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Nomadic Ambience: City and Nature Sounds Hello, I'm a solo traveler who loves photography, video and exploring new cultures. I record ambience sounds during my world travels. Those sounds include city soundscapes, cafes, waterfalls, rain, thunderstorms, wind, and more. Enjoy my many recordings. and consider subscribing. Please do not use my videos without my permission. Thank you!
Discovering And Living Purpose on Life Signatures Radio If you are looking for help on the critical subject of Purpose, this podcast is dedicated for that. In addition, you will get inspiration about Productivity as well are Resilience. I am positive that you will find this content worthwhile and inspiring.
Forces for Nature Get informed, get inspired, and get empowered to make more animal and eco friendly choices.The Forces for Nature podcast celebrates people who are doing great things for animals and the environment. We bring you uplifting stories of these everyday heroes; their trials and triumphs; and how they find the motivation to keep going. You’ll leave feeling hopeful, prepped with actionable tips that answer your question, “But what can I possibly do,” so that you, too, can be a Force for Nature.
Nature Tripping Jo and Cathy go out to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of nature at various locations around the British Isles. Join them as they chat about the wildlife around them and listen in to their surroundings.
Nature Just Got Real! Join K.B Carr, author of the Weird and Wacky Planet series, along with a few friends, as they bring you the REAL skinny on what's REALLY going on in the Natural World. Presenting Nature to kids in ways that will empower them!
Nature Check Nature Check is a game of Dungeons and Dragons played by a group of scientists. Through the game, we hope to show you that scientists are real people with bawdy senses of humor and creative solutions to problems. We also hope to use the game world to talk about real issues in biology, ecology, environmental science, scientific research, and society.

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Yellowstone Videos on Yellowstone national park ****

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Ep. #201 North American Waterfowler, Fads, Sub Gauge Ethicality Elliot from Freelance Duck Hunting comes on the show and we talk about The North American Waterfowler, Waterfowl Fads, Hunt Tests, Waterfowl Tracking, Sub-Gauge Ethicality and more!Link to send us a message in! The MVM Show on Youtube -
Coyote Killing Contests: Transcending urban rural differences in debates over bans, with Dr. Debra Merskin Communication Professor Dr. Debra Merskin discusses her study of arguments for and against a ban on Oregon's coyote killing contests, including her recommendations for animal advocates to use approaches that are more likely to resonate with the rural residents arguing to keep the killing contests (although, other rural residents and some hunters also believe these killing contests should be banned). This 27-minute interview, hosted by Carrie Freeman for "In Tune to Nature," from August 2022, is broad enough to be applicable to any state's efforts to ban wildlife killing contests in considering various people's worldviews on animals, government, and independence. You can read Dr. Merskin's full study in the international open-access scholarly journal Journalism & Media at 
Project Coyote is a good resource for those looking for wildlife advocacy strategies that have worked. Their website is
In Tune to Nature is a weekly show airing on Wednesdays from 6:30-7pm EST on Atlanta indie station WRFG (Radio Free Georgia) 89.3FM hosted by Carrie Freeman, Sonia Swartz, or Melody Paris. Please consider donating to support this 50-year old independent progressive radio station at 
Take care of yourself and others, including other species. 
Photo credit of coyote killing contest: Humane Society of the U.S.
Ruben Mata - Quail Forever Chapter Vice President Nick and Tyler sit down with Ruben Mata in this episode. Ruben lives in California and is a Vice President of the Quail Forever chapter in the county he lives in. Ruben is also active in the local NAVHDA chapter. With the thousands of acres of public access Ruben enjoys exploring new locations looking for upland birds but also saving those honey holes for his kids or other new hunters to enjoy a good bird hunt.
Rubens Quail Forever Chapter has been working hard this year to help the birds survive the droughts by keeping the guzzlers full and also fixing the broken ones.
Tune in to hear more from Ruben and his upland adventures.
New Cohost, Favorite Ducks to Eat, Waterfowl Habitat, and the RETURN Act Matt announces Thomas as his new cohost. They talk about North Dakota and Nebraska habitat conditions, eating ducks, and the RETURN Act. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mark Brand: Social Impact Entrepreneur | Title | Episode 66 In this episode we sit down with Mark Brand, a Vancouver-based chef and entrepreneur who is using his businesses to have a daily impact on food scarcity in vulnerable communities. His passion for feeding the hungry and for promoting institutional change has made him a rising star in Vancouver and across the continent!

