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The Convergence Theory: Intersection of Business and Politics
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Ashley, CEO, and Founder of Roseboro Holdings brings over ten years of financial, strategic, and operational experience in the business, local government, and non-profit sectors. Ashley has served as Compliance Manager for the Walton Family Political and Communications Office, Director of Operations for the Bonner Group, and Director of Operations for the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) ...Read More

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Eurodollar University Discussing the function and malfunction of the global monetary order and its consequences on finance, economics, politics and society.
The ROI Online Podcast Steve Brown believes you, the entrepreneur, are the invisible hero of today’s economy. You fight hard to create value for your customers and provide jobs for over half of the workforce. As an entrepreneur himself, Steve knows what you face today as you fight to grow your business. That’s why on The ROI Online Podcast, he introduces you to forward-thinking business leaders you can enjoy meeting. As you listen to these fun conversations, you’ll realize you’re not alone or crazy!
The Convergence Theory: Intersection of Business and Politics The Convergence Theory is a podcast that discusses issues at the intersection of politics and business. The show is produced by Roseboro Holdings, a consulting, investment, and community engagement firm.
The Dave Ramsey Show Take control of your life and money once and for all. The Ramsey Show offers up straight talk from Dave Ramsey and his team of co-hosts. Millions listen in as callers from all walks of life learn how to get out of debt and start building for the future. Check out one of Apple’s most popular podcasts! For more information, visit
Vurbl World of Finance: Earnings, Education, Opinion Navigating the world of finance can be overwhelming and complex at times, so let us help you through. In Vurbl Finance you can attain information on earnings calls, financial training, financial news, and more. Whether you're a financial newbie or well-experienced, there's always more to learn when it comes to finance. Listen, learn, and earn more now!
‎Limit Free Life with Michelle Perkins Your connection with money should be one of the best relationships in your life. Is it? Certified coach and CEO of Limit Free Life, Michelle Perkins breaks down your relationship with money - offering tough love money tips and a money dating plan that focuses on lifting the barriers to success by uncovering underlying money beliefs, illuminating what’s driving money behavior, and paving the way for a better relationship with money and increased wealth. It’s time to take control. Michelle, along with her expert guests, offers insight and understanding from her own career journey that has taken ventures from zero to a Million $$ in five years.We change, the world changes, and our careers can change. Michelle’s mission is to help ambitious, driven entrepreneurs and professionals move into (or better yet, create) work that satisfies the soul, creates the financial prosperity that they need and want, and empowers them to live the life they desire.
Grit Happens!! Introduction with Glenn Stearns, "The Undercover Billionaire"
The G&T Sessions We cover G = Growth from a Personal & Business perspective, as it is a fascinating and compelling topic to share stories and experiences, and T = Technology, something that is everywhere and is firmly here to stay...asking the questions about what does it mean, is it for good, how do we harness it and ensure it helps our future.

So, in the G&T Sessions Podcast, we are speaking directly to ourselves, when we were younger, not as wise as we are today, how could we know how transformative that Technology would affect the world .... And know how getting your personal growth and mindset in order, is a key building block and enabler to any organisation or business idea you want to scale.

We're going to try to take you, the audience, on a journey through the stories and lessons of gifted and talented people who have written their own personal growth stories, dealt with amazing peaks and character building valleys, but have learned and carved their own path to making their own history and future.

#Gifted #Talented.

Given Tech now integrates into so many areas of our life and many people see this as their new path for opportunity, we will also discuss Tech with our guests who are growing, advising, supporting, coaching and innovating in and around technology and so the founders, co-founders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, leadership teams of tomorrow will know how to realise their dreams, find and unleash their own ideas to become unicorns, build new markets, new businesses & disrupt the world for the greater good.

#Growth #Tech
Cashflow Ninja The mission of the Cashflow Ninja Podcast is to empower people to create, protect & multiply their wealth in the new economy and information age. The rules of money have changed and we share the new rules and how anyone can create, protect and multiply their wealth in our constantly changing environment. Your host M.C. Laubscher will be your guide interviewing Cashflow Ninja's that share their knowledge, experience, and journey to help guide you to not only survive, but thrive and prosper in the new economy.

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Psychology Of: Money If you're looking to learn more about money but don't know where to start, this is just the place for you. Take an in-depth look at the psychology of money to discover the behavioral aspects of money, how the stress of money can affect your health, turning your passions into profit, and more. Vurbl World of Finance: Earnings, Education, Opinion
Business News Keeping an eye on the latest and greatest discussions in business ITN Live
Marketing to Millennials Marketing to Millennials.

Hi, this is Coach Dan Gordon from Dan Gordon Enterprise, the coach's coach, the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, and the verbal ambassador. Welcome to my playlist Marketing to Millenials.

Oh to the Em to the Gee, how do we market to the people who born between 1981 – 1996? They’re not little kids anymore. They got money. So what fires them up? What inspires them to make purchases? How do we market to people with values that don’t value our valuables? Uch.
Well, you have to understand that millennials love to challenge the status quo. They like resolving conflicts and feeling connected. They love technology and anything that has to do with change and growth. They are free-thinking, creative, and have a passion for learning. And most of all. They know. That buying lots of stuff isn’t going to make them happy.
Dan Gordon Enterprise
Audio from the Leading Black Entrepreneurs, Tech Leaders, and VC's Listen to some of the most influential black industry leaders and investors share their secrets to success and what motivated them along the way.

These innovators built multi-million and multi-billion dollar empires with their original ideas and keen business strategy. However, their achievements didn’t come without adversity. Learn how they developed their approach to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.
Vurbl Business & Technology Audio: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Industry Trends & More
Artificial Intelligence and Technology This playlist compiles all podcasts about technology and artificial intelligence (AI) and how it simulates human intelligence. ‎Remake
Best Podcasts About NFTs NFT’s, or non-fungible tokens, have taken the tech world by storm as a new and exciting way to digitally own a wide array of different assets. NFT’s can range from typical consumer goods such as art and music to more obscure items like a really good tweet or even a share of land. Hence, just about anyone can make an NFT and sell it. Listen to these podcasts to learn everything you need to know about NFT’s from experts in the field, including digital artists, savvy techies, and business moguls like Paris Hilton. Vurbl Business & Technology Audio: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Industry Trends & More
Amplify Your Business [Marketing, Mindset, Messaging, Authority & More] A playlist to share some entrepreneurs, podcasts, and audio that will help YOU become a highly paid authority.

I love sharing tips to do with:
-attracting your ideal client
-increasing sales

And more.

Of course I have more resources and tips at

Every business is at a different stage in their evolution. Whether your priority is boosting cash flow, dialing in your messaging to attract your ideal client, or clarity for confidence and momentum, my programs will help align your business with your superpower, become a highly paid expert in your industry and be the GO-TO authority where opportunities flood in.

I hope this playlist, and my resources and programs help you achieve your dreams faster! Melanie
Amplify Your Success
Deep Dive: Elon Musk Enjoy interviews, reports, and biographical retellings of the story of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. As an entrepreneur and business magnate, Musk has quite a lot to say about the future of technology. Learn about the story of Elon Musk and then listen to interviews about his business aspirations and where he thinks humanity should be heading. Vurbl Business & Technology Audio: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Industry Trends & More
Solana Ecosystem All things Solana is what you can expect to hear and learn about on this particular playlist. Solana is a blockchain that gets compared to Ethereum with it having fast speeds along with low gas/transaction fees. There's a plethora of projects that I will be covering and following. Grow the Solana bag is the main objective. ‎Cryptomillionaire Journey
Cryptocurrency for Beginners Wondering where to start when it comes to Bitcoin, Web3, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency audio? Don't worry, we've listened to thousands of hours of crypto podcasts to find you the perfect starting place for everything crypto. When you're finished with this playlist, you'll not only know what Bitcoin is, but you'll understand the metaverse, NFTs, wallets, and how the blockchain works for in the world of decentralized everything. Vurbl Business & Technology Audio: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Industry Trends & More

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#112 Finding Purpose, Genius and the Path to Success - Johdi Woodford Welcome the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast! The weekly show that helps you dream bigger and achieve more in your business, by learning what works from successful female entrepreneurs.   In this episode In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Johdi Woodford, a Restorative Movement Specialist and the founder of Johdi Woodford Therapeutics. Prior to her success, Johdi held a highly lucrative position at a private bank, which later evolved into a similarly successful consultancy business. However, even at that point, she came to the realisation that this was still not what she wanted. In 2014, she opened a Pilates studio, which was very successful. However, when COVID came along in March 2020, it became much more challenging for her to maintain the business while also keeping her mental health. So this gave her an excuse to return to her initial purpose and start something new. Now she works with women over the age of 40, to help them find the source of their pain and cure it so it doesn't return. Her multimodal method is unlike any other since no one else combines accurate anatomical and physiological corrective exercise expertise with a witch-like capacity to cure, that her clients describe as "magic." Don't miss this episode to discover more about Johdi's journey, as she shares a wealth of advice on how to uncover the root cause of your pains in life and start fixing them.   "I really believe that discipline equals freedom. I find the easiest path to whatever goal I want to get to and then systematise it. It gives me a great sense of comfort." - Johdi Woodford   Highlights In this value-packed episode you'll learn: How to figure out your zone of genius. Why having lots of support is not always beneficial. The importance of listening to your body and getting rid of your compensation patterns. How to sell something intangible.  The benefits of slowing down and staying still. A manageable way to systematise your path to success.   “When your work feels easy, you can feel like a fraud. But it really means you are working in your zone of genius. You're allowed to just relax and be good at something. You don't have to struggle all the time.” - Johdi Woodford   About Johdi Johdi is a Restorative Movement Specialist who helps people over 40 to finally uncover the root cause of their pain and treat it so that it doesn’t come back again. Johdi’s clients enjoy lasting, unparalleled results because she takes a revolutionary and rebellious route to the otherwise very boring, very ineffective methods that you'll find elsewhere in the Health & Fitness World. Her multidisciplinary approach is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, because no-one combines precise anatomical and physiological corrective exercise know-how, with a witch-like ability to heal that her clients describe as ‘magic’.   Connect with Johdi Website                Instagram                Facebook                                                              Join the Driven Female Entrepreneur Community Come and join like-minded women in the FREE online community for Driven Female Entrepreneurs.  You can expect many more tips, tools and insights to support you as you build and grow your business to 6 figures and beyond!   > The Driven Female Entrepreneurs Club   About Your Host, Melitta Campbell Since 1997, Melitta has been using her ability to spot gaps between a company’s goals and its strategy and positioning to help businesses become profitable and achieve growth - in as little as three months. By combining the insights gained from working directly with senior leaders for more than 20 years, her unique blend of art-school and business-school training, and her restless curiosity, Melitta has helped her clients identify new opportunities and develop creative solutions that add value in profitable and purposeful ways, that are straight-forward to implement and result in a clear competitive edge. After witnessing too many talented and passionate women fall short of their vision to make a profit and a difference, more recently, Melitta has brought her business, leadership and marketing expertise together with her personal experiences, to become a trusted advisor and coach for female-led businesses. Book your Free Business Clarity Call
The Insurance Industry's Best Prospecting Script Setting appointments with new prospects is hard. But it's also one of the most important things a producer needs to improve at in order to win new clients. "Scripting" (what you say or write to your prospects) is the difference maker for all of it. In this episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht outlines what is potentially the best prospecting script in the entire insurance industry, as well as how you can personally edit it to make it your own.Episode Highlights:
One of the most difficult challenges, according to Charles, is getting over the point of hesitancy. (2:37)

