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Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening Explore new ideas, strategies, tips, and trick to take your agriculture interests to the next level. From livestock, harvesting, urban farming, and more, Vurbl From the Earth is the perfect place to fulfill all your farming audio needs.
Young Farmers Podcast The internet is flooded with food photos, recipes and diet advice, partisan news, and farmer-inspired fashion, but who is listening to the farmers themselves? Farmers grow your food and manage nearly half of all land on Earth. It's time to pay attention to the policies, programs, and events that are shaping the future of agriculture.

Our host, Lindsey Lusher Shute, co-founder of the National Young Farmers Coalition, provides a fresh, farmer-centric take on food and farm policy. We talk with policy makers, experts and advocates, and, of course, farmers, about the most critical issues facing farming in the U.S. and globally.

Edited by Hannah Beal and recorded at Radio Kingston.
Regenerative Agriculture Podcast This is a show for professional growers and agronomists who want to learn about the science and principles of regenerative agriculture systems to increase quality, yield, and profitability.
The Farming Podcast The Farming Podcast with Josiah Garber covers topics related to natural farming: gardening, permaculture, homesteading and more. This podcast is focused on natural farming methods.
Rock & Roll Farming Want to get to know the people who produce the food that you eat?
This is the place. Step this way, and welcome to Rock & Roll Farming..
Manitoba Farm Journal The latest agricultural news and interviews for Manitoba and Western Canada.
Farm To Table Talk Farm to Table means different things to different people but many would agree that restaurants and their chefs have led the way on our Farm to Table journey. Chefs might say that they have been led by their own customers who have shown a preference for food with a story all the way back to the farm: the farmer, unique varieties or breeds, production practices and overall sustainability. In this episode of Farm To Table Talk we are joined at the table by Greg Drescher, the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Industry Leadership with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to explore what Farm To Table means in the Culinary world and the trends that change menus.
The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson Welcome to The Urban Farm Podcast, your partner in the Grow Your Own Food revolution! This 3-day per week audio only podcast features special guests like Jason Mraz, Lisa Steele, and Kari Spencer as we discuss the art and value of growing food in urban areas. We'll explore topics such as urban beekeeping and chicken farming, permaculture, successful composting, monetizing your farm, and much more! Each episode will bring you tips and tricks on how to overcome common challenges, opportunities to learn from the experience of people just like you, and plenty of resources to ensure you're informed, equipped, and empowered to participate more mindfully in your local food system... and to have a great time doing it!
The Business of Agriculture Podcast Damian travels all over the globe talking to audi…

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Dirt Rich Dirt Rich brings you seasonal conversations on food and farming.

Created and produced by the Sustainable Farming Association.
Sustainable Farming Association Audio Station
Best Audio For Gardening & Growing Vegetables There has been a resurgence in vegetable gardening, particularly in survival gardening as people prepared for potential food shortages. More importantly, parents are getting their homebound kids involved in gardening, which becomes both an educational opportunity and a valuable life lesson! Listen to this audio roundup of the top podcasts for gardening and growing vegetables. Features Plant Talk Podcasts, The Joe Gardener Show, The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy and more. Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening
City Cultivation: The Audio Beginners Guide To Urban Farming Listen now to City Cultivation: The Audio Beginners Guide To Urban Farming for an introduction to how it works and essential information on successful gardening.
Farming is complicated even on the smallest of scales and a lot can go wrong before yielding a successful harvest. Here are useful, modern techniques for urban farmers and gardeners who are ready to grow in their backyards, on their roofs, vertically on their walls, and wherever else they can manage. Learn about seasonal harvests, healthy soil, and planting methods for city farms.
Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening

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8-8 Idaho Farmer, Bob in Germany, Alfalfa update, Farm news & Matrkets See for privacy information.
AgNet News Hour, Monday, 08-08-22 Get the latest agriculture news in today’s AgNet News Hour, hosted by Danielle Leal. Today's show covers advocating for agriculture during this congressional recess, the impacts of rainy weather on vineyards and the new fungicide option that's available to vegetable growers. Tune in to the show for these news stories, interviews, features and more.
IFRS “Farmers Market Week” 8.6.2022 This week on the IFRS, of course we’ll have an update on the moisture and topsoil conditions. We also will hear from an Idaho Farmer about using regenerative ag practices. It’s also Farmers Market Week coming up, and we have an interesting story on rugged virtual fences that you’ll want to hear. Of course, we’ll hear from Paul Marchant with a new installment of Irons in the Fire as well.
Vocal Locals helping to break new ground with Tim Paschke SA northern Mallee farmer based at Lowbank Tim Paschke farms in one of the most marginal rainfall zones for cropping in Australia, and for the matter the World. Tim is currently an ambassador and advocate for the Vocal Local project, an initiative of the ifarmwell program.
Tim shares his experiences in this project and farming on the edge.The Vocal Locals project is led by the University of South Australia, promoting the ifarmwell program with funding from the FRRR Future Drought Fund. 
This podcast has been made possible by SPAA with funding from the FRRR Future Drought Fund.
“SPAA is Australasia’s leading independent advocate and facilitator for increased research, extension and adoption of precision agriculture, delivering industry wide value across different sectors.”
 SPAA would also like to acknowledge their principal sponsors: John Deere, CNHi, Manutec, and Elders.Support the show: for privacy information.
