Up Your Style With These 10 Podcasts During Quarantine & Beyond

Up your style

Staying in style during the quarantine (or anytime) is not an easy feat by any means. Not only does it take some serious motivation, but it also takes a decent amount of hope for the future and return to some sort of normalcy. While it is still unsure when we will all be able to go out and express our individual styles once again, we can trust that the day will arrive eventually…and when it does, we better be ready. In order to avoid getting bogged down by the woes of self-isolation, staying up to date with the trends and style choices that are emerging during the pandemic will only help one prepare for life on the outside. From icon-interviews to DIY sewing tips, Vurbl has put together a list of the top 10 podcasts on fashion and style to keep you inspired during the quarantine. Check out the list below!

#1 – UnStyled

Unstyled podcast

Think clothes are just for show? Think again! UnStyled shows listeners just how powerful of an influence that what we wear has over our lives.

The Host: Christene Barberich is the Global Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder of popular media outlet Refinery29. While hosting UnStyled, Barberich uses humor and compassion to discuss the power that clothes have in telling the story of our lives.

The Guests: Hollywood’s biggest names and fashion-forward icons make up the majority of UnStyled’s guests. Barberich has invited the likes of Jane Fonda, Celeste Barber, and Shailene Woodley, just to name a few.

Why You Have to Listen: With a guest list filled with royalty, listeners are sure to hear from their favorite celebrities and icons while getting in touch with their personal style on a deeper level. Plus, UnStyled’s five-star rating speaks for itself!

Listen To UnStyled

Must-Listen Episodes:

Jane Fonda on sparking your own personal revolution

Priyanka Chopra on super-sizing ambition

Aya Kanai on becoming your truest self

Rating: 18+

#2 – Pop Fashion

Pop Fashion podcast

Looking for fashion tips that simultaneously make you feel good about yourself? Pop Fashion just might be your answer.

The Host: Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar are comedic and insightful voices behind the Pop Fashion podcast. This dynamic duo has a knack for telling relevant news stories about the fashion industry in a fun and entertaining manner. Plus, their quirky yet unique style is sure to rub off on listeners, only adding to one’s personal form of creative expression.

The Guests: For the most part, there are no guests featured on Pop Fashion. Instead, Rowan and Vembar take the lead, creating their own lovable brand in the process.

Why You Have to Listen: Being that the fashion industry has a tendency to be quite serious (and sometimes a bit dark) Rowan and Vembar provide listeners with a new perspective on the often-controversial career path. Listeners will be both intrigued and inspired while absorbing the conversation had on Pop Fashion.

Listen To Pop Fashion

Must-Listen Episodes:

So That’s a Disaster, But I’m Enjoying It

Let’s List Our Enemies Alphabetically

Put On Your Eating Pants

Rating: 18+

#3 – The Glossy Podcast

Glossy Podcast

Through combining the artful nature of fashion and the ever-growing world of technology, The Glossy Podcast gives listeners an inside look at the future of the fashion industry.

The Host: In addition to being the host on The Glossy Podcast, Jill Manoff also boasts being the editor-in-chief of the Glossy website. Manoff’s passion for fashion as well as her innovative and progressive thinking shines through in her interviews on the podcast.

The Guests: With a focus on how technology is changing the world of fashion as we know it, many guests that appear on The Glossy Podcast are brand founders and leaders that are playing an impactful role in changing the industry. Some guests include Nicole Miller, Morgan Curtis, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Why You Have to Listen: If you’re interested in staying up to date with the latest and greatest trends and changes in fashion, then The Glossy Podcast is just what you need to add to your quarantine routine. With an easy-going and fun flare, this informative and useful series highlights just how far we have come in the world of fashion, and how much further we have to go.

Listen To The Glossy Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

For Rebecca Minkoff, the pandemic accelerates the business’s pre-existing plans

Mack Weldon CEO Brian Berger on the perks of selling sweatpants DTC

Influencer Moti Ankari on going from Instagramming shoes to designing them

Rating: Not Rated

#4 – UK6


With an angsty tone and love for all things streetwear, UK6 is the perfect podcast for those who prefer to be casually chic.

The Host: Alexandra Hackett and Meg Parry take the lead in hosting UK6, a podcast that focuses its content on the casual yet chic importance of streetwear and sneakers. While the ladies have garnered a fair bit of recognition, the hosts are able to relate to listeners as being “two girls just trying to make it in the industry.”.

The Guests: Perry and Hackett have welcomed the likes of several British influencers and industry professionals, such as Georgi Smith, Magdi Fernandes, and Voni Rob. Each guest brings a certain charm and quirkiness to the already unique series.

Why You Have to Listen: The casual-yet-filterless tone of the podcast adds a “cool girl” edge to UK6, giving the topic of fashion a more approachable and inviting tone. If you’re not about runway couture but love a hoodie and sneaker set, then this podcast is definitely a winner for you.

Listen To UK6

Must Listen Episodes:




Rating: 18+



MAEKAN is a podcast for those that are serious about what it means to be fashionable.

The Host: MAEKAN’s savvy and innovative hosts are co-founders Eugene Kan and Charis Poon. On the weekly podcast, the pair dives deep in the fashion, media, art, tech, and design, and discuss why it matters and how it affects the larger collective at hand.

The Guests: For the most part, MAEKAN only features conversations between Kan and Poon.

Why You Have to Listen: While MAEKAN prides itself on being a fashion-based podcast, it has a unique ability to connect the role of fashion to a bigger picture, highlighting the idea that all industries truly are connected. Even non-fashion savvy listeners will learn a thing or two from the conversations that take place on the podcast.