Charles explains that the insurance industry's best prospecting script is the one that works for your unique prospect. (3:40)

Charles mentions that anything you provide your prospect in return for an hour of their time must be meaningful and simply understood. (5:55)

Prospecting, according to Charles, is not easy, is not pleasant, and is challenging. However, if you want to establish a million-dollar book of business, you'll need to persuade individuals to meet with you. (07:29)

Charles provides samples of the top prospecting scripts in the insurance industry. (11:23)

Charles explains that everything is constructed on the micro-niche, and you must start there. (17:04)

Charles discusses why he typically encourages insurance salespeople to have their first script be fairly price sensitive, so that it resonates with everyone. (29:48)

Charles mentions that the finest prospecting script for the insurance sector must fit the needs of the individual you're interacting with at the time. (30:42)

Key Quotes:
“If you don't have many different scripts to use for your prospects, you are probably not getting the results you want.” - Charles Specht
“Focusing on how to set appointments is probably the smartest thing you will ever do in your career.” - Charles Specht
“As you're figuring out what your script and your pitch and your cold call carrot is, you have to really understand what is one of the main problems they're dealing with. Because whatever you're saying has to be a solution to that problem. And if you don't understand your prospect's problems, the solution that you have to offer really isn't going to be that great.” - Charles Specht
Resources Mentioned:
Reach out to Charles Specht

Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.
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My Interview w/ Founder Of Cardano & Ethereum!
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My Interview w/ Founder Of Cardano & Ethereum!
(Charles Hoskinson Interview)

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About Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents (rerun) Tom deciphers the clear distinctions between Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents, and notes when sometimes the lines get a little fuzzy.Featuring Tom Merritt.Episode transcript here. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Leaving the Corporate World ft. Teri Canestraro We've got our very own Teri Canestraro in the hot seat to spill the tea on leaving the corporate world to pursue your own business.  In this episode, we go through the phases and stages of making that leap, the push that she needed and how having no plan has been the plan. ___ VISIT femaleswhosidehustle.comJOIN the directoryPOWERED by @femaleswhosidehustleCONNECT on our Facebook Group PS. Start your own podcast with Buzzsprout HEREFeel Good Social: Branding & Marketing PodcastReady to market your brand online without wasting your precious time? Tune in now!Listen on: Apple Podcasts Spotify
Ep. 075, A Monster Idea Our guest for Episode #075 is Jeff Taylor, founder of and 14 other companies including most recently Jeff has always been ahead of his time, with boundless amounts of energy. This led him to create the world’s first job board in Monster, a revolutionary idea that spawned an entire industry. We discuss the resolve needed to champion your ideas, being the first URL on the radio, and when you know it is the right time to sell.    Links:   Jeff on LinkedIn:   A snapshot of the Monster Board in 1996   When I Grow Up commercial:
BONUS Episode - A Monster Bonus Episode #075’s guest Jeff Taylor was generous with his time, spending over two hours with me in the studio. We captured so much good material that we needed a bonus episode to squeeze it all in. In this bonus episode we talk about life after Monster, why you should run the meetings you attend, and setting the world record for water skiing behind a blimp.   Links:  Blimp record:   RoverTrophy:   Burning Man:    Root Society at Burning Man
212 | JWB's Property Of The Week - Earn $10,392 On Day 1 & Over 11% Est. Returns Each Year! JWB Co-Founder, Gregg Cohen will reveal his JWB turnkey property of the week, take questions from the audience, and share insights into the Jacksonville real estate market.This week's featured property...- will put $10,392 in your pocket day 1- is already rented with a long-term resident- will earn over 11% est. returns on investment every year going forward!Be the first to know which property Gregg recommends each week as we reveal it live on the show. This is your chance to pick the brain of an investor with 16 years of experience, that oversees $750M worth of assets, and genuinely wants to help you out.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🎙 Register for the next Not Your Average Investor Show and never miss a thing! - www.nyais.comFREE RESOURCES:🏠 Network with our family of ‘Not So Average’ Investors in our Facebook Group! 🧰 Want our free passive investor toolkit? Go to💰 Ready to Build Your Wealth Plan? If you’d like to schedule some time to chat with our expert team about how we can build and implement your plan for acquiring rental properties, visit to set up a strategy session call.⭐️ FOLLOW GREGG:LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: ⭐️ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH JWB:Facebook Page: Facebook Group:
What to Do During a Slow Season Hey there. Are things slower now that summer is here? Don't fret! Use this time wisely. Host Lisa Michele tells you how!
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Dr Kate Leeming 💕 Explorer, adventurer, educator, humanitarian, author, speaker My guest today is Dr Kate Leeming.
As an explorer/adventurer, Kate has cycled a distance greater than twice the world’s circumference and attained four world first achievements on her major expeditions; through Europe, across Russia, through Australia and across Africa.
Crossing 22,040 km over ten months, Kate’s Breaking the Cycle in Africa Expedition was not only a physical quest, but an odyssey to highlight the development needs and activities of war-torn and poverty-stricken nations. Cycling through twenty countries, Kate aimed to find out what is being done to give a ‘leg up’ rather than a ‘hand out’.
Kate’s latest challenge, Breaking the Cycle South Pole, will include the first bicycle crossing of the Antarctic continent via the South Pole. Preparations have included polar training expeditions in Svalbard, Northeast Greenland, Arctic Canada and Iceland. Since 2018, Kate has completed preparatory expedition for Breaking the Cycle South Pole on every continent (except Antarctica). These challenging expeditions were either in polar conditions, on sand or at altitude. She has recently returned from South America where she completed the final expedition of the series, a 4400km altitude journey called The Andes, the Altiplano & the Atacama.
Integral with Kate’s journeys is the Breaking the Cycle experiential education programme that aims to help prepare our future leaders to make informed decisions to create a better world.
When not on an expedition, Kate works as a professional at The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club. Kate has won 5 Australian Open singles titles and six doubles titles and been ranked as high as World No.2 woman. (Real tennis is the original game of tennis.)
Listen in as we discuss
- Kate's background and how her journey of exploration and adventure by bicycle started.
- Her motivational 'WHY"
- The process of working to her strengths and limitations.
- Adapting to be successful
- Breaking the Cycle South Pole - the preparations and difficulties of making the expedition happen.
- The Breaking the Cycle Foundation - leadership education
- and much much more!

Reach out to Dr Kate Leeming
Facebook: Kate.M.Leeming
Twitter/Instagram: @Leeming_Kate
LinkedIn Dr Kate Leeming