Congress Examines USDA Hemp Program Last week, the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research held a hearing to examine the USDA Hemp Production Program. The subcommittee heard from a panel of producers, researchers, tribal members, and state ag commissioners that gave an overview of the hemp industry and offered insight toward the 2023 Farm Bill. Noting the absence of representatives from USDA and FDA, ranking member Jim Baird from Indiana said, “I do believe it is a missed opportunity that we don’t hear from the federal agencies tasked with implementing provisions on hemp today.” On this week’s podcast, we will listen to highlights from the hearing, including testimony from Colorado Ag Commissioner Kate Greenberg, who offers five recommendations for how Congress can provide support to federal agencies to allow for greater flexibility and improve state-run hemp programs. First on her list is removal of DEA requirements for testing labs. “Our state-of-the-art laboratory began the process of obtaining DEA certification in 2019. However, as of this hearing we still await their approval,” Greenberg said. All panel experts expressed the need for clarification from the FDA concerning the regulation and use of CBD. Also on this week’s show, we check in with Lancaster County hemp farmer and cover crop coach Steve Groff, who this week used a sickle bar mower to cut 5 acres of hemp on his farm in Holtwood, Pennsylvania. Groff’s hemp was direct-seeded in 15-inch rows, roughly 50 pounds per acre, into a cover crop of black oats and hairy vetch on May 18. The crop reached a height of 12 feet in 75 days and had not started to flower before being cut. He will rake the cut hemp into narrow swaths and turn it a few times, allowing the stalks to ret before baling with a New Holland wet baler. Lancaster Farming also talks to Morris Beegle, organizer of the fourth annual Southern Hemp Expo, taking place in Nashville Aug. 18-20. Learn More: Watch the Congressional Hearing Watch Steve Groff Cutting Fiber at Cedar Meadow Farm Southern Hemp Expo, Nashville, Tennessee, August 18-20, 2022 Kings Agriseed’s Field Day, August 16-17, 2022 Penn State’s Twilight Hemp Walk August 16, 2022 Thanks to our Sponsors All Walks Hemp Bedding IND HEMP
AOA August 5, 2022 Thursday's AOA began with a discussion about the current status of AB5, the California law eliminating independent owner operators in that state with Colin Campbell, reporter for Supply Chain Dive and Transport Dive. Then Meagan Kaiser, Vice Chair of the United Soybean Board, provided an update on the investments USB will be making in 2023 to drive bean usage. Arlan Suderman joined the show in segment three to discuss recession risk, weather outlook, and what's ahead for the grain markets. The show ended with Mike Steenhoek, Executive Director of the Soy Transportation Coalition addressed the potential reauthorization of the Surface Transportation Board
Ep. 157 - Gabe Brown Interview, Pt. 1 With so many of my clients into regenerative ag, I thought it would be a great idea to have Gabe Brown on the show. He gave me as much time as I liked, and I took it. So we have 3 sessions with Gabe! Buckle up; we get into meat and potatoes! There is no fluff about him here! You can hear that in other places!
AOA August 5, 2022 Thursday's AOA began with a discussion about the current status of AB5, the California law eliminating independent owner operators in that state with Colin Campbell, reporter for Supply Chain Dive and Transport Dive. Then Meagan Kaiser, Vice Chair of the United Soybean Board, provided an update on the investments USB will be making in 2023 to drive bean usage. Arlan Suderman joined the show in segment three to discuss recession risk, weather outlook, and what's ahead for the grain markets. The show ended with Mike Steenhoek, Executive Director of the Soy Transportation Coalition addressed the potential reauthorization of the Surface Transportation Board
Farming in a Skyscraper Ag entrepreneur Dan Houston sees opportunity in setting up vertical farms in vacant downtown commercial real estate.
Bet The Farm - We're Back Baby The Farmer, Pig, and BernDawg discuss the current betting landscape, give out their Red Cards Of The Week, provide their Cash Crops for this week and give the BTF Pick of The Week!PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW!00:00 - 5:30 | Intro & Recap5:30- 9:45| Red Card Of The Week9:45 - 50:25 | Cash Crops  (NASCAR, EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, UFC Fight Night)50:25 - 1:02:57 | Stump The Sheep + BTF Of The WeekPLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW!
Brooke’s Mom May Have A Goldmine & Didn’t Know It Ep. 188 Brooke's Mom May Have A Goldmine & Didn't Know It Ep. 188
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Scaling regenerative dairy This is the first in a series in which we talk to regenerative dairy producers from around the world - as part of the Regen Dairy project, set up by FAI Farms and Farmwel, in collaboration with Unilever, Barry Callebaut, Arla Foods, Woolworth South Africa and Ben & Jerry’s.
In this programme, ffinlo Costain talks to Blake Alexandre, from Alexandre Family Farm, California, USA, and Bryce Cunningham, from Mossgiel Farm in Scotland, about the challenges of scaling regenerative dairy.


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Farming Eternal ep125: Draft Open Champion JaNo Welcome to Ep. 125: This week we have JaNo on the podcast. Who's JaNo? The draft open champion, who managed to win the open playing on an ipad at work on a whim. Enjoy.

Here is the 7-win spreadsheet:

Finally, some plugs.

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Thanks again for listening and remember to keep on farming.
