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Victory Today Victory Today For over 45 years Dr. Fletcher Brothers has Pastored and hosted the Victory Today TV and Radio show. The driving forces behind his ministry is: God, Country and Children. Known as the "Tell it like it is" preacher he also founded and directed the Premier Home for at risk children for 40 years. This podcast is a challenging source of daily encouragement!
Modern Wisdom Life lessons from the smartest people on the planet.

Including guests like Dr Jordan Peterson, Ryan Holiday, James Clear, Robert Greene, Aubrey Marcus, Seth Godin, Douglas Murray, Michael Malice, James Smith, Dr David Sinclair, Mark Manson and more.
Food, Sex & Money We’re here to talk about the good things in life. You know, the things that affect every aspect of our existence and ultimately make up who we are. Who are you without food, sex, or money? And no, I’m not talking about food, sex, or money in the ways you’re potentially thinking I am. Instead, I’m talking about the things that fuel our bodies, the abundance that our lives can have and the ways in which love, lust, and desire can fuel our inner worlds beyond what we can see. This podcast will cover everything from how we're treating ourselves and our bodies, to finding our own life's purpose, to even seeking out the love that we each have the capacity to find. Food, Sex & Money is a sharing of my personal journey along this winding path we call life. Who knows where it will take us!
No Cap With NightGod Youtuber with 120,000 subs! Tune in @nightgod333 Things like the Sumerian Tablets, the true origins of the earth. The Annunaki and the alien factions involved in our planets existence. INNER EARTH!!! One of my favorites. Frequencies and 5th dimension consciousness. Stay up and stay woke! Check my Youtube @Nightgod333 and YT NightGod Support this podcast:
Two Peas In Yo Pod Your favourite mother, daughter duo! Every season, every week, we are giving you the hottest scoop on your favourite reality TV shows mixed with a real dose of reality. Where we discuss relevant real life topics giving our dynamic takes on each subject.
Can't Make This Up Can't Make This Up: A History Podcast features interviews with authors of unusual and unbelievable history ranging from academic historians to Pulitzer Prize winning journalists.
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