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Real Life, Real Love With Dj Envy And Gia Casey Today, we are joined by Dj Envy and his wife, Gia Casey, who share the inspiration behind their new book “Real Life Real Love.” A little history about them, they met when they were both teenagers attending the same high school, twenty-five years later, and they are more committed to one another. Gia and Dj Envy share their love story in Real Life, Real Love, with astounding openness, piercing honesty, and a healthy dose of humor. It's a gripping story about how to grow as a couple, an idealistic roadmap for people looking for the same unconditional love in their relationships, and an in-depth look at how to stay equals in their marriages.   Resources Mentioned: Real Life, Real Love Book The Breakfast Club Radio Show The Casey Crew Connect with DJ Envy Instagram  Twitter Youtube Connect with Gia Casey Instagram  Facebook
CRA and Fair Lending: Mary Bailey Shelley Metz-Galloway, US lead of Protiviti’s regulatory compliance practice, talks with Mary Bailey, regulatory compliance expert, about the US Community Reinvestment Act and how upcoming changes to the rule should improve access to credit and have a big impact on banks’ compliance and reporting. Show Notes 01:37 Career Journey 08:21 International Efforts 10:19 CRA and Fair Lending 12:31 What the CRA Changes Mean for Banks Learn more and subscribe:
Richie Furay Interview B-sox was joined by the one and only Richie Furay today to talk about his new album "In the Country" hitting stores July 8th!
 See for privacy information.
The Black Phone, Beavis and Butthead and more! Today on the show, B-sox and Mike Reyes reviewed The Black Phone, Beavis and Butthead and more. They also covered Thor 4 and Obi Wan in the news!
Mike Reyes: 
Overdue Rentals Podcast: for privacy information.
Why NFTs with Zero Utility Are Worth Millions w/ Mike McDonald Mike McDonald is a former professional poker player & crypto investor. In this episode we discuss why jpegs can be worth so much money, which NFT projects will survive, difference between altcoin trading & NFT trading, owning 16 cryptopunks, owning two Ether Rocks, what signs signal a bottom in crypto, and his unique advice for the bear market that I highly valuable. Such a fun episode. Thank you for tuning in. If you can spare 5 seconds to leave a review/rating on iTunes, I appreciate it. It helps others find the show.   Tweet me your thoughts about the episode!
Interview: Ben Johnson, senior director of real estate, Neighborhood Development Center In this episode, Ben Johnson, senior director of real estate for the Neighborhood Development Center, talks to F&C reporter Brian Johnson. Ben Johnson plays a key role in helping up-and-coming businesses find the space and resources they need to survive and thrive, and energize the neighborhoods they serve.
Are You Problem Dumping? We all have people in our life that will reach out with a quick text or call, and we immediately dread it. They are the people that ask you how you are, to then ignore your response and tell you how they are instead. Learn what methods Rick has used to cut these interactions out of his life.Connect:Connect with Rick: Rate & Review: & Review to ALL IN with Rick Jordan on YouTube:
Mining HQ - Episode 105 In today's episode Pablo Miller and Chris Le Messurier are chatting to Leila Nowell from the CME. Leila is the Manager of Health Safety & People. We discuss CME Programs making a difference, including the Resourceful Mindful Program. Plus Brad Underwood from Galileo Mining gives us an update.See for privacy information.
Mining HQ - Episode 106 In today's episode Pablo Miller and Chris Le Messurier discuss the big news headlines from the week in the mining industry. Plus Kathryn Cutler from Killi Resources joins the show. for privacy information.
Michael Nevins, CMO of Equativ, on The Six Sells Podcast In this episode of The Six Sells Podcast. Mike Nicholson of Six Sells talks to Michael Nevins, Chief Marketing Officer, at Equativ.
In this conversation, we touched upon many subjects including:
‣ Putting the consumer first
‣ Privacy-first advertising
‣ Contextual targeting 2.0
‣ Measuring attention
‣ The importance of creative
170. Seasons in the Crypto Abyss (ft. David Gerard) We are joined by David Gerard – longtime critic of blockchain, even before it was cool – to discuss the experience of staring into the crypto abyss and having it stare back into you.

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Series I Savings Bonds Carson and Myles discuss Series I Savings Bonds. With interest rates on the rise, we have been getting questions about Series I Savings Bonds lately. We wanted to take moment to discuss what they are, how they work, and how they may or may not fit into your overall plan.
Harry Kunze & Dan DuPee - Lessons on Board Development - the Courage to Change My guests today are Harry Kunze and Dan DuPee. These men have a long-standing board relationship with the Coalition for Christian Outreach. Dan is a former President of the CCO and most recently served as Interim President. Harry has a longstanding board relationship.  I've gotten to know these two men over the past year as our firm has helped them with their President search. And it was through this work with the CCO that I thought their story of board development and revitalization was something worth passing on to the next generation of nonprofit leaders. Thanks again for listening to the Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership With Tommy Thomas podcast. If you're listening to an app that lets you leave a review, please do so. Many of our listeners come to us on the recommendation of a friend or a colleague. If you've heard something today worth passing on, please share the show with others.  Enjoy!   Time Stamps [1:57] – Dan PuPee gives us a brief understanding of the mission and vision of CCO, and we learn what drew Harry Kunze to the CCO. [3:57] – Dan reveals what brought him to the CCO. [5:14] – We hear a little context for the history of the board of directors from Dan. [7:10] – Harry shares an alternative perspective about the board of directors. [8:18] – What size board did Dan and Harry have in the beginning? [9:09] – This is what caused Harry and Dan to rethink boardsmanship at the CCO.  [11:25] – Harry recalls the benchmarking they did to form a perspective on how the board ought to operate. [13:38] – We learn what Dan and Harry landed on for an ideal size of their board. [14:40] – How did Harry and Dan decide to have a governance committee?  [16:42] – What does the committee structure look like today? [19:52] – The conversation shifts to term limits. [22:00] –This is how the surplus responded to the downsizing of the board.  [22:56] – Dan discusses the term of the Board Chair. [24:04] – These are the words and phrases that describe the best Board Chair Dan and Harry have ever observed. [26:39] – Dan responds to a quote about having a pleasant irritant on the board. [29:38] – Harry segues to a Pittsburgh-based board and ponders how to get regional diversity. [31:45] – Tommy wraps up the conversation.    Resources JobfitMatters – Website JobfitMatters – Podcast   Connect Follow Tommy on Twitter Follow Tommy on LinkedIn Follow Harry on LinkedIn Follow Dan on LinkedIn
Episode 73: The bumpy bond road Fixed-income markets have been going down a rocky road so far in 2022. Are we in for a continued rough ride? Or will the dirt path become a smoother highway for bonds in the near future? Roshan Thiru, Head of Canadian Fixed Income at Manulife Investment Management, joins the Capital Markets Strategy team to discuss:

• bond activity and yields
• what to look for with fixed-income investments
• record-high inflation and its effects
• maintaining a balanced portfolio

… and more.

Buckle up.
AYA Episode 343; Summer Spiritual Healing Series Day 6 Summer Spiritual Healing Series; Day 6 Join us for community, love, support, freebies and giveaways!! Sign-Up Now!!!
Episode 344; Summer Spiritual Healing Series Day 7 Shift, Sparkle & Shine Summer Spiritual Healing Series; Day 7 Join us for community, love, support, freebies and giveaways!! Sign-Up Now!!!