3 Big Things Today, August 4, 2022 1. Soybeans, Corn Modestly Lower Overnight; 2. Ethanol Production Surges to Highest in Four Weeks; 3. Heat Warnings Issued For Parts of South Dakota, Nebraska
3 Big Things Today, August 5, 2022 1. Soybeans, Grains Lower in Overnight Trading; 2. Agricultural Shipments in First Half of 2022 to China Rise 15%; 3. Extreme Heat Expected From North Dakota to Texas
3 Big Things Today, August 1, 2022 1. Grain, Soybean Futures Drop in Overnight Trading; 2. Speculative Investors Raise Net-Longs in Corn, Beans; 3. Hot Weather Moves Into Central Corn Belt
3 Big Things Today, August 2, 2022 1. Soybean, Grain Futures Lower in Overnight Trading; 2. Inspections of Corn, Beans For Export Rise Week-to-Week; 3. Heat Wave Remains Over Central Midwest
3 Big Things Today, August 3, 2022 1. Wheat Rises on Slow Pace of Ukraine Exports; 2. Tensions With China Stable After Pelosi Visits Taiwan; 3. Hot Weather Again Expected in Much of Central, Eastern Midwest
8-4-22 Thom Peterson MN Ag Commissioner @ Farmfest Farm Talk Segment 4 - Erick talks with Thom Peterson MN Ag Commissioner @ Farmfest.
8-4-22 Mark Schultz with Northstar Commodities Farm Talk Segment 5 - Mark Schultz with Northstar Commodities at Farmfest.
8-4-22 Tim Hammerich with Field Check Farm Talk Segment 6 - Tim Hammerich with Field Check
8-4-22 Scott Vanderwal, Rob Larew, Tom Haag Talk Farm Bill farm Talk Segment 7 - Scott Vanderwal, Rob Larew, Tom Haag Talk Farm Bill @ Farmfest.
8-5-22 Ray Kvalvog Pennington Co. Farmer Farm Talk Segment 1 - Erick talks with Ray Kvalvog Pennington Co. Farmer.
8-5-22 Russell Derickson MN Department of Ag Farm Talk Segment 3 - Erick talks with Russell Derickson MN Department of Ag.
8-5-22 Shannon Schlecht Executive Director of AURI Farm Talk Segment 4 - Erick talks with Shannon Schlecht Executive Director of AURI at MN Farmfest.
8-5-22 Jared Luhman Sustainable Farming Association Farm Talk Segment 5 - Jared Luhman Sustainable Farming Association at Farmfest.
8-5-22 Doug Leier NDGF Outreach Biologist part 1 Farm Talk Segment 6 - Mick visits with Doug Leier NDGF Outreach Biologist part 1.
8-5-22 Doug Leier NDGF Outreach Biologist part 2 Farm Talk Segment 7 - Mick talks with Doug Leier NDGF Outreach Biologist part 2.
08-02-22 - The Tuesday markets with Bill Moore of Price Futures Group. Farm Talk Segment 5 - Bill Moore - Price Futures Group
08-03-22 - Erick visits with Justin Prokosch of Latham Seeds at Farmfest. Farm Talk Segment 3 - Justin Prokosch - Latham Seeds
08-02-22 - Technology Tuesday with Tyler Westlake of High Plains Apache. Farm Talk Segment 6 - Tyler Westlake - High Plains Apache
08-02-22 - A visit with Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer at Farmfest. Farm Talk Segment 7 - Rep. Tom Emmer - (R) Minnesota 6th District
08-03-22 - Catching up with Ben Sander of Vaderstad at Farmfest. Farm Talk Segment 1 - Ben Sander - Vaderstad
U.S. Farm Report 08/06/22 See for privacy information.
Farm Food Focused System – Corwin Heatwole More than just good yields, successful farming increasingly needs to function in a system that connects the farm with customers looking for food that meets their desires, beyond just taste and price. Corwin Heatwole, the founder and CEO of Farmer Focus has created a system for chicken farmers that is an alternative too being large “integrator” dependent or too small to be financially viable. Farmer Focus is the #1 exclusively organic chicken company in the US, partnering with over 70 independent farmers who continue to improve the standards on raising chickens organically and humanely.
Why Skagit is Banning ‘Greenwashed’ Farmland Grab Protecting farming and some of the best farmland in the world is important to Skagitonians, as well as working to restore struggling salmon runs. Will Honea, Skagit County Senior Deputy Prosecutor, joins Dillon to explain how Seattle City Light wants to buy up Skagit delta farmland to use instead for salmon habitat projects to mitigate for its lack of fish passage on its Skagit River dams. He says it amounts to 'greenwashing' that will ultimately harm farming and fish.
Why farmers are encouraged by Supreme Court ruling on EPA emissions regulations Farmers are applauding a recent Supreme Court decision limiting EPA's ability to make regulations above and beyond the authority Congress has given it. Dan Wood, Washington State Dairy Federation Executive Director, talks with Dillon about how that could impact not only the future of EPA's efforts to restrict farming, but also the work of various other arms of the executive branch of government making onerous rules beyond their purview.
