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Do you love movie reviews? Is the phrase “action/sci-fi movie cast” your secret middle name? If so, then you’ll love the hilarious and entertaining Maximum Fun-produced Wham Bam Pow with Cameron Esposito podcast. Each episode is about an hour-long, and you’ll get a whole lot of movie-filled discussions about popular flicks like Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex Machina, Noah, and Furious 7. And don’t worry, there’s a special place for you comic book fans too because Cameron loves to talk about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, and The Avengers. Is she critical? Yes, but in the most energetic and optimistic way possible!

The Hosts: Cameron Esposito is an Alma Mater of Boston College, where she studied English and theology. Soon after, she started performing stand-up routines at various comedy festivals and garnered recognition on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Conan. In addition to hosting Wham Bam Pow, Esposito also created Ask a Lesbian for the popular Buzzfeed website, as well as the Take My Wife podcast. She’s also appeared in several films and television shows, including We Bare Bears, Big City Greens, Mother’s Day, and First Girl I Loved. Cameron is joined by panelists Rhea Butcher and Ricky Carmona for the majority of the episodes. Butcher is the spouse of Cameron and loves to act, write, play baseball, and tell jokes for a living. Carmona is an actor who has appeared on Skateboard Cop, Tosh.0Simon’s Yearbook and Like, Share, Die.

The Guests: You might have heard of Alison Stevenson (who is a comedian and a writer), along with actor Brady Novak. So basically, most of the guests are comedians, which makes this podcast a pretty hilarious one to binge. 

Why You Have to Listen: Movie fans will appreciate the old and new flicks that Wham Bam Pow has to offer. The whole vibe feels like a round-table discussion with your best friends, as everyone chimes in on why a particular movie is amazing, terrible, or somewhere in between. So whether you’re a fan of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, or Guardians of the Galaxy, this film-based podcast might be your new #1 favorite.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 79: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Episode 112: Sicario

Episode 100: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Rating: Teen+

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