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ASMR Cherry Crush *DISCLAIMER: My videos are NOT meant for fetish purposes or to sexualize ASMR.
These videos are intended for relaxation and to help you sleep.

My channel is dedicated to ASMR, Relaxation, Meditation, & Sleep.

I use many different triggers in my videos to stimulate asmr!
Naudia Reads Erotica Host Ms. Naudia entices you with her sexy voice, sharing sexual experiences (her own, as well as anonymous listeners). She also turns you on with sexy, pulse- racing excerpts of erotica from her favorite authors.

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Erotic Audio by Erotic audio stories for women and couples

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Sexy ASMR Audio to Turn You On Looking for ASMR that will do more than just relax your mind and body? How about stimulating it? Erotic ASMR is expanding the ASMR universe and people are fervidly embracing it. ASMRtists are carving out a space to create erotics orgasmic ASMR for you (and maybe a partner or two?) to enjoy. With male and female sex noises, whispered voices, or "things" that go bump in the night (or in public), no matter what kind of ASMR you find sexiest, it's here. For sexy sounds, steamy stories, and hot erotica, listen to this collection of the most erotic ASMR on the internet. If you haven't listened to sexy ASMR yet you may find your senses surprised. Sound is the second most impactful sense so the arousal of erotic ASMR is often surprising for listeners. Vurbl Best of Sex, Sexuality & Relationships

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Safewords for Erotic Hypnosis, BDSM, FLR, LDR, and Other Acronyms In this episode I do mention my Amazon Wishlist. It does include some, let’s call them “stretch goals”. But I’m always in need of pens, sticky-notes and candles that help with creativity and organization.


Welcome to Episode 12. We’re going to talk a bit about safewords. But before we dig into that, let me tell you about what to expect for Episode 13. Lucky number 13. To celebrate Monday being the first of the month, and a brand new calendar before you, we’re going to be dabbling in that making-and-remaking of you.

The Next Free Femdom Hypnosis Session

New for Season Four is a session dedicated to removing bad habits, triggers, and intrusive thoughts. Now, one version will be released free on the podcast, so be sure to take a listen.

Your task for today is to write that on a sticky note. And if you know me, you know I love a sticky note.

And your Permissive Circumstance is this… if you knew about my love of sticky notes, and you used my wishlist to buy some for me, you have my permission.

So, that session I just mentioned. In it, you’re going to have a bit of the schoolboy role. Now, we’re not playing with anything I don’t play with. My version of schoolboy is a submissive, adult guy who yknow, maybe he didn’t get enough guidance.

So I’m happy to take on the Governess, Teacher role in his life. And that’s exactly how we’re going to tackle those bad habits and intrusive thoughts and so on. It’ll be fun.

Safewords For Erotic Hypnosis

But let’s just say, you’re doing that session, and as I’m speaking to you about an intrusive thought, it gets to be way too much. That’s where your safeword comes in.

Now, if we were sat in my office and you’re across from me, chances are I’d work out that you were having an unhappy experience. But due to how this happens with our distance, I do have to rely on you to have done the homework, and listened to some of the safeword setting sessions enough times that they’re useful for you.

A safeword means you’re protected. And a safeword means I can push. I can explore, I can nudge you in some fun directions, knowing of course if it gets to be too much, you have an out.

Now for some, using the safeword feels a bit like failure. When that happens, make sure you ask yourself… did you really need to stop. If not, go again. If so, maybe it means you’re simply not ready for that session? Or that that particular session is just not for you.

There’s a lot of trust here. I trust that you are going to take care of yourself like you would take care of any of my prized possessions. That means being smart about playing together. If you haven’t listened to any of the safeword setting sessions, I want you to do so. I think it’s smart to have the Season Four one on board. Go through it a few times before doing more play with me. There’s also the Castle Keep session, as well as the Tunnel of Light one. But you can get away with just doing Season Four’s, as long as it resonates with you.

Okay, teaching moment over. I know you’re excited about Monday. I am too.
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You Didn’t Meet Expectations. What now? Auditory Punishment. In this session I mention the Naughty Bunny trigger. This is a trigger I love to drop into other sessions, and there’s two different versions of the trigger setting session to suit your predilections.

Since there are so many new listeners who haven’t heard either, they’re better than 20% off all through this coming weekend.

I also mention the Corner Time session. This is currently only available on Patreon, but is one I’m considering for review in the coming months.


Welcome to Episode 11, where we’re going to talk about what happens if you didn’t meet expectations, or if… I just need to give you a particular sensation. Auditory punishment. So… there are all kinds of punishments that can exist in an FLR. Even an FLR-LDR. Uhh… spanking, wooden spoons, denial. Writing something a hundred times. Financial punishment. Humiliation. Being forced to do good deeds, and so on.

Lots of options.

And punishments can be deserved, or… you know, maybe you’re just deep down and I need to punish you because, well, just because I need it. That Queen-like Femdom Hypnotist is the one out to play.

How I Punish You With Femdom Hypnosis

That’s when certain triggers get used. There are two, and because I don’t want to punish you now, I’ll leave them unsaid, and I’ll just stick them in the show notes. The one abbreviated “CT” is the one for, usually when you’ve really fucked up. And you know it. And you deserve it. And I’ve had more than a few tell me when they’ve deserved it. That’s what CT is for.

And the one abbreviated NB, well you can definitely earn that as well. But I just love that one for the mind fuck, so at different times it will pop out.

I am not always into humiliation and so on, but I just love watching a man blush.

Now, both of these do require that you do the due diligence or listening to those sessions often. Nestling that word rune in there, and allowing it to burn brightly, whenever you hear me say one of the trigger phrases. Now, I know this isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. It is why sessions have disclaimers, but I also know that some of you are craving more. And that’s coming, and some are out there. Those sessions that will be part of… a more adventurous streak, for this season.

But for now, just two triggers are enough to keep us going. I will be taking input on Patreon for what extreme punishment trigger you would be willing to endure. So be sure to check over there, to give your two cents.

And if you’re feeling very shy, go ahead and send it to me privately. I will likely expand on this trigger setting for those of you who need something… man, how to phrase this. Who just need something more extreme than CT, and NB, have to offer. The sky’s the limit, so let me know.

Why is Punishment Important in FLR and BDSM?

Now, if you’re brand new to Femdom, or Dominance-Submission, this power exchange… or maybe just the idea of anything but the most gentle of Gentle Femdom, you may be wondering why punishments are needed, anyway. I mean, after all you’re here and you’re pretty willing, right?

The punishments, the acts of them, they establish and enforce my authority over you. You’re mind, your body, and for those that need it, even more. Your daily actions, your life. During a discipline session, you know I’m in command, and you are my subordinate. But I know, it’s not all about physical pain. There are so many psychological factors that work their way into it. For example, if I have you bare-bottomed and over my knee, and it’s my hand smacking your ass, is it really the sting of my hand that’s getting to you? Or is it the… maybe the embarrassing position? Maybe it’s just feeling naughty and immature because you’re over my lap.

Maybe it’s me talking about the lovely shades your bottom is turning. Being treated in a way that you’re never been treated by someone you’re in a relationship with. I think that adds a little bit of an extra sting. But it’s also knowing what bothers you, and working that into the scene. That’s how I know how to effectively discipline you. To know what treatment you need, to be reminded of my power. So that’s where discipline comes in. And yeah, doing regular “Maintainence discipline.” the one you haven’t earned by anything other than being the submissive guy that you are? That also reminds you of my power.

So you task for today is to send me a message saying what your fantasy punishment is. And then tell me, why, that particular punishment would work on you.

And you Permissive Circumstance for today… if you have ever whacked that ass of yours with a hairbrush, you have my Permission. Enjoy yourself.
Feminization and My Sissy Maid Trio As well as spending an entire podcast episode talking about Feminization and Sissy Maids, I’m also releasing a new session for Prissy, my blushing Sissy Maid.

Mirror Training is an explicit session for oral and anal training with large, cock-shaped toys. Though you can choose to listen to it as pure entertainment, or a visualisation.

To celebrate this release, you can pick up the Prissy Trigger Setting for free with any other purchase. Just enter the coupon code PRISSY at checkout. Take a look at some of my favourite Sissy Maid sessions.


Welcome to Episode 9. I’m going to chat a bit about feminization, and then go into talking about the Book of Expectations, and how it relates to the three maids. For describing the three maids, I’ll put some space between Prissy and Pixie, by describing Margaret in the middle. Well, not actually in the middle. You’re not getting a tawdry threesome story told to you. Though I do love a tawdry threesome. Let’s get back to the point… but first, we’re going to start in with feminization.

Why Femdom Mistresses Love Feminization

I’m sure you’ve noticed that while FLR is definitely my focus, my fetishes are here and there and everywhere. And I definitely go through stints of really craving and loving a certain thing, while something else goes on the backburner. I would say that feminization, like really focussed feminization is one of those things. Now, if it’s someone who kind of handles all their own stuff, you know… just shows up that way or adds it in… or naturally just has lingerie underneath, and I get to admire it… that’s fine. It takes no emotional, mental, whatever energy from me to appreciate that.

Now if it’s something that takes a bit more on my part, like Prissy… who we’ll get to later, who is reluctant. But it is that emotional, and physical as well, energy poured into it. Now, many a time I will pour away, because it’s fun and it’s exploring and doing. But I couldn’t do that every single day.

Just being honest with you… but there’s very little that I could do every single day. Even in regards to the FLR, there are times it just needs to run. It needs to be this naturally submissive partner, and not someone that I don’t know… needs broken. In. Every day.

Other than drinking coffee and getting dressed I don’t think there’s anything I’m willing to do every day. And if I’m on holiday I don’t even do both of those.

Okay, so for feminization, I gotta admit, I do like all the different parts. You can give me the Prissy type who’s, you know, embarrassed and forced and whatever. You can give me the Pixie type, who loves it. Loves it, you know? The more… petticoats I slip on them, the happier they are. I have a thing for bells. Ages ago it feels like now, I saw this man. Still identified as a dude, dressed up in the most wonderful sissy maid outfit ever. And part of what got it for me were these panties. They were satiny and they were gathered in the back, so they nicely outline both sides of his nice round bottom, and they tied on the side with very huge, overdone bows. And you could see them because while wearing a skirt there are enough layers that you could definitely see these panties. And then it had bells, each side had these little jingly brass coloured bells. Something about that just sells it for me, constantly. If you ever want to, if you ever want to seduce me or someone like me, just show up in a pair of those panties. Nothing else, just those. That way you can see and hear the bells.

Okay, so I like that side. I like the all-in guy. I like the “Oh no, don’t force me!” guy, I’ll play with that. But there is another bit that I’ve totally fallen for, and it’s a bit more difficult to describe. And I think it’s because you don’t often run across this particular flavour. It’s the guy that he naturally believes that women are superior. Period. And when he has an item of the clothing on, let’s say something as simple as a linen robe, wrapped up in it, tied in a bow because who doesn’t love a bow, right? So for this man, wearing this bit of, even if not overly feminine, but definitely belongs to a woman clothing… he doesn’t feel disgraced. Not a bit. He knows he’s being honored, right?

But, here’s the fun little headfuck for him. He knows he’s not worthy, because he’s a guy. So, a bit of imposter syndrome I guess, going on there. But I like that. I have, across my play, run across a few gentlemen like this, and… oh, it’s just alluring, but it’s alluring in a way tha
Using the Free Femdom Audio MCF Player You can hear the entire MCF session after today’s podcast episode, or listen to the Playlist here.

There are more than 40 Mind Control Fragments dotted around my website. Patrons get easy access to all of them in one place.

Right click or long press a fragment in the Player above to download it. Mix and Match your own playlists. Enjoy listening in any order that suits you.

New Mind Control Fragments will appear throughout Season Four. If you have an idea for a fragment you’d love to hear, tell me about it.


Welcome to Episode 10. Today I want to make sure that you’re familiar with the Mind Control Fragments, and the free Femdom Hypnosis Mind Control Fragment player, we’re just going to call it “The Player”, that exists over on the website.

The Mind Control Fragments are meant to be things that you can mix and match and swirl in there. The original concept came from a dear follower asking for something short to listen to while on his knees. I’m pretty sure it was on his knees while gardening.

In any case, that’s where this idea came from. Now, throughout last season I did release different Mind Control Fragments. They’re usually like five minutes or so, and you can mix them in. Starting of course with an induction, and making sure you end with an Awakener.

Now for today there is an MCF that’s put together for you. It has all the pieces in there, but I want to encourage you, after you listen to today’s MCF, to go on over to the website, go to the free player, and mess around with it a bit, see what you think.

And then throughout this Season Four, you’re going to find that there will be more pieces added in there, and playing with the “This is An Auditory Experience” theme, you’re going to find more pieces that are encouragement, affirmations, swirling confusion music, and so on. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

So enjoy today’s MCF that’s on the podcast, and then head on over and mess around with the Player.
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Rewarding Yourself with Femdom Hypnosis As promised in the episode, you can download the POUR sound effects here:

Here’s the full POUR sound effect

Here’s the “phone chirp” version


Welcome to episode 8. So I’m curious about a certain word, said in my voice. Let’s try it out. What effect does the word POUR have on you? Is it a pleasant experience, or does POUR have no effect at all?Do you think, or know, that this would be different in trance? That it would be perhaps more effective, if I took you under?

And, if the answer to all of that is “no”, if P.O.U.R. doesn’t manifest the proper, positive and calming sensation whenever I speak it, why not? Have you not listened to the session yet? Have you not spent enough time with it? Too busy playing with the other sessions? Or hey, maybe the trigger simply not working for you, in the way I intended?I’m genuinely asking this question, and assigning you this as a task for the day. You know you love a good task. Tell me about POUR, and the effect it has. If you’ve been a good boy, and already shared your thoughts and experiences with that trigger setting, you can take the day off. Not from everything. Like don’t call your boss and be like “Hey…”

Everyday Hypnotic Triggers

Let’s see… have you heard Getting Longer? Do you remember that moment, stood outside the door, awaiting permission to knock? If so, did you catch the jingly little ringtone used in the session? It sounds like this…

P.O.U.R. is the first of a few triggers I plan to release with specific sounds that accompany them. Because this trigger is one that provides only positive sensations, I also feel comfortable using it any time, even if you might be making yourself busy, doing something important. So, I’m going to make the POUR sound effects available to you, and you can use them for… whatever you like!

Yes, this means you can remix the melody into a Balearic house anthem and take Ibiza by storm. Except I’ve heard it’s a little bit crap, so you might not actually want to go there.

Or you can just use one of the sounds as a phone notification or as an alarm clock. Those who have been with me for a while, we did this before, remember? We set it as a tone that would go off randomly. Now, this time around I’m not providing any tech support for getting it to work. I’ve decided that’s not one of my skills, and I trust you can all work it out.I want you to be able to do this because the trigger we’re talking about isn’t just about me being able to reward you whenever I please. It’s about creating a pleasant sensation that brings you around to happy thoughts, and especially thoughts of time you have spent with me. I want this trigger to be able to grab your attention any time, to brighten your day if it happens to occur when you’re feeling gloomy, or to set you on the right track when it wakes you up.

If you make use of it as a phone notification, you can also delight in the one-in-a-million chance that someone might recognize it. Perhaps you’ll make a very good friend, if that happens.

Today’s Permissive Circumstance is the type I really enjoy. Sometimes I’ll say that you can enjoy release after you’ve completed a task, or listened to a particular session, but this is more a restriction or specification.Today you have permission if you’re… wet. That means the shower, the tub, or perhaps coming in from a rain shower. If you find yourself in a thunderstorm, do not stand under a tree masturbating. Anything else is fair game. Enjoy yourself.
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Hypnoslave Applications Thank you for all the applications I received over the weekend. Those of you mentioned in the podcast episode will receive a code to download something they’ll enjoy from the shop.

This was really fun, and definitely encouraged some creativity. I’ll have to offer up another similar task, soon.


I’ve really enjoyed the slew of applications I received for the position of hypnoslave. You know, the one that I advertised last week. I won’t have any trouble filling the role, I’m sure.

In one application, a person wrote, “when it comes to orgasm control and I receive a suggestion that wont let me be allowed to cum, I’m still able to often times which I would like to change.”

I like that he’s forthright about his strengths *and* his weaknesses in his application. He also mentioned that he’s caught up on the podcast so far, despite only knowing about my website for a short time, which shows he’s willing to do his own research. Now, that’s really important when making these kinds of applications. Employers-slash-Dominant Women recognize form letters that have been spammed to hundreds of people, and are good at ignoring them.Now, another one starts his cover letter with some really nice, florid language… “Long have I yearned for an auditory experience that combines the bliss of trance with elements of interactive submission in the way your podcast does.” which is actually a fantastic description of the podcast in general. Maybe I should hire him as a copywriter? But I digress… He’s also conscientious as he later specifies some of his skills with bullet points. Including cartwheels.He also shared… he also shared a hilarious little picture of a stoat. Do you all know what a stoat is? It’s like a really cute ferret or weasel. Very, very cute, like cuter than your average ferret. So this little picture, it’s been very carefully altered to include a little tie and stuffed briefcase.