Episode 345; Summer Spiritual Healing Series Day 8 Shift, Sparkle & Shine Summer Spiritual Healing Series; Day 8 Join us for community, love, support, freebies and giveaways!! Sign-Up Now!!!
You Can’t Not Communicate It is near impossible to not communicate especially in a world that is driven by technology, cell phones and smartphones. We are caught in the trap of being listened to all the time. Ponder that reality too long and we can really get freaked out. Even before the explosion of a culture of technology wherein our cell phones listened intently to us our CELLS were listening to our every thought, our every nuisance, our every habit, our every word and even our every emotion.

Life's Inside Track with The Dekker Team

Aired: June 24th, 2022 on CHRI Radio 99.1FM in Ottawa, Canada.

For questions or to schedule an appointment with the Dekker Team, e-mail or call 613-860-4663. Visit for more information.

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Recession Risks and Investment Implications I refuse to believe, despite gathering evidence to the contrary, that I am getting older.  This being my mindset, I am perpetually astonished by the increasing youth of my colleagues.  According to the Census Bureau, the median age of an American today is 38 years which doesn’t, on its face, sound extraordinary.  However, what it does mean is that most of the people I work with have only experienced two recessions in their adult lives – the recession of 2007-2009 and the recession of 2020. 
For additional insights from Dr. David Kelly, listen to the Insights Now podcast.
Episode 72: A Tour through Vienna and Chicago David is joined today by Dr. Mark Skousen, Presidential Fellow of Economics at Chapman University, best-selling author, founder of the Freedom Fest, and a leading public intellectual in the fight for free enterprise. David and Mark cover a wide gamut of economic topics, economic history, and discuss which schools of thought they most enjoy playing footsie with.
PTLC: The Pacer Trendpilot US Large Cap ETF with Sean O'Hara on ETF Stories (EP228) Sean O'Hara comes on the Resilient Advisor Show to discuss the Pacer Trendpilot US Large Cap ETF (PTLC). This is part of the ETF Stories series on the show. Learn more about the PTLC ETF: Learn more about the series and other interesting ETFs: Follow Financial Advisor TV™ on Social: YouTube: TV Twitter: TikTok: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Learn more about Financial Advisor TV™: © Resilient Advisor. All Rights Reserved
I Am Sorry - An apology to my audience (EP229) The Resilient Advisor Show has been my baby for half a decade. It has helped me build trust and an audience of serious financial advisors who are looking for the strategies that the most successful advisors are using today. I need to apologize to my audience as I have let the focus and quality slip as we have built out our different sub-series and launched Financial Advisor TV. In this short podcast I lay out what the revamp Resilient Advisor will look like and why I hope you find it to be one of your must-listen industry shows going forward. Follow Financial Advisor TV™ on Social: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Learn more about Financial Advisor TV™: Follow Resilient Advisor™ On Social: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Learn more about Resilient Advisor™: © Resilient Advisor. All Rights Reserved
Crypto Office Hours with Tyrone Ross & Jay Coulter (EP 230) If there was ever a time for another episode of Crypto Office Hours with Tyrone Ross, it is right now! Tyrone comes on Resilient Advisor with Jay Coulter to share his insights on the crypto markets today, through the financial advisors lens. If you catch the broadcast live he will answer any questions that you may have on how to look at the crypto space today.
Pt. 1: Meet Jess, President & CEO of BTS Group In this episode of Fearless Thinkers, meet Jessica Skon, President & CEO of BTS Group, and hear about how her upbringing and decades-long evolution at BTS continue to shape her decisions. For a transcript, please click here.
Pt. 2: Big hearted and high performing, with Jessica Skon, President & CEO of BTS Group In the second half of our chat with Jessica Skon, President & CEO of BTS Group, learn what she means by a big hearted and high performing culture, both at BTS and in today's business environment. For a transcript, please click here.
Do your diversity initiatives promote assimilation over inclusion? In this episode of Fearless Thinkers, the BTS Podcast, Lacee Jacobs, Head of DEI at BTS, and Mac Quartarone, PhD, Director at BTS, reflect on their Harvard Business Review article of the same name discussing the critical differences between inclusion and assimilation. Show notes For a transcript, please click here. Here's a link to the corresponding Harvard Business Review article, "Do Your Diversity Initiatives Promote Assimilation Over Inclusion?"
Virtual Conference: VPA Digital Initiative (Replay) Last month, Our-Hometown teamed up with the Virginia Press Association to host a Virtual Conference highlighting the Digital Initiative program that launched in Virginia earlier this year. Our-Hometown President & CEO Matthew Larson joined Steve Weddle of the Virginia Press Association, along with Billy Coleburn of the Courier-Record and Lisa Watson McCarty of the Scott County Virginia Star -- two of the first publishers to take full advantage of the program and launch new websites for their publications -- to discuss the benefits of the program and how it has impacted their newspapers so far. We've included the full replay...Article LinkLet us know your thoughts about this episode by reaching out on Social Media!Facebook: Hometown Web Publishing is The Last Newspaper CMS & Website You'll Ever Need.  We help you generate revenue, engage with readers, and increase efficiency with Our Hometown's Digital & PrePress CMS features to fit your needs & budget.OHT's Web Publishing Platform is:-Powered with WordPress-Hosted on Amazon Web Services-Integrated with Adobe InDesign & Google Drivehttps://our-hometown.comSubscribe to our YouTube channel: can be reached via email for comments or questions at:
WWYD: What Constitutes Dual Agency And Do You Have To Disclose It To Both Parties?- EP 71 WWYD (What Would You Do?) is a special series of The Realtor Fight Club Podcast where we talk about situations that are potential ethics and professional standards violations. What Would You Do in these situations? All cases mentioned and the code of ethics can be found at 
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HPAI, inventory levels, and seasonal egg demand, oh my! The egg market faces low output numbers due to HPAI as vacation season ramps up foodservice demand, and meets a surprising early interest in Egg Nog! This week on Market Digest Laura Zinger sits down with market egg-xpert Karyn Rispoli to discuss pricing and supply influencers. Featuring our new HPAI heat map, Urner Barry’s COMTELL helps those in the egg industry overcome market challenges.
43. Keeping Younger Investors Engaged with Seth Wunder Following the bursting of the dot com bubble in 2000 that stretched all the way into 2002, the American public developed this feeling that the stock market was rigged against them. And considering how many company insiders and those in the know on Wall Street were revealed to have been selling at a time when they were still encouraging retail investors to keep buying, I’d say that sentiment certainly had some merit. 
But what also followed that seminal moment in investing history was nearly two decades of inactivity, indifference, and outright hatred of the stock market, mostly by a generation of younger investors, who at the time were in their 20’s and early 30’s, and in some cases, never returned to the markets in a meaningful way.
On this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Seth Wunder, Chief Investment Officer at Acorns, to discuss ways to keep younger investors engaged and interested in the stock market. Malcolm and Seth also share anecdotes from their own respective investing journeys, as well as some advice for parents wondering how and when to introduce investing to their children.
Seth discusses: 