If you'd like to learn more about Mark Brand, click here:
If you'd like to learn more about our nonprofit, click here:
A MILLION MORE DUCKS! At the first-annual Delta Waterfowl Hunters Expo this past weekend, Delta Waterfowl announced their Million Duck campaign. That's right. Forever a duck hunters organization, Delta Waterfowl is boldly raising the bar in waterfowl conservation! How relevant is a million ducks to the fall harvest? How will their plan be put into action--and annually implemented? What conservation strategies can produce a million ducks? In today's episode, Delta Waterfowl's Scott Petrie (COO and Chief Scientist) and Joel Brice (Chief Conservation Officer) explain. Something to get excited about!   Related Links: Delta Waterfowl   Podcast Sponsors: BOSS Shotshells Benelli Shotguns Tetra Hearing Kanati Waterfowl Taxidermy https:// Mojo Outdoors Tom Beckbe Flash Back Decoys Voormi   It really is duck season somewhere for 365 days per year. Follow Ramsey Russell's worldwide duck hunting adventures as he chases real duck hunting experiences year-round: Instagram @ramseyrussellgetducks YouTube @GetDucks Facebook   Please subscribe, rate and review Duck Season Somewhere podcast. Share your favorite episodes with friends! Business inquiries and comments contact Ramsey Russell
Waterfowl Banding and Citizen Science Delta Waterfowl Scientist Chris Nicolai has been "ringing and slinging" for decades pursuant to career waterfowl research, placing bands on every North American waterfowl species and visiting some pretty far-flung places. When and how did bird banding begin? Who pioneered it? How are various waterfowl species captured, which are hardest to catch and and why might brant banding develop expert decoying skills? Which species are most banded? What are the various types of bands and markers used, how has technology changed things, and what are the many reasons waterfowl are banded? Bands are widely coveted by hunters as precious metals--but why can that be both good and bad?  Nicolai and Ramsey plow full steam ahead in this crash course conversation about the vital role we waterfowl hunters play as citizen scientists to manage waterfowl--and even justify the continuance of our waterfowl hunting privileges!   Podcast Sponsors: BOSS Shotshells Benelli Shotguns Tetra Hearing Kanati Waterfowl Taxidermy Mojo Outdoors Tom Beckbe Flash Back Decoys Voormi GetDucks USHuntList   It really is duck season somewhere for 365 days per year. Follow Ramsey Russell's worldwide duck hunting adventures as he chases real duck hunting experiences year-round: Instagram @ramseyrussellgetducks YouTube @GetDucks Facebook   Please subscribe, rate and review Duck Season Somewhere podcast. Share your favorite episodes with friends! Business inquiries and comments contact Ramsey Russell
Why Remote Rio Salado Argentina Duck Hunting Attracts Birds of a Feather Located in a massive wetland prone to natural water fluctuations that greatly affect waterfowl density and diversity--and so inconveniently far from Buenos Aires that you can't hardly get there from here--Rio Salado nonetheless offers truly wild duck hunting experiences unavailable elsewhere in Argentina. In this Duck Season Somewhere episode, Ramsey hears clients describe their Rio Salado Argentina duck hunting experiences during a drought year. While "whys" and "whats" vary, they collectively prove the point that among real duck hunters birds of a feather definitely flock together.    Related Links: Rio Salado Argentina duck hunting experience   Podcast Sponsors: BOSS Shotshells Benelli Shotguns Tetra Hearing Kanati Waterfowl Taxidermy https:// Mojo Outdoors Tom Beckbe Flash Back Decoys Voormi   It really is duck season somewhere for 365 days per year. Follow Ramsey Russell's worldwide duck hunting adventures as he chases real duck hunting experiences year-round: Instagram @ramseyrussellgetducks YouTube @GetDucks Facebook   Please subscribe, rate and review Duck Season Somewhere podcast. Share your favorite episodes with friends! Business inquiries and comments contact Ramsey Russell
Do Greenland sharks frequent the Caribbean Sea? A Greenland shark was found in the Caribbean Sea, surprising the science world and it begs the overall question: Have they always been there? But more research is needed to answer a number of questions. It also reminds us all that we know nothing of the deep sea and maybe we should hold off on opening up deep-sea mining since we don't really know the damage we could cause.   In this episode of the Speak Up For The Ocean Blue podcast, I am going to run through some of the questions I have on the Greenland shark distribution topic and provide my thoughts on why this should really halt any plans of deep-sea mining.    Link to Article:   Sign up to find out about the audio Ocean Conservation Careers members group:   Facebook Group: Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: Instagram: Twitter:
Are celebrities contributing too much Greenhouse gases via their private jet flights? A news article revealed that Kylie Jenner uses her private jet to fly 17 minutes to do daily chores such as grocery shopping to avoid traffic in LA. A sustainability firm based in the UK dug deeper to produce a list of the worst private jet offenders that were celebrities, but are we putting the blame in the right place? Celebrities are easy targets to receive hate; however, there was a report published in 2017 that revealed that 100 companies around the world are responsible for 70% of the contribution to climate change.   In this episode of the Speak Up For The Ocean Blue Podcast, I am going to discuss why we should be tackling both and think about the way we need to change how we do business in the future.   Link to article:   Sign up to find out about the audio Ocean Conservation Careers members group:   Facebook Group: Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: Instagram: Twitter:
You must show this one personality trait if you want a job in Marine Science and Conservation When I speak to people about their careers in Marine Science and Conservation, I can sense how badly they want a job and build their careers. It's hard to describe how I can notice it, but if you have it then go after it. But there are many of you who lack the motivation to fight for a position to get what you want. You have to show that you have a passion for this field in order to be successful.   In this episode of Speak Up For The Ocean Blue podcast, I am going to tell you what you can do to show the hiring managers that you have a passion for Marine Science and Conservation so you will get hired and start your career down the right path.   Sign up to find out about the audio Ocean Conservation Careers members group:   Facebook Group: Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: Instagram: Twitter:
#211 Rob Green: The great bear debate Rob Green is a conservation journalist and photographer from Montana, and in a recent contribution to Modern Huntsman volume 9, he wrote extensively about the current conflict with grizzly bears in the United States. From near extinction to the recovery of the species in an increasingly humanised landscape, the management of grizzly bears is one of the most contentious issues of the day. Read more in Modern Huntsman volume 9: The Hands That Feed, available now. Support the show on
4.13b 'Bark Mask' - Writing Prompt for my Conversation with Jackee Holder In this prompt, I use Jackee's beautiful writing maps for inspiration. We look at the prompt, 'bark mask' and the directions we could go in in writing using this title. I read the extract from the 'Writing with Fabulous Trees' map and share thoughts on how you might use this in your own writing.