Let me see, oh… there’s also an application here from another which drew particular attention, who proudly declares that he has over 20 years of… ummm… industry experience, shall we call it? I’m almost sad that there’s not an actual resume attached to that one.I could go on forever, but those of you who know what’s going on in the world, it is hot. It’s really hot today. Today I’m recording this when London is one of the hottest places in the world, right now. So, let’s just say thank you for all the applications I received. I’m happy to say that not one of the messages I received in response to this little task were an example of that typical ham-fisted introduction I think has become a cliché way of thinking about submissive guys on the internet. I’m proud of all of you, but like I said, I think I’d be here all day if I wanted to pick out parts of every single one, and I would probably melt into a little puddle on this chair, or be one of the unfortunate statistics, and I don’t wanna be. I just don’t wanna be.

The regular podcast, it’ll be out tomorrow, but this little extra episode still comes with a Permissive Circumstance, because orgasms are more fun when you have permission, right?If you were one of those who submitted an application, you do have my permission today. If you knew about the assignment from last Thursday and decided to not complete the task… ruined orgasms for you. And yes, I know you know how to do it.
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Hypnoslave Recruitment Drive I know the podcast schedule is supposed to be Mon-Wed-Friday, but there’s sometimes there’s something I just have to tell you.
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Getting Longer – Release 1 Getting Longer: An Auditory Experience is now available.


Today is Episode 6. And you’ve likely noticed that it’s very, very short. That’s because your task for today is go over to the website and download episode one of Season Four Getting Longer.

Now, you will need a few trigger sessions for this. You absolutely need to have the Season Four Deepening Trigger. It’s also a good idea to have the Dear/Darling Trigger as well. Oh, and finally… don’t forget your safeword. Go through that session, too.

So that’s your task, and you Permissive Circumstance… you’re so clever, I know you’ve guessed it. After you’ve listened to Episode One of Getting Longer, you have my Permission.
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The Book of Expectations, Sabriel, and My Guy Mentioned in this episode, take a look at the Sabriel Trigger Setting, The Slap, or Slave Position Training.


Welcome to Episode 7. In today’s episode were going to talk about the Book of Expectations, Sabriel, and everyday life submissives in my life… but we’re going to refer to them as My Guy. You could be My Guy.

Hypnokink Wish Fulfilment

So let’s start in with Sabriel. First of all, it’s not a female name. He’s not sissified at all, unless it’s like… your typical, almost vanilla stuff to do to him, to see if he’ll blush.

I chose the name Sabriel as the trigger word, because it’s not up there on any baby-name or current-alive-name lists at all. So it’s very unlikely that I would ever run across someone with that name.

Also, I love that… that it’s an L-name, so it could mean “of God”, but we’re gonna go with “of Goddess”. And, when I was first digging around trying to choose something, I saw where Sab meant, like… Prince. So, for me, in maybe this flowery romantic moment, decided… okay, Prince of a Goddess. That works.

Now I like to think that in everyday life, this relationship would be a strong one. It would appear very vanilla, maybe traditional, to those in the outside world. That the man, is a manly man, you know? He can change the tires, he doesn’t need to look up how to ummm… how to do basic home repairs and you would never have to ask him twice to carry a heavy bag, right? Manly man.

We’ll say his could be Frank, or Tarek, or Manuel. Um, or hey… whatever yours is. The name Sabriel is the trigger. I could have used, fucktoy, boytoy, or… slave boy. But, I like having a name for this side of the personality. It’s own persona or Tulpa. Whatever word just seems to click with you for that.

Now, Sabriel… he doesn’t have a page in the Book of Expectations, because he’s not even aware that he’s under. So, you know… one might say Sabriel has no real expectations. It’s the trigger. It’s pure hypnokink. And it’s hypnokink wish fulfilment. It’s about being completely controlled through hypnotic suggestion for that period of time. That snippet of the relationship.

If Frank, Tarek, Manuel, whatever, were aware of this trigger, well goodness, they wouldn’t be able to trust their own thoughts, their own wants. Or desires. Perhaps they wouldn’t even be able to trust their own memories. I can imagine a world where Tarek thinks last night we just watched a movie, and cuddled. How sweet. Instead of the reality of Sabriel being bound and used with all kinds of toys. Perhaps Frank is feeling a bit extra sore, or tender in spots today. I feel marvelous, oh… a long massage will do that. Maybe even a new pedicure.

A Guide for Submissive Guys

So there’s no Book of Expectations for Sabriel. Let’s talk instead about someone who would know their expectations. And in everyday life, they can dig right through that book. Their Player’s Handbook, and see. It includes stuff like… How to Write a Polite Note to your Mistress, Goal Setting, Guides to Positions… eurgh, so many positions. Have you done your Position Training lately? Even How to Follow Tasks. And the Definition of Permissive Circumstances. The list goes on.

In the everyday lifestyle Mistress life, for a My Guy, some would be similar. Having a handy set of positions is, well… handy. You know, manners they always matter. Unless it’s a Sabriel “Slap” kind of situation. I’m sure you remember that session. That one where topping from the bottom, but not really, takes on a fun twist.

But back to the My Guy thing. It would have things like How to Properly Tidy Up Rope, Clean Toys, or Clothing. Oh, Etiquette For Public Discreet Play, because that’s fun at times. Certain phrases or gestures that go a long way. And maybe various other acts of service.

Now, I obviously don’t have a player’s guide to playing with Elswyth, for everyday life. But, I do know that at least one dedicated-to-serving-me My Guy has a, has a Bullet Journal devoted to it. The reality that it exists, it never fails to make me smile.

The same is true for those who keep track of their practice sessions. Of how often they follow through with a task, or earn a Permissive Circumstance. You know, that release for when you really need release. And since it’s probably been a while, how about I give you one now? Your task is either to create, or imagine, what your Book of Expectations for serving me would look like. And after you’ve done that, keep that in your head as you find release.

Sound good? If you want bon
The Femdom Hypnotist as the Dungeon Master Transcript

Welcome to Episode 5. In this episode I’m going to refer back to Episode 3. It wasn’t that long ago, so I’m sure you remember, as well as talk about the Book of Expectations, and the Headspace.

Now, in Episode 3, I did say, you know, playing with this fantasy, with Femdom Hypnosis, and using the Headspace was similar to a very popular game. Dungeons & Dragons, right? Well, there’s something called The Book of Expectations. It’s mentioned previously in sessions, it is a Headspace Construct, a place where one can imagine rules and instructions, written down. Laid out carefully so everyone’s on the same page.

The Book of Expectations, it’s like your player’s guide. Except in our game, you can’t just thumb through it whenever you please. Or, flip to pages not meant for you.

A few of those personas or triggers that have pages in the Book of Expectations… it includes, first of all, the Pocket Pet. Now, technically Pocket Pet doesn’t have a page in the Book of Expectations, because he’s little. He has… this teensy, tiny notepad that’s called the Book of Introspection. But it’s very similar.

The best example of how the Book of Expectations works is in my trio of maids. Margaret, Pixie and Prissy. These three personas, characters, they all have very different ways of responding to the same situations. And there are ideas and experiences I can imagine that would perfectly suit Pixie, that just wouldn’t be suitable for Margaret. She’s too proper.

But in the Book of Expectations, Margaret, Prissy and Pixie, they can all turn to their page and know exactly how they are to dress, and act. Handy, right? A player’s guide.

Now as this season progresses, you will find that more and more have a page in the Book of Expectations. And as I said, it is a Headspace Construct. Now if you’ve been with me, you know about the Headspace. You have one, I have one, and I share mine. Maybe they kind-of just merge in together. Now without me, what is yours like? Is it basically a shoebox? Where you’ve just tossed in all kinds of snippets and ideas? Maybe a few Post-it Notes around? Or is it lush and lavish and this entire world? Or maybe you’ve borrowed one from a favorite book or movie? Or heck, a D&D campaign, right? And what is mine like? Well… that… that’s a great question. I will say mine definitely has a focal point, and you’ve been there. You’ve been in quite a few of the rooms as well. Plus, you know… to keep things interesting, there’s more floating around here and there.

Is yours populated with personas, or Tulpas, which is a somewhat common term that’s been gaining traction lately? For some a Tulpa is almost, it’s almost like you’d describe a child’s imaginary friend. They have their own actions and thoughts and behaviours and so on. For a lot of other people their Tulpas just live in their head. If you’re writing a novel or short story, you might have quite a few up there as you’re writing down what they’re doing to create the story. Have you ever experienced that? Well I promise you in this world-building experience that I’ll never bore you with types of government, or currency. But I will take great liberties with reality, adn stretch you beyond what you thought would be your limits. We can do anything here in this auditory experience.

And speaking of… wow.. The Walking to Seduction, the plant shop session, ummm.. It’s free, it’s on the podcast or YouTube, whichever you’re using right now. Make sure you listen to it. I love the feedback. I especially love some of the very… how to phrase this… some of the very creative add-ons that people made to the different shops. And don’t think I missed the fact that quite a few lingered on that shoe shop, and really wanted to go in.

Okay, that is it for today. Be aware that a very special Getting Longer Season Four is starting soon. Very soon. And in an episode coming up, we’re going to cover the Book of Expectations in regard to Sabriel, as well as that everyday life submissive. See you then.
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On Your Knees - Erotic ASMR Story ✅ Anal Sex ✅ Audio Only Sex ✅ ASMR Moaning Listen to the full story:

In this erotic ASMR story, listen to anal sex with spatial 3D audio sound effects a couple tries a buttplug for the first time. If you like spatial audio porn and audio only porn, this story is for you. You’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now and, finally, on your day off, you pick up that anal toy you’ve been eying. You’ve got plenty of things to do today, but you can’t stop thinking about trying out your new toy when your boyfriend gets home…
Walking to Seduction with Femdom Hypnosis Today’s podcast episode is a full hypnotic session. Something to enjoy when you have privacy, somewhere comfortable.

This session is best suited for experienced fans. If you’re a beginner, give yourself more time to practice with other, longer, sessions. This twenty-ish minute session uses the S4 deepener trigger (available here). Following the theme of auditory experience, you’ll be immersed in a walk towards a familiar shop.

The session uses the Season Four Deepening Trigger and questions what it takes to seduce you. I know that you’ve been good and listened to it quite a few times, already. The session also uses music and sounds in a creative way. You must wear headphones for this auditory experience.


This is Walking to Seduction, Spoken by Elswyth. This isn’t the typical podcast episode. Instead, it will be a full-on hypnosis session. So make sure that you’re in an appropriate setting to do so.

The session today is one that’s better suited to experienced folks. You know, the ones who’ve been doing this hypnokink thing for a while. You may want to go back and practice the Season Four Trigger, if you find that doing this session doesn’t quite give you the results I hoped for.

The rest of the transcript isn’t here, I want you to follow along and listen.This isn’t reading practice.
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Erotic Hypnosis: The Big Secret Revealed There’s still time to play catch up. Go back to yesterday’s episode, follow the instructions and acquire the latest, essential trigger setting session.

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Welcome to Episode 2. Because I know that you’re an obedient one, I know you’ve spent some time with, at least, the new trigger setting session. You know the one, the one that takes you twice as deep. And maybe due to clarity, and perhaps lacking a little bit in creativity, we’re going to simply refer to it as the Season Four Deepening Trigger. Because, hey, that’s what it is.

On Friday, in episode three, I’ll be giving you another trigger setting session with a different, but very important and foundational purpose. That’s what we’re doing right now, laying foundations together, right?

Now, before I reveal the secret… you know, the big secret to how to be amazing with erotic hypnosis, let me tell you a story. I promise it’s not too long. It’s one of those non-fiction stories that sounds like fiction, but I find it fun to share. I used this one quite a bit, back when I would do hypnotherapy sessions, and… clients would come in and they would be like “can you make me give you, you know, my wallet… or the codes to my bank account”, or whatever else. You know, these big outlandish things. It was always that, it was always money related, no-one was ever like “What if you take advantage of me?”

Granted, I might hear that a bit more from you. But is it really taking advantage of you?

So, you know how there used to be, or maybe they’re still going on about, those TV programs where you have the stage hypnotist, or usually they’re billed as a magician, that will go out and hypnotize like, this crowd of people to do this thing that you would expect these people would never do? Right? In one, he goes to a public swimming pool. I think it was a hotel swimming pool, and he tells the people that he’s going to do this hypnosis experiment.

Now, the people not into it, they leave, okay? That’s important to know. Just like if somebody turns on this podcast, and they’re like… ooh boy, that ain’t for me, they leave. Okay?

Now, after he tells the people this he doesn’t tell them what he’s going to do. It is important that when he does say he’s going to do the experiment, he does say that, that if they’re not comfortable following outrageous suggestions, they should go. So this does mean, the people left there are those willing to be a bit outrageous.

He tells the remaining people to close t
Honorifics & Rewards in Erotic Femdom Hypnosis Today brings the release of a newly refreshed trigger setting session, with some important changes and new music. Clever boys will earn their reward POUR after listening to today’s podcast episode.

POUR Trigger Setting SessionThis trigger will give you the instant sensation of joy and relaxation. It’s my reward to you.

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Welcome to episode Two. This one is about using rewards in erotic hypnosis. Later on, you’ll find out what the reward is for today. So let’s talk a little bit about rewards. Now, not everyone has the same idea. Just like… just like the word Mistress, right? To some, a man’s Mistress is his plaything. The person on the side. The one that is… I don’t know; always happy. Always interested. And always ready to please, right?

That is not what we’re doing here.

Femdom Hypnosis & Honorifics

Instead, it’s… hmmm… as your Mistress, especially with the Femdom Hypnosis, it’s a bit like, oh; to borrow from a very popular show, it’s a bit like being the Dungeon Master, right? It’s drawing on all these ideas in my head, these fantasies that I want you to play with me. And turning them into something.

Now the brilliant thing of how you and I interact is that we can play with all the different types of Mistress and sub. You can have the gentle femdom, right? And I do that quite a bit for you. I give you good things, that make you even better. The stern Mistress, almost like; the stern Governess. Keeping you in line. Plenty of spankings, maybe a caning in there as well.

Oh, or one of those heavy wooden paddles. The ones that thud when they hit? I do love that. I really do love a thuddy toy.

What else is there? Oh, Empress, right? Or Queen? I hear that honorific a lot and I’m not going to argue against it. Who is demanding, like constant, persistent, perfect service? Maybe even one who has some staff. A silly sissy maid or two? And of course, Goddess. The one who is being worshipped. Served. Whole ranges, whole… like wheel that we can spin and choose from. And throughout, there’s the training, right? It’s important that you know what I expect from you.

And, just like any good training, you can’t just have punishments.

Triggers as Rewards in Hypnosis

You also need rewards. And for me, this is generally done by working some of those triggers into the conversation. Whether it’s through a session, or the podcast, or… maybe a note written back to you.

These triggers are powerful ways to keep us intertwined. And to keep you going down the right path. So your task for today is to go download one of these rewards. In Season Three, I gave you a word… and now let’s practice some of that Gentle Femdom. It’s towards the end of Season Three, and now let’s cue to Governess. But I’m not telling you exactly which episode because you should have been paying attention.

Now, if you did pay attention, go use that word as the code. Do not procrastinate, the code it’s only good for this month. And if you were my silly-willy, or if you just found me, you can go back and see. It is on the website.

So, go download your reward. The reward trigger word. This particular one, for people who have been with me for while, you likely have the old version but you are definitely going to want the newer one. Be sure to listen to it a few times before the next podcast. And your Permissive Circumstance for today… oh, are you clever enough to guess this one? If you remembered the word from Season Three, you have my permission.

Now if you’ve just found me, and you haven’t even listened to Season Three, and you want to
Spoken by Elswyth Femdom Hypnosis Pre-Talk Welcome to Season Four.

Download your choice of a S4 Beginner Bundle. The Expanded version includes eight variations so you can find the session that’s perfect for you.

If you already have an account, and the Beginner Bundle, you’ll find the new sessions on your Downloads page.

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Welcome to Episode One. Now if you know me. You know that I love that Season Four is starting on the Fourth, and it just happens to be… a Monday. That is nice and tidy, and I do love tidy things, and tidy boys.

So here we are in Season Four, and for those of you who don’t know me; this is going to be the Season that I refer people to. So, however many seasons down the line, when people say… Dearest, Mistress Elswyth. Will you please let this lovely loyal one know where to start, I’ll say… “Season Four, Episode One”.

