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Hurray for Hollywood! 9 Film Genre Podcasts That Break the Fourth Wall

Seeking a different flavor to your film fanatic experience? Look no further than these podcasts that focus on specific genres within the world of cinema. From horror to science fiction to documentaries, Vurbl has you covered with insightful broadcasts that bring history into the equation—all while entertaining as well as enlightening. These 9 film genre […]


Mission to Zyxx: Podcast Review

Part of what makes science fiction beautiful is that it’s a genre full of possibilities and potential – and those stories that take place in space even more so. Outer space is infinite, with countless planets, stars, and spaceships. There’s no ‘standard’ set since there’s always room for something new and different. So what will […]


My Brother, My Brother and Me: Podcast Review

The My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast from the Maximum Fun network is a comedic “advicecast for the modern era,” where three brothers answer any and all inquiries from listeners. They tackle the most random and off-the-wall topics that listeners submit, as well as finding fodder on the Yahoo! Answers forum boards. Topics include […]


Tights and Fights: Podcast Review

If pro-wrestling is your jam, then get ready for the hilarious and exciting Tights and Fights podcast. This pro-wrestling parody covers everything about WWE, “prestling,” and wrestling brain food. The topics are never-ending, and with over 200 episodes to choose from, you’ll probably have a tough time deciding between current wrestling news or the life of past champions. And […]


Story Break Podcast Review

Ever wondered what it was like in the writer’s room of your favorite TV show? Story Break lets you be that fly on that particular wall. It’s a simple concept that makes for brilliant content, creating one of the most entertaining podcasts on the internet. This is a perfect listen for chilling at home. The […]


Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Podcast Review

If you’re a fan of The X-Files and creepy podcasts that delve into the supernatural realm, then you’re going to love the darkness behind the Oh No, Ross and Carrie! podcast. It tackles everything from fringe science and psychic abilities to demons and spirituality. And don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds, because Ross and Carrie are charming, relatable, […]


Round Springfield: Podcast Review

Have you ever heard of this teeny-tiny show called The Simpsons? If so, then you’re going to love this Simpsons-adjacent podcast known as Round Springfield. Join Allie and Julia as they sit down with some of the cast and crew members behind this beloved show (and yes, that includes the voice of Lisa Simpson, staff writers, and directors)! They […]


The Podcast Accelerator Podcast Review

Sometimes short episodes released several times a week can work better than one hour-long episode released weekly. The Podcast Accelerator uses this format admirably, perhaps even surprisingly well! Presented by entrepreneur Mark Asquith, this podcast offers insights and honest reactions to podcasting news. The Hosts: Mark Asquith is the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media, […]


What’s The Frequency: Podcast Review

What’s The Frequency is a psychedelic noir audio drama podcast. Is that enticing? It should be. This podcast harkens back to the radio dramas of the mid-1900s, even setting itself around that time. Its great production and fascinating writing produces great stories at every turn. The Hosts: While there are no hosts in a radio […]


The Flop House: Podcast Review

The Flop House is a funny podcast about bad movies. Each episode focuses on a movie that flopped, either commercially (poor sales) or critically (poor reviews). With three award-winning comedians at the helm, no movie or actor is off-limits as the trash-talking and hilarity ensues. The show’s hosts don’t always agree as they riotously dissect […]


Rose Buddies Podcast Review

Are you on a Bachelor or Bachelorette binge? So are Griffin and Rachel McElroy, your new favorite Rose Buddies. The two pair up for an in-depth discussion of Bachelor and Bachelorette episodes, often to an impressive degree. This podcast is a series of 2 hour-long discussions of a much shorter show. The Hosts: Griffin and […]


Podnews: Podcast Review

Podnews may be just what you need to stay on top of the ever-changing world of podcasting. Something happens every day, and here’s Podnews to shed a light on such events. Still, you may be wondering: is it a worthwhile source of news? Should you spend your valuable time listening to this podcast? Let’s find […]