Some ideas:

'Writing about ways in which surfaces protect us...about your own or your character's masks, and the importance of surfaces.' (JH)
Put the title, 'bark mask' at the top of the page and free write for at least 10 minutes (15-20 minutes if you have it!) on the theme
Get outside and put your hands on a tree trunk; or forage a some sticks and see how the textures differ when you are back at home

Please do share your writing with me as I love to read your words!
Jackee's writing maps and the Inner & Outer World Self-Discovery deck can be found in the shop section on her website
Find me on Instagram and on the website
Happy writing!
Helen x
Episode 120: What Are Your Zoo Job "Can't Live Withouts"? After a quick discussion of sea turtles and supper clubs, Ari and Chris use a recent "what do I need to buy for my first animal job?" post on the internet as a prompt to share our personal "can't live without" items for working at NEI. Hats? Check. Glasses? Check. Wildly different opinions on footwear brands? Check!!! Are there any "must have" items in YOUR collection that you'd like to share with the rest of the class? Let us know at! References:  Ari's favorite belt from Amazon can be found here. To learn more about Keen's footwear discount program for animal care professionals, visit
Ep. #200 Shooting A Banded Spoony, Waterfowl Addiction, Stages Of Waterfowl Hunting My good friend Barney comes on the podcast again and tells about shooting his banded Spoony, the progression of his duck hunting mindset, his waterfowl addiction and his thoughts of the differences of being a Big Game guide and being an avid waterfowler.Link to send us a message in! The MVM Show on Youtube -
Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #104 opens with the legendary Bill Russell, the Greatest professional athlete/civil rights activistn all sports based on having won 11 NBA championships in 13 years, including the last two as the first African-American coach of a major professional team.  Russell did all this while serving as one of critically important pioneering activists of equal rights for all citizens.
 He will be incredibly missed, as will NICHELLE NICHOLS, Star Trek's first African-American female, one of the great icons of our culture (&counter-culture).
RAY MCCLENDON clarifies the on-going very much alive & well prosecution of Donald Trump in Fulton County, Georgia.  Ray further updates us on the escalating grassroots campaign in GA leading into the 2022 mid-terms.
JOEL SEGAL connects that GA campaign to his work in NC…and then explains in great detail the considerable impact of the new Biden-Manchin bill, not yet passed, on our national health care system.
RON LEONARD, RAY LUTZ and TATANKA BRICCA illuminate the huge leap forward this bill also offers to the solar industry which has been under terrible attack from the US fossil/nuke dinosaurs.
GREG COLERIDGE of MOVE TO AMEND then covers his organization’s spectacular work—along with SAM ROSENTHAL---to reverse the horrendous SCOTUS Citizens United decision allowing big corporate money to buy our elections. 
Greg is followed by three great grassroots candidates supported by Progressive Democrats of America:   JASON CALL from WA, RACHEL VENTURA and JOHN LAESCH from IL.
And we hear from DR. RUTH STRAUSS, WENDI LEDERMAN, DOROTHY REIK, DANNETT ABBOTT, JUSTIN LEBLANC and many more who fit the critical mass of moving ahead with American democracy.
As a parting shot, we jump briefly into the world of psychedelics, reminding all our participants for future sessions to see:  FANTASTIC FUNGI & the 4-part HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND.
Horticulturati: The Full Monty Don We're back with a salute to Monty Don, beloved British gardening expert, author, and fashion icon, whose infectious passion for plants is boosting our spirits through this bummer summer.  Though little known in the US, jaunty Monty is a big celebrity across the pond, as the host of the BBC's Gardener's World, Big Dreams, Small Spaces, and Around The World in 80 Gardens. With his soothing temperament and sharp insights, he's a bit like a cross between Anthony Bourdain and Mr Rogers.  We discuss differing approaches to horticulture and land stewardship in the US and the UK and how Big Dreams, Small Spaces has informed our thinking about the role of the landscape designer as consultant. Then we follow Monty's 80 Gardens journey to Mexico City to visit perhaps the oldest perennial flowering gardens in the world: the floating chinampas of Xochimilco.  (Where to watch these shows in the US? Gardener's World and Big Dreams are currently available on Amazon Prime. The full 80 Gardens series is on Youtube.) Mentioned in this episode:  Around The World in 80 Gardens (book) by Monty Don.  The Horticulturati is cohosted by Leah Churner and Colleen Dieter. Want more? Please join our Patreon to hear our bonus podcast, "In the Weeds," and early access to episodes!
Avian Flu with Dr. Jennifer Ramsey This week we do a deep-dive into the latest avian flu outbreak with Dr. Jennifer Ramsey, the state wildlife veterinarian for Montana. The latest outbreak was notable for its severity and the breadth of species it reached -- from waterfowl to raptors to turkeys. Dr. Ramsay said they would sometimes even find an entire nest, adults and fledglings, that had succumbed to the virus. Plus: Going from a traditional veterinary practice to wildlife veterinary medicine; ornery moose, and what biologists are watching for during the fall migration. 2:00 A peek inside a scientist's work freezer 5:00 Wildlife CSI 6:00 Marcia's stuffed zucchini recipe 10:00 Regular veterinary medicine to wildlife veterinary medicine 15:00 Avian influenza + wildlife... not all influenzas are created equal 17:00 The current avian flu is hitting snow and Canada geese especially hard; raptors are also struggling 20:00 Transmission by nasal secretions, saliva, feces (...but how did the turkeys get it!?) 21:00 Avian flu symptoms in birds 22:00 So... can you eat them? 25:00 Seeing an entire nest of raptors (adults + chicks) succumbed to avian flu 27:00 Proximity to people influences the degree to which birds are tested/detected 29:00 The role of the public in avian flu detection 34:00 Communicating a wildlife pandemic with the public  40:00 The timing of migrations and avian flu outbreak 42:00 Transmission between domestic and wild birds 49:00 Mortality in bad bird flu outbreaks can be severe 52:00 Darting an ornery moose at a campground 56:00 Darted animals... you're safe with us!