Whatcom cities agree with farmers: WA Ecology needs to support water collaboration In a recent letter to Laura Watson, Washington Department of Ecology's director, the mayors of Sumas, Nooksack, Everson, Lynden and Blaine say they're concerned Ecology's misinformation about a water rights lawsuit in the Nooksack River Basin may be leading key parties to resist collaboration toward the larger solutions for the basin's water management crisis. Everson Mayor John Perry joins Dillon to talk about the letter, and underscore the need for cooperative efforts to accomplish bigger solutions than a state water rights adjudication lawsuit can produce.
Sustainable Fertilizer Use in Agriculture – the 4 Rs – What is it? - Encore Fertilizer is fundamental to agriculture and key to feeding the world population. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are often the focus—what agronomists call crop nutrients. Yet fertilizer use can have unintended effects on soil ecosystems, water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. So, sustainable use of fertilizer is a key issue in farm sustainability. The 4R Nutrient Stewardship program brings together agronomy, environmental science, crop planning and education to help farmers plan fertilizer use to grow their crops, save money and conserve the environment. The 4Rs stand for the Right Source @ Right Rate, Right Time, and Right Place for fertilizer application. McKenzie Smith, Director, Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs at Fertilizer Canada in Ottawa and Nicole Penney of FS PARTNERS out of Guelph help us explore this topic. The first of this two part exploration of the 4Rs delves into the science, training and practices within the 4Rs planning system. The next episode explores the environmental aspects and related research on the 4Rs system. (First aired in 2020).
More information:
Farming Group Voices Frustration With WA Ecology's Whatcom Water Stance Even as the farming community and others in the Nooksack River Basin continue to point out the troubling problems with their plan, the Washington State Department of Ecology continues to focus on litigation rather than collaboration to solve the local water crisis. Ag Water Board of Whatcom County administrator Henry Bierlink tells Dillon he's frustrated that Ecology isn't really hearing what the farming community is saying.
How WA Raspberry Farmers Are Promoting Their Fruit The recent Northwest Raspberry Festival took over downtown Lynden with delicious treats, vendors, entertainment and basketball games. Dillon talked to Megan Lacy with Washington Red Raspberries to not only get details on the event, but also hear what local raspberry farmers are doing to promote their tasty, nutritious fruit.
What farmers are doing to protect workers in the heat With a heat wave pushing temperatures into the triple digits in many parts of Washington, farmers and workers bringing in the harvest need to use caution to avoid heat-related illness. Pam Lewison, director of the Washington Policy Center's Initiative on Agriculture, joins Dillon to break down what farmers across the state are doing and what state law mandates to protect workers.
Joyce Family - Marquette County - 100 Years One family farm being recognized as a Century Farm at the State Fair in August belongs to Jim and Ginny Joyce. Their Marquette County farm started off as a dairy farm when it was first acquired and stayed that way for quite some time, but Jim has memories of raising and butchering chickens throughout his childhood with his 9 siblings. He explains that hard work was a core value for his family, and he shares how he once worked for an uncle all summer to earn $3 to spend at the county fair. It was hard for Jim's parents to move off the farm, but Jim and Ginny now care for the farm and hope to pass it on to their 4 daughters and 8 grandchildren someday. 
The picture that Jim and Ginny shared features Jim's grandparents, Leo and Ella Joyce, enjoying a Sunday dinner as a family.See for privacy information.
Cheese Prices Melt - But Why - Ryan Yonkman, EverAg Heat's building again this week and that's a problem for Wisconsin's dairy cows.  Stephanie Hoff visits with UW-Extension Animal Safety Specialist, Jennifer VanOss about what's at risk if farms don't address and protect against heat.
Ashley Schumacher from Alcivia Cooperative is Pam Jahnke's guest on the Alcivia Coop Talk show.  She focuses in on Alcivia's community support of county fair youth, local fire departments and other groups.
Ryan Yonkman with EverAg joins Pam Jahnke as a guest from Chicago.  Cheese prices have melted in recent days and Yonkman says it's all about keeping the U.S. competitive in the global space.See for privacy information.
WI Honey Queen, Apples And Auctions The Wisconsin Honey Queen is out and about educating consumers about the value of bees and what's at risk if habitat isn't maintained.  Jill Welke talks to WI Honey Queen Shannon Lamb.
Ashley Huhn with the Steffes Group joins Pam Jahnke to talk details about holding an auction.  Ashley says auctions are usually a once in a lifetime experience, so you need trusted professionals to help.  Sponsored by the Steffes Group.
Rami Aburomia from Atoms to Apples Orchard in Mount Horeb says the apple crop is sizing up nicely after a tough 2021 season.
With thunderstorms in the forecast, Pam Jahnke visits with UW Veterinarian, Dr. Marie Verbrugge, about why pets react the way they do to thunder, and what pet owners can do to try and calm them down.See for privacy information.
WI Ethanol, Latest Livestock Update And Buckin Bulls With fuel prices getting a lot of consumer attention, Pam Jahnke visits with Roland Koenig of Marquis Ethanol in Necedah about how that industry responded.  Koenig says that ethanol margins have been good, and they're contributing to bringing fuel prices down.Consumers may think that chicken is always a "deal" at the grocery store - but that may not be the case today.  Stephanie Hoff talks with DATCP livestock market specialist, Jeff Swenson, about how chicken competes with beef and pork price-wise.When you enjoy a rodeo, do you think of the animals as athletes?  You should!  Allison Lund gets a unique perspective on how rodeo managers find livestock talent and take care of it during performances on the rodeo circuit.  She talks to Cory Check, Owner of CC Bucking Bulls in Gays Mills. See for privacy information.