Now that’s not to say that those who’ve been with me throughout are going to be bored. You know I wouldn’t allow that to happen. There’s going to be a new Getting Longer, a new, exclusive trigger that works with it, and some of the old favourites, they’re coming back, getting dusted off, redone a bit in a way that fits us better, and re-released.

So, this is how the podcast generally works. There’s some talking, teasing, flirting, telling, etcetera. Usually there’s a topic. And then… there’s a task. Now, do you have to do every task? Am I going to come to your home and see if you did? Oh goodness, wouldn’t you like that? Well, no; the tasks, they’re on the honour system. And the other thing on the honour system happens to be the Permissive Circumstance. The Permissive Circumstance it changes regularly, and it gives you permission for release. It’s just the polite way to say that you have the green light to have a nice little wank, and cum.

So… Task… Permissive Circumstances. You’re basically on board now. Throughout this season we’re going to talk a lot about Femdom Hypnosis. Ummm… FLR relationships, though that’s a little bit of a “ATM Machine”. I’ll just say “FLR”. And training, and… also, we get into the vanilla as well. It is very important to me that you are the best version of you. So you will find on the website and throughout the podcast that some sessions appear and come through that they have mental, physical, emotional wellbeing. They do generally still have my slant on them. But you probably won’t be jerking it when you’re listening to it. Or you will, depending on you and hey…
Not So Silent Night II - Erotic ASMR Story ✅ Audio Only Sex ✅ ASMR Sex Sounds ✅ Lesbian Threesome Listen to the full story:

This lesbian threesome Erotic ASMR story has it all: spatial 3D sound effects, dirty talk and porn audio. If you like lesbians, threesome and erotic audio porn, you're in the right place. Talia never imagined herself in a “throuple”, as Kate and Audrey call it, but she’s happier than ever dating both her girlfriend and her ex-wife. After a brutal late night at the office, she comes home to find her partners in the mood to worship her from head to toe.
Finale – Day 108 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Hello there, my lovely one. Today is Day 108, and this is the last episode of Season Three. I know that you’ve enjoyed these past months. It does seem like an awfully long time since January 1st… and we’ve had some fantastic adventures together. Well, thanks to the realities of recording and putting these episodes out on the internet, I suppose you might have just chewed through these 108 days in the last week.


I’m taking my time to plan out Season Four for you. Mostly because, just like we did the Getting Longer which had a regular schedule of coming out, I’m introducing that with a few other favourites. Favourites of yours. So, taking the time to plan out this Season Four, and so it might be a week or two before you hear me say “This is Day One”. But I do have plans to fill the gap, so don’t tune out entirely, or you will miss out.

I have some homework for you. It’s really, really easy homework. I’ve got this word, I mentioned that yesterday. I’ll share it with you, and I promise I’ll write it out in text, too. Ready?

Ultracrepidarianism. Ultracrepidarianism. Isn’t that fun to say?

I want you to take this word and commit it to memory. You can come up with a jingle that matches it. You can whisper it under your breath dozens of times as you… exercise. Or answer emails, or whatever else you might be doing with yourself.

You can go look up the fun little story behind the word in your own time. And today, and every day afterwards until we jump right back in again, you can follow this simple rule for Permissive Circumstance. Ask yourself, are you acting, like my pet?

Are you doing the things that you know I love about my pet. Being creative. Making progress. Being good to yourself in a way that allows you to be even better to me.

You know, that kind of thing. What a terrible, demanding Mistress you have, who wants you to be the best version of yourself, because… let’s face it, I deserve the best. Don’t I?

So there you have it… again, you will hear from me in between, but this is a bit of a lull between the two seasons, and Season Four is going to be all about… well… all about being on the same page in the same book, in the same headspace.

See you then.
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That Shade of Purple – Day 107 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 107. And I have a confession; I really don’t have anything planned for today. I know what I’m going to say for tomorrow, for the last episode of this Season Three, Part Two… but I’ve really been working a lot of Season Four. I’ve found, umm… I’ve found a bit of inspiration that I couldn’t help run with. It’s been a lot like that for this upcoming season. My poor doggos, when we’re on a walk, it’s often… oh… wait! And I take the time to jot something down.

I absolutely love this co-creation that comes, but it’s nice to start with an idea, right? Kinda like yesterday. I suspect that my dearest pet was just going about his day and not thinking about orgies. You know, until someone very important to you mentioned them. And just like that, it was in your head. Almost like someone setting that chess piece on the board, right? Putting it into play.

Well, we never know exactly when inspiration is going to hit us. I had that the other day when I was thinking about… thinking about colours in the bedroom, and I have to admit, if you wanted to lure me in, right? Like you are the one luring me in, instead of it going the other way, but let’s just pretend here, okay? You… have decided to lure me in to an orgy of… or play-party of whatever size you choose. Let’s say five; that’s easy, right? Five?

If the room that I walk into is mostly white. You know, clean, and crisp and the bed is… the bed is adequately sized for the activities planned, but… more important than that it has fresh white sheets and big poofy pillows, and pillows of different sizes, because… pillows of different sizes, and firmness and shapes, they come in handy for these things. Trust me.

If I walk into a room like that, yeah I’m probably more likely to say “Yes”. Now, take that same room and change the colours of the sheets and the pillows to that same god-awful Cadbury Purple. You know the shade. Dildo purple. Oh, that purple drives me insane. Anyway, maybe not my thing.

But there’s another colour that I love, and it could be a bit cliché, but I have to say, you know, if I’m choosing like a collar set, you know, collar, wrist-cuffs, ankle-cuffs. A lot of people go with practical right? Like… black. Like, you’re going to have to match it to all of the outfits you’ll wear in your life. You know, your gym clothes, your Sunday Best suit, your sailing outfits. I’ve completely run out of outfit ideas. You know, jeans and a t-shirt, nothing goes better than black. That kind of thing. So many people go for black.

Now in that hotel scenario, of the play party, if you put them all in the white collar, white cuffs, yeah, I’d go for that. I mean you could even toss in some white lingerie. You could have one in a white hood, I’m very agreeable. I’ll even dig out my white satin gloves, or is this more of a latex event?

Anyway, I like white. I like it a bit more than black, definitely like it more than purple, but another colour that I love is vermillion. This colour is… red. But it’s not that terrible red with that orangey undertone. It’s the really pretty red with the blue undertones. The red that’s often the Ruby Woo lipstick which continues to be my favourite. And the red that Lowry uses.

And I love Lowry. Now, I don’t claim to be some kind of major art enthusiast or what-not, but I have been to quite a few cities around I love going into the different galleries. And I absolutely love when I can spot a Lowry. His palette is by far my favourite. Now I’m starting to wonder how I could turn that orgy… that orgy with the white sheets and so on, and turn that into everyone coloured like the different Lowry bits. That might be just a little bit too out there for a play session.

Anyway, we are wrapping up this season together. Tomorrow will be the final day. There is a word tomorrow that you need to write down somewhere, or remember in that handsome head of yours, okay?

Your Permissive Circumstance for today, it’s… it’s inspired by a movie I heard is coming out. It’s also a task, because who doesn’t love a chance to be obedient, right? Pretend that you are a Ken doll. And you’re being given to me for… I don’t know, Christmas, Birthday, whatever. You come in a box. No, don’t cum in the box!

You come in a box, and in this box there are let’s say two extra outfits and some accessories. Tell me what kind of Ken doll you are, and what else is in your box, and the
Orgy or Not – Day 106 Orgy or not? A simple question that might reveal a lot.

The whole conversation reminded me of Party of Perversion.

Party of PerversionAn Eternal Suitor story, where I continue my ongoing seduction of you.

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 106, and I’ve a question for you. Orgy, or not? Let’s pretend for a moment there’s no… there are no boring real life repercussions, okay? So there’s no disease, there’s no “oops, somebody fell pregnant!” there’s no cheating or jealousy or hell, no clean-up either. We’ll get the maid to do it, right?

And there’s… twenty people. Twenty people, and I’ll let you split genders or whatever. Whichever way you want in this imagination.

Orgy or not? What about ten people? Hell, what about two hundred people? Now, now don’t over-estimate your abilities, love. You cannot have you and 199 ladies, because that is not… it’s not balanced.

So, yes?No?

Okay, let’s take this little party and make it smaller again. We’ll say 25, just to keep it interesting, right? And, they’re all in the headspace. Twenty-five. Now of course there really are no real-life repercussions, right? Of what’s going on in that headspace? You can make the room whatever you want to make it. You can go full-on Witcher scene or orgy. You could do… you know, something like red, and black and dark. Find your inner folk singer and you’re all out in the field with some daisies, poppies, whatever floats your boat.

Now are you on board?

Okay, today… is Day 106, as I mentioned. And what I’m going to say next has nothing to do with orgies. I was just mulling it over with someone in my social circle, and.. I like the answers. I really enjoyed knowing that it sounds like most people I know would go for it, if it included a massive amount of people. I’m going to chalk that up to fear of intimacy.

So, we have… three episodes left of this part of this season. You might have worked that out already. And I’m not going to spend all three days in some melancholic practice of, you know, re-treading over the 105 days that came before.

And so I’m not going to take you all the way back to that Year Compass I asked you to fill out. I’m not going to ask you to account for your progress with trigger setting sessions. I’m not going to demand you provide proof that you’re still in possession of your ouchie stick.

You picked up these things and ran with them, or didn’t. Some of it will have resonated with you, you might have shared enjoyable updates, or pictures, with me, and made me quite proud. Or horny. For me, it was most important that I had a partner in you. Partner. Companion. That explored with me and kept an open mind.

Now in a little while, we’re going to start over with Season 4. We are going to set new goals together, and approach them differently. We’re going to have a lot of fun, we’re going to learn some things, things about each other. And I know we’re going back to the Getting Longer idea again, because I know I’ve had so much fun doing that with you.

The repetition, taking you under, and deeper. The stronger experience, I just love it.

And so… your task today is simply to tell me one, just one, tiny thing you think you’ve learned since January First. Let me know what little lesson has changed something, anything for you. It might even be something negative; you learned that I don’t like it when X, or that Y doesn’t work for you. Or that you hate algebra, and tha
Putting On A Show - Erotic ASMR Story ✅ Public Sex Story ✅ Dirty Talk ✅ Sexy American Accent Listen to the full story:

Do you like exhibitionism? In this NSFW Erotic ASMR audio, listen to a man touching himself in public whilst his girlfriend watches by the lakeshore. This erotic audio is hot! There’s something so hot about having sex in public and you’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist. While you and your new boyfriend spend a day at the lake, you challenge him to get off in public without anyone seeing.
Getting Longer Release 11 – Day 105 Getting Longer’s eleventh release is the last. This has been a very enjoyable project, and I’m excited to start work on a new Getting Longer session. I do think the Tick Tock trigger is going to remain for a while longer.

Getting LongerGetting Longer is a multi-part endurance session. The price will increase as the session gets longer, and longer…

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime, for the right submissive man.

Welcome to Day 105. Today is the last part of the Getting Longer session. You’ll notice that it’s not quite the tidy number that you might expect it to be. So go over, download Day 105’s Getting Longer session, and enjoy yourself. The PC for today… it’s just a yes.
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Bound for Release – Day 104 If you already own Bound For Release, you’ll find the new version of the session on your downloads page.

You can find it in the shop for less than half price, until I decide to change that.

Getting Longer will get longer for the last time on Monday!


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 104, and aren’t you lucky? Because today I have only one task for you. Whether it’s today, or over the weekend, you get to end the period of denial that I’ve given to you with… one, two, three… five? Well maybe five is pushing it!

How many orgasms can you do in a day? We’re gonna find out.

I’m making the Bound For Release session available to you, and I want you to enjoy it. It’s been changed up a bit, including the induction and so on. But it’s still uh… a lot of fun for both of us.

Not only do I want you to enjoy it, I want… demand, expect, one of those words; an appropriate thank you after you’ve listened to the session, or maybe after you’ve gotten some good sleep. Y’know, recharged the batteries.

You’ll know what kind of thank you is appropriate. So that’s the task for today, and also of course your Permissive Circumstance. We’re getting closer to wrapping up this season three, part two… and diving right into season 4. I know my clever one loves some of these mind games and word games. Well, not just some, right? You love all of them.

Don’t worry, I have such wonderful things planned for you. So many plans for you.
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My Muse and My Canvas – Day 103 I’ve recorded the new version of Bound for Release (and one other entirely new session), and they’re with the editor as we speak. They’ll both likely be published over the weekend. You can find out more about upcoming sessions on the New Releases page.

Femdom Hypnosis for Bondage Lovers


This is Spoken By Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 103, and… I’m going to tie you up.

Ha, no, not today, but soon… I just wanted your attention. I like playing with a few lengths of rope, and I love to see what some clever people can do with their own time and dedication. I know a few tricks of my own. It’s amazing how far you can get with two or three knots and some gumption.

Y’know, even though this is an auditory experience, right? Very much the Femdom Hypnosis kink, it’s still right in there with BDSM, and what on earth would it be like if it didn’t include a little bit of rope play?I wonder… hmmm… now I’m really curious. I wonder if you have ever felt the physical sensation of ropes, tight but not too tight, no fingers or toes turning blue, around your wrists, or ankles. Somewhat scratchy rope.

You may need to like, have a wander down to the hardware store, just try it out. You know, that way, when I use those word-runes, when I put you exactly where I need you to be. When I put you exactly in the position that you need to be in, you know what that feels like.

Remember a few moments ago, when I told you that I’m going to tie you up, where did your mind go? Did you think about being in that spread-eagle position? Open, vulnerable, subject to my whims? Or did you think about the Mermaid Tie, keeping your knees and ankles tight together?

And if so, Is that because you’ve been listening to Getting Longer?

Of course we both know, I don’t need ropes or cuffs or chains to keep you under control, but fuck I do like the way they look. And I love those little marks that get left after, mmm, that’s really nice. And haven’t I told you before that you perform a wonderful service for me as my rope bunny? Someone who’ll revel in allowing me to practice upon them.

For a task, today, I’d like you to answer the question I posed… see how nicely I said that? I’d like you to answer… you will answer, because I’m telling you to. So answer the question I posed; when I told you that you would be tied up by me, what kind of position leapt to the forefront of that mind? My playground?

After you’ve told me, you’ll tell three emotions you’d experience when restrained. Fear is allowed, I promise I won’t be offended. They don’t have to be, you know, all the things you’d feel at the same time.

And finally, yes dear, your suspicions are correct. You’re receiving the gift of denial again. I promise, as the one who makes and remakes you, and who loves to give you good things… I promise it will be worth your while.
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Do you like bondage, queer erotic ASMR, and orgasm control? In this hot audio sex story, a female narrator speaks directly to you, painting a picture where you're bound on the bed and at their complete mercy. Do you want to be edged until you can't stand it anymore? Your girlfriend wants to explore rope bondage with you. Give her full control and let her take your pleasure to new horizons.
Tell Me More - Erotic ASMR Story ✅ Stranger Sex ✅ Gay Sex ✅ Sex in Public ✅ Sexy American Accent Listen to the full story:

In this Erotic ASMR story, two bisexual guys hook up at a party after their mutual friend sets them up. Complete with 3D ASMR sound effects, indulge in this hot gay audio porn story today. Darren was reluctant to go to the party, even with his friend Jen insisting it would be fun and good for him to get out of the house. But as soon as he meets Matt, another recently out bisexual guy, all his social anxieties just fade away.
Whose Needs First – Day 102 Here’s the Mind Control Fragment playlist I promised you.

Eye Contact Induction - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
Pay Attention (Induction) - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
Q&A Affirmations - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
The Top - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
Shower Thoughts - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
Pleasure Seeking - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
Kneeling Positions with Obedient Movements - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
The Statue (Day 15) - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
Yes dear (Day 5) - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth
A Simple Awakener - Mind Control Fragments - Spoken by Elswyth


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Hello my… which term of endearment works for today. Should I say “Hello my lovely one!” or “Hello my begging one”?

“Hello my snivelling little worm.”“Hello my happy pet.”

Today is Day 102, and I’m putting some finishing touches on the script for a new version of Bound For Release. Have you heard that one? It’s a sort-of HFO session about repeated, hmmm… I wonder. I wonder what an HFO, well sort-of HFO session could be about. What on earth would you repeat over, and over?

If you said orgasms, you’re correct. While working through a few all new sessions for the month, this one is more… revisiting, reviving. Making new, and hopefully improving. I know that for me, that listening to the session, some time after first creating it, I’m simply not happy with it.

So it would be obvious to anyone who knows me that knots and the tying of them is on my mind. I think I’d like to dwell on those thoughts for a day or two longer before I share them with you. So, I’ve created a playlist of Mind Control Fragments for you. You know, a little bit of Femdom hypnokink squished together in an easily accessible format. And you’ll find them linked from this episode.