Rossifari Zoo News 08/05/22 - Bibi's Baby's Been Borned, Baby! Edition Dateline: August 5, 2022. Rossifari Zoo News is back with a round up of the latest news in the world of zoos, aquariums, conservation, and animal weirdness!  In Zoo News, we start off with an update from Bibi at Cincy, talk about a bunch of births and a few deaths, an incredible initiative by the Memphis Zoo,  and more!In Conservation News, we discuss the Big Cat Public Safety Act, celebrity CO2 emissions, and stories about a shark and a sea turtle!And in Other News, we talk about monkey attacks and a pet insurance company hurting vets. ROSSIFARI LINKS: @rossifari on socials @rossifaripod on TikTok
06-31: The Fledgling for Young Birders with Hannes Leonard & Adrianna Nelson Close observers of the ABA might remember when we launched a new publication completely produced by a team of teen birders from all over the ABA Area. It's called The Fledgling, and after two issues it is well on its way to being something special. Hannes Leonard and Adrianna Nelson and members of The Fledgling team and they join Nate Swick to talk about this publication and the needs of young birder more generally. Also, why do field guides to the US and Canada call themselves field guides to "North America"? Subscribe to the podcast at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts, and please leave a rating or a review if you are so inclined! We appreciate it!
IWC Scientific Committee On this week's episode Dr Ashley Scarlett talks to guest Dr Alex Zerbini about the role of the Scientific Committee and the chair as well as the upcoming meeting in October.
The Buzz -Break Out The Faygo Hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick are back with a brand new episode of The Buzz.  There's a new round of "That's Hot" & "This or That" this episode.  There a a ton of "Listener Shout Outs" as we come down to the wire on our latest contest. Tom does a "Grow Read A Book" before "Take it or Leaf it" where Fran and Tom find themselves in over their heads. Find out the details on the next Native Plants Healthy Planet talk.  Music by RJ Comer. 
Have a question or a comment?  Call (215) 346-6189.
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112: Distant Thunder At Shastine Crater This was recorded on a warm summer afternoon at Shastine Crater as distant thunderstorms passed by then slowly drifted away. I was hoping to catch the thunderstorms as they passed overhead, but unfortunately I was a little late. Nevertheless I am happy with what I was able to get and I hope you enjoy it.
This recording is a little more quiet than usual so you may need to turn the volume up a bit. Also, there are some buzzing insects on this recording which are abundant in the forest at this time of year, I hope you don't mind too much.
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I really hope you enjoy this recording. Thank you very much for listening. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sound.


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Lost on Lundy: The hidden treasures of a wildlife landmark; aka, “David adventures to Puffin Island!” Since the late 1960s, Lundy Island - just off the north coast of Devon and measuring only half a mile wide at its widest point - has been owned and operated by two British charities; the National Trust and the Landmark Trust. Prior to this, Lundy was owned by wealthy megalomaniacs, pirates, gamblers, revolutionaries, neolithic fisher-people, and a whole array of wildlife. In this week's episode, David Oakes visits Lundy to speak with the island's current wildlife wardens, Rosie Ellis and Stuart Cossey. Rosie, a marine specialist, enthuses about the marine protected areas and no take zone that surround much of the island. These are waters that harbour grey seals, minke whales and basking sharks, as well as spiny lobsters, sea slugs, and a stunning array of rare corals. Stuart - the island's resident "bird guy" - explains that despite being named for one of the island's most colourful avian inhabitants ('lund' is the Old Norse word for 'Puffin'), Lundy is actually far more exciting due to its Manx Shearwater population. The majority of the UK's Manx Shearwaters breed on Lundy, and as such Stuart takes David out at sunset to ring a few of these amazing creatures. All of that, as well as pygmy shrews, the world's rarest cabbage, and a tale of why Rosie spent much of the Covid-19 lockdown on Lundy walking around collecting animal droppings, and you've got a tiny island (and brimming podcast) that punches far above its weight. For further information on this and other episodes, visit: Weekly episodes available early AND bonus content made free to forage by "Subscribtion Squirrels" on our Patreon. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Dr Gavin Broad: Broadening horizons with Darwin's wasps and other tales of cannibalism, incest and zombies Dr Gavin Broad’s love of nature was initially inspired by the birdlife of the Wirral. However, the summer lull in avian activity lead the 15-year-old Broad towards an interest in moths, and from there it was only a zombie caterpillar away from the creatures that were to inspire his professional identity and take him as far afield as Chile; Parasitoid wasps! “Darwin Wasps” account for 10% of all British insects - that’s over 7000 distinct wasps - and Broad insists that everyone can easily “admire them, if not like them.” What’s not to like about an insect that can inject its eggs through the bark of a tree and into another insect? Or one that can actively dictate the gender of its offspring to specifically regulate the extant population? Or one that can easily defeat a tarantula?! Quite. David heads to the Natural History Museum to talk Wasps, and to discuss Gavin’s involvement in sequencing the genomes of 70,000 British species - everything from Deep Sea Squid to Pine Marten - his appreciation for the work of Damien Hirst and the similarities it bears to the NHM’s hidden insect archives, and how we would all be far better off if we possessed the curiosity of bored Victorian clergymen. For further information on this and other episodes, visit: Weekly episodes available early AND bonus content made free to forage by "Subscribtion Squirrels" on our Patreon. See for privacy and opt-out information.
