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Listen to the 10 Most Astonishing Kanye West Quotes

The controversial yet talented artist and musician, Kanye West, has cemented his place in popular culture alongside Andy Warhol, Steve Jobs, and even God, Himself, as illustrated by his chaotic live stage presences and interviews with fellow celebrity hosts, Jimmy Kimmel and Charlamagne. Though often regarded as a polarizing figure, West has still managed to […]

Listen to the Best Cartoon Catchphrases from the 90s!

Flashback to the time of Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis, chain wallets, and Saturday morning cartoon sessions. If you were a 90s kid or are simply a cartoon enthusiast, chances are you’ve got some signature catchphrases from iconic 90s characters lodged in your brain. Listen to this compilation of easily recognizable phrases like “D’oh!”, “You Idiot!”, and […]

Listen to 15 Podcasts to Help You Get Through a Quarantine

With everything going on in the world, many are opting to stay home and stay safe. For everyone staying home and staying healthy, we put together a playlist of 15 podcast episodes and highlights to help you ride out quarantine. You can listen to these podcasts while working from home, cleaning, doing homework, exercising, or […]


8 Best Podcasts for Kids

Silence isn’t all that’s golden. These podcasts will bring music, imagination, news, and so much more one episode at a time. Podcasts geared towards children don’t all have to have stories about Humpty Dumpty or teach your kids how to make a drum set out of pots and pans, but they DO have to keep their audience entertained and engaged. It’s about time kids can tune in to something other than a TV screen and experience the golden value of podcasts.


Try Out These 10 Podcasts About Cults (but don’t drink any kooolaid)

Listen to these podcasts about cults that will leave you captivated(and a little terrified). From cyanide-laced Kool-Aid to business minded death cults, this playlist covers everything you’ve ever wanted to hear about cults. We at Vurbl curated a playlist of podcast episodes featuring cults like NXIVM and The People’s Temple. Listen closely, but remember…don’t drink […]


Hear Everything You Didn’t Know About the Filibuster

One of the most famous loopholes in the congressional rule book, the filibuster is something that goes back hundreds of years in the halls of congress. While famous from both the history books and filmed portrayals, the filibuster is complicated. Listen to this curated audio guide of both interviews and news clips that will show […]


Listen to The Best Simpsons Quotes of All Time

As the longest running American sitcom ever, The Simpsons have maintained a degree of cultural relevance that few shows ever have. With an iconic cast of colorful characters across over 30 seasons, the show features an incredible amount of memorable quotes. Join Vurbl as we take you through the best sayings from Homer, Bart, and […]


8 Podcasts That Will Make You A Better Cat Owner

Cat lovers may rejoice as never before have there been so many cat-focused podcasts available for your listening pleasure. Forget about laboriously wading through heaps of articles as you search for the best information about raising your cat. Whether you’re looking for training and healthcare tips, curious about feline behavior, or seek advice from fellow […]


Essential Listening: BLM Audio Every Citizen Should Hear

Black Lives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. The movement has risen to substantial prominence in recent years as it’s been met with a surge of support across all racial and ethnic groups. […]