Cheesemakers On Board With Health & Safety Discussion The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) announced today it is launching a Health & Safety Group, designed to help WCMA members across the country protect their most valuable resource: their workforce. WCMA Senior Director of Programs & Policy Rebekah Sweeney, talks with Pam Jahnke about why cheesemakers across the state are excited to engage in this discussion.
The first meeting of WCMA’s Health & Safety Group, will focus on the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) recently announced Local Emphasis Program (LEP), focused on food manufacturers’ safety practices. LEP inspections and enforcement actions began in Wisconsin on July 19, but OSHA officials have noted their plan to expand its scope to Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio in October 2022.See for privacy information.
Wisconsin Celery - You Bet - Trembling Prairie Farm Wisconsin agriculture can always surprise you!  That might be the feeling you get when you hear the story of Trembling Prairie Farm in Markesan.
John Bobek, Farmer and Owner, Trembling Prairie Farms, is an Indiana native that farms the tricky soils of his Markesan farm.  It's rich in nutrients, but fickle when it comes to crops it favors.  So when the opportunity to grow celery in partnership with Alsum Farms and Produce, John felt his soils were up to the challenge.
It's one of several crops that Trembling Prairie produces that are featured in grocery stores all around the upper midwest.
Bobek talks with Pam Jahnke about the current growing season, customer preferences, and how partnerships in the industry are changing.See for privacy information.
Joe Kirschbaum - Grant County In every corner of Wisconsin, you can probably find a family farm with a legacy that goes back 100 or 150 years. We’re sharing the stories of those Century and Sesquicentennial Farms thanks to Compeer Financial. One of the 100-year-old farms being recognized this year belongs to Joe Kirschbaum of Bloomington in Grant County. That’s where his family milked cows until the late 80s and the 160-acre farm has since diversified to beef and hogs before Joe retired. He says it was a great place to grow up and live, and the land treated the family well over the years. 
 See for privacy information.
Lori Mesik Hamilton - Ashland County Lori Mesik Hamilton's great grandparents, immigrants of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, moved from Colorado to Ashland County after her great-grandmother was struck with tuberculosis. They thought the crisp air would do her good. Lori says crisp was an understatement -- when she was farming as a girl on the Century Farm, she remembers using a crowbar to pick the ice off the barn door to milk cows. This is just one memory she has of her family's farm in Moquah, a dairy farm until 1999. Today, her younger brother farms beef and crops on the 500 acres. This Century Farm story is brought to you by Compeer Financial.See for privacy information.
Finding Resources For Family With Disabilities - Sally Flaschberger Any family that includes a member that's got some health or mental disabilities faces challenges in finding services that can help them manage through "life".
Pam Jahnke visits with Sally Flaschberger, Project Manager-Living Well, Co-Leader Partners in Policymaking with the WI Board for People with Developmental Disabilities.  Wisconsin's BPDD has assembled a toolkit to try and help families uncover resources they may have overlooked.
Flaschberger says that families with disabled members, and those individuals trying to live on their own with disabilities face some real risks of abuse, neglect and isolation.
The toolkit is designed to provide people with disabilities easy access to resources and plain language guides on how they can stay healthy, safe, and socially connected in their lives.  This free, statewide resource is available online or printed versions can be requested.
The Healthy, Safe and Connected toolkit is appropriate for use by people with disabilities, with support from their families, service providers, schools, non-profits, and other groups that work with people with disabilities. It is free and available to download in PDF versions from the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities website.  Print versions of the toolkit are available to order at this link:  Wisconsin-BPDD Toolkits Order Form See for privacy information.
UW-Platteville Previews School Of Ag Enrollment Many colleges saw a lull in enrollment through the pandemic years, and the UW-Platteville School of Ag was no exception. However, the school is anticipating an increased number of incoming freshmen this fall. 
Charles Steiner is the Interim Dean of BILSA at UW-Platteville. He shares more about enrollment trends and highlights some popular program areas within the School of Ag. See for privacy information.
UWSP Values Hands-On Learning As colleges see the return of many programs and opportunities that disappeared during the pandemic, they are finding that the return of hands-on learning is popular with students. 
Brian Sloss is the Dean of the College of Natural Resources at UW-Stevens Point. He shares more about the hands-on experiences they have to offer students, but he starts by previewing enrollment for this fall. The latest word is that numbers should be on par with the 1,500 students enrolled last year. See for privacy information.
Rodeo Stock Require Extra Care Bucking bulls are hard-working athletes in the animal world, and with that comes some special attention and care. 
Cory Check is the owner and operator of CC Bucking Bulls out of Gays Mills. He shares more about how they care for the bulls, especially in the heart of their busy season during the summer months. He also explains what it looks like to select bulls that will move on to the rodeo circuit. See for privacy information.