You don’t think that I’m just trying to distract you while I get some work done, do you pet? If I needed some time, I now have quite firm evidence that I could find somewhere else for you to be. Someone else for you to be with. But I’m not always that great at sharing. Especially not my little masterpiece in the works, that I’ve put so much into.

Your task for today is to listen to the whole playlist, and, now listen to this bit, to enjoy yourself. You’re even allowed to… Play Along.

But here’s another thing I learned; you really enjoy a little tease and denial, don’t you? Odds are I’m right. I mean, I’m often right. So today you can play along, and you can feel good as you’re doing it… but no release today. Not until you’re bound for me.
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Intro to Femdom Hypnosis – Day 101 Happy Monday.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day one-oh-one. Interesting number, right? What if I had a… an interesting course that people could sign up for, alright? And just like any class and so on it has to start at that basic level, that one-oh-one. And people come along to sign up for this course knowing the textbook is Elswyth’s pet, 101. And just like those elementary school pets, you know… the class pet, where each student gets a turn taking it home for the weekend? You know.. to take care of it, that each of my students, when it’s their turn to take the class pet home, makes sure they have the book handy.

You know where this is going, right? What chapters would you hope that particular student had read? Would it be just,. you know… basic mind control? Taking you under? Doing something fun, bring you back up? Maybe right in the middle of it, and back under again?

Or I don’t know… something basic, basic femdom for those who want to really exercise control over physical feelings. No, no… I’m not talking about the Ouchie Stick, and those kinds of toys. I’m talking about the good, old-fashioned ruined orgasm.

Or let’s pretend we have an adventurous student, like one who I don’t know… she received a gift certificate for this class from… oh… from one of those hen-do’s, a bachelorette party, right? And there’s just a few things that she needs to get out of her system before the big day. So on her weekend with you, she goes into that chapter that’s all about using those word runes, those special triggers, to get you, to get a friend to come play along.

Hmmm… that’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? Of course, in the back there’d be the typical glossary that has all the little triggers. Or maybe there’d be a little bookmark with the cheat sheet, per se. Now of course, it wouldn’t work with every trigger. I have plenty that I’ve put into that head of yours that only work with my voice. Some things are meant just for me.

But it’s still a fun, fun daydream. How would you like to be the class pet? The teacher’s pet? Your task for today is to mull that over for a bit. And if you want my Permission, the Permissive Circumstance is to be creative; send me 500 words on this topic. The teacher’s pet. And I will give you permission.
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Getting Longer Release 8 – Day 90 There’s no teaser for today’s extension to the Getting Longer session, because there’s something of a surprise waiting for you. There’s a new approach to the session, a new production technique, and a certain emotional load to bear. I’m looking forward to hearing from many of you, to get a good impression of how it left you.

Getting LongerGetting Longer is a multi-part endurance session. The price will increase as the session gets longer, and longer…

Shop now


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Welcome to Day 90. It’s time for you to add five minutes of bliss to your hypno-kink life. Go download the newest Getting Longer session, and after you’ve done so, before you listen, you have my permission for release.
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Give Me Three Transcript Today isn’t Day 84, it’s just a little update to let you know that the Give Me Three session is up in the shop right now for the impatient ones, and those who are feeling shy and can’t bring themselves to complete the tasks I’ve set for you. It’s not too late to go […]
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Two Ways to Play – Day 89 That Pleasure Seeking Mind Control Fragment can be downloaded on Friday’s podcast post. Tomorrow is another extension of Getting Longer, so if you’re not already on board with this expanding hypno session, be warned the price will tick up another notch tomorrow. Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making […]
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Blink – Day 93 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 93. Blink for me. And again. And again, but this time, when you blink, I want it to be a long, slow heavy blink. Yeah I want that moment, where your eyes are closed, and you’re opening them up again, to just stretch out, like an eternity.

Do it again. Blink for me.

You see, this is one of the things that I love. I love seeing that pause. Knowing that you plan to open your eyes, but they don’t really want to. I mean, they do… because you’re not under. Are you? You’re not in trance right now, but when I tell you to blink, slowly, ah, see… I’m rewarded. And of course, you’re rewarded too. You have that tingle going. If you’re not already a bit slack-jawed you might have a smile on your face.

Your eyes, when open, they’re already unfocussed.Not looking at anything in particular. Listening to me.

If I keep telling you to blink, slow and heavy, I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll start to feel a bit of unexpected drowsiness. A bit of tired gripping you in a new way. You could try to shake it off… maybe say it has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with… blink… but just a late night. A harder time at the gym. Some other distraction going on.

But are you able to somehow blame this tiredness, related to… blink… blame this tiredness on a poor night’s sleep and ignore the fact that the heavier your eyelids get, the more something stirs in those trousers of yours.

Okay, okay. Enough playing with you. Enough just seeing if this simple little conversation between us can get me excited. You know, ready for the rest of my day. I deserve to go about my day with a smile on my face, don’t I?

Your task for today is to feel brighter. More awake. Come on… up a level. There you go.

And your Permissive Circumstance, well… I’m afraid that’s going to be a “no”, because on Thursday I need that brain of yours to be sharp. Focused. And I think you’ll do that best if you’re hoping for release. That’s it for today. I’ll see you tomorrow, lovely one.
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A Great Attitude – Day 91 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfect submissively guy.

Today is Day 91, and before I started recording today I decided to go through this pile that’s been sitting near to my desk. You know, the pile of papers that you have to go through… or else you turn into one of those hoarders episodes, I suppose. But you never quite know what to do with it, or what exactly’s in it.

Anyway, one paper I pulled out definitely left me confused. It had a… a um, a list, that included like, directions, and said something about how long for a sleep and etcetera, anyway… long story short, turns out that happened to be a page from my notes for a D&D campaign. I have no idea why it’s just that sheet of paper.

I also found this; I do know why I have this, a friend saw it, thought it was kind-of hilarious because I have a bit of a reputation for collecting cheesy items. So, this little postcard or notecard I guess you’re supposed to hang up for inspiration is “a great attitude becomes a great mood, which becomes a great day, which becomes a great year, which becomes a great life”.

Now, it’s fine. It’s that piece of found-paper that’s fine to have for today. It has cute little flowers around it and so on. And speaking of found-things, listen to me. I have found you. I have found you. I will claim you. I will keep you. I will teach you, because I have found you.

You’re found, you’re seen, you’re wanted.

You’re invited.

Drop the old thinking, drop the limitations, and free yourself to be owned. Your Permissive Circumstance for today is this; if you, my dearest one, have found yourself aroused from my words in your ears, you have my permission to release today. See, flattery goes a long way, and I’m always flattered by that twitch in your trousers.

And your task for today, your task for today, that might just earn you something fantastic, is to either draw, or find, your own… cheesy, “a great attitude becomes a great mood” saying, and share the image with me.

Alright, go on. Handle that… ah… thing that needs handled. And don’t forget your task.
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A Grand Plan – Day 92 In lieu of a better-than-half-price sale on specific sessions, this weekend you can enjoy a 15% discount across the whole shop with the coupon code KNMHQ5EN.

Can’t decide? These are the sessions that have received the most interest in the last month or so. Yes dears, I know what you’re looking at.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast, dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 92. Okay, thanks to everyone who participated yesterday and sent me the motivational mottos and so on. That’s a lot of fun, and as well… thank you for some of the feedback that has come in from the Patron only podcast. As you know about the poll and so on.

Anyway, fantastic ideas but the honest truth for today is I am buried in something that I need to get recorded, so that way my dear overworked editor can have it down before holiday time, and the queen has a birthday and everything else that needs squeezed in.

So, I thought I would just answer this question that keeps popping up. The question is… why did I move? So it’s not anti-US. I did move during a time when a lot of people threatened to leave the US. I really like, you know, America, I loved… I love the people of the deep south.

As you know I love an old fashioned gentleman type when it comes to manners. Not so much everything else. I love people up North because you talk fast! And I spent some time out along the Rocky Mountains, and there’s… yeah, there’s a different feeling there too. I’ve not had the pleasure of travelling around Europe and other countries as much, so I can’t really wax lyrical about everywhere else.

I can tell you that Greek men happen to be some of the most romantic, like… effortlessly romantic in the world, I swear. I’ve not been to Greece. I’m afraid that if I go there I will collect too many husbands. So, anyway… for me. Why did I move to the UK? It definitely wasn’t for the sunshine, or the crazy-ass slugs that seem to be five inches long. Or to practice my Celsius. Kilograms, kilometres, and all of that.

It was for a kinda boring reason. You ready? You sitting? A job. So, there you go. Like many people who move, it’s all about money in the end. I also had a question, somebody asked me what my aspirations happened to be. And this, a little bit, ties into yesterday so I apologise for the cheese. But it seems like the cheesiest sayings are the ones that stick with me.

This one is… my aspiration; success is living the life you want to live. It’s simple, right? And it can touch on so many people. I don’t… I don’t have, I don’t know; once upon a time, you know, it used to be about so many other things that you just felt that you needed to do. And, maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s just god-knows what, but… euch. So much of it is just… so… stupid.

So I like to make sure I’m always seeing the bigger picture. I like to make sure I’m being good to me. Good to those around me. Ummm… and helping those around me also be good to themselves. You know, and just choosing that life, that life you actually want to live.

Now with that said, I really would like to have a canal boat. Those of you have been with me for quite a while will know that that is one of my aspirations. Now, I suspect this little project of ours, it needs to grow more before I decide I’m going to be a canal-boat nomad. So your task for today is to write, literally write, so you gotta pick up… pen, paper, crayon. Lipstick? Ah… that’s wasteful.

You have to write down what success is for you. However, we’re defining success today by the life you want to live. And don’t just do the cliché, okay? Just don’t… you owe it to yourself, and you owe it to me, me, who’s been very honest with you…. the truth.

What is it?

And your Permissive Circumstance for today is… no. I have too much work to do, so the idea of you being a good boy, and keeping your hands off of your cock, it makes me happy. No release for today.

Alright, so… that is it for our Femdom Hypnosis Podcast for today. And like I said, there is that new session hopefully it’s coming out very soon. It is a lot of fun, and I know we’re going to enjoy it.
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Getting Longer Release 9 – Day 95 Getting Longer grows to a whole 45 minutes long, today. And just a little bit more expensive.

Getting LongerGetting Longer is a multi-part endurance session. The price will increase as the session gets longer, and longer…

Shop now

We’re almost to the end of the journey planned out for this session. For the next four days of podcast episodes, I’m going to offer an opportunity to get the complete session at a deep discount. And if you’re one of the good boys who joined in right from the start, you’ll be able to reward yourself with something else from the shop, instead.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Welcome to Day 95. You know what to do. Go over to the website and download that newest Getting Longer session.For your Permissive Circumstance today, it’s a different one to what we’ve been doing on most of these Getting Longer days. If you listened to a Geeting Longer session yesterday, you have my permission for today.

Don’t forget to say think you.
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Find your center with Femdom Hypnosis – Day 77 Today’s podcast includes a short, centering hypnosis session. Femdom JOI Did you need erotic, desperate, raunchy and climax-inducing instead? Position for Release is an energetic femdom JOI hypno session, better than half-price this weekend: Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with generally useful training and plenty of rewards for the submissive […]
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Hypnosis Tokens – Day 79 Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis podcast with generally useful training and plenty of rewards, for the submissive man. Today is Day 79. More Spring Cleaning today. Because once upon a time I sent my early listeners off to find a special token, and the plan was to replace these tokens every […]
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Getting Longer release 6 (Day 80) Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man. Welcome to Day 80. And, yeah, it’s Getting Longer. Head over to the website to download the Getting Longer session for today. Instructions are posted there, and I know you know how to Obey. […]
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More Tasks for Submissive Men – Day 83 If you don’t remember what the instructions for today’s task were, you can go back to yesterday’s episode. You can even read the transcript to save some time. This weekend I’ve decided that Phantom Butt Plug With Femdom Hypnosis is a great candidate for a better-than-half-price sale. That’s because I’m exploring subject matter for some […]
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Third Time’s the Charm – Day 84 Getting Longer will get longer tomorrow with Release 7. Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly rounded submissive man. Today is Day 84 and I know you’re eager to get right into that last task. Some people weren’t patient, and that’s okay, I don’t really mind that […]
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Getting Longer Release 7 – Day 85 Stay tuned after the podcast episode to hear this newest part of the session. Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with plenty of Triggers and Playtime, for the right submissive man. Welcome to Day 85. It’s time for you to add on five more minutes… your task for today is to […]
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Rapid Relaxation, No More Secrets and Pleasure Seeking – Day 87 Here’s the Mind Control Fragment playlist you were promised… Patrons are testing out a new Mind Control Fragment player for me. Femdom Hypnosis Triggers for Everyone These newest fragments include some of my favourite triggers. The right triggers make everything better; MCFs, podcast episodes, even. This weekend, there’s better-than-half-price discounts on lots of trigger setting […]
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HFO on the Brain – Day 88 Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly rounded, submissive man. Today is Day 88, and after the Something Different HFO session, and that Mind Control Fragment “Pleasure Seeking” on Day 87, you might well have HFO on your mind. I do. That’s because I’m picking apart a […]
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The Brightest Star in the Sky – Day 99 There’s a question in today’s podcast episode. The one-word-seven-letter answer is a 25% coupon code that’s good all the way through to Sunday the 5th of June. You could choose to use this to pick up Getting Longer.

One Final Chastity Hypnosis Query


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my… perfectly submissive guy.

Day 99, and okay okay… I’ve let this conversation meander for long enough. And I’m glad you’ve chit-chatted with me plenty. Music and movies are always easy, and I like knowing how each can make you feel. What emotions come to you readily. We can leave our picnic table, and take a walk. You can choose where, and we can still talk, or not, whatever feels right to you.

Tomorrow, Getting Longer will be a little bit longer, and I’m looking forward to that. Right now, I’m going to provide the last part of our strange little Pop Quiz. So, go offer up one more answer on the subject of chastity and denial, and then… remember that song from yesterday? Maybe you do… but in it, the singer uses [redacted – Go listen to the episode!]

That is the key to a small reward for you, that you might have already seen. Go on, you can come back tomorrow.
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Getting Longer Release 10 – Day 100 I already mentioned that I’m taking the next two days off. You can go back to yesterday’s podcast episode and wrap up our two conversations, earning yourself 25% off anything from the shop in the process.

I’ve added a new page to the website where you can easily find the latest releases. You’ll also be able to see what sessions to expect over the next few weeks.

50 Minutes of Femdom Hypnosis

The clock is ticking. Getting Longer is now 50 minutes of Femdom Hypnosis bliss.

Getting LongerGetting Longer is a multi-part endurance session. The price will increase as the session gets longer, and longer…

Shop now


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 100. How fantastic is that? Today is also the day when you get five more minutes added on to the Getting Longer session. Five more enjoyable minutes.

Your task for today is to list 100 enjoyable things. Your Permissive Circumstance is basically… if you’re a good boy and you do as I said, the answer is yes. If you just can’t be bothered, or… sadly can’t think of a hundred enjoyable things, you can just send a hundred pounds my way, and the you have my permission.

Which one will it be? I guess I’ll find out.
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A Femdom Hypno Mind-Fuck – Day 94 I’m not offering a transcript for today’s episode. Let this serve as an occasional reminder to those who have taken to reading the transcript before listening. Yes, more than a few have admitted to doing this; I see it as a shameful display of impatience.

More Mind Control Hypnosis is Coming

This episode is a taste of a Mind Control Hypnosis session, the kind of experience that relates to my Eternal Suitor, Sabriel. My Patrons have chosen this theme as a priority for a new session and writing is already underway. In the meantime, here’s some of my favourite Sabriel sessions.

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On the Spot – Day 98 There will be a podcast episode tomorrow, and also Wednesday. Enough people refer to me as “Queen”, (or Empress, Goddess, certainly higher up the totem pole) that I’ve decided to take Thursday and Friday off.

The Penultimate Chastity Hypnosis Poll

I’m still receiving some wonderful answers to these questions in emails, and I appreciate every speck of information I can have about your relationship with chastity and denial play.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 98, and… actually, who was that other guy? You know the one dear, he did the soundtrack for that Hugh Grant Rom-Com. He had a song about the sun coming, or going… who was it, now?

I’m enjoying this. Because right now, you have the permission to find the answer wherever you can, but at our picnic table, in this moment, you don’t have that option.So you might wonder if I’m talking about Notting Hill, or Love Actually. You know the movies that get played again and again, every Christmas. And maybe you don’t know the answer to the question I posed, like a game show contestant who’s about to miss out on a cool $64,000, or whatever.

But the answer to the question doesn’t really matter.

I’d rather talk about how many of those Hugh Grant Rom-Coms there are, and can you even think of a movie he was in that can’t be squeezed into that genre? And who knows where else our conversation might lead.

Maybe back to locking your cock away? We have enough privacy that I can steer the conversation back that way, when I want to. There’s a question waiting for you about that sort of thing, you know you can go answer it when you’re ready. Go back and answer the others if you haven’t already.