Why prioritizing financial education helps make wealth building tools more accessible to everyone
When to start talking to your children about investing
Why the lows in trading after the pandemic highs shouldn’t deter you from long-term investing
What types of investments young investors want to avoid and why they’re interested in Environmental Social Governance
And more


Should You Invest or Pay Off Debt? It Depends

Connect With Seth Wunder:

LinkedIn: Seth Wunder
LinkedIn: Acorns

Connect With Malcolm Ethridge:

The Tech Money Podcast 
LinkedIn: Malcolm Ethridge
Connect with Malcolm 

About Our Guest:
Seth Wunder is the Chief Investment Officer of Acorns, the app designed specifically for novice investors. Before joining Acorns, Seth founded and served as a Portfolio Manager for multiple different asset managers in Los Angeles and New York. He is also a chartered financial analyst and spent the beginning of his career focused on the technology sector at Morgan Stanley as an Equity Analyst.
Roe V. Wade, Dustin's Gas Protest, & Jordan's House Won't Sell! Today's episode was more of a test to make sure that our new cameras work. We did cover Roe V. Wade, Michael Jordan's house and more!
Jonathon Steinsultz, Phase 2 Start Developing - Small Town Big Business Podcast Jonathon Steinsultz, of Phase 2 Start Developing, joins the Small Town Big Business podcast to discuss his business ventures, food truck, and Adventures with White Oak Legends.
DDCT #141 - 6/24/2022 (Should You Buy the Crypto Dip While Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Are Down? Here’s What Experts Say) #Bitcoin #Cryptodip #Buythedip I'd like to welcome everyone to my new YOUTUBE CHANNELDave's Daily Crypto TakeIn this channel I will be providing you with news on a daily basis about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, FIAT. My main purpose is to share UNBIASED news and updates. Ultimately I learn and hopefully you learn while I go on this journey.ARTICLES used in today's video: The cost of maintaining this firm’s HODL strategy? 3K BTCs…Canadian cryptocurrency mining business Bitfarms has sold more than $62 million in Bitcoin in June, using the proceeds to settle its debt. About 3,000 Bitcoins, or roughly 47% of Bitfarms’ total holdings of about 6,349 BTC, have been sold in the preceding seven days, according to a statement released on Tuesday.According to the company, it will “rebalance its liabilities by lowering its BTC-backed credit facility with Galaxy Digital,” with the $62 million from BTC sales. As of the time of writing, Bitfarms’ debt was $38 million after using the cryptocurrency it sold in June to reduce its credit facility from $100 million to $66 million. Purpose Bitcoin ETF Suffers Massive Outflows, But Others Are Picking Up The SlackWith the decline in bitcoin prices have come various implications for different types of investors. Retail investors with direct exposure to the market have taken heavy losses, as have the institutional investors. The most prominent of these have been in the Canadian Bitcoin ETF, Purpose, which had recorded some of the largest losses in the space. email is a major source of security risks and it's getting worseMalware delivered to email accounts rose 196% in 2021 year on year, according to cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, which warns that email remains a major avenue for criminals looking to deliver malware and phish account credentials. Buterin says he wants to turn the world into a utopia where ‘rich people’s desire for wealth signaling’ doesn’t go to ‘wasteful zero sum crap’ like a superyachtThe creator of Ethereum has a unique goal for society.“I want to make our world more like the Yudkowskian dath ilan utopia,” Vitalik Buterin tweeted on Thursday, referring to a fictional, parallel Earth called dath ilan, created by artificial intelligence researcher, safety activist, and writer Eliezer Yudkowsky. In this “utopia,” he said, “instead of rich people’s desire for wealth signaling going into wasteful zero sum crap, it goes into supporting public goods.” You Buy the Crypto Dip While Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Are Down? Here’s What Experts SayIn case you didn’t know, bitcoin is on discount right now.That’s according to two experts and a major financial institution who say bitcoin is currently undervalued at $20,000. JPMorgan Chase recently valued the coin at $38,000 — roughly 90% more than its current price. subscribe, like, and share so that more and more people can view this content.DISCLAIMER: I will never give any financial advice. And my channel is not considered official Financial Advice.
Change Your Results With This Single Shift with David Taylor-Klaus Work-life balance isn’t as simple as separating work from personal life. Balancing both aspects of your life would only be successful if you learn how to make them work together. David Taylor-Klaus shatters the very concept of work-life balance for us in this conversation with Ryan Englin. David discusses how a single shift in a leader’s mindset can lead to a series of changes in themselves and their employees that will benefit how they balance their work and their lives. Work culture is dependent on the company’s leader. Leaders make a huge impact by providing motivation. It is a chain of positivity. Listen in and learn how this shift takes place in practice!Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
John Kass - The Bark & The Bite Syndicated columnist and lifelong scribe John Kass, returns to The Crisis Cast to share his dream. Drawing upon an image crafted by Norman Rockwell, Kass wants us all to speak freely, again.  Without fear of cancellation. Plus, Lissa & Thom take a walk through John's 'process' for writing his columns at  During this visit to the chat room, John reveals his admiration for the crisis management of Ronald Reagan and Mayor Harold Washington's successor, Eugene Sawyer.  But the real star of this conversation is the Kass family dog, Zeus.
Season 3: Creating A Marketing Funnel For Your Website: Episode 3 It is vital that you know what a marketing funnel is and how a marketing funnel can help your counseling website.What is a marketing funnel:A marketing funnel is a marketing strategy that takes a "potential client or customer" through a series of steps with a clear end goal. The end goal could be that they purchase a course from you or start counseling in your practice.Benefits to using a marketing funnel:Develop stronger relationships with persons in the online space.Give value.Showcase your knowledge.Increase profits.Are you ready to hire an expert that can help you market, brand, and grow your business? Use the link below to get started with Fiverr. I'm an affiliate of FIVERR and have used them in the past. They do great work at an affordable price: you ready to launch your own course?Use teachable. It's a platform that I'm an affiliate for. I use and continue to trust them. you searching for an EHR system to hold your medical records, schedule client appointments, manage insurance and billing, and more?Go with Simple Practice. I'm an affiliate and hands down support the platform. Follow the link below to get started with them. your counseling practice have a phone system?If you are needing a phone system for your counseling practice, I recommend All Call Technologies. Click the link below, and share that “Juan Santos with Santos Counseling PLLC” referred you. you interested in starting a podcast?I use and trust Buzzsprout. I am an affiliate and have enjoyed the platform. It is easy to use and comes with lots of supportive internal tools to make the podcast process easy. you have a website for your counseling practice?I like Bluehost and can provide you with an affiliate link as an affiliate of theirs. you for listening.Please leave a wonderful review and subscribe.Visit the episode on the YouTube Channel: the website: the the show (https://www.buymeacoffeSupport the show
Season 3: Making Your Marketing Funnel More Effective And Profitable: Episode 4 There are key ways that you can make your marketing funnel more effective and profitable. A funnel system is a wonderful marketing strategy that counselors in private practice can use to convert leads. This simply means that you can use the marketing system to add clients to your caseload, sell products such as books, and courses, or even get people to join a workshop that you are hosting.Below are areas that you can focus on when the goal is to improve your marketing funnel:Add in quality images.Try using video.Perform A/B testing.Add more value and rich content to your funnel system.Get more reviews on your service or product.Add more steps to your marketing funnel system.Are you ready to hire an expert that can help you market, brand, and grow your business? Use the link below to get started with Fiverr. I'm an affiliate of FIVERR and have used them in the past. They do great work at an affordable price: you ready to launch your own course?Use teachable. It's a platform that I'm an affiliate for. I use and continue to trust them. you searching for an EHR system to hold your medical records, schedule client appointments, manage insurance and billing, and more?Go with Simple Practice. I'm an affiliate and hands down support the platform. Follow the link below to get started with them. your counseling practice have a phone system?If you are needing a phone system for your counseling practice, I recommend All Call Technologies. Click the link below, and share that “Juan Santos with Santos Counseling PLLC” referred you. you interested in starting a podcast?I use and trust Buzzsprout. I am an affiliate and have enjoyed the platform. It is easy to use and comes with lots of supportive internal tools to make the podcast process easy. you have a website for your counseling practice?I like Bluehost and can provide you with an affiliate link as an affiliate of theirs. you for listening.Please leave a wonderful review and subscribe.Visit the episode on the YouTube Channel: the website: the the show (https://www.buymeacoffeSupport the show
Season 3: What You Must Have On Your Counseling Website | Episode 1 What You Must Have On Your Counseling Website :A call to action.Consistent theme and layout.Easy to read writing.Speak to your client's pain points.A menu that is easy to navigate.An FAQ page.A contact us page.No broken links or pages that do not work.A site that loads fast.A site that can be used on all devices.Are you ready to hire an expert that can help you market, brand, and grow your business? Use the link below to get started with Fiverr. I'm an affiliate of FIVERR and have used them in the past. They do great work at an affordable price: you ready to launch your own course?Use teachable. It's a platform that I'm an affiliate for. I use and continue to trust them. you searching for an EHR system to hold your medical records, schedule client appointments, manage insurance and billing, and more?Go with Simple Practice. I'm an affiliate and hands down support the platform. Follow the link below to get started with them. your counseling practice have a phone system?If you are needing a phone system for your counseling practice, I recommend All Call Technologies. Click the link below, share that “Juan Santos with Santos Counseling PLLC” referred you. you interested in starting a podcast?I use and trust Buzzsprout. I am an affiliate and have enjoyed the platform. It is easy to use and comes with lots of supportive internal tools to make the podcast process easy. you have a website for your counseling practice?I like Bluehost and can provide you with an affiliate link as an affiliate of theirs. you for listening.Please leave a wonderful review and subscribe.Visit the episode on the YouTube Channel: the website: the the show (https://www.buymeacoffeSupport the show
Season 3: Counselors Make Sure That Your About Me Page Has These Key Items | Episode 2 Learn what you're about me page must-have on your counseling website. This is the page on your website that lets people build a connection with you and ultimately identify if you are a good fit for them.What counselors should have on there about me page:A professional picture.A strong impression.Connection.Details on your personal and professional life. Who is your ideal client?What does your ideal client struggle with?Your ideal client's pain points.Common ways you support your ideal clients.Less jargon and more easy-to-read words.Use stories.Are you ready to hire an expert that can help you market, brand, and grow your business? Use the link below to get started with Fiverr. I'm an affiliate of FIVERR and have used them in the past. They do great work at an affordable price: you ready to launch your own course?Use teachable. It's a platform that I'm an affiliate for. I use and continue to trust them. you searching for an EHR system to hold your medical records, schedule client appointments, manage insurance and billing, and more?Go with Simple Practice. I'm an affiliate and hands down support the platform. Follow the link below to get started with them. your counseling practice have a phone system?If you are needing a phone system for your counseling practice, I recommend All Call Technologies. Click the link below, and share that “Juan Santos with Santos Counseling PLLC” referred you. you interested in starting a podcast?I use and trust Buzzsprout. I am an affiliate and have enjoyed the platform. It is easy to use and comes with lots of supportive internal tools to make the podcast process easy. you have a website for your counseling practice?I like Bluehost and can provide you with an affiliate link as an affiliate of theirs. you for listening.Please leave a wonderful review and subscribe.Visit the episode on the YouTube Channel: the website: the the show (https://www.buymeacoffeSupport the show
Season 3: Building A Kick Ass Counseling Website You heard it here first. Season 3 of A Counselors Journey To Private Practice is all about helping you know everything that you need to know about building a counseling website that converts.Are you ready to hire an expert that can help you market, brand, and grow your business? Use the link below to get started with Fiverr. I'm an affiliate of FIVERR and have used them in the past. They do great work at an affordable price: you ready to launch your own course?Use teachable. It's a platform that I'm an affiliate for. I use and continue to trust them. you searching for an EHR system to hold your medical records, schedule client appointments, manage insurance and billing, and more?Go with Simple Practice. I'm an affiliate and hands down support the platform. Follow the link below to get started with them. your counseling practice have a phone system?If you are needing a phone system for your counseling practice, I recommend All Call Technologies. Click the link below, share that “Juan Santos with Santos Counseling PLLC” referred you. you interested in starting a podcast?I use and trust Buzzsprout. I am an affiliate and have enjoyed the platform. It is easy to use and comes with lots of supportive internal tools to make the podcast process easy. you have a website for your counseling practice?I like Bluehost and can provide you with an affiliate link as an affiliate of theirs. you for listening.Please leave a wonderful review and subscribe.Visit the episode on the YouTube Channel: the website: the the show (https://www.buymeacoffeSupport the show
S3 #13: Sommarlov - setting yourself up for a relaxing time Taking a break is essential. But how do we set ourselves up for a holiday or a break that leaves us more relaxed, AND prepared for what is to come? This is the perfect pre-holiday or start of holiday episode - so tune in now as ee spot trends, share our best tips and get you all ready for a restful time. Enjoy! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Expansion Project with Sean Walker, Senior Pastor at The Bayou Church Sean & I will be talking about the churches newest expansion project after Hurricane Delta destroyed a portion of their facility. An $18 million campaign aka generosity initiative is being funded by the church body to go toward building a new facility to accommodate the church’s modern needs & wants.