Things To Know When Buying Recreational Land - Josh Brucket Wisconsin is the only state that has a Master Meat Crafter Training program.  Stephanie Hoff found an interesting story with one Master Meat Crafter at Jones Dairy in Jefferson.  Shaun Edwards never expected to be in the meat processing industry, but he uses his Master Meat Crafter Training every day.WI Senator Tammy Baldwin has introduced a bill that would require more oversight from USDA on land sales to foreign investors.  Baldwin says right now the number of acres owned by foreign investors is unknown.County fairs this year are noticing a sharp decline in the number of junior and senior high school students that are exhibiting.  Karen Phalin, volunteer at the Rock County Fair, says it's hard to compete against higher paying jobs and other distractions to keep that age group engaged in exhibiting at fairs.Buying recreational land is a dream many people have.  A spot for ATV/UTV/snowmobiling.  Someplace to hunt.  A quiet place to camp.  But banks don't always look favorably on buying that recreational land and may have a hard time evaluating its value.  Pam Jahnke talks to Josh Brucket from Compeer Financial in Prairie du Chien about why they specialize in those kinds of transactions, and what buyers should know before they start.  Paid for by Compeer Financial.See for privacy information.
Federal Milk Order Reform Gains Momentum Ben Styer of Menomonie is the past state FFA president who's also going to be the state's national officer candidate this fall.  Bob Bosold talks to him about a recent trip he made to Europe as a member of a dairy judging team that pushed pause during the pandemic.The Wisconsin Infant Study Cohort is investigating what health benefits kids might receive by playing on the farm.  Through soil microbes and interaction with animals, are farm kids exposed to influences that enhance their immunity and respiratory virus resistance?  Katherine Barnes, WISC Researcher, explains.Mike Davis, dairy farmer from MN and board of directors member of Edge Dairy Cooperative talks to Pam Jahnke about potential changes to the Federal Milk Marketing Order.  Davis stresses how important consensus is to getting the process started.See for privacy information.
Rat River Watershed Project Is Born With help from a grant, three farmers are working to improve the habitat in the Rat River Watershed. Winnebago County Land and Water Conservation Department in partnership with Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance earned a $200,000 grant from the Great Lakes Commission to reduce sediment and phosphorus pollution that enters the Winnebago System. County watershed coordinator and dairy kid Emily Dufeck shares the details of how the Rat River project got started, and how it plans to continue when the three-year timeline is finished.See for privacy information.
WI Soybean Marketing Board - John Gaska - 6-30-22 John Gaska, research support for Shawn Conley, discusses how spring planting went around Wisconsin and what to watch for in the fields related to white mold and soybean aphids. Paid for by the WI Soybean Marketing Board.See for privacy information.
Interest Rates Continue To Climb Wisconsin Bankers Association President and CEO Rose Oswald Poels joins Mid-West Farm Report for an update on today's interest rates and the appetite for agricultural loans. She says interest rates are projected to continue climbing for the sake of reducing inflation -- but notes it's anybody's guess if it's working. Home prices are still high, but the 5.25 percent interest rate for 30-year mortgages is still relatively low if you're looking to buy. In the ag community, she says farmers are focusing on operating lines of credit versus loans for land, buildings or new equipment. This is because of the uncertainty of 2023 and the high input costs in regard to fuel and fertilizer.See for privacy information.
UW Discovery Farms - Powered In Part By Dairy Farmers of WI Amber Radatz, Agricultural Water Quality Program Manager, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, can tell you how valuable partnering with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin has been to the Wisconsin Discovery Farms program.
Radatz tells Pam Jahnke about the colaboration between the two groups to find forward thinking dairy operators interested in bringing research projects to their farms.
This partnership has resulted into numerous, producer driven, watershed groups across the state including Peninsula Pride in northeast Wisconsin.See for privacy information.
Fiber & Grain Driving WI Hemp Today - Carl Duley In a fairly short period of time, Wisconsin's hemp industry has gone from feverish interest, to a more targeted approach at not only growing, but marketing the product.
Carl Duley, UW-Extension Agent in Buffalo County, was one of the first that jumped in on the hemp conversation in the state - prompted in part by progressive farmers in his area.
Today Duley says marketing of hemp has changed.  The focus on CBD oil is less, and the possibilities of the fiber and grain market are growing.
They've got 3 separate field days scheduled for August to help growers understand their options.See for privacy information.
WI Soybeans Making Progress And UW Agronomy Field Day Coming - Conley Despite a slow start to spring planting this year, Wisconsin's soybean crop seems to be making up for some lost time.
Dr. Shawn Conely, UW-Extension Soybean Specialist, talks with Pam Jahnke on this SoyPod Update, about crop progress and what he's watching closely.
Conley also updates growers on the 2022 UW Arlington Agronomy & Soils Field Day, Wed., August 31st.  This year presentations will be shortened to keep conversations moving throughout the event.
SoyPod Updates sponsored by the WI Soybean Marketing Board.See for privacy information.
Waterhemp In WI - No Easy Answers - Werle Now is the time when Wisconsin farmers are confronted with their mistakes.  Crooked rows in a field, fertilizer shortages in spots, overlaps on spraying.  Now they're seeing it all in the crops that have been established.
Now's when they're also seeing how well (or not) their herbicide regiment has done going up against waterhemp.  Dr. Rodrigo Werle, UW-Extension Weed Scientist, visits with Pam Jahnke about the field research he's been conducting to try and come up with answers for Wisconsin growers facing this tenacious weed that seems to keep spreading.
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Not Too Early To Think Yield Contest - Conley The phrase, 'you can't win if you don't enter' should be playing loudly in the minds of Wisconsin soybean growers today.
