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Updated On: May 30, 2022
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Big Gay Fiction Podcast The Big Gay Fiction Podcast is for avid readers and passionate fans of gay romance fiction. Each week we bring you exclusive author interviews, book recommendations and explore the latest in gay pop culture.
Point Blank: Hardboiled, Noir, & Detective Fiction Point Blank is a podcast about hardboiled, noir, and detective fiction. Mixing serious analysis and humor, the co-hosts (Justin and Kurt) discuss a classic or contemporary work of crime fiction each episode. In addition to major works, they offer shorter reviews, and examine noir-ish topics such as alcoholism in detective fiction, the femme fatale, and race and labor in crime fiction. Stroll with Kurt and Justin down the rain drenched alleys and mean streets as they explore the fascinating world of crime fiction.
The Patron Saint of Suicides Created by author Alex Dolan. Haven Otomo spends her spare time saving people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. She also owns a private suicide hotline. Possessed with unnatural powers of persuasion, she’s always been good at talking people in and out of things.

When a rash of suicides hits the city, a detective reaches out for her help on the investigation, and her insight into why people kill themselves. When the crime becomes more complicated, she must question the people she trusts most, and whether they are involved.

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How to Write a Military Biography - HAC Studios Describes the process and progress from writing a military biography H.A.C. (Hayden Academy Collective) Studios
Authors Interviews with authors of books relating to the criminal justice system Crime Redefined Podcast
Best of Books and Audio Stories on Vurbl The playlist curated by author and podcaster Keith Hayden, contains popular and up and coming storytellers. It currently features works by Jules Verne, audio fiction from many podcasts such as These Fantastic Worlds, The Black Tapes, CBS Radio Broadcasts and more!

Sit back relax and enjoy a few stories.
H.A.C. (Hayden Academy Collective) Studios
H.A.C. Studios - Reading Thoughts Insights, thoughts, and inspirations from books that I'm reading H.A.C. (Hayden Academy Collective) Studios
Best Classic Books For Adults On Vurbl From the vast worlds of the Victorian era to the great American novels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, expand your literary vocabulary with this curated playlist of the best classic books for adults, including some of the most iconic and well-regarded works that literature has to offer. Listen now! Vurbl Classic Audiobook Picks
Vurbl’s Book Club: The Latest On Lit Listen in weekly as we pick some of the most in-depth, analytical, and honest book reviews and literary discussions here. From literary fiction classics, science-fiction, romance, and more, listen in to these book club talks to reflect on your own reading or discover books to add to your "to read" list. So curl up, listen in, and explore the world of books! Vurbl Classic Audiobook Picks
Ruan Willow's Erotic Audiobooks All of the podcast episodes in one place that contain snippets and excerpts of the erotic audiobooks Ruan Willow has narrated. They are sexy hot steamy lush stories which span the topics of a sexy western, male/female erotic stories, lesbian stories, multiple partner stories, Giantess/Goddess Macrophilia and Microphilia fetishes, and more! Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Erotica Excerpts From Erotica Authors This playlist is to showcase all the erotic excerpts Ruan has featured on her podcast. They range in topics from lesbian and bisexual scenes, male/female interactions, BDSM, fantasy, multiple partners, and many other sexual scenarios and sexual relationships. A playlist to sample and find new amazing sexy steamy works of fiction by erotic fiction writers and authors. Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Phillip's Guest Appearances I've been on a few shows, and here they are!
Worst Bestsellers (book talk, about "The Dark Knight Returns")
Reels of Justice (movie courtroom show, where I defend "Escape from LA")
The Cozy Sleuth (author chat show)
Escape from New York Minute (another movies-by-minute show where I talk about the "Escape From LA" prequel)
Bat-Minute Forever (ANOTHER movies by minute show, talking 'Batman Forever')
Knives Out Minute (you get it, but this time about the Rian Johnson mystery film).
The Not As Bad Station

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Holiday Special: A Little World Scott reads a story he wrote 20 years ago. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
Special: On A Dark Cold Night Creativity Challenge for the Sonar Network I’m joined by Kristen Zaza from the On A Dark, Cold Night podcast to come up with a collaborative swapping story starting from the word “headquarters.”
Audio edited and compiled by Michael Mongiardi and Marianna Miniotis from the Sonar Network. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
This point about spys in most movies is soooo true... This point about spys in most movies is soooo true...
This point about spys in most movies is soooo true... This point about spys in most movies is soooo true...
Episode 105: The Witch Boy (Sleep pt 6) The witch boy tries to defeat the queen. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
Episode 104: The Old King (Sleep pt 5) The witch boy is imprisoned beneath the castle. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
Episode 103: Audience with the Queen (Sleep pt 4) The witch boy sneaks into the throne room to meet the queen. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
Episode 102: Cobbling (Sleep pt 3) A witch boy tries to find his way into a castle.