As for a Permissive Circumstance, well if you’re the proud owner of a chastity device, you have permission today. Otherwise, it’s a no. Of course, you’re on the honour system.See you tomorrow.
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Spring Cleaning – Day 78 Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with generally useful training and plenty of rewards for the submissive man. Unless you’re listening in the future, it’s been a couple of days since Day 77. Something about the nicer weather and earlier dawn has put me in the mood to mix things up […]
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SPH and Darkest Desires – Day 81 I’m happy to announce that between recording this podcast episode and publishing it, 10 Steps to become the perfect puppy became available. You deserve choice in Femdom Hypnosis 10 Steps to become the ideal sissy cuckold is on sale this weekend for those who want to walk a different path, in high heels. Do you […]
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Free Femdom Hypnosis – Day 82 The next three episodes are going to give you the opportunity to receive a full-length session from the shop, but… I’m going to make you work for it. Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast that waffles between gentle and not quite. Today is Day 82. I had a little bit of […]
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Can you, Would you, HFO? – Day 86 The Something Different Hypnotic HFO is available now. Transcript This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly rounded submissive man. Today is Day 86 and I’m listening. I know, some of you are not going to get that and other ones found it quite funny. You know how we […]
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What’s your personal interest in chastity? – Day 96 This episode begins a tragic tale of a kitchen appliance, unable to continue on with the constant toil that is this mortal coil. If you want to help, you can find my Amazon wishlist here.

Tell Me All About Chastity Hypnosis

I have a new sensation play session coming out in the next few days. Some of my Patrons are already listening to it, helping me check that it’s perfect the finishing. It’s called “Locked Up Cock With Femdom Hypnosis”, and it might remind you of Phantom Butt Plug With Femdom Hypnosis.

I’m also working on a set of chastity sessions. These will help you bring about the appropriate frustrated, complacent or resigned mindset when playing with orgasm denial. I want to make sure these sessions push as many of your buttons as possible, so I want lots of good, truthful answers to these questions over the next few days.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 96, and before I get into talking about what I plan to talk about, I decided to give you a chance to do something nice for me… also known as… my stupid kettle has died. For an appliance that British people can seem unable to do without, like every house, ever cabin, ever Air BnB, every hotel room… let’s say you’re glamping and your yurt has electricity… it’ll have a kettle in it.

And they don’t even do anything that fantastic. You just push the damn button, but I just have no idea. Maybe mine, I don’t know… maybe mine got tired of being used, again and again, by a non-British person.

Anyway, there is a kettle on my wishlist, and I’ll have the link to it. It’s been on their a bit, I think I had a premonition that this day was going to arrive. If you do plan to pick it up, do let me know, just so I don’t end up with two kettles. But then again, with my track record, that might just be fine, you know?

Okay… what did we plan to talk about today? Oh, yeah… there are two themes for the next four episodes of this podcast. One of the themes is… chastity. Your relationship with it, your interest in it… even if the answer is “I’m not interested in chastity!” that’s fine.

I’m going to be asking you a few questions about chastity and related subjects, and I’m going make it easy for you to complete your task each day, and answer those questions. The first one, is actually just that; what’s your interest in chastity? Orgasm denial, control, etcetera. And you’ll find it on the website page, blog post, whatever, for this podcast episode.

The other theme is a conversation. A somewhat silly conversation, and it’s one that if we were sharing… I don’t know, a conversation at a picnic table in the park, that you might have with me. Now it isn’t a sexy conversation, it’s a silly conversation… a friendly conversation. The kind of conversation that only occurs when you follow a rule of mine, and I’ll tell you what that rule is tomorrow.

So let’s be sitting at the picnic table. I have one of those green bottles of sparkling water. Blue label, Italian name… uhh… I forget. And, who sings that song, dear? You know the one… it’s like, uh… “Here Comes the Sun”, or something.

And you say… well… what do you say? For the next few days we’re going to have this conversation. The back and forth. And I promise there’s a point to all of this. When we work out the word I’m looking for, I promise you will get a reward.
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A long time cumming – Day 97 I’m pleased to be able to announce that Locked Up Cock With Femdom Hypnosis is the latest instalment in my Post-Hypnotic Sensation Play series.

Locked Up Cock With Femdom HypnosisEnjoy a frustration-free day of denial at my hands through erotic hypnosis, an invisible chastity device constraining you, for me.

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How much Chastity Hypnosis is enough?

I had at least a dozen emails yesterday, from people telling me about their experience and interest in chastity. While interesting, I can’t help but notice that I had more emails about the subject than I did responses to the poll. Make sure you take a step backwards and answer yesterday’s poll, if you didn’t already.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

This is Day 97, and… which of our two themes should I touch on first? Do you want to return to our conversation? Because, oh… no dear, it’s not the Beatles song, and maybe I’ve got the lyrics wrong, but there’s certainly a “Here” and a “Sun” in this one. And today you can ignore that rule I mentioned when I first posed this question, but first I have to tell you about it.

I like to chat with you, and ponder together, discuss. The key point; *with* you. I don’t want to lose your attention to Wikipedia, so if you don’t know the answer to a question, you shouldn’t indulge that oh-so-modern compulsion to immediately look for one online.

If I want you to pull out your phone and find an answer that way, I’ll let you know… like right now, go find that other song, that other band, they’re not from Liverpool.

And when you’re done looking at that, here’s a question you won’t find an answer to on Quora, or Reddit, because it’s a personal thing. A chastity and orgasm denial thing. What do you consider to be a long time to go without an orgasm?And on that matter, oh dear… you’ve probably been without a few days now, right? Well, once you’ve answered yesterday’s poll question, and today’s, then you have Permission for release.

Off you go, have a good weekend, dear.
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All to Myself - ASMR Moans ✅ Car Sex ✅ Outdoor Sex ✅ Erotic ASMR Story Listen to the full story:

In this Erotic ASMR story, a couple goes away on a much-needed remote cabin getaway. The drive there is full of teasing and masturbation instructions, and once they arrive, they have passionate, loud sex on the porch. Enjoy this intimate outdoor sex experience with ASMR moaning and sound effects.
The opposite of endurance – Day 76 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Hello my love. Today is Day 76. Yesterday you received a brand spanking new version of the Getting Longer session. How did that go for you? Did you find yourself thinking about book-straightening today? Did you find yourself thinking “I need to get back to the Library today”?

Well, this is what I want from you… your task for today is to think of where or what it might lead to next, and I want you to put it in the Tell Me Good Things form, or if you’re one of those dear, lovely people that have joined my Happy Harem on Patreon, go ahead and stick it in a mesage there.

That’s your first task. Your second task, well… it’s to listen to this episode, this day, again when you have complete privacy and at least a few minutes to kill, because when you listen again, you’re gonna complete your Permissive Circumstance, and that Permissive Circumstance is, you have my permission to release, as long as you do it during the length of this episode.

You know… before the music turns off.

Now don’t you dare cheat and watch the progress bar… that would be naughty. Alright, get ready to drop those trousers, or lift that skirt, depending upon what you have on. Enjoy the music, and of course enjoy your thoughts. I definitely recommend thinking about a library.
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Getting Longer release 5 – Day 75 The Getting Longer session just got longer!

It’s wonderful to hear about the well-behaved boys who can make it all the way through the session without a disappointing early finish.

It’s also wonderful to hear about those of you who didn’t manage to get through Release 4 yet. Poor dears.

Getting LongerGetting Longer is a multi-part endurance session. The price will increase as the session gets longer, and longer…

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This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Welcome to Day 75. It is time for you to add five more minutes to the Getting Longer session. Instructions are posted over on the website, so your task is to head on over that way. Your Permissive Circumstance for today is… yes, but only if you wait at least one hour after finishing the newest session.
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Public Display - Sex at the Beach ✅ Public Sex ✅ Outdoor Sex ✅ Erotic ASMR Story Listen to the full story:

In this public Erotic ASMR story, a couple decides to take advantage of a private area on a crowded beach and their passions for each other take over.
What is your release? – Day 74 PTTFO is available at better than 50% off for the rest of today and tomorrow. Don’t dally.

PTTFO – Mind Control Femdom HypnosisThis session might feel like a fun flirtation, a story of a couple on a date. But is there something else going on behind the scenes?
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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 74. Let’s talk… just a bit, about relaxation. About shutting off from the should-dos, must-dos and whatever else coming your way. A lot of you know that one of my pleasurable relaxation things, outside of what you all just thought about, or you know… meditation, or going for a bike ride, or whatever else, it’s… League of Legends.

I am still collecting those LPs and still hoping to keep on going up. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about MMRs, and the evil of MMR issues, when sometimes the people you play with, they just can’t help themselves and pick some wacky choices, to lead to some not so wacky deaths.

So, as you know… that is one of my pleasures, because with League, that’s it. If you’re playing League for 25-30 minutes, you’re pretty focused. You’re not multi-tasking, or looking at tabs, checking your phone, nothing. That’s it.

The other pleasure I’ve found… is that instead of just listening to music, oh… speaking of music, I am still soliciting again, any playlist ideas, they need to be about 45 minutes long. Needs to be music that gets you in the mood to get going. Well, instead of just music or books, or podcasts or whatever, I’ve been watching Netflix, at the gym. I might have confessed this already on the podcast, I know I’ve chatted about it with a few of you.

Yeah, and it was recommended to me to watch Gotham. Now that’s interesting because I do have people in my social circle with a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that I’m watching Gotham. And I didn’t think it would be my thing, but it turns out, it’s kind of my thing. And I do have a favourite character, and you are welcome to try to guess which one it is. I don’t think you’re gonna get it.

But for now, I want you to breathe… and as you breathe in, I want you to feel your sides expand. And then breathe it all out, and start again. With each breath in, I want you to imagine, or perhaps put your hands there, so you can feel, but feel your sides expand.

Breathing in deeply, breathing out fully.

Keep going, in deep, and back out, full.

Keep breathing this way, as you listen to me. Visible. Invisible. A fluctuating charm, an amber coloured amethyst inhabits it. Your arm approaches and it opens and it closes. You had meant to catch it, and it shrivels. You abandon your intent. It opens, and it closes, and you reach for it. The blue surrounding it grows cloudy, and it floats away from you.

Your task for today is to find relaxation. And your Permissive Circumstance, well that activity it doesn’t count as relaxation, but you most definitely can consider it your reward. Let me know what you get up to… oh, and one more thing, let me know what thought pushes you over the edge. You know what I mean… let me know.
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Easter Bunny fetish roleplay – Day 73 The PTTFO session is still 50% off this weekend.

How would you feel if every weekend had a half-price session? Should I choose them randomly, or organize a poll?

PTTFO – Mind Control Femdom HypnosisThis session might feel like a fun flirtation, a story of a couple on a date. But is there something else going on behind the scenes?
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This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 73, and I think have the souls in my corner of the world are doing home improvement today. Not just home improvement, but also let’s trim every hedge. Let’s power wash every brick. Let’s make every damn loud noise.

So I’m gonna jump right ahead; your task for today, if you are one of those noise-makers… cut it out. Your Permissive Circumstance; if you’re not one of those noise-makers, you have my permission.

And if you are one of those noise-makers, you have to confess to me, why it is you’re so damn loud, and what it is you’re getting on with. Right? It better be great. It better be great. Bonus points if you include a picture of your project.

You know what else is on my mind, dears, for today? Today is Good Friday, so let’s have a good Friday. This is what I’m wondering… what comes to mind when I tell you that I want my Easter Bunny today? Hmmm? Think it over.

I have at least three outfits in mind that could work perfectly well, so let me tell you about them… and I know, my creative one, that you can add to this.

The first is… well… well maybe the guy that dresses this way is a furry, or will just humour me, but Easter Bunny number one has the fuzzy polyester jumpsuit with the big, pink patch on his tummy, and the big, squishy slippers on his feet, and mitts on his hands. Oh, and the head. The head on top with the long, floppy ears. And I think I can get over my giggling at the guy I’d put in this predicament at least long enough to being the little spoon, in a nice, long cuddle session. I hop bun-bun doesn’t get too hot and bothered.

Now, onto bunny number two. And now this has just brought in mind those, those really old dating shows, where you’d have the contestant… the main person, and then she’s choosing between the three contestants behind the doors. So, on to… bachelor-bunny number two.

And all my maids and sissies are going to favour this one, I’m sure. Because I want… I want the Playboy bunny in the black bodysuit. You know the one, don’t you? You’re going to have to make sure that everything is perfectly tucked away… all those unsightly hairs carefully removed, as well.

And so much bare flesh to worry about. You’re going to have no shoulder straps, the collar and the cuffs of your outfit, they’re mere decorations, but they do have to be white, because there’s something very striking about the starched, white cuffs and the black buttons.

You should feel… you will feel on display, open, maybe vulnerable, maybe just cocky, and very sure of your sexy self. I’m looking forward to, even if faked, hearing your nervous little giggle when you’re in this role.

Bachelor bunny number three… so we have the outfit that could either be very endearing, or terrifying, in different movies. Polyester white bunny suit, big ol’ head, floppy ears, right? That one? We have outfit two, which… that one’s just always sexy, sorry. It’s sex appeal in every which way. There’s no denying it in taking that one the wrong way.

Okay, so… three. Let’s say, a long sleeved, white shirt. Black waistcoat and pressed black
How you’ll know when you’re being seduced – Day 72 PTTFO is a heady mind-fuck confusion hypnosis session, the story of Sabriel’s seduction.

It’s better than 50% off for 48 hours.

You have until Sunday to decide whether it’s what you need. Tick Tock!

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime, for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 72. Now I recently had the pleasure of going out with a couple of friends. Now it wasn’t some amazing pub crawl, you know up and down the high street, anything like that… it was just a simple, going out, meeting at a café.

And someone was flirting with one of my friends. And my friend, to their… I don’t know, I guess to their credit, that they were more focused on the conversation that was happening at the table, they didn’t seem to catch that the person next to them, one table over, was really, really into them.

So okay, let’s talk about not so much about flirtation, because I swear I don’t know how people don’t realise when they’re being flirted with, but let’s go a step more. What about begin seduced? I figure I’ll clue you in, I’ll give you a few. You know, just so you will know if you’re being seduced.

After you’re going to have a task to do. Don’t worry, it ties into that Permissive Circumstance.

So let’s take a look at this, my dearest one. The first is this push-and-pull game. No, I’m not talking about the gym, and did you know that’s actually a thing? Push-days, pull-days… I am learning a lot from the helpful gym-bros that hang around at my gym.

Anyway, this push and pull, the feeling like someone is relentlessly flirting with you and interested in you, and constantly there, and then… pulling away, like out of nowhere, just disappearing. Like imagine our Sabriel, right? He’s going about his happy Sabriel life, and this woman in his life just… loves on him, right? Is calling, inviting him out, doing nice things for him and so on, and so forth… and then, poof. She’s gone for a couple of days.

Now, what is our dear Sabriel going to think? There’s another guy? Maybe… and if he’s the competitive type or the jealous type, and you know I don’t play with jealousy but let’s just say… ooh, our Sabriel might step up his game a bit, right? So that particular act of seduction it has its own rewards.

Now in everyday life, in every day relationships… should you toy with the person you care about, like actually toy with their emotions? No… because that is naughty.

Now the other thing is something you’re a bit unlikely to notice. It’s the little, harmless things. The everyday things that are basically working to chip away, to make sure they can lead to bigger things. Now let’s say that you’re being seduced by someone very into Female Led Relationships. You know, Femdom Hypnotist type, or… hypno domme, etcetera.

Now this person they might have you listen to them speak with you often. They might be the one that talks to you and as you fall asleep every night.

They might
An Admin Day – Day 71 This is my podcast on the Reason podcast platform.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 71. I know you enjoyed Day 70 and the newest bit of the Getting Longer session. Well, it’s important to have balance in life, so today it’s an admin day… okay?

So pay attention.

Like you always do.

On the website, when you look, and it says at the top “Sessions”, underneath that it says “Your Downloads”. That means anything you’ve downloaded whether purchased or free and so on, is there. When the next Getting Longer session comes out, mosey on over that way… cowboy boots are optional, but if you’re wearing the cowboy boots I’m gonna have to insist you have either the really nicely broken in jeans, or none.

Which one will it be? How do you imagine yourself moseying over to a website?

Anyway, go there and you can download the newest Getting Longer session. The other stuff, again, will be there… and it will just stay there for however long, so… go ahead, log in, handle your own… you are in charge of handling your own admin for that, from now on.

Now you should have already have something sitting there, at least like the free Beginner Bundle. And if you don’t, why not? I know… I know why some of you don’t. It’s because some of you have been with me well before I started this system, and I love you for it.