82. Sam Gandy on Nature Connection, plus Psychedelics and Beavers? Nature connectedness; what is it, why is it important, and can we boost it? Researcher Sam Gandy joins us in this episode to explore the concept of nature connectedness, which is s key predictor of us taking actions that are good for the planet and is also of huge benefit for our mental health and wellbeing. His research takes us to some fascinating places, including the research looking at the role that psychedelics such as psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms) have in quickly and deeply enhancing our feelings of connectedness with nature. Plus, we also take a splash through the role of beaver wetlands in improving feelings of nature connectedness, too.
Hear more from Sam:
The potential synergistic effects between psychedelic administration and nature contact for the improvement of mental health (2020) 
Potential psychological benefits of nature enrichment through the reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) to Britain: A narrative literature review (2021) 
** Today we are sponsored by WILD Deodorant, the all-natural, eco-friendly, and refillable deodorant that really works. Truly, we both use WILD every day and love it. Get 20% off your first purchase from with code 'EARTH20' **
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What Manchin Got for Backing Democrats' Climate Bill Joe Manchin, the West Virginian who represents the crucial 50th Democratic vote in the Senate, surprised Washington last week with a dramatic about-face. Just weeks after rejecting his party's climate legislation, he reversed course and announced he'd reached a deal with Democratic leaders to send a climate bill to the president's desk.
However, it later became clear that, in exchange for his support, Democrats granted Manchin numerous pro-fossil fuel provisions, including a measure that would essentially force the Biden administration to open up more federal lands for oil and gas drilling.
On this week's episode of our environmental policy podcast, Parts Per Billion, Bloomberg Law reporter Bobby Magill joins us to break down the legislative horse trading that led to Manchin's reversal and also about whether environmental activists can stomach the latest additions to the bill.
Do you have feedback on this episode of Parts Per Billion? Give us a call and leave a voicemail at 703-341-3690.See for privacy information.
Sea Lions with Lorrie Rea This week, we’re talking about an animal that spends time on land and in the sea. These marine mammals have evolved to thrive in their respective ecosystems, and there’s a lot to love about them. To help us learn more about them, Alex is joined by Dr. Lorrie Rea, a Research Professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. So, bring your snorkeling gear as we head out to the ocean to talk about sea lions.For sources and more information, please visit our website.Support the show
Krissy Wejebe - Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation I recently sat down with Krissy Wejebe, daughter of the Spanish Fly tv host Jose Wejebe, at ICAST. And on this episode, we talked about what it was like growing up in Florida with a dad that was a fishing guide/tv host and a mother who was a dolphin trainer. Jose meant a lot to so many people and when he passed away, it left a lot of people asking what they could do to help. Soon after, Krissy started up the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation to continue her father's legacy through conservation work, education and providing fishing opportunities to those in need. Since 2012, the foundation has worked on countless projects and provided amazing fishing trips for those battling illness bringing hope and "normalcy" to their lives. Go and visit their website to see how you can get involved today.Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation ( Wejebe Memorial Foundation | FacebookJoseWejebeMemorialFoundation (@josewejebefound) • Instagram photos and videosAnd be sure to check out all the episodes from Spanish Fly on Waypoint tv:Watch Spanish Fly | WAYPOINT TVPlease email me with questions, comments or guest suggestions to: Derek@impactoutdoorspodcast.comMusic Provided by: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
S2E30 – All Traps Point to a Fight! The Cephalosquad get themselves into trouble with a trap and a trilobite.     Please support Dugongs & Sea Dragons on Patreon:
367) Mia Birdsong: Deepening our interdependence with community “Freedom and friendship have the same etymological root, which means beloved... [Historically, freedom] was about your people and that collectively, you were able to get the things that you needed for everyone to survive — food, shelter, water — and that children, disabled people, babies, and elders were cared for. This was how you were free — in the collective.” In this episode, we welcome Mia Birdsong, a pathfinder, author, and facilitator who steadily engages the leadership and wisdom of people experiencing injustice to chart new visions of American life. She has a gift for making visible and leveraging the brilliance of everyday people so that our collective gifts reach larger spheres of influence, cultural and political change, and create wellbeing for all of us. Some of the topics we explore in this conversation include remembering a wiser and more radical meaning of “freedom”, re-envisioning what it means to feel safe and secure in a community, the generosity of receiving in relationships, and more. (The musical offering in this episode is Power to Change by Luna Bec.) Support our in(ter)dependent show:
EP: 118 The Black Eyed Kids In the realms of the bizarre, Black Eyed Kids are a relatively recent phenomenon. In this members-only episode, we dive into a story of a pastor who had a black-eyed kid show up on his doorstep. What is going in with lone children with black eyes? Are they rogue hybrids in the wild? Or something more sinister. Become a member and unpack this one!
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111: Lost Coast Headlands- Fleener Creek Beach This was recorded on a cool summer day at Fleener Creek Beach in the Lost Coast Headlands on an incoming tide. The beach was narrow and sandy, tucked below the high cliffs which loomed above. The recording starts in the late morning under overcast skies, but the cloud layer broke up a bit just before noon and allowed some sunlight to peek through.
The Lost Coast Headlands are one of six onshore units of the California Coastal National Monument, which protects all islets, rock outcroppings, and reefs within 12 nautical miles of shore along the entire 840 mile long coastline of California, as well as 7,942 acres of public land onshore.