Episode 1: The River of Time A boy who wants nothing more than to grow up is given the chance.
Episode 2: The Flower Girl A flower girl finds a solution to all of life’s problems.
Episode 3: The Wrong Way A little girl finds a way into another world and realizes she might not have been meant to go there.
Episode 4: Bones in the Garden A girl finds a new friend in the garden, freshly uncovered by a storm.
Episode 5: Plain Little Box A new king finds our that memory can play tricks.
Episode 6: Jar of Joy A man thinks he has found happily ever after, but everything runs out eventually.
Episode 7: The Gallows Bone A spirit finds a pupil who is too easy to teach.
Episode 8: True Love’s Kiss A prince reaches a certain age, and the world searches for his princess.
Episode 9: The Dark Answers A farmer whose wife is dying is befriended by the dark.
Episode 10: Firstborn A beast offers everything in exchange for a woman’s firstborn child.
This episode has slight audio issues.
Episode 11: The Mother Crab A fisherman encounters a giant crab who asks him for mercy.
Episode 12: War A fallen squire meets a feasting crow on a battlefield.
Episode 13: Wishing Well A girl falls into a well while reaching for a wish.
Episode 14: The Mountain Goat A village girl finds her perspective changes as her village is endangered.
Episode 15: Bed A boy gets out of bed at night and realizes he’s not alone.
Join us on the new website at and discuss this episode on the new Facebook discussion board!
Episode 16: The Drowned Men Three ships are stuck at sea with no wind when they are offered help by a legion of the drowned.
Episode 17: The Staircase in the Kitchen A baker finds a staircase where none had been before.
Episode 18: Written in Red An apprentice scribe discovers power in his quill.
Episode 19: Forgotten A woman is forgotten by her village.
Episode 20: Ink A man replaces what he’s lost with tattoos that are more than just drawings.
Episode 21: Wolf A huntress is hired to deal with a wolf that comes too close to town.
Episode 22: Fairy Tale A father takes his daughter to find the fairies.
Episode 23: A Lovely Concern Darkness finds a pair of shoes and tries them on.
Episode 24: Flawless A boy with the power to heal finds himself not wanting the job.
Episode 25: The Shopkeeper A woman wants to live a fairy tale life, with all the love and magic that entails.
Episode 26: Elf A man visits a magic place, but then has to go home.
Episode 27: Princesses A prince sets out tasks to find a suitable princess to marry.
Episode 28: Ship The wind falls in love with a ship on the ocean.
Episode 29: The Hunter, the Hare A hare that was once a man seeks a way to return to his former self.
Episode 30: The Town Crier A man thinks he’s found a prophet in a town crier.
2017 Halloween Megasode I was invited to be part of this by the minds behind Minds of Madness, and it was a delight. This special episode is a mix of truth and fiction, true crime and made-up horror, brought to you by a broad range of broadcasters, including yours truly. I’ve tried to edit out the swearing (let me know if I missed one)…
Episode 31: Climbing An old man is visited by a mysterious stranger who steals his crumbs.
Episode 32: Triumph Over Death A man seeks eternal life — at any cost.
Episode 33: Small of Her Back A woman visits her husband’s grave and hears a noise.
Episode 34: Snowflakes to Snow A farmer is surprised when snowflakes say hello.
Episode 35: Standards A witch helps a woman build a life that measures up to her lofty standards.
Episode 36: Melt A mother and son are trapped by snow at the edge of the world.
Episode 37: Left Behind A woman is left in a forest to fend for herself by a son too poor to care for her.
Episode 38: The Dragon and the Staircase A dragon crashes into the last bit of green left in a snowbound world and is cared for by an elderly couple.
Episode 39: Winter Storm Two boys face the winter storm.
Holiday Special This year’s holiday special is written by listeners! The stories include a parrot with an amazing skill, a poetic take on a famous photo, misused power, a story of charity, and the retelling of a famous Disney villain.
Saint of Another Kind by Sudipta Dev Chakraborti
Episode 41: Caged A forgotten prisoner is visited by an unusual guest.
Episode 42: Pockets A poor man finds coins placed in his pockets.
Episode 44: Heroic An awkward youth becomes a hero, but he’s doesn’t quite fit the role.
Episode 45: Post A man gets a letter from the future.
Episode 46: Love Potion A witch making love potions gets a taste of her own medicine.
Episode 47: Lumberjack A lumberjack makes an amazing discovery deep inside the trunk of a tree.
Episode 48: Froth of Blood A merman is dragged onto a fishing boat.
Episode 49: The Ball A princess at a royal ball makes an accidental wish.
Episode 50: Three Siblings Three siblings find a golden egg, but only one can have it.
Episode 51: The Woman at the Bar A boy follows a magic coin left by a stranger.