Now you have a task, to round out this admin day. But first, I want to say to the person who triggered, great choice of word, right? Reason to contact me to claim my podcast on their platform, thank you for that. Make sure you let me know who you are. That kind of loyalty definitely deserves a reward. And hell, I’ll be ultra-generous, if you can find a podcast directory that I’m not listed on, and send it to me obviously, I will happily think of some kind of a thank-you.

Now you can’t go on like the NFL podcast directory and be like… “Oh… Mistress… where are you? You’re not on this one!” You have to use some common sense, alright?

Okay, so your task is to follow the link that’s in the blog post, the show notes, however you’re hearing me, perhaps even on YouTube, go to Reason, and subscribe. Now even if you never use it, because you listen directly through the website, or you’re on… Spotify, or Pocketcasts, or one of those, that’s totally fine… I just would like to see what happens when you actually have ten followers.

So let’s do that, alright? I wanna hit ten. That should be pretty damn easy.

Okay, let’s go all the way up now to our Permissive Circumstance for today. It is getting close to a holiday, I could make it something like if you haven’t eaten chocolate… but eh, I don’t care if you’ve eaten chocolate today. This is what I care about, alright?

So… take a moment.Just feel where you are.Feel how you feel.

Now, think about what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing something that makes you feel a little extra sexy, a little bit like… if there was a naughty demon, sitting over in the corner, and she wanted to try her hands at some succubus hypno, you’re the dude she’s going to pick, right?

So tell me, as part of this Permissive Circumstance, I think you should be open to telling me… what you’re wearing. What has you feeling extra good about my Good Boy today?
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Game Night III - MMF Threesome ✅ Gay Male Sex (Erotic ASMR Story) Listen to the full story:

In this Erotic ASMR story, there is bisexual male sex in the shower followed by body worship and adoration of their mutual partner. Indulge in this MMF threesome audio story, narrated by some of our top voices.
Getting Longer Release 4 This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Welcome to Day 70. It’s time. Go on over to the website and download the Getting Longer Session that’s waiting for you there.

As for your Permissive Circumstance, you have my permission, during the session. Do you think you can remember that? After all, your mind it sometimes plays tricks on you.

And speaking of the Getting Longer Session I’ve had some really, really creative ideas coming in for what we should do next season. As you know I used to do a lot of personalised content, but it’s kinda tricky to keep up on that amount of… mostly the editing.

But there is a way to have your happy dreams come true, and it’s to actually send me your idea. Now I don’t mean six words, I don’t mean 60 words, I mean fully fleshing out your idea. I want to know everything from the type of induction you like, confusion, body relaxation, and so on… to what kind of triggers you like, and the story. Now I don’t need every detail, but you know… beginning-middle-end is a place to start. And you may be pleasantly surprised to hear yours come to life.

Even if you’re not a follower, yet… or for some who are unable to join Patreon, just know you are rewarded for being my… hmmm… for being my muse.

Anyway, let’s get back to the present. Maybe you haven’t any of the Getting Longer session yet, well… keep listening, at the end of this podcast I’m going to share the latest instalment. Now remember, for the ones going through the full session, you have the induction, you have the build up, you have… the other bits, all in, leading to this one. And because I, like I said, love to give you good things, and to celebrate getting all the way to 20 minutes, I’m taking 20% off the admission fee for the next week.

Now this doesn’t price it lower than what it was for those who already purchased it, because I can’t reward procrastination, can I? But it is a pretty good kick in the pants to jump in and join in now.

Now and as always my Patreon it is limited to a hundred Happy Harem followers. I have no idea which number we’re sitting at right now. You know, it’s a Monday but it’s still early on a Monday, so I’m getting all my ducks lined up… and because the weather’s nice, they’re really not behaving.

Anyway, enjoy the instalment, and remember… if you’ve been going through the full session, stop listening about now, and make sure you listen to the full session, downloaded off the website, and not just the snippet coming up next.
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Trifecta of Treats – Day 69 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. the Femdom hypnosis podcast that waffles between gentle, and not quite. Lots of fun for the submissive man.

Today is Day 69. I am not a teenage boy and I generally can make it through “sixty-nine” without laughing, ummm… but I think it’s because all of my social outlet seems to be plagued with thankfully-not-covid but still-pretty-lousy colds. I’ve been a little starved, a little starved, for some face-to-face interaction.

Anyway, so today is Day 69 still. Shockingly enough. Tomorrow, for Day 70 we’re going to be adding to that Getting Longer, but for today, in honour of a bit of childish whimsy, I want you… I want you, to do something fun for me.

You know how there’s the Seven Deadly Sins, and I probably said this already but I had a friend, I had a friend who wanted to watch a movie together, which hey… that’s fine, whatever. And we’re going through different things and I said “Hey, have you seen the movie Se7en?” and they say “Is that the one that has Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box at the end?” and I’m like “I don’t know… I’ve never seen it.” so I ended up watching the movie and knowing that at some poi… oh, shit… Spoiler Alert, but I swear this movie is like a gazillion year’s old, so if you haven’t seen it I guess you get to experience it like I did, knowing that at some point her head is going to be in a box.

Now, let’s… let’s lighten up the deadly sins. If you want my permission today to have a really, really good orgasm, and you want to be my obedient boy and do a task, you have to pick three of these sins, and make them yummy. So instead of Seven Deadly Sins, they could be… Three, what goes with that? Y’know ‘cos Seven Deadly Sins kinda has a bit of a cadence to it… you’re going to do a Trifecta of Treats. Tell me how you would change those to be something wonderful for us.
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Showing Off Mind Control – Day 68 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. the Femdom hypnosis podcast that waffles between gentle, and not quite. Lots of fun for the submissive man.

Today is Day 68, and I have a task for you. Now I know, it makes that heart of yours pitter-patter whenever I say you get to be obedient, doesn’t it?

So here’s your task… meander on over to the website, Spoken by Elswyth dot-com… although you can do that a bit shorter. Elswyth dot-com works as well. Check out today’s MCF. Do you want a hint? Woof-woof. That’s a good hint. And as for your Permissive Circumstance, I think you’ll figure it out when you see the Playlist of MCFs for today.

And that’s it… I’ll see you tomorrow.
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Mornings With You - Lesbian Erotic ASMR ✅ Queer Sex ✅ Lesbian Cunnilingus ✅ Sexy American Accent (Erotic ASMR Story) Listen to the full story:

In this lesbian Erotic ASMR story, a couple wakes up early on a weekend and decides to make the most of the morning with some romantic sex.
Sit-Stay-Down – Day 67 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with training, hypnosis, triggers, playtime, tasks and rewards. All for that wonderful submissive man.

Here we are, Day 67. Let’s just jump right into it.

Now, it’s not really any surprise, nor is it particularly novel, that there’s a big overlap between the hypnokink lovers out there and people with other kinds of BDSM and fetish interests. That’s why the “Vac Bed Bondage” is one of my best-selling sessions ever, with things like, uh… oh, the “10 Steps to Becoming the Ideal Sissy Cuckold” placing quite highly.

Now I’ve been plotting and scheming for a sort-of sequel to that “10 Step” session that goes into puppy play and pet play and all that good stuff, and was meditating on how much of the language and traits of pet play fits nicely in with BDSM in general. There’s all those one-word commands that are quickly obeyed.

Well… speaking of pets, that was the doggo with that snort. We’ll see if it gets edited out. I don’t care either way, so… Pita, if you want to edit it out, go ahead. If not, leave it.

Anyway, there’s all those ummm… the one word commands that are quickly obeyed, or at least should be, right? Some of you lean towards bratty, and you know it. Sit. Stay. Down. And then there’s collars and leashes, of course, with the silvery tag that reads “Property Elswyth”, or how about begging? Sometimes the only thing that’ll work for me is a well-phrased and desperate, pleading litany of begging.

It is harder than you think. Go ahead and set a timer for two minutes once we’re done and see if you can beg that entire time.

All this to say, I think that almost anyone who has even a little bit of an interest in kink can get involved with the fringes of pet play. Even if it’s just to show submission by curling up at the foot of the bed to sleep, or to enthusiastically beg for more than that.

So, today you have some homework. We all know how fun training can be, and an important part of training is proper rewards. What’s the treat that I could use to motivate you? Is it something that I can carry around in my pocket? Or is it a word or a phrase or a sensation that lets you know you’re getting it right? Something I can give you every time you sit, or roll over, or whatever other trick I’m trying to teach you?

Alt Homework (Puppy Room Question): If you’ve listened to any of those maid training sessions you’ll know what I mean by a “Puppy Room”, because it’s similar to a “Dressing Room”. An imaginary room, a headspace, that helps you find the persona I desire, and that I often will call for with a specific trigger. So a Puppy Room is just that, a room that’s set up with all the things that put you in that proper puppy mood. Your homework today is to think about what goes into your puppy room, what would need to be there to get you in the right frame of mind?

And once you’ve done your homework you have my permission for release today, as long as you’re curled up at the foot of the bed.
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Discrete public play – Day 66 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with training, hypnosis, triggers, playtime, tasks and rewards. All for that wonderful submissive man.

Today is Day 66. Now, I don’t usually mention this, but in light of the UK having… what, the highest inflation ever, and apparently spring has been cancelled, so now my heat’s running, I am counting on you to either like, or subscribe, or leave a review depending on how it is that you’re listening to me.

Now, for those of you who know me, I don’t really spend a lot of time publicly chatting, so you’ll notice like, the comments and this and that, I don’t do the thing you’re supposed to do for the SEO, and Youtube, and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, because I spend a decent amount of time answering privately, and you likely know that if you’ve ever reached out to me, it’s quite rare that you won’t receive a response in return.

So, so go ahead, like subscribe, do whatever that it takes that I can go ahead and continue to reach more people, and continue to spend quite a bit of time on this, with you.

So tell me; are you in a public place as you listen to me, today? Or somewhere that you might be watched? I want a teensy-weensy little gesture of obedience, and possibly exhibitionism from you, right now… open your mouth, part your lips. And I mean just a little bit, don’t sit there with your jaw hanging open like you’re catching flies or whatnot, don’t do that. Just a little, making anyone who spots you wonder what you’re gawking at, maybe. I’m sure you’ve got it. Now stay like that until we’re done.

I talk about overt public displays of kink all the time, mostly in one of two different ways; the first is among like-minded folks who understand the game we’re playing. You know, sometimes those are realistic, and sometimes they’re fantastical, taking place in some “Eyes Wide Shut” scenario. Does anybody else remember that movie? You know… where I’m wealthy enough, because the Master and Mistress or whatever they’re always billionaires or whatever. So I’m wealthy enough that I frequent mansions and ballrooms, while still afforded a degree of anonymity. We’re all allowed our “If I hit the Lotto” daydreams, even if we only buy a ticket on New Year’s Eve.

The other way I’ll often mention public play is the truly unrealistic, where all sense of decency has been thrown to the wind and we’re doing something perverse or obscene where any innocent bystander could, and does, see. Perhaps it’s my desire to prove to you that I can make you do something so reckless with the right words, or that I can help you feel comfortable with being so on display.

But that’s all those times where I’ve discarded discretion. What about when we’re playing with something subtle? Like the way you’re trying right now to make sure your lips don’t touch when you swallow. Or using that pet name for you… what was it dear?

Or there’s those triggers I love to use when you’re not expecting them. Would a hotel desk clerk spot the effect of a discrete application of “Pour”? Would that girl at the deli counter notice how you blush in response to a chiding “Naughty Bunny”? It doesn’t matter if they see your response or not, just that you can wonder if they do.

In a way the word runes I place in your mind are equivalent to a toy… you know those really good toys that you might wear as we’re out and about, the kind that responds to the push of a button on my phone with a pulse, or a buzz, or a zap. A type of control that doesn’t require a conscious decision on your part to obey or not.

Speaking of which, if you kept your lips parted this whole time, you can have your release today. And if you have some thoughts on this kind of discrete public play, send me a polite note. I want to hear what you’re thinking about.

See you tomorrow.
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Getting Longer release 3 Not only goes Getting Longer get a little longer today, but A chapter in Margaret’s story is also available.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Welcome to Day 65. It’s time for a new Getting Longer session. 15 minutes of Hypnokink Bliss. Go over to the website and download it there. Instructions are given. Your Permissive Circumstance for today, it’s to go be a good boy. Download, listen to the session, and then you have my permission for release.
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What we missed – Day 64 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 64. Tomorrow… tomorrow is a bit of fun. We’re going to be up to 15 minutes. And I have you doing something that once upon a time I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed, but hey… we all change.

Speaking of enjoyment, I have really all the messages trickling in due to response for Day 61. Remember that one?

If you just heard a sigh, it’s the dog, not me.

So for Day 61 I talked about whether or not you’re a good subject for hypnosis, or actually how I can spot a good subject by the things they tell me, experiences they’ve had, things they do, and so on.

Well, I never fail to be amazed by some of the hobbies, and habits, and daydreams that you get up to. It’s… uh. It’s right up there with the guy in the café talking about how he went to see that movie for the soundtrack. I just love it, I just love it, love it, love it.

So well done. If you haven’t shared, maybe you’re, I don’t know… feeling a little shy? Go on, tell me about your hobby. Tell me about your passion, and if none of those, tell me about your favourite book. The scene that has stuck with you forever, or hah… the cliché one, right? Somebody hands you a check for a million dollars, pounds, etcetera. What do you go off and do?

But that one’s not nearly as fun as the other questions, at least I don’t think so.

Okay, your task for today is to give a round of applause to my observant ones who notes which days happened to be missing tasks and permissive circumstances. If you’re one of them, accept the applause, and enjoy your release.
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The clothes you wear – Day 63 The editor is putting the finishing touches on a full length session about my Lady’s maid Margaret. I expect it’ll be released tomorrow. In the meantime, all the Maid Training Sessions are on sale, at least until the 9th of April.

The 15-minute version of the Getting Longer endurance session is due out on Friday, and yes it will creep up in price at the same time.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with training, triggers, playtime, tasks and rewards, all for that wonderful submissive man.

Today is Day 63, and we’re going to talk a little bit about clothes. So what kind of guy are you… are you just practical? Jeans and a t-shirt? Are you a little bit of a fashionista, and like staying up on current trends? Or are you the always-classic. You know what I mean? Like a few really nicely fitting pieces that seem to last you forever, because they’re quality?

How would you feel in a Femdom relationship if everything got chosen for you? The shirt? Trousers? Socks, underwear, even the shoes. Does that thrill you? Does it make you a bit nervous that it might take you out of that comfort zone? If you’re my jeans-and-t-shirt dude, and I decide you’re the nice woolen trousers, and that shirt that fits just right with the buttons, and the collar.

You have to admit if you are my jeans-and-t-shirt-dude, that part of you is thrilled by the idea that I would dress you up, but you in these quality things, and insist that we go out. I know, I know… you’re going to say that’s not you. But my dear, isn’t it fun to not be you? To slip on a different persona like you might a well-tailored jacket.

Okay, well let’s shift this a little bit. Let’s pretend that you have full control of the clothes that you’ve purchased for yourself, so you know… in the drawers and the wardrobe, closet, what-not, all your things.

But, in this scenario, probably mostly unknown by you, some of the clothes have properties. Triggers. Attached to them. So your underwear and sock drawer it’s basically a roulette… it’s basically a roulette of options.

How long do you think it would take for you to figure it out, hmmm? You know those blue and white, striped boxer-briefs that always make you feel… I don’t know… like a little empty, somewhere? Like a nice toy, finger, etcetera might be the only thing to fill it?

Or how about those baby-blue, silky, thong undies that I know, maybe you don’t wear them all the time, but when you do you find yourself just a bit more orally fixated.

Or hell, let’s say socks… you know, you could have, this could be used for good, right? Well… for healthy good. The socks that you put on that just motivate you to go that extra mile, or kilometer, you know, depending on what you like to use to measure.

That favourite shirt, that now really makes you feel powerful. Confident. Self-assured and definitely sexy.

And finally, in case all this… progress, the motivational socks, the shirt of confidence isn’t quite your cup of tea today, how about an undershirt that never fails to inspire blushing. Even if you don’t know why you are.

Ah, control. Don’t we love it? Don’t you love giving it over, and getting good things in return. So share with me your thoughts. Surprise me and be creative. Match something of the mundane to an emotion, desire, and tell me what it is. Bye for now.
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Position meditation session – Day 62 This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 62, and this is a Position Meditation Session that you can use again and again. If you’re in public, that’s find, but you do need to be able to close your eyes.

Slowly inhale from the belly, into the ribs, chest, top of the head. Hold.And now reverse, exhale, top of the head, chest, ribs, belly. Hold.

Inhale. Belly, ribs, chest, head. Hold.Exhale. Head, ribs, chest, belly. Hold.

In again. Belly, ribs, chest, head. Hold.And out. Head, chest, ribs, belly. Keep breathing, through that way.

