, and real/fake Christmas movie descriptions.

Listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me

Must Listen Episodes:

Bugatti Boys


How to Get Away with Pinkbelly

Rating: PG-13


#3 The Complete Guide to Everything

The world says that it’s bad to have too many interests. You can’t get anything done, and you can’t possibly research all of your passions, joys, and hobbies…right? Throw that logic out the window now, because The Complete Guide to Everything talks about…you guessed it. From Brad Pitt and milk to food dips and playground games, this podcast caters to those who are interested in everything that the world has to offer.

The Hosts: Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds (or as they like to call themselves, Timmy and Tommy), seem to be well-versed on all kinds of topics. The dynamic duo talks to each other (and you) like a best friend, and their humor stems from observations that we tend to overlook (such as McDonald’s having the best Coke).

Why You Have to Listen: The podcast dubs McDonald’s as “a corporation invented to sell poison to children.” They also have a hatred against Pepsi, and describe mayo as “nature’s wettest condiment.” If you agree with these, then welcome aboard. If not, then perhaps Timmy and Tommy can open your mind to new (and some very strange) perspectives about this world.

Listen to The Complete Guide to Everything

Must Listen Episodes:

Morning Routines

Brad Pitt


Rating: PG-13

Song Salad

#4 Song Salad

Grab an ordinary salad spinner for a sec. Now toss in a few random topics, along with a music genre pulled out of thin air. What do you get? A Song Salad podcast! Hosted by writers Scott and Shannon, this musical duo attempts to create hilarious music and sing songs that will probably never be aired on the radio.

The Hosts: In layman’s terms, Shannon is the writer and Scott is the composer. Both studied at Carnegie Mellon University, and they both currently live in New York City. Oh, and they adore cats.

Why You Have to Listen: Making music is already difficult enough. Now trying mixing a genre with a topic that has absolutely nothing in common with each other. It’s different, it’s hilarious, and you won’t find another one like it in the podcast world.

Listen to Song Salad

Must Listen Episodes:

Hope Sinks

Rub My Skullet

The Cruelest Little Farm

Rating: All Ages

Gay Future

#5 Gay Future

Ever heard of Mike Pence? You know, the current Vice President of the United States who also served as the governor of Indiana? Well apparently, he wrote a novel about a future full of gay people. Oh, and the main character is straight by the way. Though the book was never released, the creative team behind the Gay Future podcast decided to turn these story ideas into a six-episode series.

The Hosts: This whimsical podcast features the voices of Andres Govea, Kelly Krauter, and Connor Wright as the main characters. Connor and Christina Friel helped to create the show, while Jake Levy narrates it. 

Why You Have to Listen: The majority of podcasts involves a discussion between two or more people, but that’s not the case for Gay Future. Think of it like an audio book with absurd storylines, hilarious characters, and more insight into what it really means to be gay.

Listen to Gay Future

Must Listen Episodes:

Minisode: Detention with Principal Slut

Episode 1: Gay Academy

Episode 2: Through the Gay Forest

Rating: PG-13

Ridiculous Dialogue

#6 Ridiculous Dialogue 

Video games? Check. Movies? Double-check. A wide variety of geeky topics that includes Dungeons & Dragons, Stranger Things, and Tesla Model 3 cars? We’ll call that a triple threat in this Ridiculous Dialogue podcast. But don’t worry, these self-proclaimed “cast of characters” aren’t afraid of venturing off to some pretty weird places too, including butt tattoos, the potential death of Bluetooth, and cannibalism.

The Hosts: The hosts all work for Imminent Threat Solutions, a company that provides safety gear and advice for pretty much everybody. Though they all take their jobs seriously, the “cast of characters” lets loose by talking about whatever is on their mind for the week. Starting with player one, we have Bryan, followed by Kelly, Mike, Rob, Lang, Nick, Matt, and finally, Eric, who is player eight.

Why You Have to Listen: Some of us don’t have a huge social circle. But that’s OK, because these ITS folks are here to include you in their ridiculously nerdy discussions. So whether you have some beef against Daylight Savings Time, dad robes, or Krispy Kreme donuts (like Bryan), this podcast is sure to make you smile, laugh, and question everything about life.

Listen at Ridiculous Dialogue

Must Listen Episodes:

Never Trust a Fart

Game of Hate

Donut Debacle

Rating: PG-13

#7 How Did This Get Made? 

