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Pride and Prejudice Audiobook Janes Austen's Pride and Prejudice follows Elizabeth Bennet, a dynamic spitfire of a woman, as she and her sisters navigate love. Her father hopes that either she or one of her four sisters marries well, as he cannot pass his estate down to a woman. While at a ball for the Bennet's to find suitors, Elizabeth meets the arrogant and aloof Mr. Darcy, who she quickly writes off, swearing to never give him a chance. The novel follows Elizabeth and her sisters in their search for husbands, and they are not afraid to say no to anyone.

Listen to Pride and Prejudice. Vurbl's free classic audiobook experience allows you to easily snip and save your favorite quotes or moments from Pride and Prejudice. You can even make a playlist with all your favorite chapters, quotes or moments, so that you can revisit and easily share your audiobook experience with friends and family. How many times do you read a book and highlight a quote or wish you wrote it down? With Vurbl's snippet tool, you can snip and capture that quote in seconds and add it to your station. Download the Vurbl app and listen, snip or save Pride and Prejudice on the fly.
Fated Mates - A Romance Novel Podcast Fated Mates is a romance novel podcast co-hosted by author Sarah MacLean and critic Jen Prokop. Weekly episodes include romance novel read-alongs and discussions of the work of the genre, highlighting the romance novel as a powerful tool in fighting patriarchy…with absolutely no kink shaming.
Smart Women Read Romance Niece and aunt duo, Jessen Judice and (author) Juliette Cross, bond over their shared love of romance novels, and want to include fellow romance enthusiasts in on the conversation. We started this podcast as a big middle finger to the stigma associated with reading and loving romance novels. We love to fangirl about our favorite books, authors, and characters and are challenging people to think of romance novels as more than just "mommy porn" - though there's nothing wrong with a copious amount of sexy times. Bring that *ish on!This one goes out to all the fangirls! Life's better with a little HEA. Links:Apple PodcastGoogle PodcastClosed Facebook Group<a href="htt
Not Your Mom's Romance Book Club Imagine reading your favorite steamy romance novel... with your mom reading over your shoulder. Ellen and her mom set out to do just that with this book club and they want you to join in. It's fun, it's swoony, and it's awkward. Email: notyourmomsromancebookclub@gmail.comTwitter: @notyourmomsromFacebook: notyourmomsrom.buzzsprout.comNot Your Mom's Romance Book Club is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. You can find more outstanding podcasts to subscribe to at!
Snow Vixens: A Seven-Part Audio Romance Drama Podcast Looking for a hip, funny, audio romance to binge? Subscribe to SNOW VIXENS, a new 7-episode podcast series excerpted from the literary, sensual, magic realism novel “Snow Vixens” by Cavanagh Bardo that a top Amazon review praised as "Intelligent Sexiness." The podcast is an introduction to a work which explores an accidental, slippery, juicy, complex question:  Can a chance encounter change the way you see sex, love and intimacy…forever? Can it shatter things you believed you knew about yourself? Can a stranger do that? In one night?
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How to Write a Military Biography - HAC Studios Describes the process and progress from writing a military biography H.A.C. (Hayden Academy Collective) Studios
Authors Interviews with authors of books relating to the criminal justice system Crime Redefined Podcast
Best of Books and Audio Stories on Vurbl The playlist curated by author and podcaster Keith Hayden, contains popular and up and coming storytellers. It currently features works by Jules Verne, audio fiction from many podcasts such as These Fantastic Worlds, The Black Tapes, CBS Radio Broadcasts and more!

Sit back relax and enjoy a few stories.
H.A.C. (Hayden Academy Collective) Studios
H.A.C. Studios - Reading Thoughts Insights, thoughts, and inspirations from books that I'm reading H.A.C. (Hayden Academy Collective) Studios
Best Classic Books For Adults On Vurbl From the vast worlds of the Victorian era to the great American novels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, expand your literary vocabulary with this curated playlist of the best classic books for adults, including some of the most iconic and well-regarded works that literature has to offer. Listen now! Vurbl Classic Audiobook Picks
Vurbl’s Book Club: The Latest On Lit Listen in weekly as we pick some of the most in-depth, analytical, and honest book reviews and literary discussions here. From literary fiction classics, science-fiction, romance, and more, listen in to these book club talks to reflect on your own reading or discover books to add to your "to read" list. So curl up, listen in, and explore the world of books! Vurbl Classic Audiobook Picks
Ruan Willow's Erotic Audiobooks All of the podcast episodes in one place that contain snippets and excerpts of the erotic audiobooks Ruan Willow has narrated. They are sexy hot steamy lush stories which span the topics of a sexy western, male/female erotic stories, lesbian stories, multiple partner stories, Giantess/Goddess Macrophilia and Microphilia fetishes, and more! Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Erotica Excerpts From Erotica Authors This playlist is to showcase all the erotic excerpts Ruan has featured on her podcast. They range in topics from lesbian and bisexual scenes, male/female interactions, BDSM, fantasy, multiple partners, and many other sexual scenarios and sexual relationships. A playlist to sample and find new amazing sexy steamy works of fiction by erotic fiction writers and authors. Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Phillip's Guest Appearances I've been on a few shows, and here they are!
Worst Bestsellers (book talk, about "The Dark Knight Returns")
Reels of Justice (movie courtroom show, where I defend "Escape from LA")
The Cozy Sleuth (author chat show)
Escape from New York Minute (another movies-by-minute show where I talk about the "Escape From LA" prequel)
Bat-Minute Forever (ANOTHER movies by minute show, talking 'Batman Forever')
Knives Out Minute (you get it, but this time about the Rian Johnson mystery film).
The Not As Bad Station

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