And as you exhale, visualise tension, stress, worries, draining from your body, down. Either breathing it out, or letting it go, down. Further down, through your toes. Melting away.

Concentrating on your breath, while you’re imagining releasing stress, it gives you something to focus on while also benefiting from this deep breathing that you’re doing.

This gift to yourself, that never fails to make you feel better, it’s worth this very short moment of time together. The breathing, up and deep, and the out, and letting go. When you work on clearing your thoughts, instead of focussing on thinking of nothing, you’re focussing on being. Letting thoughts come, letting them go, and bringing your focus back to us. Back to right now.

Our togetherness becomes the meditation. It is the focus. It is the source of you feeling better, and you always do, whenever you take these few short minutes to listen to me.

So one last really good deep breath in, filling yourself up.And then letting it all out.Well done.
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Are you a good subject for hypnosis? – Day 61 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Welcome to Day 61. Now, it’s not going to take an observant fellow to realise that there’s been quite a break. Well, not huge… but enough of a break between Day 60 and now. Rest assured, it was for a really stupid reason. I would love to say that I went away on this gorgeous spring weekend to some hedonistic festival out in a field, with lots of love and happiness, and I don’t know… whatever else that could go on.

Then again, it wasn’t actually warm enough. It was sunny, but not warm enough for hedonism in a field. I think it would have need to happen in a somewhat classy, decent hotel instead.

But, that’s not the reason for the delay. I ended up experiencing, and I’m still experiencing it, something so ridiculous I didn’t realise it could happen. I guess there’s something that can occur if you are sleep deprived, which my couple of days away to a seaside town for pleasure did lead to… and then taking a journey. Plane, train, whatever, and changing elevations like when your ears pop and so on.

Anyway, since returning back to my home I’ve… keep experiencing periods of like, my own personal train ride. It’s ridiculous, it’s so ridiculous. The GP swears it just goes away after a bit, but he wanted me to limit my screen time, so that’s what I’ve been attempting to do. But I’ve actually had enough, so… so we’re back.

And I figure in the effort to not have a bunch of screen time and reading, I’m going to talk about a subject that I’ve been asked about quite a bit. How do you know this will work for you?

Now, I’ve been asked that many times in a professional setting. People who are using hypnosis for changing habits, for pain reduction, for letting go of certain memories, confidence, so on. All the… I’m gonna do air quotes, all the normal reasons to go see a hypnotherapist.

And honestly, even for this our… well, what do we want to call it? The hypnofetish, erotic hypnosis, hypnokink… I can’t think of any more off the top of my head, so whatever you want to call it, it’s very similar.

Now, I know that if the person I am seeing has experienced hypnosis in the past, well that’s an easy no-brainer, right? If they have someone who they respect and like (those don’t always go hand-in-hand) but if they have someone like that in their life who has also experienced hypnosis, chances are they’re going to be a good subject for it. So, say their best friend “Bob” refers them; probably going to work.

Now, if their co-worker Bob who they detest and look down on says “Hey man, you gotta try this.” maybe not? It just depends. Outside of that, because I don’t think who we are should depend on those around us, I will tell you that people who enjoy reading, they have that imagination, they have that attention span. Quite a few of them, you know… you imagine yourself in the plot… that’s an easy win.

If you are a reader, I have you.

Let’s say you’re only reading Reddit and magazines and the subtitles on TikTok, well… maybe not? But are you horny? Because if you’re horny, that can overcome… everything just about. You know, there’s that running thing, you know the thing that you will do at 2AM is not always the thing you will do at 2PM, so if you’re struggling, listen to me at 2AM. Like, you know… if you’re not quite sure if you wanna be a flirty French Maid, 2AM, go for it.

So what else? Uh… hobbies. Do you have hobbies? Or none? Now, there are some of you who are like me and when you meet somebody who has literally no hobbies, you’re floored. I can’t ever wrap my brain around that; somebody who literally has no hobbies. I mean, what do you do? What does your brain do in down-times? I don’t get it. So if you have literally no hobbies, we might not be a good fit.

And then there’s another one. It’s… this one’s a bit cliché. If you’ve ever been to a hypnotherapist, you might have had this done. They basically say, if you had X-amount of money, you know… a good amount. Let’s just say 500-thousand-million-whatever. Where would you go? And why?

Now, if somebody says “Ummm… to the beach, for a tan.” that’s not very promising. Now if someone says “I’ve always wanted to go to X-Y-Z because blank, and I love yadda-yadda, and they just go on, and they paint this picture for me, of where they would go, why they would go, what they would be doing… well.
The Quickie - Queer Sex ✅ Lesbian Sex ✅ Romantic Eroitca ✅ Sexy Canadian Accent (Erotic ASMR Story) Listen to the full story:

In this lesbian Erotic ASMR story, a couple decides to have sexy, spontaneous quickie sex between meetings while they work from home.
Getting Longer Release 2 – Day 60 The Getting Longer session gets five minutes longer today.

If you’ve already signed up to receive every instalment of this endurance session you’ll find the new release on your Downloads Page.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with generally useful training, and plenty of rewards, for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 60. It is time for you to add five minutes of bliss to your hypnokink life. Your task for today is to head over to the website and download the new, 10 minute, Getting Longer session. Instructions are posted there.

Your Permissive Circumstance for today is… yes. After… you knew that was coming. Well, you knew it was coming on how you’re going to be coming. After you finish our newest session. You deserve a reward. Good boy.
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Sidetracked – Day 59 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 59. Now, if you remember back on Day 56 we talked about knots saving your life. Not just your sex life, though I believe…

I believe if you add the right toy, and I have suggestions if you need some. Not selling any. Don’t have like… some affiliate program going on out there, though if the people who make bluetooth toys wanna hook up with me and give me some freebies, I’m all for it. Hell, if they want to give yummy toys to like… my audience at large so that I can…

I’m imagining myself, sorry, we’re getting off topic here but I guess the topic is always about me controlling you, right? I’m imagining having like this master/mistress control board where I could push some buttons and you know, give this person a zap, and that person a tingle, and this person a squeeze and so on. This little orchestra of perversion.

Mmm… ahhh… yeah. I could have fun with that.

Okay, but I’m gonna have to add a bit more to it. I’m really sorry, but y’all are gonna have to put some cameras up, ’cause I know, I know, this hypnokink. This erotic hypnosis, fetish play we have going on, a lot of it’s happening up here in our brains. But if I have, let’s just say if I have an easily controlled, plug up your ass, I wanna see your face as I’m pushing the buttons.

Okay, now I literally do not remember what I was supposed to be going over with you for Day 59. Does it matter? No. We’re just having some delicious fun.

Oh, I remember now. I was going to share some of the ways that people have said that knots have saved their lives. Well, that’s going to wait for later now.

Uhh, just a reminder; tomorrow for Day 60, ooh, it’s getting longer. That one session, remember that? We’re going to have the same introduction, and then a deepener. And then Day 65, yeah, you’re gonna love Day 65. I promise. And if you don’t love it, well… I can always help you see the light.

Your task for today… your task for today kinda ties into the Permissive Circumstance. Your task, is you are gonna jerk it off, thinking about the plug in your bottom that I’m controlling. Your Permissive Circumstance, it’s a “Yes”.
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Pleasure Retreat - Gay Male Audio ✅ M4M Erotic ASMR ✅ ASMR Male Moaning ✅ Sexy American Accent (Erotic ASMR Story) Listen to the full story:

In this gay male Erotic ASMR story, two aspiriing writers hook up after one listens in on the other masturbating at a writing retreat in the middle of nowhere.
More Maid Mind Control – Days 57 (and 58) Here’s an oversight on my part; I’m “AFK” for a full day and can’t schedule an update to the Mind Control Fragments page. There are two new Mind Control Fragments, one for Pixie and the other for Margaret. Pixie’s uses the “Come to me Pixie” trigger, and involves oral sex. Margaret’s is quite a bit tamer.

Take this opportunity to enjoy some Mind Control Fragments in any way you please. I’ve made quite a few of them available. I’ll be coming back around to a Day 58 catch-up session soon, and I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

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A knot in time saves lives – Day 56 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

So, welcome to Day 56. Small disclaimer, you may hear a dog growling in the background. She is literally looking out the window, at a squirrel and taking great offence.

Yesterday we introduced just the beginning of the Getting Longer session. Now, this session is a bit different. For my Happy Harem over there on Patreon, you’re gonna have a code that you can use to just continually download this as it gets longer. If you’re not part of that, it’s fine… but I’m going to reward those who don’t procrastinate. I love a tidy boy, and I love a punctual one as well.

So it’s going to start off with a very, very low price. You use your account to go ahead and download it from the website, and you will always be able to download the Getting Longer sessions all the way up to Day 105. Okay? That’s how we’re doing it.

Is it fair? Sounds fair to me, and that’s what matters!

Okay, I found… and you’re going to hear me click. I know you’re not supposed to do and everything else, but I happened to find this article because I’m sure something is tracking me, and it says “Essential Knots: How to tie the 20 knots you need to know” and I’m all for that, because… well… I like knots.

Anyway, underneath it, the subtitle is “One of these knots could save your life one day.” Now, I don’t fucking think so. Maybe? But what are you doing in your life that in a true, life-death scenario, one of these knots… Just the Knot! is going to be the thing that makes the difference?

Your task for today is to tell me. You can be as fantastical as you want to be, in that response.

Ummm… now, I agree. It could save your sex life one day, definitely. But your actual life? I’m on the fence.

And your Permissive Circumstance, well… I’m going to believe that these particular authors really knew what they were talking about when they wrote this, so; your Permissive Circumstance is this. If a knot that you tied saved your life, well… you have my Permission. But you have to tell me about it.

That’s it. I will see you tomorrow.
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The gift that keeps on giving – Day 55 The new Getting Longer session is now available. The first update is already written, recorded, edited, and ready to be released on the 23rd of March.


This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom hypnosis Podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 55, and as promised I do have something new for you. It’s over on the website.

Now, the way this is going to work is, it’s good for sensation play, stroking, or… just breathing. There will be a certain tone, and that’ll be in the introduction, that whenever you hear that tone, it is time for you to take a deep breath in, stroke, or strike.

Now, for stroking and striking, you will consider it to be your minimum. For breathing, you should find it’s a very familiar and easy pattern to stick with. Do you wanna practice it?

Breathe in. And out.Breathe in. And out.

It’s about seven or eight seconds for that breathing in, and back out. And that’s what you’re going to hear. Now rather than hear me say “Breathe in, and out, and in, and out, in, out, in, out, in-out, in-out, in-out” wait, I don’t think that’s my rhythm… do you have a preferred rhythm?

Anyway, instead of hearing me say that you will hear a specific sound. Follow along with that. Again, that is your cue to breathe in. It is also your minimum time for stroking.

Now, our beginning one is only five minutes, so that’s pretty easy. If you’re choosing to stroke, you’re going to find you’re not really going to even end up edging. Well, likely not. You might be, at the ten-minute mark. But the first bit, on Day 55, five minutes long, likely not. So you can go faster. And that’s fine… you can’t go slower, and you can’t stop.

So by the time we get to day… eighty-five, ninety-five, that might prove to be an interesting challenge. But at least you know you have about eight seconds of recovery time.

For those choosing to use the sound for sensation, whether it’s your hand, your Ouchie Stick, hairbrush, something else? Again, that sound it’s your minimum. So you can go faster if you want, you just can’t go slower, and can’t stop. So you may need to pace the severity, especially as this gets longer.

Now for those of you choosing to simply use it as a breathing exercise, a breathing reminder, I seriously doubt you’re going to want to go faster, or slower, or fuck… stop. But if for some reason you find you’ve lost your pacing or something, it is okay to find your rhythm and then get back to mine. It’s the same rhythm you’ve used through lots of sessions with me, so chances are you’re not going to find it too challenging, whether you’re doing it for five minutes or thirty-five minutes, as you know this part of the season progresses.

I believe in you.

So, go download the first five minutes, and on Day 60, you’ll notice that five minute session is gone, and there will be a ten-minute, but it will start the same way, and we will continue to build… and you, trust me, which I know you do. You’re going to be amazed at how it feels as this season goes on.

For today’s Permissive Circumstance, you have my approval, after you’ve downloaded and listened to the five-minute session. See you tomorrow.
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Tick Tock Trigger Release The Tick Tock Trigger Setting Session is currently available to everyone at the low-low price of zero dollars and zero cents. If you want to know what it’s all about, there’s some delightful rambling in this podcast episode that hints at what’s to come over the next couple of months.


Welcome to Almost Day 55.

Now, before we get into starting into Season 3, Part 2, we have a little bit of housekeeping to do, and unfortunately no handy maid to do it. But don’t worry, you’re going to find out very soon what at least two of my maids have been up to.

If you haven’t gone through the Margaret and Pixie trigger recently, add that to your To Do list for today or tomorrow. Don’t put it off.

Now, I released the Tick Tock trigger to my dear Happy Harem over there on Patreon. Today, it’s going out to everyone else, so your task for today is to head over to the website and download it. It will also become part of the Beginner Bundle, for… beginner’s.

That particular bundle, just in you’ve just found me, that Beginner Bundle has the triggers, but it also has a safeword setting session in it. There’s that one, and there’s a second one that is available just to Patrons if you want something just a little bit different and a bit more… catered to my personality.

Okay, other bit of housekeeping, and just bear with me here, I had a list… I can’t find it. So I don’t know if that means I need a maid, or I need a personal assistant, or… just some more sticky notes. I got totally distracted by a neighbour knocking on my door, and somehow misplaced it, but let’s go with this.

So, starting on Day 55 we are going to use Time. Five minutes to be exact. So Day 55, Day 60, Day 65, Day 70, etcetera. These particular sessions, they’re going to be edited to go in together, so they won’t be like the Mind Control Fragments. It’s something different… it’s going to eventually grow, throughout this entire Part 2, to be a nice, long session of… just about everything.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to suddenly subject you to puppy play, if that’s not your thing… or five-inch heels, or whatever else. It’s going to be very much a Spoken by Elswyth-themed, without going too off in any direction.

And plenty, plenty juicy.

So, starting tomorrow, that’s what you’re going to do. There will be a podcast telling you, you’re going to get a task, you’re going to get a Permissive Circumstance and so on. But you’ll go and download this first five-minute segment. Granted, it’s only five minutes… how much can you fit in there? Not a lot… so… so it’s probably going to be around Day 60, or 65, that it really gets rolling, okay?

You do need the Tick Tock trigger, so do make sure you’ve practiced with that a few times before you go on to listening to these little segments that will steadily grow.

Now, here’s the fun thing. I’m going to reward the ones who don’t procrastinate. My Patrons will get a code so they are able to download these new five-minute segments that get added together to be longer bits, every time a new longer session has been released. For those who are not part of my Happy Harem, you are going to find that if you purchase the shorter one for the equally little amount…

I was so going to put an SPH joke in there but I resisted. I resisted the SPH. You are going to be able to always download, all the way up to day 105, the new add-on. The new longer… thicker… the new longer session. That’s your reward for jumping in early. I just think it’s fun.

Honestly, it’s… we have to do enough with this, you me, paired together. We gotta do enough of this to make sure we’re paying my bills. Or else, I gotta go back to the mundane and you’re not going to hear from me. So I think it’s a clever way to do a bit of the… the mundane side of selling, so that’s what we’re going to do.

So on days that don’t end on a five or a zero, you’re goign to find what we’ve been doing. More of the Eunoia-ish sessions. More of the longer sessions. Ummm… quite a bit of fun adn accountability. I really think the way I did this, by taking this time off and really planning out this part two, I really can’t wait to see where we end up, at the end And then, we’re going to work together to see what Season 3, Part 1 (which would be day one up to day fifty-four) will end up looking like.

I have used two of my happy harem member submissions… very well thought-out, erotic stories that they love, to turn into full length hypnosis session
One for You, Two for Me - Lesbian Sex ✅ Secret Sex ✅ LGBTQ+ Sex Story ✅ Sexy American Accent (Erotic ASMR Story) Listen to the full story:

In this Erotic ASMR story, a lesbian couple plays a fun game of trying to keep quiet during sex while there are other people in the very next room. Michelle and Emma have only been dating for a few months. When Emma comes home with her to visit her family for the weekend, things get heated in Michelle’s childhood bedroom. Because they're in the bedroom next door to Michelle’s parents, they have to be extremely quiet while having sex.
A New Trigger Setting Session This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with carrots and sticks for the submissive man.

Today is, well… today is leading up to the beginning of Season 3, Part 2. Now, as a generous thank you to my dear Happy Harem over there on Patreon, I am giving you the new trigger for this part. It’s going to give you a bit of a head start to go through and practice it before… ooh… before we use it some very, very fun ways.

I will make it publicly available to everyone, later on, before this season begins. But… if you want it now, you can either join Patreon or, spend the fee that you’ll see in the shop. So Patrons, your task is to make you you check and grab the code.