Join us as we get to hear what is happening with this local church.

For more on this project,

The Tea Podcast is proudly sponsored by The Music Academy of Acadiana & The Orchard, Authorized Service Providers of Apple.

The Music Academy of Acadiana is Acadiana's top choice for music lessons in piano, guitar, voice, drums, violin, saxophone, flute, audio production & more. They teach students of all ages and styles, they have sent students to college, to compete in major music competitions, and have also premiered on major TV Music contests like American Idol & The Voice. Founded by University of Louisiana at Lafayette music school graduate Tim Benson, the Academy has been voted as a top finalist in the best music school by readers of the Times since 2016 and they have won the national music school of the year award in 2014.

Their goal is to make music lessons fun, educational and to help foster the next generation of musicians and creative thinkers! You can find them at the following links:



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Low Sugar? Is That Like Heroin With Low Fentanyl? Processed Carbs,Sugar, & Fat make your brain react the same as addictive drugs (heroin). Stop trying to quit the old and concentrate on making the new you. 2 Great books this week. "A NEW YOU" by Michael J. Meighen MD and "CODES OF LONGEVITY" by Dr. Melissa Grill-Peterson
Economic News and Sensational Headlines How much should you pay attention to some of these recent financial news headlines? Eric shares what he thinks and what matters when it comes to your financial situation.
Read more and get additional financial resources here: 
What we discuss in this episode: 
1:18 - Are we preparing for an economic hurricane?
3:22 - Mortgage rates are in for a bumpy ride.
4:23 - Looming twilight of social insurance?
6:53 - America’s unemployment rate might be higher than you think.
8:42 - Should you buy gold?
Ask a Lawyer: The Top 3 Lease Issues for Gym Owners As a gym owner, you'll likely face some issues when it comes to your lease. Three of the most important elements: rent (including CAM expenses), use of premises, and additional costs you're responsible for through "triple net" leases (insurance, maintenance, etc.). How do you negotiate a better lease for your gym business? Is your rent increase justified? What happens when your use of the premises—dropping plates, loud music—becomes a problem for other tenants? We pose these questions and more to Gym Lawyers founder Matthew Becker. Matthew—a gym owner himself—gives you tips for covering your bases and protecting yourself as you navigate the tricky terrain of gym leases.Links"Breaking the Sound Barrier" by Chris Cooper2:15 - The "big 3": rent, use of premises, and what you're responsible for3:07 - What comprises rent 9:08 - Base rent plus fees12:52 - Recourse if base rent goes up 14:55 - Use of premises18:06 - Noise issues23:39 - "Everything is negotiable"27:07 - Protecting yourself32:27 - Cost of legal fees
How the latest behind-the-scenes Disney drama could affect Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Mike is going solo! With Tommy and Kevin busy, Mike breaks down Disney's firing of executive Peter Rice and how it could affect the future of Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. He also takes a #QuackQuestion on how much scandal came out of the Junior Goodwill Games.
Executive producers: Elsie Barnett, Bryan Berg, Alex Ybarra, Josh Luecht, Bobby Lemaire, Rabbi Lex Rofeberg, Aaron Davis, Ed Scimia, Alex Vlahos, Joyce Eng, Matt Holtwick, and Nurul Azam.
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THIS is Why Real Estate Agents Never Become Investors with Pat Hiban In this episode, you’ll discover why a lot of real estate agents never become real estate investors. Pat Hiban shares a common misconception about real estate investing, and one thing that people don’t know about building a real estate portfolio. If you want to learn more, then the best thing to do is listen to the full episode here:   - Connect with Jim Oliver: Facebook: CreateTailwind & Jim Oliver Website: YouTube: CreateTailwind LinkedIn: Jim Oliver Join the Community: RSVP for the next community Q&A HERE:
Well Integrity: Integrity Management Throughout the Well Life Cycle In the latest Living Digital podcast, Simon Copping, Well Integrity Domain Champion, discusses well integrity and the latest digital technology being used to mitigate risk and maximize production potential.
#257 – From Indie Hacker to $200M+ with Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell We're talking to Patrick Campbell, an indie founder who just sold his company for $200,000,000. That's an insane nine figure exit for a bootstrapped founder. In this episode, we talk with Patrick about his champagne problems and what indie hackers need to know today to get to where he is more quickly. 
Follow Patrick on Twitter:
Check out ProfitWell:
Safety & Risk Assessments ric Bombere, a Safety Solution Consultant with Rockwell Automation joins Brad Freeman to discuss Risk Assessments and other related safety topics.Contact information for our Automation Specialist team can be found here
Start a Franchise Business: An Interview with Andrea Trout Learn how to start a franchise business from someone who has done it! She and her business partners started Prime IV Delray during a pandemic. Join Allison Turner, the host of the Dream Plan Start Grow podcast as she interviews Andrea Trout of Prime IV Delray. Host Bio: Allison Turner owns both BatCat Media Group
Creating Harmony with Your Office Hardware Scanners, cross-cut shredders, and endpoint security, oh my goodness. There is an overwhelming selection of office hardware - and Eric Baumgardner discusses which components can make a difference in your office. Listen as Eric shares his thoughts on scanners, shredders, cell phone applications, VOIP systems and more. Hear how you can unclutter your desk by using technology and hardware harmoniously. Eric also gives good advice on green screens, microphones and lighting to enhance your video communications.
Thermal Intelligence Talks Sustainability Mark Malekoff, director at Thermal Intelligence, sits down with Rental Editor Sarah Webb to discuss the importance of sustainability initiatives within the rental industry and how sustainable products, such as the company’s Basecamp product, can actually make end users more efficient and boost their bottom line. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
episode 10: ”ownership” in this episode of the MAJORLY minor podcast, i discuss the concept of ownership. you can contact me at thanks so much.
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Ed Talks - Solo Episode - Competitors looking over your shoulder, ready to 'eat your lunch!' Getting real in this episode of Ed Talks – a new solo episode where Ed reveals more of his extensive career as an estate agent 😲Being an estate agent can be seriously tough. It’s constantly changing and there are always competitors looking over your shoulder, ready to “eat your lunch.”Perhaps you are already an estate agent learning the streets of Britain, at the very beginning of your property career or applying for jobs - or you might simply be curious.Whatever your situation, this episode is sure to inject some motivation into your day. Ed talks about the importance of finding what you are good at, running an office, what it was like being an agent throughout the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and more.Sharing TOP advice to get you moving in the right direction, explained from his own experiences and how to differentiate yourself.*hint* how can a red fleece can change the game?📧 If you have any questions or would like to chat to Ed directly, do get in touch: 🎧 Listen to other podcast episodes:👀 Watch this episode:
Ed Talks to Jonathan Hopper, key insider on the buying side of property & co-founded property advice platform with Phil Spencer Jonathan Hopper is a key insider on the buying side of property with unrivalled knowledge of this growing and often misunderstood sector. The buying side of the market has expanded over the last 20-25 years in a meaningful way as Jonathan explains. Jonathan is Chief Executive of National buying agent Garrington and co-founded advice platform MoveiQ with Phil Spencer. He’s also been a stalwart at The Property Ombudsman ensuring the buy side is represented.  In this episode Ed and Jonathan dive deeper into the buying agent side – what it takes to be a professional buying agent, fees and some great career advice. They also ponder what makes for a good, trusted buying agent to hire? So, what do buying agents do? Where are the problems? Where does the future lie?? Lots of rarely answered questions come to the surface.
Episode 48: Moving Matters with Joshua Taylor of Caversham Moves In this episode Joshua Taylor, Managing Director of Caversham Moves discusses how he began his career in the industry 15 years ago, which was on a part-time basis for 10 years during his initial career as a sports & massage therapist.

Caversham Moves was formed 5 years ago (although their management team have 15-20 years of experience within the removals industry) and are based in Berkshire, providing predominantly local and national domestic moving services, although they also provide packing, installation, furniture delivery and trade assistance services too. Caversham Moves run a fleet of 2 x 18 tonne, 1 x 7.5 tonne and 5 x vans, employ a staff of 10 (employing only those living within a 3 mile radius of their operating centre) and offer containerised storage in 2 warehouses.

Joshua’s biggest challenges was firstly coming into the industry and starting a business with zero assets and zero financing, and secondly purchasing good reliable assets as the company grew.

Things that Joshua would change from his moving past is to give himself more respite, and to start his own business sooner, citing that it’s more beneficial for the development of yourself and your skillsets.

Joshua’s highpoint of being within the industry so far, is offering employment to multiple individuals, but also investing into their development.

The one thing Joshua would like to change within the industry is an operators licence for anyone that offers a hire and reward as a service.

Joshua’s advice to just starting out in the industry again is to have worked for a larger/national operator to get a feel for other avenues, and in the early years of Caversham Moves to invest in staff sooner.

In the next 5 years Joshua is looking to get more involved in networking having recently attended the BAR Young Movers Group Conference in Belfast, to join BAR, and possibly FIDI too as Joshua looks to add on International moving to their current services. Industry wise, hopefully in a good place, but Joshua would like to see is more emphasis put on quality and service delivery.

Outside of the industry being an owner operator Joshua finds that there is not a lot of free time.

And as always we end Moving Matters with two funny moving stories, regarding broken windscreen wipers and a device found in a divan storage drawer.


Links to Caversham Moves:

Special Guest: Joshua Taylor.
17 Things You Need To Prepare For An Open House (Checklist) In today's episode of the Kyle Handy podcast, I'll share 17 things you need to prepare for an open house! For show notes and more information visit:
Preparation Tips for your Internship with Anthem On this episode of our Office Hours Series, we hear from Gabby Schmidt from Anthem. She gives students some top preparation tips to succeed in their internship program.
Souther Glazer's Wine and Spirits Program Overview On today's episode of The Internship Show, we speak with Melissa King from Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits. Melissa is a University Recruiter and gives us a snapshot of life as an early career candidate at their company.
Dubai: Crypto & Coffee at 8: 22nd June 2022! 🚨 Central Bank Digital Currencies NOT Crypto the future of Monetary system?👀 22nd June
🚨Central Bank Digital Currencies NOT Crypto

⛔Bank for International Settlements — BIS says CBDCs, Not Crypto, will be the cornerstone of the Future Monetary System. They have released a special chapter in the Annual Economic Report 2022 that u can download here that talks about the future monetary system A comparison between the Current monetary system vs Crypto Monetary system vs Future Monetary system (CBDC) is explained, They also talk about “The promise and pitfalls of crypto” taking a jab at the implosion of the TerraUSD, stablecoin and its twin coin Luna & a lot more

We at Blockchain DXB also have an event called “Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Basics, Threats to Freedom & Metaverse” via Eventbrite on the 8th of July. Registration

Stable coins do account for over 85% of 24 hours trading volume. Lately, the adoption of USDC has been growing a lot. Few metrics to share

💡Circulating Supply — 67.4 B USDT
💡Circulating Supply — 55.8B USDC Circle/ Coinbase

24-hour trading volume 87.37% of the total crypto market 24-hour volume via CoinMarketCap

❗$50.3B USDT
❗$4.9 B USDC

👀With over 87% of the cryptocurrency volume taking place in stable coins & the implosion of TerraUSD, it does become increasingly important to safeguard the interest of the people?

👀Security Exchange Commission chair Gary Gensler has once again warned the public about crypto investments that seem “too good to be true.” He definitely seems right He also mentioned lending platforms are operating a little like banks More info on this via here You may not like what he is saying but he is speaking #facts The U.S. Department of the Treasury has called an urgent need for regulatory frameworks that mitigate the risks posed by digital assets. Regulations are great to protect investors & safeguard communities’ interests as a whole. As long as it does not stifle innovation, regulations are ideal. But Bitcoin was created precisely for this very reason? A movement toward separation of Money & the state! A peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It may take over a decade, maybe a few for the separation of Money & the state

💥Alex Bornyakov The Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine on IT industry development, Head of the Diia City project published via Twitter that #CryptoPunk #5364 has been sold for 90 ETH. It’s over $100K. A few months ago this NFT was donated to Aid for Ukraine News In March he also tweeted on ways to help Ukraine with crypto, detailed & official info on this here The community has already raised more than $60 million, a detailed breakdown & how the fund will be used are on the link & also below is a summary
#BTC= 482 +
#ETH = 9711 +
#DOT = 435632 +
#USDT = 632
#SOL = 7815 +
#USDC = 1,202,804

Two UAE news: (Check slides for more info)

Hex Trust has obtained provisional approval from the Government Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA)
BitOasis Crypto Exchange Cuts 5% Of Its Staff Citing Recession and Market Turmoil

For slides click here:

Bitcoin address: 02ddf96964b352b75dd660a56a5162bf9e76e549e31263b88ed93015e635771795

Cardano address:addr1qxwu4h9uw4ptc6jp4zzhvckcjua7nda9u5fkvmdfrge00n3dpznq9000nxdcvklpdtw320zku7eeju483l2pg6gtw3eqp8e4q6

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Dubai: Crypto & Coffee at 8: 23rd June 2022! 🚨 2022:⛔Inflation + Recession + Stagflation + Deglobalization + New World Order 23rd June
⛔Inflation + Recession + Stagflation + Deglobalization + New World Order

Inflation Numbers
📛 US — 8.6% highest in 40 years
📛 UK — 9.1% highest in 40 years
📛UAE — 7.5% expected in 2022

💡Ray Dalio has put up an excellent article via LinkedIn called Reducing inflation will come at a great cost: Stagflation article here He talks about how important it is to raise productivity and central banks are currently not doing that. Excellent examples of bull and bear markets), expansions and recessions. Also explains how debts have been increasing relative to incomes at the same time.

What is Stagflation? Simply put, stagflation or recession-inflation is a situation in which the inflation rate is high as in the current case. #Bidenflation is definitely upon us. The root cause of it is Money Printing by the Democrats?

