Vurbl launches TikTok Integration Making Your Sounds Sharable

Creator-first platform Vurbl has launched an integration with TikTok, allowing users to share public domain and their own sounds to TikTok. 


Los Angeles, CA. — (December 20, 2022)

A new feature on the Vurbl iOS and Android apps allows Vurbl creators and listeners to share sounds directly to their TikTok sound library. Vurbl is one of the first major audio platforms that allows UGC and Public domain to be easily added to TikTok. 

How to use:

The “share sound to TikTok” feature appears on audio pages in the iOS and Android apps.

  1. To initiate the share, go to a detail page – public domain or your own content – and click the button.
  2. You will be asked to connect your TikTok account through Vurbl. When successful, you’ll see the sound in your TikTok sound library in the TikTok app.
  3. Open your TikTok app to see your new audio in your audio library. You can now use this sound on any TikTok video.


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About Vurbl

Vurbl is a creator-first, free streaming audio platform for all audio types, including user generated audio, across hundreds of audio categories. Vurbl is revolutionizing the way people distribute and listen to audio-centric information across the web. Just like YouTube, Vurbl allows content creators to upload, earn subscribers and monetize their work. Founded in 2020, with the idea of a different and unique streaming site solely for audio creators, Vurbl has grown to almost 30k creators and hundred’s of thousands of listeners. Vurbl’s website can be found at Follow Vurbl on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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I am the lead Vurbl audio curator. I am scouring the web for the best sources of audio to bring to our audience.