Your Permissive Circumstance is, well… carry on with what you have been doing. For this Part 2 of Season 3 we are going to have some fun. And probably more than a few chances for release in there, because I love to be good to you.

We’re going to have some Pocket Pet, Sabriel… definitely the Maids. A little bit of woof-woof. And I’m sure I’m completely forgetting all of these other things, but here is the really fun thing; I am inspired by the idea of time, to make something that we are going to use throughout this Part 2. I know, I know, you’re going to find out what it is soon enough, but I know… I know you and I know you are going to love this. Love everywhere it takes you.

Don’t forget about your coin. Don’t forget about your Ouchie Stick, and don’t forget to go download the new trigger, so that way you can get started. You’re going to want to listen to it at least like, three times before you use it in a full session that I’m going to release it in. You will find that this particular trigger is going to be woven in a lot of our sessions.

And, the music for this trigger is also going to make an appearance in that special new thing that we’re going to try out. If we like it, I have a great idea for the Part 1 of Season 4. But, I’m gonna warn you now, it’s going to be a whole lot of smut!

So bye for now. Go download the thing and I swear I will see you soon.
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One for You, Two for Me - Swinging Erotic ASMR (MMF Threesome) Listen to the full story:

In this hot mature threesome Erotic ASMR, an older married couple invite their neighbor over for dinner and dessert - dessert being a kinky, bareback sex adventure in their living room after the meal.
Spoken by Elswyth – Day 54 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 54. I did tell you there was going to be a bit of time off. It’s going to be a week… now, when I return, I’ll probably have something special for my dear Happy Harem. You know, the people who are helping to support me over on Patreon.

Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of other stuff to go around.

But here is something very important to know. It’s quite personal. You know those points that you’ve earned in the last few days. Well, during this week the Permissive Circumstance is… you can have as many orgasms over the next seven days as you have points. Now isn’t that generous?

Okay, so be good… be aware, I’m going to have a bit of a… eugh, I hate this phrase because it’s such a cliché, but we’re going to use it anyway. A “Digital Detox”. Just some downtime… I wrapped up a bunch of other stuff, and to refill myself before coming back to some new games and new fun with you.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 53 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 53. You’ve hopefully completed yesterday’s homework, where you reflected on your naughty goals. Do the same today, but now you’re going to tell me about those… uh mundane? No, not necessarily. Vanilla, certainly… the nice goals you’ve set for yourself. Those goals to do with productivity, creativity, your health, whatever it may be.

You’ll need to examine where you’ve fallen short, done less than you hoped, and explain why that might be… and you know, after our little break from these daily episodes, I’m going to take those reasons under advisement as I work out just what to do with you.

And now, in the interest of further, haha further… self-reflection, you have my Permission for release today, as long as you’re looking yourself in the eye. You can use a small mirror and focus on your facial expressions, or pick a full-length mirror, or my favourite… kneel in front of it.

If you’ve been trying to earn some of these mysterious points for the last few days, and at this point have an even number (four… two… zero), then increase your score by one.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 52 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

So, hey there. Welcome to Day 52, and today you’re going to take the time to reflect on your progress, before a short break. Now, this half of your reflection is going to focus on the Naughty. That’s not ever an effort to admonish you. Though, let’s face it, I’m always open to offering you a dose of healthy tease and humiliation. No, but naughty here means, all that good hypnokink stuff, trigger settings, and the regular old… the regular old kinky fun like orgasm control and fetishism and such.

You know, the things in that corner of your brain that comes to mind when I talk about Pocket Pet Play. That kind of thing.

So, this is a formal review exercise. Draft an email, write a polite note, if you’re a Patron, reach me there;“Dear Mistress,Over the past 50 days I’ve committed to working on [blank]” and then you’d write in what your efforts have been focussed on.. Sticking to the naughty stuff for now.Then continue “In such-and-such, and this-and-that I’ve made good progress. Regrettably, with regard to [blank] I’ve not done as well as I’d hoped.”Now… now the particularly interesting part; “I blame [blank] for my failings and plan to [blank] in the future.”This is another one of those honesty, honor-system moments, dear one. You’ll tell me if something I’ve said, or done, or not said, or not done is the reason you’re not doing as well with your training as you’d hoped, right?

Is it possible for Mistress to make an error?

So you have your homework. For a Permissive Circumstance… hmmm… ha… “no”.But if you started reading “The Vegetarian” already, you can have one point for your little tally, and I promise only two more days until I tell you whether you want a high score or a low one.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 51 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 51. While I usually try to keep in mind that the listener might well be following along with this , like… ages after the fact, tonight I am going out to a show.

I love music, who doesn’t, right? Last week I was “out about town”, enjoying the freedom that seems to have come back… and maybe you’ve experienced that pleasant phenomenon where each song on a playlist, it feels progressively more like it was put together just for you?

I am not going to share the exact artists in question. Let’s just say that… let’s just say that my personal playlist is a very, very eclectic mix. I have this wonderful social circle, and… you’re included, and often get sent songs and fall in love with them.

The next session JOI session I plan to release is tied in to your endurance and your rhythmic ability. Maybe you don’t know what JOI means? You know, I’m going to save you from having to look it up; it refers to Jerk-Off Instructions. So like I said, it’s going to be tied into your endurance, and your rhythmic ability… and so today you have some practice in that regard by way of a Permissive Circumstance. Find a song, any song, and try to synchronize your motion to it as a test of coordination. Don’t worry dear, you can set it to repeat and take your timeAnd, this might strike you as somewhat left-field but if you have ever seen a platypus “in the flesh”, you can add one point to your tally. Yeah, the zoo counts… and some very lucky guys are 3-for-3.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 50 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 50. You should know, at the end of this week I’m going to take a short break from posting these daily sessions. We’re passing through another milestone so it’s a perfect chance for a little bit of a holiday.

Today I want to say to you; I’m really proud of you. I’m thrilled with how far you’ve come with these trigger sessions that I’ve given you, and I have seen so many, I mean many-many-many, positive, encouraging experiences related to the “Nice” goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Once we’ve taken my planned route through your initial education (you know, I lead, you follow) I hope that in addition to allowing some good triggers to really sink in, you’ll end up feeling like you’re a better person in some way. I, in my humble way, I am taking a chunk of credit for that positive change, even if others may say I’m guilty of leading you further down the path of hedonism and perversion.

So there’s no particular homework today. Just continue on with the wonderful work you’ve been putting in.

Today’s Permissive Circumstance, it does depends on the fate of that paper cuff you made. I’ve seen and heard a few sad stories about them already, but if you managed 48 hours without destroying your little token of mindfulness, you have my Permission… and a point, remember I told you to keep track?
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 49 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 49. This is another one of those… wow… Mistress lives in a noisy place editions. So we will see what magic Pita can do with my very, very noisy surroundings.

So, let’s do a little bit of checking in. Is your paper cuff holding up? I hope so. Maybe there should be some kind of reward in here. Gonna have to think that one through, just to hedge your bets. Perhaps you should share a picture of whatever you have it attached to, to show me how it’s faring. Yeah, there might be a reward for that.

And you know, I can always check in again tomorrow, when that fate of that little band of paper could decide something good. I don’t know, we’ll have to see, you know, it’s just one of those days with so many options, and so many things I can do to… so many things I can do for you.

Okay, sometimes these lessons follow the plan, and you can probably hear today, sometimes they’re improvised. Sometimes you know the chord changes, the key, and you know… improvise. Just like that jazz band at that party I took you to. I do love a good jazz band.

And you know… I’ve been looking at some of the pictures a few have picked out to share with me, since I corrected, chided, guided towards my rope-bunny-related thoughts.

Knotting ropes require some fundamentals. Ummm… especially if you’re doing it for play, it requires some fundamental equipment and safety knowledge, but let’s just go back to plain-old knotting ropes. Double-overhand, square, lark’s head, ummm… clove and cross hitches. Were you a boy scout, or a sailor? But here’s a fun thing; take those fundamentals and instead of following some prescribed recipe, just apply the tools and improvise.

That’s how I celebrated a special occasion in the last few days, and I suppose it’s sitting on my mind, in the best possible way. And part of the fun is learning what works and what doesn’t… you also learn quickly to not take too much of a knock on your ego when your partner twists their wrist and all your work unravels.

So, do you have a shoe lace and a pencil? A piece of string and something long and thin? Can you tie a double-overhand knot, a square knot and a lark’s head? If so, you get one point.I’m not sharing what the points are for. But, and this is the honour system again, you have to keep track over the next few days.

If you want a Permissive Circumstance for today, well… today you have my permission, but only for right before you sleep… sweet dreams.
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JOI for Women - Dirty Talk for Women Listen to the full story:

In this dirty talk Erotic ASMR episode, a narrator invites you to join them in intimate anal play and sex after a long, hard day.
Spoken by Elswyth – Day 48 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast for the submissive man.

This is Day 48, and I’m still concentrating on ensuring you’ve had some time away from the focused effort of training.But while yesterday was about mindlessness and relaxation, and good books or whatever else, today… today you’re going to have to put in a little more effort.

See, I have an idea for a game, and you are going to play it. Cast your mind back to the early 2000s; and do you remember those branded rubber bands it seemed like almost everyone had around their wrist? Well you’re going to make one. But without the help of durable, difficult to break plastic. Instead, you’re going to find your scissors, maybe a pencil and a ruler, and you’re going to make yourself one roughly the same dimensions out of a single sheet of paper.

No cheating. No folding. No reinforcing with layers of sticky tape; it can be secured in place with just one piece of tape. Oh… and like, no cardboard!

A paper cuff, so much more delicate than leather, or steel. It has to go on your ankle or your wrist, and it has to stay on when you sleep, or when you shower.

Now, this humble token isn’t a symbol of ownership, but in two days it will be a symbol of mindfulness, if it survives being worn by you.Good luck, dear.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 46 Links

You can find the Party of Perversion session here.

The session uses Going Deeper Faster and the Eternal Suitor trigger.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 46. And it’s going to be a short one. Your Permissive Circumstance, well, it requires that coin flip. And your task for today is to go over to the website, and download the free session. Well… the almost, almost-free session. If you’re listening to this on Day 46, or close to it, use the code “Day46”, and you can download the session for free.

If you’ve missed the window for the code, well… it pays to be prompt, doesn’t it?

Don’t forget to send your thank you note, of course. Manners matter.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 47 Transcript

Welcome to Day 47. Did you enjoy yesterday’s session? Do you want to enjoy it again today? I hope it left you feeling just as I intended. A little overwhelmed, perhaps? A little on edge? Do you need more of that again, or do you need something easier? A little more relaxing?

Take the time to stretch. If you’re seated, pull your feet up and together, and as best you can, put the soles of your feet against each other, and press your knees down.

And if you’re standing, take a hold of something for the sake of balance, if you need it, and then left one leg up behind you, take a grip of your ankle, and pull it up towards your bottom.Stretch. That’s good.

Oh, and breathe.In. Out. You can let go of your feet.In. Out.For today, take the day off any other training, and instead use that extra time for something easy. Find your zen activity, whether it’s a mindless game, or a foray into fiction, some time watching the world through the window, or carefully raking around rocks in the sand.

I kind-of recommend reading “The Vegetarian”. Ummm… no, it’s not some entreaty towards giving up meat, it’s this interesting read that you just can’t stop. I finished it easily, in a day.

Anyway, it’s not really zen, but there are some interesting scenes in there. Okay, here we go.To avoid creating any anxiety around what your coin might determine, today, because I am so generous and because I’m usually in a good mood when I finish an interesting book; today, I give you permission for release, as long as you take the time off I’ve prescribed.Soon we’re going to look at your goals, and how you’re progressing, but not today.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 45 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 45. For the last two days I’ve been musing aloud about head-games. You know what I mean by that, by now. All the ways I can enjoy saying one thing while meaning another, or carefully explain something to you while leaving you unsure, uncertain.

So, with that in mind, I want to check in with your training. Your real training, love; the hypnotic triggers you’re willingly, gratefully taking in, allowing them to Penetrate deep into your subconscious, allowing me to call any of my flouncy maids, or my Eternal Suitor whenever I need them, or want them. Or just to take you deep and whisper even more of my thoughts into your ear, as your own thoughts leak out drip by drip, making more room.

Have you been keeping up with those sessions, sticking with the schedule you promised yourself, and me? This is what you wanted, dear. You want structure and training, and if you can’t meet me with discipline and dedication, then I have nothing to offer you.

There’s more to it, yes. You have the stick and statue training you’re undertaking for me, and the little homework assignments I leave for you. But it is an absolute requirement that you spend time absorbing the triggers you crave, you need, and that I need to exercise control over you… who I want.

Before you flip that coin token to seek permission today, take a moment to consider whether you’re meeting your goals. The Naughty and the Nice goals you’re working towards… and the other goals we’ve set. Are your expectations of yourself unrealistic, or perhaps too easy? I know you are capable of being more, for me and for yourself… I also know that you respond well to being challenged, and pushed.

And as you take this time for reflection, this moment to ponder, think… why did I start this firm reminder of what you’re doing here, with a mention of head games? You’ll have to listen again if you missed it… or did you miss it?

As always, I do have something planned for you. And, I’ll see you tomorrow.
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In this lesbian Erotic ASMR story, two ex lovers meet at a mutual friends wedding and passions rekindle when they realize they aren't quite over each other. This spontaneous ex girlfriend hookup is hot and heavy in all the best ways.
Spoken by Elswyth – Day 44 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 44. Way, way back on Day 29 I asked you a question. Do you remember? I asked you why you are here. On day 43 (that was yesterday dear) I poked and prodded you a little about the nature of your submission. It’s my joy and my pleasure to question you, and to make you think about your desires.

It’s also my joy and my pleasure to make you think about my desires, and so often to leave you wondering as to whether I would prefer this or that. Now, in those heaps of shopping receipt that I received, showing the purchase of those few specific items, not one was evidence of an unusual tanning technique. But of course, on that same day I told you that I would choose rope and knots.

So back on Day 40, were you paying attention, or did you dismiss my preference out of hand because you were thinking about your own public humiliation? Did you enjoy some bondage-based session like Bound for Release, or listen to your Rope Bunny Affirmations? Did you spend some time gazing, longing, at pictures of tied up people online? Did you share a few with me, perhaps?

If you remember Day 40 well, and know that your response to my words was to delight in flights of fancy, of how being tightly tied-up might feel, then you have my permission to flip your coin today, and maybe just earn release.

And if you were naughty, and not paying careful attention, if you know that your takeaway from that lesson was that you should go buy condoms, and lube, and veggies, well then don’t you dare flip your coin today.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 43 Links

The 10 Steps to becoming the ideal sissy cuckold session is available in the shop.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 43.

Okay, since today is not going to be for everyone, let’s start with your Permissive Circumstance. Do you remember? That’s right, flip that coin!

And now onto what today is all about. Today is… dedicated to some sissy hypnosis. And in the interest of going “Up One ELO” it’s not just any sissy hypnosis. Nope. Today your full-length session is dedicated to sissy cuckold hypnosis.

And because I love to give you good things, I’m even breaking it down into 10 easy steps. Now you can kind-of like… vote with your downloads on how much you want to have more of this content, right? Okay so… what you need to do is go over to the website. And, umm…

Sorry. It always makes me laugh because it makes me think of some of those lead-ins for like… talk radio and such where they just rattle off this website-thing, or a phone number that you hear so many times. I’m sure there’s a couple of you that likely have some, y’know, 1-800 number of etcetera stuck in your head.

Anyway, back to the topic; go over to my website, and the code that you’re going to see a spot to enter is the colour of my favourite lipstick. It doesn’t have to be the brand, it just has to be the colour. And in case the colour is two words, squish it all together, no spaces.
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Spoken by Elswyth – Day 42 Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

This is Day 42, and today we’re going to continue on this idea of going up one ELO. I know you have your “Nice” goals in mind. And today we’re going to focus on the time you’ve been spending with your stick or statue practice.

Now, I’ve asked you. Well… told you, to work on developing an understanding of your own limits, with your own “Naughty” goal. You’re on the honor system, as you’re aware, and with respect to your posing, you have some space to make the positions you take match your fantasies. And of course you know what I like.

But today your task… well it’s going to be decided by your coin, just like your Permissive Circumstance.

So before you flip to decide if you get release today, flip your token, and if you get “Heads”, you’re going to find your stick, or adopt your contrapposto. You’re going to aim for as many strokes as you can take comfortably, for as many minutes as you can manage.

And if you flip your token and get tails, well today I’m going to push you. Once you’ve met your usual expectation, once you’ve gotten as far as you’re used to, you’re going to take ten more strokes. Or you’re going to push for three more patient, mindless minutes, really stretch the endurance of those muscles in your legs and arms.

I trust you to find a nice balance, and to know that this extra little show of devotion properly tests you.
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