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I was lucky to gather this recording during a quick side trip on my way to pick my daughter up from summer camp, I really hope you enjoy it. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sound.


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Drop Anchor with Erik Hanson of Adventure Aquarium Today, the Safari heads back to Adventure Aquarium for our fifth episode in our special events series there as we help them celebrate Shark Tooth Summer! You'll get to learn about the shark species that live at the aquarium, including Anchor, the great hammerhead shark that is only one of two that lives in an aquarium in North America!EPISODE LINKS: @adventureaquarium on social media ROSSIFARI LINKS: to support the pod @rossifari on socials @rossifaripod on TikTok
Ep. #199 In The Face Of Horror, Love & Hope Prevails On August 23, 2000, one of the most horrific stories I've personally heard, took place in Merced, CA. Vanessa Carpenter/Perales tells the story of how her and her sisters fought for their lives as a possessed man invades their home with a pitchfork and evil intentions. This story is very graphic and heavy but in the end, the miracles, healing, and hope that comes from this tragic event is overwhelming and powerful.Link to send us a message in! The MVM Show on Youtube -
Decoys & Decoy Strategies This week we talk with Matt from High Prairie Sportsmen about decoys and decoy strategies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Duck I.D., License & Regulations This week we talk with Matt from High Prairie Sportsmen all about Duck I.D., Licensing and Hunting Regulations. Please email us at or join our facebook group "Fowl Front Waterfowl Podcast" and check out High Prairie Sportsmen out on youtube. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Duck Hunting Boats This week we talk with the President of Duckwater Boats, Steve Hoover all about the ins and outs of owning a duck boat, then we wrap it up with some smaller vessels and diy tips tricks and tactics. Please visit our Group on Facebook for your chance to win some Cabela's Gift Card and email us at . Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hunting Ethics, Philosophy and Arguments with a Non Hunter This week we have my brother, Zach on to discuss the Ethics behind hunting and how you can further unpack your stance and views on the matters. In addition we talk about how to build and better understand your argument to help you portray yourself to non hunters. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tales & Tips- Public Land Hunting Conflicts This week's Tales & Tips focuses on conflict within the realm of public land and other hunters. Hear the story of when I was threatened by force and how I made a lifelong friend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Duck Calling 101 with Grit Pack Calls This week we talk with Travis from Grit Pack "GP" Calls all about Duck Calls and Calling Ducks...and some other stuff. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tales & Tips- Ducks Down Under with an Australian Waterfowler In this weeks Tales & Tips we talk with Andrew from Australia about Duck Hunting in his neck of the woods and highlight the differences between Australian and North American Waterfowl Hunting. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Waterfowl Conservation with Ducks Unlimited's Jerry Holden This week Jerry Holden, the Director for Ducks Unlimited's South Region talks to us about conservation and the critical role that Ducks Unlimited plays in Habitat Management in North America. We talk everything from jumping mallards in north central Kansas to how you can improve your own honey hole to hold more ducks and the past, present and future of waterfowl habitat management. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tales & Tips- Plan "F" with Wade Skeen This week we talk to our good friend Wade Skeen to talk about adapting to your environment and overcoming the odds in order to be successful on the hunt. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Concealment, Blinds and Hides This we week we are joined by Tagen and Derek to discuss everything from camo patterns to how shadows play a role in your concealment. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tales & Tips- "So you wanna be a Pro-Staffer" with Josh Crosby This week on Tale & Tips we talk with Josh Crosby, a Pro-Staffer, entrepreneur and waterfowl hunter who gives us a peek behind the curtain into the Pro-Staffing world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Scouting 101 with Hunt Hickory Creek's Chase White This week Chase from Hunt Hickory Creek Outfitter joins us to talk Scouting for waterfowl, Concealment, Guide Life, Goose Field Marriage Proposals and everything in between. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Cooking Waterfowl with Chef Bri from Wilderness to Table This week we talk with Chef Bri from and discuss all things cooking waterfowl. We talk about Snow Goose Barbacoa, hunting divers in Mississippi, The only way to sear mallard breast, Hunting Geese in the Dakotas, How to introduce your family and friends to eating waterfowl and finally navigating the outdoor industry as a woman and how to introduce young women into hunting. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Gator Waders & 4th of July Give Aways This week we talk with Bryan from Gator Waders on all things waders and we announce some of our 4th of July Give Aways and instructions. To skip to actual interview head to 14 minutes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Duck Gun Buyer's Guide This week the Ben, Tagen and Derek are joined by Wade to talk all about Duck Guns and how to choose the right one for you! They cover many different types of guns, and expand on the characteristics that define them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tony Vandemore of Habitat Flats on Habitat Management, Duck Clubs and Waterfowl Hunting This week on the Fowl Front we talk with Tony Vandemore of Habitat Flats about Habitat Management (on a DIY Scale) and field quite a few listener questions, the Waterfowl Industry, Starting a Duck Club and managing work/family/hunting lives. Stop by and check out some of the easiest blowing single reeds on the market. Don't forget to stop by our listener group to win a free 3 day 4 night Hunt Hickory Creek Waterfowl Hunt in Central Kansas Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Silhouette Decoys 101 with Dive Bomb Industries This week we talk with Dive Bomb Industries to discuss the advantages of 2D Decoys and how to effectively use them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Delta Waterfowl's Brian Moyse This week we talk to Brian Moyse from Delta Waterfowl about the rich heritage of hunting, duck gunning stories, conservation, getting youth into the sport and wood carving duck decoys. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hunting Photography 101 with Meghan Lupyan This week we talk with Meghan Lupyan from and Hunt Hickory Creek about the basic elements of photography in a manner that is not only easy to understand to those who are not versed, but also focused on hunting scenarios. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Filming your Hunts with the Duck Gun Podcast This week we talk with the Co Hosts of the Duck Gun Podcast, Jordan from the Duck Gun Chronicles on Youtube and Elliot of Freelance Duck Hunting ...also on youtube. Which is why they are on the show! Aside from being great dudes, they can film! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Entrepreneurship-The Story of Gunner Kennels This week we talk with with Addison Edmonds the founder of Gunner Kennels. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Trophy Birds & Taxidermy with Tony White This week we discuss taxidermy and trophy aspects of some of the most common birds with my good friend and taxidermist Tony White. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Kansas Big Duck Opener This week we get on a big feed of widgeon with the Boys from Hunt Hickory Creek for the Kansas Big Duck Opener. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
HTR Innovations Indiana Birds & A-Frames This week we talk with Hunter from HTR Innovations about how they came to be and the learning curve of waterfowling in your mid twenties as well as their awesome products over at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Waterfowl Grand Slam with Reed Fitch This week we discuss the waterfowl grand slam, shooting all 41 (well some more than that) waterfowl species in North America. With only 4 species left, Reed tells us his how he has gotten to this point in life and how he plans to get the last 4 species. Check out,, Meghan Lupyhan Photography & HTR Innovations as this weeks sponsors. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Intro to Waterfowl Hunting Welcome to the Fowl Front Waterfowl Podcast, where our goal is to get you from the couch to the blind with everything you need to know about hunting waterfowl. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Waterfowl Behavior Welcome to the 2nd Episode where Ben and Austin delve into waterfowl behavior and external factors that influence ducks and geese... because knowledge is power. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Kevin Fontenot of KB Retrievers and Wheels on Water This week we talk to Kevin Fontenot of KB Retrievers and Wheels on Water ( , an project for Disabled Hunters, Anglers and Outdoorsmen and Women. After an accident that left Kevin in a chair, he continued to love the outdoors and follow his passions in hunting and fishing and is now looking to provide others that same opportunity. He could use all the help he can get so please go donate to the cause on his page at . Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Digital Scouting- Finding Land to Hunt On In this episode the guys cover how to utilize the internet and resources available to find public, and private land to hunt on. Check out KB Retrievers and Wheels on Water and go help them get disabled hunters back out where they belong at . Also head on over to to check out what Twisted Wire Upland Hunts has to offer for a Central Nebraska Pheasant Hunting experience! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
New Host Q & A (Waterfowl Hunting Questions Answered) Matt introduces himself as the new host of the Fowl Front, gives some insight into the plans for the podcast going forward, and answers your questions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
EP2.2: New Cohost, Favorite Ducks to Eat, Waterfowl Habitat, and the RETURN Act Matt announces Thomas as his new cohost. They talk about North Dakota and Nebraska habitat conditions, eating ducks, and the RETURN Act. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Swan Hunting This week we talk with Nick Derbidge about the increasingly popular swan hunt. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Where are all the Ducks? with Ducks Unlimited's Jerry Holden This week we talk with Ducks Unlimited's Jerry Holden and we ask ourselves the question "Where are all the Duck's?" and he addresses the way forward for waterfowl and hunters and what DU is doing to preserve waterfowl into the next decades. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Waterfowl 101 Flint Hills Waterfowl This week we sit down with the Flint Hills Waterfowl Boys and talk a little introductory, nay... prerequisitory information for any would be waterfowlers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Boss Shot Shells This week we talk with Brandon from Boss shot shells, and talk about how this company is revolutionizing the shot we use in waterfowling. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
AAR 14JUNE2019 This week’s Fowl Front After Action Review of Content produced in the outdoor world this week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
New Hosts, Goose Hunting Trips, and Detasseling Ben handoffs control of the podcast to its new host. Matt and Ben talk about their goose hunting trip, detasseling, and much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 67: Release the Benders! Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Sixty Seven!  It’s the end of July and I hope all of you remain safe and healthy out there.
As always, I want to thank all of the patrons of the show – we would not be kicking off a third season without you and I appreciate your support.  To others in the listening audience, if you like the show, please consider supporting it via the So Much Pingle Patreon page. You can support the show for as little as three buck a month – less than a fancy cup of coffee!  You can also support the show via one-time contributions via PayPal or Venmo (please contact me via email to
Many of you have heard my interview with Nick Burgmeier about his work with hellbenders in Indiana.  That was Episode 8, way back in season 1, and I didn’t just pull Nick’s name out of a hat for that interview.  I had the privilege of helping out with hellbender surveys as far back as 2007, with my buddies Don Becker and Greg Stephens, and little did I know that all of that preliminary work would lead to the current hellbender raise-and-release project going on in Indiana.  And to provide just a bit more detail, these are young adult hellbenders that are being released, they are raised from eggs collected in the wild in Kentucky and Ohio.  This is necessary because Indiana hellbenders are in trouble – the state has a small population of adult hellbenders and if there are any eggs being produced, they haven’t been located.   Thankfully these days there’s a lot of cooperation between various agencies in states with hellbenders, so there’s a lot of dedicated work to keep these awesome creatures in as many rivers as possible.
