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International Waters Podcast

Spoiler alert: this podcast has nothing to do with water or swimming.

The International Waters podcast from the Maximum Fun network is a trivia game show featuring competing teams of comedians. One team from the US, and one team from the UK (or occasionally Canada!). Each contestant comes up with their own buzz-in word, and they have to answer questions about pop culture. In round one, they compete to answer questions about current events. In round two, the UK team answers questions about US pop culture, and vice versa. Teams can earn points for correct answers, but they can also get arbitrary points for nonsense answers that the host finds funny or interesting. 

The final round is the most difficult as there is no right or wrong answer; each team is given a topic from the host and they have to come up with a pitch on the spot. Contestants have had to come up with Black Friday pick-up lines, made-up holiday festivities, celebrity drinking puns, and fictitious biographies, fake spoiler discussions, and many other hilarious topics!

In February 2018, the show changed to Troubled Waters and remained on the Maximum Fun network. The show’s format is still mostly the same, except the comedians are not specifically from the US and UK.

The Host: Dave Holmes hosts the International Waters podcast. He is a writer, comedian, and actor, and has been featured on CBS, Bravo, Comedy Central, Court TV, E!, FX, History, MTV, VH1, and more. He frequently makes appearances on other podcasts, including Never Not Funny, Jordan, Jesse, GO, and You Made It Weird.  

The Guests: Every episode features comedians from all walks of life, including Helen Hong, Zach Reino, Jon Gabrus, Elf Lyons, Chris Fairbanks, Jessica Fostekew, and many others. Being comedians and actors, the guests are perfectly suited for the off-the-cuff  (and often off-color!) questions and answers featured on International Waters.

Why You Have To Listen: Listeners love International Waters for the funny and entertaining way they learn all sorts of random pop culture trivia and opinions. The show’s host and writers and do a fantastic job keeping things interesting and balanced between the scripted segments and allowing the conversation to go off the rails — in all the right (and sometimes raunchy!) ways! The show features both well-known and up-and-coming comedians, so if comedy is your thing, you might find some new favorite artists to follow. 

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 96: Daddy’s Got A Deep Voice

Episode 79: How Dare You, Mr Potter!

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

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