Brilliant studio executives sometimes, somehow, manage to give the green light to some pretty awful movies. While we don’t know what’s running through their minds half the time, this type of logic (or lack thereof) begs the question, How Did This Get Made? Fortunately, Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael are also losing sleep over this, but they attempt to gain more movie insight with the help of a few celebrity guests.

The Hosts: These hosts aren’t your average angry movie critics with zero background of actual film knowledge. Paul is a director, writer, and a producer, while Jason and June both have comedic acting chops under their belts.

The Guests: Former guests have included Chris Ryan, Andy Greenwald, Rob Huebel, Jessica St. Clair, and Nick Kroll.

Why You Have to Listen: Maybe we’ll never know why certain movies were made, but at least we can all laugh about them together. Many of the episodes are filmed live with an audience, so you’ll feel like you’re on stage with Paul, Jason, and June as they dissect the most awful kinds of movies.

Listen to How Did This Get Made?

Must Listen Episodes:

The Star Wars Holiday Special (with Matt Gourley and Eden Sher)

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives: LIVE!

Hobbs & Shaw: LIVE! (with Adam Scott and Nicole Byer)

Rating: PG-13

#8 The Comedian’s Comedian with Stuart Goldsmith

Watching stand-up comedy is great, but have you ever wanted to get into the mind of a professional comedian? Stuart Goldsmith hosts the insightful Comedian’s Comedian podcast, which dives into a guest comic’s past, career endeavors, and some of their more notable quirks.

The Host: Goldsmith is a comedian with acting chops, and some of his career highlights include being a finalist on So You Think You’re Funny, Witty and Twisted, and Laughing Horse New Act of the Year. He got his start in the Playbox Theatre Company, and participated in many street theater gigs.

The Guests: Past comedic guests have included Matt Winning, John Kearns, Neil Hamburger, Chris Fleming, and Sara Barron.

Why You Have to Listen: Source material has to come from somewhere, and for many of these comics, it comes from their upbringing and unsuccessful career paths. Some of them are mega famous, while others are still fairly unknown. Either way, Stuart Goldsmith makes each and every guest radiate on an equal playing field: the stage.

Listen to Comedian’s Comedian

Must Listen Episodes

Bec Hill

Paul Smith

Conan Debrief

Rating: PG-13

Dragon Friends

#9 Dragon Friends

Let’s be real for a sec. Dungeons & Dragons is a hard game to set up with friends. Everyone has to show up, bring their imagination, and stay put for hours on end, all in the name of fun. Now while it’s certainly a fantastic (and confusing) game to play, those that don’t have access to D&D friends or books can easily tune into the Dragon Friends podcast. It’s simple really. All you have to do is hit play and listen to Dave Harmon and his friends play Dungeons and Dragons!

The Hosts: Harmon is the dungeon master, and he enjoys narrating the story for his friends, aka the D&D players. They are Alex Lee, Michael Hing, Edan Lacey, and Simon Greiner. Oh, and there’s also Ben Jenkins, who does the awesome NPC voices.

Why You Have to Listen: Some people take D&D way too seriously, but not this group. They laugh, poke fun at each other, and make some pretty awful decisions that creates a hilarious storyline. Sounds like an easy job for the dungeon master.

listen to Dragon Friends

Must Listen Episodes

I Stabbed That Man Incredibly Well

Murdered a Man in a Band

Come for the Biscuits

Rating: PG-13

No Such Thing As A Fish

#10 No Such Thing as a Fish

There are some people in this world who are hungry for knowledge. They’re on a quest to learn about the most random (and sometimes, utterly useless) facts about people, animals, and cultures. If we’re describing you to a T, then it’s probably best to check out the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast, where Dan, James, Andrew, and Anna talk about dangerous fruits, Roman toilets, and Edgar Allen Poe’s contribution to Scrabble.

The Hosts: The four hosts are silly, witty, and effortlessly charming as they discuss things that many people don’t really think about. James and Anna are TV hosts and writers, Andrew is a journalist and a comedian, and Dan is a radio producer.

Why You Have to Listen: Who invented Vaseline? And who decided to call hotdogs…hotdogs? These are the conundrums that life has presented to us, and fortunately, we have a panel of experts who are here to put some of these big questions to rest.

Listen to No Such Thing as a Fish

Must Listen Episodes

No Such Thing as Pets in Heaven

No Such Thing as the Best Bubble

No Such Thing as Swimming in the Sky

Rating: PG-13

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