Because of Covid 19 & Russia / Ukraine situation, the economic growth rate slows has slowed down, and unemployment remains steadily high. Despite attempts to change the definition of Unemployment by the current administration. Currently, stagflation in the USA presents a dilemma for economic policy, since actions intended to lower inflation may exacerbate unemployment. A strong political leader is what the USA & the world needs #trump2024?

👀 Where does Bitcoin fit into all this?
Well maybe if Bitcoin was created centuries ago we may have not been in a similar situation? — Not True. Check out Blockchain DXB’s suggestion here on how Bitcoin as an alternate form of money in existence to Fiat currency could maybe ease the current financial crisis? (Still an idea stage & work in progress) . Check our events on #CBDC & #Metaverse below

🚨Nouriel Roubini “Dr. Doom” chief economist from Atlas Capital Team L.P. has a great interview with Bloomberg LP where he talks about US Economy ‘Getting Very Close’ to Recession. YouTube it here He reiterated his stance on crypto & the value is 0. He could be, right? Over $2Trillion has been wiped off the crypto market. Earlier in March, with Brunello Rosa he had mentioned that the invasion of Ukraine will have steep stagflationary effects, even in otherwise strong economies, article here via Project Syndicate. They were right

Sam Bankman-Fried , CEO of FTX bails out embattled crypto firms BlockFi and Voyager by providing BlockFi with a $250 million revolving credit facility & committed $500 million in financing to Voyager Digital. Info via Twitter here

⚡Elliptic article via LinkedIn shares detailed info on how #dogecoin is gaining traction for illicit use. Elliptic has identified millions of dollars worth of #dogecoin transactions connected to illicit activity. Detailed & informative info here Surprisingly USDT accounts for more illegal activity than #TRX #ETH #Doge combined. Unclear if privacy coins such as Monero, and Zcash account for Other?

Binance US has launched zero-fee Bitcoin trading & in the near future, they plan to eliminate charges for more tokens. Brian Shroder CEO of Binance.US told Bloomberg LP that zero-fee trading is “something that we want to do because we can. More info here via CoinDesk here

UAE news: (Check slides below)
✅Metaverse: The Hype, Reality & New World Order by Blockchain DXB via Eventbrite register here:
✅Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and how it will impact in the coming years. The Good, The Bad, The threat to Freedom & more. Eventbrite register here:

For slides click here:

Bitcoin address: 02ddf96964b352b75dd660a56a5162bf9e76e549e31263b88ed93015e635771795

Cardano address:addr1qxwu4h9uw4ptc6jp4zzhvckcjua7nda9u5fkvmdfrge00n3dpznq9000nxdcvklpdtw320zku7eeju483l2pg6gtw3eqp8e4q6

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Get Mortgage Free Fast - Ep 99 🎙SPECIAL WED EDITION of Get Mortgage Free Fast❗️

Ep. 99:

✅ Hybrid Mortgages

📞 What to do when the bank calls with an offer to convert your variable to a fixed mortgage

Maria Loza: Golf Ball Engineer Maria Juliana Loza has made a career of creating, designing, and testing golf balls - to help us golfers hit less houses and water hazards and hit more greens. So what does a golf ball engineer do? And how do they get started in this field? Let's find out!Getting to the Green is hosted by Mackenzie Mack, presented by the PGA of America, and is produced by Earfluence.
New Season: Getting to the Green New look, new name, new season! On Getting to the Green, we explore the many ways that you can find financial success in the golf industry. From caddies to broadcasters to engineers to pro golfers, we’ll share how they've navigated the golf business to get to the green!Getting to the Green is hosted by Mackenzie Mack, presented by the PGA of America, and is produced by Earfluence.
Michael Collins: From Comedian to "America's Caddie" You know Michael Collins as "America's Caddie" on his hit ESPN+ series. But what you might not know is how he got his start as a caddie on tour and what life is like carrying the bag on tour. Today, Michael shares his stories and gives advice on how to break into the tour.Getting to the Green is hosted by Mackenzie Mack, presented by the PGA of America, and is produced by Earfluence.
Dottie Pepper: From LPGA Tour Legend to Broadcaster to Author Dottie Pepper is an LPGA legend, having won 17 tour events and earning almost $7M on tour. But being a golf pro isn't as easy as it can appear, and today Dottie shares some of her early struggles with making a living, why mentorship was imperative to her success, and what it was like transitioning to the broadcast booth.Letters to a Future Champion: My Time with Mr. Pulver is available in hardcover, paperback, or audiobook!Getting to the Green is hosted by Mackenzie Mack, presented by the PGA of America, and is produced by Earfluence.
363 - EVERYONE IS EXPERIENCING WHAT YOU'RE EXPERIENCING - 5 Minutes of Momentum You are not alone. We all go through challenging times. We all have doubts and fears.
CE Pro Podcast #111: Valuable Advice from a CI Industry Veteran You when you’ve been in the industry for decades, the institutional knowledge is solid gold. And the opportunity to have the information from those years of experience passed along to the next generation of integration company owners is priceless. With all the pressures facing CE pros today from supply chain to labor rates to company culture, worthy advice from someone who has seen it all and done it all is welcome indeed.That’s where Franklin Karp comes in. After spending decades in the trenches, Karp is now sharing his sage advice with others through the formation of his own consulting company: Franklin Karp & Co. Karp started in the consumer electronics business when he was in college selling stereos. That evolved to a job in retail at Stereo Warehouse before moving Harvey Electronics, a high-end dedicated retailer that eventually expanded into custom installation. Harvey’s grew to $46 million in sales, including $21 million in custom installation during Karp’s long tenure. For the past decade he has been at Audio Video Systems in New York, dealing with vendors and affluent clientele.
S3 Ep131: Warehouse Safety Tips | Episode 131 | Milestones Milestones

On today's podcast - we're going to discuss announcing information in advance at your facility.

So stay tuned.

You can find the show notes to each episode, links to the information mentioned on the podcast, the social media platforms we're on, and anything else related to the podcast at

If you're a seasoned Podcast Listener - this podcast is going to be different from most you listen to.  It's based around exactly what the name implies - Warehouse Safety Tips.  And since the people in that industry are busy - we know time is money so each episode will be as short and to the point as possible.

And now that all that is out of the way - let's get to the Podcast!


A couple of the things we celebrate here on our podcast are consistency and milestones.   

Last week we were able to celebrate BOTH and didn't even realize it.  The podcast "Coming Soon..." was our 130th episode.  That marked the 2.5-year point of doing our podcast.  But even better, it marked the 130th week in a row that we've done this podcast.

We always try to draw similarities with non-work life to safety - and the above-mentioned consistency and milestone should provide it.

If you have a "Days Since An Accident" sign at your facility with a high number - celebrate it!  It means you've been consistent in your safety efforts.  If you don't have one of the signs or one where the number on it isn't high - it gives you the opportunity to work on improving your safety and hitting milestones.

Take a hard look at how you implement The 5S Methodology at your facility.  If you follow each "S" with the intention of getting better each time you cycle through it - the numbers on your Safety Board will keep climbing.

We look forward to seeing you next week for another Warehouse Safety Tips.

Until then, have a great week and STAY SAFE!

Before moving on - here's a word from one of our sponsors.

If you've ever been to or worked in a warehouse - you know just how important safety is to both management and staff.  It's almost impossible to go 10 steps without seeing Safety Tape, Angles, Signs, and/or products. 

These items show us how to be safe and avoid danger in the workplace.  And if you're looking for the best products to make this happen - look no further than Mighty Line!

Mighty Line Floor Signs / Floor Markings offer the best industrial products out there!

Go to to request a Sample Pack of their incredible Safety Signs and Floor Markings.

What makes Mighty Line the superior choice in keeping your facility safe and productive?

Mighty Line Tape is the strongest floor tape on the market and has a beveled edge that increases durability for industrial brush scrubbers, forklifts, and heavy industrial wheel traffic. 
Easy installation and removal thanks to Mighty Line's peel and stick backing.  You can apply and reapply it during installation - and it leaves no sticky residue should you need to remove it.  This allows the ability to change workflow areas quickly and easily - and not have the downtime associated with painting or using floor markings that leave behind a mess when you remove them.
Mighty Line Tape is 7 times thicker than the average Safety Floor Tape.
Mighty Line's Signs and Marking come in various shapes, colors, and sizes.  And if they don't have what you're looking for in stock - their Customize It Program allows you to create exactly what you're looking for. 
Mighty Line offers a Limited 3-Year Warranty on their Floor Signs and Markings.
And last but certainly not least - Mighty Line Products are Patented and PROUDLY Made in the USA!

We're proud to have Mighty Line as THE Official Floor Sign / Floor Marking Company for the Warehouse Safety Tips Podcast and Site. 

Again - Go to to request a Sample Pack of their incredible Safety Signs and Floor Markings.

If you visit - you'll find the Show Notes for this episode.  

