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Have you ever identified yourself as a “foodie?” You know, the word that is associated with someone who really loves food? If so, then maybe the Maximum Fun-produced podcast We Got This with Mark and Hal is your perfect cup of tea. They talk all about, you guessed it, food! From fondues and condiments to fried chicken and cookies, this podcast is bound to make you hungry for more. But rest assured, food isn’t the only important aspect of each episode, as Mark and Hal also discuss Tarantino films, Vegas resorts, award shows, and Disney films. So basically, this podcast has a little bit of everything for you!

The Hosts: Where do we begin with these two? Well for starters, Hal Lubin is an actor, writer, and producer (among many other things), and he currently spends his time hosting the Tights and Fights podcast. Hal has also appeared on Welcome to Night Vale, Mighty Magiswords, and The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Mark Gagliardi studied at The Second City in Los Angeles before moving on to bigger projects like Genie in Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular and Welcome to Night Vale. Mark also narrates the Drunk History television series, which has earned a Primetime Emmy Award.

The Guests: For the most part, Mark and Hal tend to talk among themselves on this popular podcast, but once in a while, they are joined by the likes of Joseph Scrimshaw (a comedian), Nathan Hamill (an artist, who apparently has a strong opinion about fried chicken), and James Callis (or, as Mark and Hal say, a “legitimate Englishman”). 

Why You Have to Listen: Some people could talk about food forever, and if you’re that kind of person, then Mark and Hal will become your new BFF’s. They’ll make you question your current fast food choices while introducing you to the difference between English and American breakfast. Most of the episodes also highlight the “best” of a category, such as best dip, best wedding song, and best deadly sin. They even trek into some pretty weird territories, like conspiracy theories, classic shows, airlines, and Jim Carrey movies. So for now, we’ll leave you with this question from one of the episodes: are cookies really better than dessert bars? Well, let’s find out on the We Got This podcast!

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Rating: All Ages

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