Listen To: MAEKAN

Must Listen Episodes:

Access instead of ownership and reseller luxury

Record number of new podcasts in 2019 and the future of fashion PR

Culture in the time of quarantine and luxury brand 

Rating: Not Rated

#6 – Failing Upwards

Failing Up

Failing Upwards is both funny and charming in its approach to men’s fashion, making it the perfect listen for boyfriends and husbands looking to up their style everywhere.

The Host: Failing Upwards is a branch-off podcast of the popular Barstool Sports, making its humor both clever and a bit raunchy… all while discussing men’s fashion. The show is hosted by Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris, who also go by Jimmy and Larry.

The Guests: The boys behind Failing Upwards tend to center their guest list around fellow members of the male species, highlighting small business owners and clothing designers for the masculine man. Their guests have included GQ’s Mark Anthony Green, Antonio Ciongoli, and Jack Carlson.

Listen To  Failing Upwards

Must-Listen Episodes:

Born to Run with 18 East’s Antonio Ciongoli

Luxury Podding with Jeremy Kirkland

Teenage Dirtbags with Wheatus

Rating: 18+

#7 – Fashion No Filter

Fashion Unfiltered

What do you get when you mix two investigative journalists with a passion for fashion? Fashion No Filter.

The Host: Fashion No Filter is a clever and informative podcast created by fashion journalists, Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley. Being that they both have a background in journalism, these ladies go deep in their efforts to bring all aspects of the fashion industry to the forefront.

The Guests: The ladies have invited fellow journalists, influencers, and stylists to contribute to the revealing conversations that take place on Fashion No Filter. Featured guests have included Bryan Boy, Loic Prigent, and Arizona Muse.

Why You Have to Listen: Receiving an inside look at how the fashion industry truly operates not only gives listeners a leg up in new trends and styles, but it also allows consumers to make better choices when it comes to purchasing clothing and supporting specific businesses.

Listen To Fashion No Filter

Must Listen Episodes:

Fashion No Filter in Lockdown: Q & A Part 2

Spilling the Tea with Bryan Boy

Streetsyle is dead! Long live streetsyle

Rating: Not Rated

#8 – What I Wore When

What I wore When

What I Wore When is a beautiful podcast with a knack for bringing out the sentimental side of fashion.

The Host: Perrie Samotin is known for being Glamour Magazine’s digital director, as well as the host of their fashion-forward podcast What I Wore When. With episodes airing every Monday, listeners get an inside look into the lives of their favorite influencers and icons.

The Guests: From celebrities to writers to stylists, Samotin has been able to give a creative voice to industry professionals from all different walks of life. Recently, What I Wore When has welcomed top stylist Ilaria Urbinati and Amanda Seales.

Why You Have to Listen: What I Wore When shifts the perspective that clothes are nothing more than meaningless accessories, to the idea that what we wore during pivotal moments in our lives shapes how we remember those moments. This podcast truly exposes the power of creative expression and style, inspiring the listener to always look and feel their best.

Listen To What I Wore When

Must Listen Episodes:

Ilaria Urbinati Called Every Florist in Cannes to Find a Daisy for Donald Glover’s Lapel 

Amanda Seales Has a Massive Collection of Leggings—Just Don’t Ask Her Where She Gets Them

Erin Andrews Chose a Neon Green Sweater for Her First Big Game—15 Years Later, She’s Still Living It Down 

Rating: Not Rated

#9 – Sewing Out Loud

sewing out loud

With an organized and delightful DIY energy, Sewing Out Loud brings out the crafter in even the most hesitant of listeners.

The Host: Zede and Mallory Donohue are a mother-daughter duo who have taken their passion for sewing to the next level with their podcast Sewing Out Loud. Their comfortable and close relationship is beyond inviting and makes listeners feel as though they are part of the family.

The Guests: There are typically no guests featured on Sewing Out Loud.

Why You Have to Listen: What better time to start a new hobby than during quarantine? Sewing is not only a fun and impressive skill but an incredibly useful one as well. Being that we don’t know when we’ll be able to go try things on in the store again, knowing how to sew your own clothes will not go to waste.

Listen To Sewing Out Loud

Must-Listen Episodes:

Tiny Hems

Sewcial Distancing

Color Blocking

Rating: All Ages

#10 – Vogue Style Revolution

Vogue Revolution

Vogue Style Revolution is exactly what one thinks of when imagining a high-profile fashion podcast, and it certainly does not disappoint.

The Host: The Vogue Style Revolution podcast was run by Vogue’s Sally Singer and other contributing editors. Though the podcast is not currently releasing new episodes, the archived ones are incredibly useful as they discuss timeless tips and the history of how fashion came to be.

The Guests: From every aspect of the fashion industry, Vogue Style Revolution has welcomed icon upon icon to sit down for a conversation. Being that Vogue is the top fashion magazine in the world, it is no surprise that they offer only the best. Some guests have included Zac Posen, Tom Ford, and Kendall Jenner.

Why You Have to Listen: As a consumer, who better to hear from that the top of the line individuals and brands who dictate what is on trend and what is tacky? Vogue Style Revolution puts listeners directly in touch with the creators and curators of their wardrobe, providing a more dynamic perspective on the clothes we love to express ourselves in.

Listen To Vogue Style Revolution

Must-Listen Episodes:

The September Issue with Anna Wintour and Tonne Goodman

Helena Suric and Gigi Hadid

Edward Barsamian and Adriana Lima

Rating: Not Rated

While finding inspiration during the coronavirus quarantine may seem like an impossible task, it is important to remember that this time will end eventually. Listening to these podcasts and maintaining (or even improving) your sense of style will inspire that confidence to shine from the inside out as we all venture back to the real world.

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