Thank you for listening to Warehouse Safety Tips - and ha
TIPS, Options & Rates. Increased Volatility environments with Nancy Davis This week's guest may be new to Twitter (@nancy__davis), but she's certainly not new to the wide world of volatility in all its wonderous “fruit” forms, including of course rates and fixed income volatility. In this Derivative episode, Jeff sits down with one of the "100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance," Nancy Davis. Nancy, who started her career at Goldman Sachs, is the founder of Quadratic Capital, portfolio manager for the IVOL and BNDD ETFs, and a frequent finance commentator on Bloomberg and CNBC.
In this engaging chat, Nancy is talking TIPS (inflation, duration exposure, plus real yields, and yield curve control), debit card vs credit card investing, why most bond investors are short mortgage calls, the purpose of IVOL, the day-to-day of running an ETF (the Vanguard of Convexity), a mother's love for options, what it takes to make it as a female in finance, why having a P&L is the key to meritocracy, and much more. Plus, we're playing two truths and a lie where we find out if she has a strong poker face or if that's just a reference to her doppelganger — SEND IT!
00:00-01:29 = Intro
01:30-20:26 = Everything TIPS: a single inflation index, duration exposure, real yields & yield curve control
20:27-30:56 = Debit Card Investing: Risk Management budgets & Orders of Operation
30:57-47:31 = The Purpose of IVOL, Mortgage rates & Bond portfolios, & Rate Risk vs Spread risk
47:32-55:13 = Running an ETF: The Vanguard of Convexity
55:14-01:04:58 = Goldman’s not a Squid, A mothers love for Options & What it takes to make it
01:04:59-01:12:17 = Two Truths & a Lie: Gaga edition

Follow Nancy on Twitter @nancy__davis and for more information on Quadratic Capital visit
Don't forget to subscribe to The Derivative, and follow us on Twitter at @rcmAlts and our host Jeff at @AttainCap2, or LinkedIn , and Facebook, and sign-up for our blog digest.
Disclaimer: This podcast is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal, business, or tax advice. All opinions expressed by podcast participants are solely their own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of RCM Alternatives, their affiliates, or companies featured. Due to industry regulations, participants on this podcast are instructed not to make specific trade recommendations, nor reference past or potential profits. And listeners are reminded that managed futures, commodity trading, and other alternative investments are complex and carry a risk of substantial losses. As such, they are not suitable for all investors. For more information, visit
Building the Future: Aman Narang of Toast today we sit down with co-founder Aman Narang to discuss the ups and downs of servicing the service industry. If they were able to predict the future before, are they able to do it again?
For more on Toast visit
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6-21-22 Is A Recession Coming OR Not??? With all the media talk of a recession, it's hard to believe it won't be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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6-22-22 The Fed Will Fight Inflation With Credible Threats, Watch Where You Step The Fed is not worried about inflation so long as its threats stay credible
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6-19-22 Food Shortages To Force The CBDC Down Your Throat U.E. thinking out loud about central bank digital currency being implemented during food shortages.
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6-17-22 The Wave Of Bankruptcies Are Now Rolling In The fed is looking to stop inflation and cutting jobs is their goal. Zombie Season is now open
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IATA Sees Pent-Up Profits Are profits on approach for airlines in 2023? Edward "Ned" Russell and Jay Shabat discuss IATA's updated outlook, and Director General Willie Walsh's comments at the annual general meeting in Doha. Also, SkyWest Airlines has a novel approach to expanding the pool of pilots.
Free Talk Live 2022-06-24 Porcfest Day Four :: Anthony Olsen of Freedom Haven :: Does an AI have the right to an attorney? :: LaMDA hires an attorney :: What is sentience? :: What is life? :: "Club your children to death," says Mark :: Replika's Augmented Reality :: Show: 2022-06-24 Aria, Mark
Travel with Rick Steves (June 18/25, 2022) Hear how the characters of Nordic mythology can help you better understand the past, and how they influence the epic tales that entertain us today. Discover Dutch towns to explore beyond Amsterdam where you can view technological marvels as well as medieval charm. Also, find out how tourism in Nicaragua is trying to rebound from multiple setbacks, one rural homestay at a time.GUESTS - Lori Erickson, Rolinka Bloeming, Tim Tendick, Penny Reid, Ernesto OcampoBROADCAST SCHEDULE:Weekends: 4 AM Eastern/1 AM Pacific (3 AM local)Revised live broadcast from June 18-19, 2022 and June 25-26, 2022, on the Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network, online at, Spreaker, the Heartland Newsfeed Alexa radio skill, and other platforms. You can also listen via TuneIn and Live365.Listen Live: us on social mediaFacebook: us with your financial supportStreamlabs: Cash:$heartlandnewsfeedPatreon: via 1UpCoin:
Ep#79 HANG ON! Let me overthink this. Spinning, spinning, spinning and eventually falling down exhausted on exactly the same spot where you started.That's what OVERTHINKING feels like.We  explore why we overthink, how we can nip it in the bud before it goes out of control and how we can take a more efficient route thereafter.Definition of overthink: to think too much about (something) : to put too much time into thinking about or analyzing (something) in a way that is more harmful than helpful.  www.merriam-webster.comYou can grab the full show notes HERECONNECT WITH USWebsite: www.shedesignsherlife.comInstagram: @shedesignsherlifeFacebook: @shedesignsherlife
Chris’ story time//There’s a day for everything// Episode 126 - We are all back and Chris gives us a couple great stories. We talk about poop again and we find out there is a 69 day. Have you 69’d someone you love, like, or even a stranger today?


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73. The Perfect Time to Start a Business & Why You Must Not Let These 5 Challenges Hold You Back The past year has been a challenge for all of us. The spread of Covid and growing inflation have made us dig deep to find out what we are made of. We are paying more for food, gas, and everything in between.
So, starting a business may be the last thing on your mind. In uncertain times like the one we are experiencing now, we tend to shrink, hold back, and let fear control us.
But there is a better way. It is time you take control of your time, income, and passion. It is time to create the life you want, where you can determine how you want to show up in the world and how you want to serve those in your path.
In this episode, I will share with you a few tips you can incorporate into your life to help you start the engine of your future business.
If you are ready to become a Brave Diva and develop a courageous mindset and position yourself to do things you never imagined you could do, book a FREE Breakthrough Call with Dr. GeGe:
Let's get going, ladies!
Take a listen right now and be prepared to take messy action.
Until then,
You are Unstoppable,
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How Setting Weekly Goals and Having a Routine Has Helped Jessica Build a Large Amazon Business - 150 In this episode, Ryan chats with Jessica Buchanan. Jessica has a goal to find 14 new profitable products every week and has a routine for her day that helps her stay organized.   Links: Legendary VAs - Need a Coach? - MySilentTeam Facebook Group -
Why Join inventRight - WWE Make Up Artist Becomes Pro Inventor Inventor and inventRight member Brittany Lammon and her inventRight Coach Scott Putnam talk about what it’s like it be a member of inventRight. Brittany has amazing energy and gives inventors a very good idea of how to have the right mindset and get stuff done every week. Scott gives his take as a coach. Great energy on this one!

Do you need help with your invention idea?
Do you have an invention idea and don’t know what to do next?

How do you license an idea? How do you patent an invention? Learn how to become a profitable inventor and earn passive income from your creativity following the advice of inventors Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss. They are the world's leading experts on how to license a product idea. If you have an invention idea, inventRightTV is the show to watch.

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss are the cofounders of inventRight, a coaching program that has helped people from more than 65 countries license their ideas for new products.

If you have questions about how to invent, how to be creative, design, how to do market research, prototyping, manufacturing, negotiating, pitching, how to sell, how to cold call, how to reach out to open innovation companies, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, patents, copyright, trademarks, and intellectual property in general — subscribe to inventRightTV! New videos every week, including tons of entrepreneur success stories.

Inventing can be lonely, but you don't have to go it alone! Join the inventRight community for priceless inventor education, mentorship, support, accountability, hand-holding, honesty about the invention industry, and so much more.

Contact us at #1-800-701-7993 or

This is the book you need to license your product idea: “One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work.” Find it here:

This is the book you need to file a well-written provisional patent application: “Sell Your Ideas With or Without a Patent.” Find it here:

Determined to become a professional inventor? Read Stephen's new book "Become a Professional Inventor: The Insider's Guide to Companies Looking For Ideas":

inventRight, LLC. is not a law firm and does not provide legal, patent, trademark, or copyright advice. Please exercise caution when evaluating any information, including but not limited to business opportunities; links to news stories; links to services, products, or other websites. No endorsements are issued by inventRight, LLC., expressed or implied. Depiction of any trademarks/logos does not represent endorsement of inventRight, LLC, its services, or products by the trademark owner. All trademarks are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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MFREE 003: How do you build a team? with Brian Briscoe Joins us as we address the question about how to build a team with Brian Briscoe. Brian BriscoeDirector of OperationsBrian is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and brings years of leadership and management experience to his real estate investments. As a Marine officer, he has proven his ability to plan, lead, and effectively accomplish missions in both training and combat situations. He has earned graduate degrees from both the University of Utah and Naval Postgraduate School and is currently stationed at the Pentagon. He has actively invested in real estate since 2007. Brian is an “Advisor” in Michael Blank’s Deal Maker Mastermind and a member of Michael's “Elite Investor Club.” Brian is a managing member of Four Oaks Capital, a national multifamily syndication company. brianbriscoe@fouroakscapital.com Feb 19, 2020.Music from "Zigzag" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (
Where to Put Additional Savings? On this episode of DIY Money, Logan and Daniel discuss where to put any additional savings.
Is the U.S. Housing Market at Risk of Another 2008-Style Crisis? JUNE 23, 2022 Mortgage applications are dropping as rates continue to increase, with rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage now up nearly 80% in the last year. Scott Lawlor of Waypoint Residential joins us to discuss the risks of another housing crisis. Plus, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm will speak with seven oil and gas executives this morning about why they are not refining more gasoline or producing more oil. American Petroleum Institute CEO Mike Sommers breaks down what to expect. And, investors are looking ahead to Jay Powell’s second day of testimony after he said yesterday that the battle against inflation could raise rates high enough to trigger an economic downturn. But have U.S. stock market losses only just begun? Craig Johnson of Piper Sandler weighs in.
Here Are Your Stock Picks to Close Out the Week. JUNE 24, 2022 Russian oil production is nearly back to pre-war and pre-sanction levels, according to Vortexa. So what does this mean for the U.S. energy supply? Energy strategist Clay Seigle weighs in. Plus, stocks are looking to add to Thursday’s gains on the back of Jay Powell’s testimony on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers pressed Powell on the central bank’s plan if the economy slows down without reducing inflation. Kiran Ganesh of UBS Global Wealth Management discusses the outlook for the markets. And, Jared Weisfeld of Jefferies and Malcolm Ethridge of CIC Wealth give us their stock picks as we close out the week.
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