Dr. Shawn Conley, UW-Extension Soybean Specialist, visits with Pam Jahnke about the 2022 Wisconsin Soybean Yield Contest.  The contest allows soybean growers from across the state a chance at cash prizes and recognition.  Conley stresses that he's tried to create a contest that recognizes different growing regions in the state to keep it fair and equitable.
Conley also announces a new option for "first timers" that might intrigue some growers to get involved.
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George Tipler - Winnebago County George Tipler shares the story of his family’s land in Winnebago County. He's accepting the Sesquicentennial Farm and Home Award this year for his 21-acre parcel in the town of Clayton. He shares fond memories of farming with his father and grandfather and the stories of hauling cattle back when vehicles couldn't go more than 50 miles per hour. The Sesquicentennial program is in its 25th year. These stories are brought to you courtesy of Compeer Financial. Pictured is George as a baby on the tractor with his dad.See for privacy information.
Johnson Family - Marquette County One of this year's Centennial Farms belongs to EllaFaye Johnson of Marquette County. She tells Mid-West Farm Report that her late husband, Wayne, did not want to continue farming the way his dad did, and so they started Westfield Nursery & Florist in 1946 to serve the surrounding communities. Pictured from left to right: Sam, EllaFaye, Anna and Wayne Johnson in the greenhouse in 1947. Wayne's parents, Sam and Anna, frequently worked in the greenhouse and flower shop. The greenhouse provided spring bedding plants (geraniums, petunias, etc), vegetables & throughout the year chrysanthemums, carnations, poinsettias, Easter lilies, etc. They had plenty of plants and flowers to sell to local customers and to use for weddings, funerals and special occasions. EllaFaye's daughter, Barbara, helps share the history of the Centennial Farm.See for privacy information.
Sperle Farm - Nate Kirch - Dane County - 100 Years Nate Kirch details the history of his family's farm, Sperle Farm. This farm will be receiving the Century Farm recognition at the Wisconsin State Fair this year. The farm was established in 1883 when Hans Sperle, an ancestor from Norway on Nate's mother's side, purchased the property in the Town of Dunn.
The original house was built in 1847 and is believed to be one of the earliest houses in the Town of Dunn. Nate now lives there with his family. 
The attached photo is an aerial image of the property from the late 40s/ early 50s.See for privacy information.
Krescent Valley Dairy - Charlie Jones - Washington County - 150 Years Charlie Jones (Kramer) shares the story of his family’s Sesquicentennial farm in Washington County. Adam and Eva Kramer were the original settlers and are what the farm is now named after as Krescent Valley Dairy. They sold the farm to Henry Kramer who built the barn that is still used today. The farmstead was a dairy operation from 1967 -2001. In 2011, Charlie took over the farm and now milks 150 cows.See for privacy information.
Adopt A Cow - Powered By Dairy Farmers of WI - Doster Kids and animals.  Put the two together and there can be magic.
That's just the magic that's been created in classrooms across Wisconsin, and across the country, through the Adopt A Cow program.  Spearheaded in part by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, the campaign allows school aged kids to follow a baby dairy calf from essentially birth, through its first year of life on the farm.
Karen Doster with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin talks to Pam Jahnke about the amazing interest this program has generated from teachers, parents - and of course kids.  The dairy farmers that have participated are pretty excited about the exchange too!See for privacy information.
Charles Felch - Marinette County - 150 Years Charles Felch shares the history of his Sesquicentennial farm located in Marinette County. The farm was established by Charles' great grandfather, Christian Felsch (Felch), before any other settlements or roads had appeared in the area. Christian built a house on the property, but it burned down during the Peshtigo Fire, so he had to rebuild with his family.
Charles used to raise bison on the property, and his son now lives there with his family.
The attached photo is of Christian Felsch in his Civil War uniform. See for privacy information.
Triple D Dairy - Waupaca County - 150 Years - David Viergutz David Viergutz tells  the story of his family’s 94-acre Sesquicentennial farm in Waupaca County. The farm was acquired in 1872, with David’s great grandfather purchasing it in 1903. It was a dairy operation that has continued to stay in the family even today.  In 2000 there was a barn fire, however, David persevered and expanded the dairy to 300 cows. Today, Triple D Dairy has 500 cows and 1150 acres of cropland with hopes to pass it on to future generations.See for privacy information.
Full Speed Ahead - WI Sheep & Wool Festival - Bob Black Interest is already high for participation in the 2022 WI Sheep & Wool Festival, Sept. 9-11 at Jefferson County Fair Park in Jefferson.
Pam Jahnke visits with festival veteran, Bob Black of Columbus, about the shows humble beginnings, and how things like fiber art have transformed some of the show.  In 2022, Black says there's more than 50 pages of educational offerings for attendees to enjoy.
The WI Sheep & Wool Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.See for privacy information.
WI Ethanol Industry Responds To High Gas - Roland Koenig - Marquis Energy There's been a lot of attention to fluctuations at the pump for fuel prices, but much less attention focused on Wisconsin's ethanol industry and how it's working to try and flatten that volatility.
Roland Koenig is the Commodity Manager for Marquis Energy in Necedah.  He talks with Pam Jahnke about the multitude of byproducts produced in an ethanol plant and how it helps offset the wild fluctuations in fuel.  He also helps farmers that may want to work with ethanol plants, understand what they're looking for.See for privacy information.
