Revolutionary Audio Platform Vurbl Secures Exclusive Audio Content Deals with National and Local Non-Profit Organizations

Vurbl Listeners Will Now Have Access To Exclusive New and Archival Audio Content From Non-Profit Organizations including Outfest, The Holocaust Museum LA, L.A. Theatre Works and The National Day of Unplugging

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 1, 2021 — Vurbl, one of the largest new free audio streaming platforms in the US, today announced that it has secured content deals with select non-profit organizations including Outfest, The Holocaust Museum of LA, L.A. Theatre Works and the National Day of Unplugging. These partnerships will allow Vurbl listeners to access exclusive archival audio that was previously not available to the public, along with new exclusive content and republished, curated libraries and audio content.

“For the first time, non-profit organizations will be able to publish their audio archives in a way that can be discovered by audiences that care about their cause,” said Audra Gold, Founder and CEO of Vurbl. “Videocentric platforms like YouTube were previously the only available free option for these non-profits to upload and share their audio content. As a result, much of their incredible archival audio content has been sitting in storage, not accessible to anyone because there was nowhere to put it where it could be found and consumed at scale. By making this audio available on their exclusive Vurbl stations, these non-profits now have unprecedented access to listeners all around the world.”

Commenting on the announcement, Damien Navarro from Outfest said “Outfest is launching their first audio-only station and we are thrilled to partner with Vurbl to bring it to life. Their unique “snippet tool” makes it easy for us to quickly share bits of our conversational content featuring filmmaker Q&As and panels with our audience. We are excited about utilizing their innovative technology to connect artists with the LGBTQ+ community.”

With the addition of these non-profit audio stations to the platform, Vurbl’s listener community and curation team will have access to even more in-depth, informational, inspirational and educational audio content.

“Vurbl is a great way to organize our audio catalog to ensure that Holocaust survivor’s incredible stories reach as wide an audience as possible. We are looking forward to utilizing the platform to help further our mission to commemorate those who perished, honor those who survived, educate about the Holocaust and inspire a more dignified and humane world,” said Julia Davis from the Holocaust Museum of LA.

Vurbl is the home for audio of all types, from podcasts, to audiobooks, to speeches, to ASMR and more. Creators can stream, aggregate audiences, access critical data, gain awareness and monetize short clips with ads and earn revenue any time their audio file is played. Vurbl also offers nearly 500,000 English language podcasts that can be ”claimed” and uniquely managed by their creators.

Michelle Cobb, L.A. Theatre Works Audio Sales Director also said “as a theater company focused on performance of fantastic classic and contemporary plays brought to life by talented and recognizable actors we are pleased to widen the scope of exposure with Vurbl, meeting new listeners and introducing them to the power of these incredible works in a targeted audio environment.”

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