Photo of apple in the new art courtesy of Dan LeFebvre.
Episode 52: The Market A stranger enters a market with one thing to sell – a wish.
Guys — on Monday the show will be a year old!
Episode 53: Fortune A fortune teller meets a troubled princess.
Most episodes of the show can be listened to in any other — but this one should be listened to after episode 52.
Episode 54: Inheritance A man inherits everything a stranger owned.
Episode 55: Conclave The end of the world arrives.
This episode is one of the few that doesn’t stand alone — if you’re new, start with a different episode, please!
Episode 56: Feathers A man slowly metamorphasizes into a bird.
Episode 57: Slip A thief finds a note hidden in her sleeve.
Episode 58: Drink A man hears voices coming from his beer.
Episode 59: Genie A soldier meets a genie who can grant no wishes.
Episode 60: Woodcut (Part 1 of 3) A boy finds an awakened book and learns about the past.
Episode 61: Woodcut (Part 2 of 3) A boy seeks information about his past, with the aid of an enchanted library.
Episode 62: Woodcut (Part 3 of 4) A young prince makes his own way in the world, with the help of magic books.
Episode 63: Woodcut (Part 4 of 4) The conclusion — the prince and his army return to the castle.
Episode 64: Onions A girl decides to find out what lies beyond the sky.
Episode 65: Three Notes of Music A girl carries a deadly song within her.
Episode 66: A Curse By Any Other Name A carnival comes to down.
Episode 67: Dead Man’s Clothes A man finds a suit that makes him rich.
Episode 68: The Cabinetmaker A cabinetmaker finds an intact cupboard in the ruins of an old house and takes it home.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! And happy new Doctor Who!
Episode 69: The Cabinetmaker and the Duchess (pt 2 of 5) The cabinetmaker meets a duchess hiding behind the back panel of a cupboard.
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe It’s Hallowe’en/Halloween, and to celebrate, I’ve brought in a guest author — one of my favourite writers. This is his story about a man and his pet bird who don’t get along.
Episode 70: The Cabinetmaker and the Underworld The cabinetmaker finds himself in the afterlife.
Episode 71: The Cabinetmaker’s Father The cabinetmaker finds his father in the afterlife.
Episode 72: The Cabinetmaker and Death – Finale In the final episode of the Cabinetmaker series, the cabinetmaker faces death in his quest to return to the living.
Announcement Announcement about Woodcuts: A Fairy Tale for Unwanted Children, now on Amazon as an eBook and paperback.
Episode 73: Crunch of Snow A soldier chases a woman through a snowy forest, but he doesn’t find what he expects.
Episode 74: Tiny A woman steps on a village on her way to her well.
2018 Holiday Special Happy holidays! To celebrate, I bring you five original stories by listeners to the show.
The Fairy King by Emmarayn Redding
Meliora and the Devil by Deborah Markus (16:30)
The Dragon and the Runt by Lisa Dawn (33:20)
Small Red Footprints by Marissa Peterson (39:25)
Ice Captives by Lynden Wade (49:25)
Emmarayn Redding can be found at or on her Facebook author page. Her books are The Quest for the Ivory Sword and The Madman of Elkriahl and Other Fairy Tales.
Deborah Markus has published a young-adult novel called The Letting Go.
Lisa Dawn’s website is She also has some Amazon novellas, which can be found at
Lynden Wade can be found at
Episode 78: Primrose and Cloud Dust A woman finds some wishes and tries to save them.
Episode 85: On the Field A boy faces a difficult choice on a battlefield.
This episode may be a bit dark for younger listeners.
Episode 86: Mirrors A woman arrives home finding herself already there.
Episode 87: The Pauper’s Bride A pauper posters a small city asking for someone to marry him, and the populace responds in an unexpected way.
Episode 88: Quiet A couple who argue all the time lose their voices.
Episode 89: Mermaids A constable on his nightly rounds encounters a mermaid.
Episode 90: Seeds A farmer finds a magic seed.
91: Doors A tailor finds a door through time.
Episode 92: The True King A king seeks a magical solution to an invasion.
2019 Holiday Special This year features five listener-submitted stories!
Me, Irene and the Bear Make Three by Elliot Wolfgang Falkus
Ogg M’Gogg by Christine Faught
The Fairy Kettle by Deborah Markus
Curiosities by Maddox Campbell
The Hollows by Jeannette Cravens
Episode 95: The Brewers A brewer searches for the secret of the perfect pint.
Episode 96: Master of Coin A coinmaster finds a dangerous problem in his treasury.
Episode 97: Gravestone A girl tries to find out when she will die.
Episode 98: The Lampmaker A lampmaker gets a strange request.
Episode 99: Buckle to Branchford A girl finds her walk takes an unusually long time.
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