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What’s The Frequency: Podcast Review


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What’s The Frequency is a psychedelic noir audio drama podcast. Is that enticing? It should be. This podcast harkens back to the radio dramas of the mid-1900s, even setting itself around that time. Its great production and fascinating writing produces great stories at every turn.

The Hosts: While there are no hosts in a radio drama, there are writers and producers. The executive producer of the podcast is James Oliva, who is an obvious lover of the radio drama genre. He brings excellent vision to the show. His partner is Alexander Danner, who designs audio for the podcast.

The Guests: A rotating cast of actors and actresses come in to play a part in the show. While there aren’t any major actors, there are a few who film and true crime junkies might recognize. The casting on the show is fantastic, with many brilliant voices being brought on. The acting is always up to par and always pulls you in.

Why You Have to Listen: What’s the Frequency is anxiety-inducing, gripping, and an absolute thrill. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were on display at modern art museums soon. The show is a feature film for your ears, and one of the best at that. If you like the feeling of the great thrillers of cinema, you will love this show.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

39.17 Mhz

39.17 Mhz Director Commentary with Wil Williams

Took a Powder

Rating: Teen+

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