How Podcast & Audio Highlights, Clips and Snippets Grow and Engage Audience

Creator-first platform Vurbl has a patent pending technology – Snippets – that allow both creators and listeners to snip and share their favorite moments of a podcast, book, speech or more. 

 Los Angeles, CA. — (February 24, 2022)

We talk to Creators ofter about the importance of Snippets. We created this amazing tool for so many reasons, all of them benefiting the creator and the listeners. Some of the common questions we get from creators about Snippets are:

  • “What is the advantage of making a Snippet”
  • “Are people stealing my content if they make a Snippet of my show?”
  • “Do people really listen to short form audio at a higher rate than long form audio ?”

In fact, Snippets are one of the most powerful tools on Vurbl. Here’s a few reasons why:


Snippets create a short clip from a great moment in a longer audio file. It’s well known that more people engage with short form content, especially in a “content discovery phase.” What this means is if they have never heard of you, but see a short clip embedded in an article or in a social media post with a headline that grabs them, they are much more likely to click “play”. For example, digital audiences are much more likely to click on a 30 second video or audio file vs a longer one, because they are typically in a social feed or reading an article when they encounter this file. If a google searcher gets a short form audio file in a search result, they are more likely to sample AND enjoy the content that is short and gets to a “payoff” (ie something exciting/thrilling/emotion-producing) faster. People embedding entire hour long episodes of content that is full of filler and requires a lot of searching through the episode for the “good part” or the part references in the post or article, are going to see much lower engagement rates.

You can see some great success with clipping great moments inside of a longer Podcast on the Hot in Hollywood Podcast by a360. Their Snippets, which they embed around their sites, drive 1000’s of more listens than the source episode. This only provides additional ad opportunities to them and helps engage thousands of more listeners around their audio. As a bonus, audio clips can make their article pages on their blogs much stickier, creating longer times on site.

Here’s one of Hot in Hollywood’s most popular Snippets, garnering over 8k listens!


Snippets provide a way for your audience to clip and comment on what they like, and what the don’t like. This gives you, the creator, invaluable data about what is resonating (or not) with your audience. This also gives your audience a way to share and embed moments in your show that they love. If your fan loves a joke you tell in your show, they can clip just the joke, share it on twitter. The embed will not only count additional listens to your Station, but it can drive twitter users to click, go to your full station on Vurbl, and find the show the joke came from. Boom – you have just acquired a new audience member through a shared moment by another fan. This creates a powerful amplifier that builds your audience, your listens, your authority in google and your sharable content library. Here’s an example of listener providing feedback to a creator through a Snippet, commenting on their remarks.


Short-form audio increases total listen counts, therefore creating more monetization opportunities. Because of the increase in engagement on short form audio – through sharing, playlist highlights and search, you can expect to get a LOT MORE LISTENS – in an order of magnitude in fact – through Snippet listens. Because of the way the Vurbl platform works, every time someone clicks “play” on your audio, we can run an ad (this is revenue we share back with ad partners). We can run these ads on 30 second audio through 3 hour audio… so you don’t have any disadvantage in clipping up a long show into 20 great segments, you only provide more searchable headlines, descriptions and transcriptions to search engines and Vurbl recommendation algorithms. Here is a great example of a very popular Vurbl station Dream Sounds. Clarisse has mastered the art of clipping up her content and creating very targeted playlists. As you can see, all her top content is shorter form, strung together in great playlists. She makes many thematic ambient music playlists as well, which drive a majority of the engagement around her content.


Increase your discoverability with Snippets. Snippets are transcribed automatically, creating rich meta-data for search engines and the Vurbl recommendation algorithms. With more unique content, more engagement and more metadata pointing to your station on google and on third party sites embedding your content, there are a lot more searchable metadata on your content and your station every time a Snippet is created. This means your content will be found by people looking for something “like” your audio content, without having to search for your station name directly. We can also recommend and relate your content to other similar content on the platform, because we know so much about what is inside of it. See the clean transcription at the bottom of this Snippet page here.

So what are you waiting for? Start asking your listeners to SNIP your audio, share it, tell you what they like or don’t like about it, and embed it in their blog posts if they want to quote your show!

In summary, Vurbl Snippets are:

  • Fun to make and fun to create Playlists with
  • Increase your reach through sharing, playlisting, embedding, SEO
  • Increase your listen counts – more people listen to short files than long
  • Make your station and audio more discoverable on Vurbl through recommended and related algos
  • Help you get smarter about what content is working and what is not
  • Drive MORE ad revenue opportunities if you are an ad partner

Happy Snipping!

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