Todd & Virginia Green - La Crosse County - 150 Years Virginia Green tells the story of her family's Sesquicentennial farm in La Crosse County. The farm was acquired in 1872 and over time reached 300 acres. The first Green generation grew everything from timber to wheat and had dairy cattle as well as operated a sawmill. The farm was sold to Virginia’s cousin and the land was rented out. In 2021, Virginia and her husband Todd purchased the farm and now raise Scottish Highlanders. See for privacy information.
Wedepohl Farm - Sheboygan County - 100 Years - Sandra Wedepohl Witte Sandra Wedepohl Witte tells the story of her family’s 180 acre Century farm in Sheboygan County. The farm was acquired when Harry and Lenora Habighorst sold their farm to their nephew Fred Wedepohl in 1912. The original farm was a dairy operation and also had a hatchery as a center part of the business. In the 1950s to 60s, the milking herd was expanded and the chicken coops were converted into hog bans. In 2000, the Wedepohls partnered with some neighboring farmers to build a milking operation called Highland Crossing. Of the original farm buildings, only the hatchery and granary buildings remain along with many memories.See for privacy information.
Wesley & Jill Milner - Rock County - 150 Years Wesley and Jill Milner share the microphone to tell the story of the family's Sesquicentennial farm in Rock County. The first Milner generation purchased 100 acres in 1866 and an additional 77 acres in 1868. The land was farmed with horses until Wesley’s dad decided to purchase a tractor. However, his grandpa still farmed half of the acreage with horses while his dad used the equipment. Now of the original 177 acres, 57 remain with some being rented out for cash cropping and Wesley and Jill are working on upkeep for the future with the rest.  See for privacy information.
Olson Family Farm - Door County - 150 Years - Richard Olson Richard Olson tells the story of his family's Sesquicentennial farm in Door County. The farm was acquired in 1872 when Richard’s great great grandfather, Matthias Olson, immigrated to Wisconsin from Norway. The farmstead was originally a cash crop operation but over time turned into a more dairy focused operation. Today, the property is home to a 60 cow herd and robotic milker. The Olson family has future generations coming up that are interested in taking over the farm and they are excited to be able to keep the land in the family for years to come.
 See for privacy information.
Carl VandenAvond - Brown County - 100 Years Carl VandenAvond tells the story of his family’s Sesquicentennial farm in Brown County. The first VandenAvond generation purchased the property in 1871 and were dairy farmers. In 1928 a new farmhouse was built and it is the one Carl lives in still today.  Today, the property is used for cash cropping and raising steers. The VandenAvond family hopes to continue passing the farm onto future generations in order to keep the land in the family for years to come.See for privacy information.
Bergles Farm - Racine County - 100 Years - Beverly Bergles Beverly Bergles tells the story of her family’s Century farm in Racine County. The farm was acquired in 1921 and was originally an 80 acre hobby farm. Bergles was married in 1955, and she and her husband built a new barn, milk house, machine shed, and grain bins. Today she rents her farm out to a crop farmer and she still lives on the farmstead tending her garden. See for privacy information.
Adam Kolb - Manitowoc County - 100 Years Adam Kolb shares the story of his family’s Century farm in Manitowoc County. The farm was purchased by the first Kolb generation in 1900. The land was used to raise feeder pigs and run a dairy operation until 1997. The Kolb family then focused solely on the dairy and expanded their herd. In 2010, Adam exited the dairy industry and since has transitioned the farm into a cash crop business. He also runs his own custom fieldwork business. See for privacy information.
Pfaff View Farm LLC - Virginia Green - La Crosse County - 150 Years Virginia Green tells the story of her family's Sesquicentennial farm in La Crosse County. The farm goes six generations back to when the first Pfaff generation married the daughter of those who originally owned the farm in 1871. Early on the farmstead was home to cash crops and a livestock operation. Once Virginia’s dad purchased the farm in 1971, it was a dairy, steer, pig, and crop operation. Today, the property is owned by Todd and Virginia, her brother, and her nephew as the Pfaff View Farm LLC where they rent out the cropland and raise steers.See for privacy information.
Lavender -- Coming To A Dish Near You Did you know lavender is a useful herb that can spruce up a wide variety of dishes? Aside from its calming benefits as an essential oil, it can also give a unique flavor to your food. 
Aron McReynolds is the owner of New Life Lavender & Cherry Farm in Baraboo with his wife, Laura. He shares more about the culinary uses of lavender, but first outlines the work that goes into growing it and the challenges they face with the plant in Wisconsin. See for privacy information.
Auction Block Features Best Of Dairy The Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Promotion Board plans to sell all first place entries from the Dairy Products Contest at the Blue Ribbon Dairy Products Auction on Aug. 11. The proceeds from the auction are used to help fund scholarships for students pursuing careers in the dairy industry, dairy education at the State Fair (Dairy Lane, daily milking demonstrations), and junior dairy exhibitor recognition, says coordinator Ann Schulz. Get involved by contacting See for privacy information.
Thunder And Dogs - Tough Mix - Dr. Maria Verbrugge Farmers and gardeners may look forward to summer storms for some valuable rainfall, but their pets may not be as enthusiastic.
Dr. Maria Verbrugge, clinical instructor of primary care at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, tries to help pet parents calm their partners during noisy summer weather events. 
Verbrugge talks with Pam Jahnke about steps that pet owners can take to try and defuse a weather event, and keep everyone in the house comfortable.See for privacy information.
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