Women Your Mother Warned You About Podcast Review

Women Your Mother Warned You About

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For real-life business advice, Women Your Mother Warned You AboutThe podcast that makes business sexy again comes from two smart, sassy, bold, confident women in business who know that they are pushing against old-fashioned stereotypes from decades past. They want to make business sexy in the most empowered and positive way, embracing what makes women feel alive and alluring for all that they bring to the business table, including their brains, capabilities, feminine qualities, and full-spectrum life experience. This is not just useful for women in business, but for the men who are smart enough to work with them and treat them with the respect they deserve.  

The Hosts: Gina Trimarco and Rachel Pitts describe themselves as sales professionals and businesswomen, with similar backgrounds as performers. They met when Gina was Rachel’s business coach and noticed they had both developed an optimistic resilience in response to big losses and wins along their journeys. For the Women Your Mother Warned You About podcast, Gina brings her background as an improv comic, and her attitude gleaned from being brought up by an “Italian mobster dad and German immigrant mother”. Rachel shares lessons learned from her journey from dancer to realtor and all the stops in between. They both approach business with creativity and a sort of “behind the scenes” take that men and women in business can learn from and appreciate. 

The Guests: The guests are mostly successful businesswomen with a bold or unusual path, like Laura Casselman, the CEO of online marketing and affiliate site JVZoo who was once a Rockette; Roseann Higgins, “The Sailor Who Became A ‘Romance Headhunter’” or Ash Ambirge, who became a millionaire working from her car—in the back seat.  They make business sexy, but also take lessons from sex appeal to apply to business success.

Why You Have To Listen:  Gina and Rachel are edgy voices of reason and funny, honest truth-tellers. They offer real-life business advice from both right and left brain perspectives and then throw in the whole-body experience, too. With episode titles like, “Beauty, Bullying, & Business”, “Taboo Topics: It’s That Time Of The Month” and “Body Image in Business and the Boudoir”, they acknowledge the reality and challenges of being a woman in business and don’t pretend it’s only about business acumen.  Plus, they offer a male perspective with regular contributor, Keith Walters, as well as the occasional male business leader to educate the more evolved men folk.

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Rating: 18+

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