This show was recorded in the field and since I knew we would be spending time in the water, I didn’t use my standard field rig.  I captured everything on my Zoom HN4 recorder, which is my backup recorder these days.  I used the unit’s built-in omni-directional microphone and so I captured everything – water noises, buckets, lots of banter and yakking, and sometimes multiple conversations happening in parallel.  But I was able to record the event as it happened, and there’s a lot of running commentary from Nick and others that help to set the scene, and all of the banter – well, that’s just a lot of happy people taking part in a joyous event.
Acknowledgements:  First of all, special thanks to my friend Nick Burgmeier – Project coordinator and all-around good guy, and Marci Skelton, Nature Nick’s spouse and his number one fan. Shelby Roberts – AKA Bender Baby Mama, thanks for all of your work and for talking with me. Summer Brown, Madison Phillips and Zach Truelock were on hand to make sure everything went smoothly, and let’s not forget Thomas Coggeshall, holding down the fort back at the lab. I want to also thank Jarrett Manek for transporting us around and for the great behind the scenes tour at O’Bannon Woods. Other witnesses for this event include Don Becker, Greg Stephens, Justin Michels, Jeff and May Faircloth, John Burris and Jeremiah Jonothan.  It was great to be there with you all.
Thanks for listening everyone! And as always, please keep the comments and suggestions coming, and please take time to rate the show on your podcast platform! The show email is, and there’s also a So Much Pingle group on Facebook, for discussion, comments, feedback, suggestions, herp confessions, pet names for Hellbenders, tips for herping better, etc.
Cheers! Mike
Ep.155: HUNTROVERSY // Wealthy or Good Hunter??? HUNTROVERSY!!! I have always been interested in thinking about unanswerable questions. One thing I believe is happening in the outdoors right now, is the idea of relatability. Hunters aren't as interested in seeing manicured thousand acre tracts of land produce big bucks. My question is, through all of the hunters that have high amounts of financial resources...which are actually good at hunting? Or are they simply "buying" opportunities? If you would like to watch some of our hunts on Youtube, check them out at the following link: Youtube Channel.  If you would like to suggest a "Huntroversy" for us to talk about, send us an email through the contact tab of our website: Website As always, follow us on your favorite social media apps: Facebook: LINK Instagram: LINK Twitter: LINK
Fan Favorite Rerun - The Down and Dirty of Defects In this episode, we talk about defects and why they are detrimental to the success and future of our fowl, and why it’s important to recognize and cull all fowl expressing defects. The truth is, most breeders are not aware of half the defects that exist. It could be sitting right in front of them, and they would not see it.    We specialize in the breeding of gamefowl and chickens, and other breeding related topics. This includes the proper use of breeding programs.   Also, it’s our mission to provide our members a greater understanding of poultry genetics, poultry health care and disease prevention, and how to improve the production and performance ability of their fowl.   If you are interested in creating a strain, or improving your established strain, you are going to enjoy this show.    We also want to encourage you to join us at “The Breeders Academy,” where we will not only help you increase your knowledge of breeding, advance your skills as a breeder, but improve the quality and performance of your fowl.   If you would like to learn more, start by joining our Breeders Bulletins (newsletter):   #breedinggamefowl #breedingchickens #gamefowlbreeders #chickenbreeders #gamefowlbreeding #chickenbreeding #poultrygenetics #poultryhealth #gamefowlnation #backyardbreeders #breedersacademy #bredtoperfection #kennytroiano
Captain Experiences 2022 Update with Jonathan and Attison Excited to have Jonathan Newar and Attison Barnes from Captain Experiences back on the show for a little update of what they have been doing the past year and talk about how fast they are growing as a business and how they are being so successful in pairing up anglers with great fishing guides across the world! Plus, a little insight into their destination trip over to Africa in Tanzania fishing with one of their guides overseas. Be sure to look them up the next time you are searching for a fishing trip, especially if visiting somewhere for the first time. They do a great job vetting these guides helping to ensure a great time is had. www.captainexperiences.comCheck out their channel on YouTube and click here to catch episodes from their trip to Africa: me at derek@impactoutdoorspodcast with guest suggestions and comments and be sure to like and subscribe to the show. We are now part of the Waypoint Podcast Network,Impact Outdoors | WAYPOINT TVMusic provided by: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Shonagh Smith: Road to Glasgow | Behind the Scenes! | Episode 65 In this episode the Last Chance Endeavors team sits down with Shonagh Smith, host of the EarthxTV Original Series Road to Glasgow! In the lead up to COP26 last year she traveled with a film crew and interviewed dozens of people, from politicians and decision makers to other stakeholders in the outcome of the UN's annual Climate Change Meeting. She shares with us the highs and lows of filming her own tv show, as well as some of the fun behind-the-scenes movie magic you'd never know about until someone points it out!

You can watch The Road To Glasgow here:
Click here to learn about our nonprofit:
Traveling to International Destinations to Snake Hunt with Rhett Stanberry Dr. Jenkins sits down with Rhett Stanberry to talk about traveling to snake hunt and field herp. Learn about a range of topics including how to select a country, how to focus on regions within the country, how laws and regulations change from area to area, lodging and travel, visas, and how understanding the snakes’ biology can help you plan. Also, listen in to the conversation about Rhett’s most recent adventure to Panama.Connect with Rhett on YouTube.Connect with Chris on Facebook, Instagram or at The Orianne Society.Shop Snake Talk merch.
#894 July 31, 2022 On Our Latest Show: A Least Tern Audio Postcard from San Diego; a Science Corner report on how extreme heat affects bird populations; and an unexpected sighting by Mike O’Connor.
4.13a Jackee Holder: Writing with Trees in the Urban Landscape Welcome to series 4, episode 13 of the Prompted by Nature podcast. So today is the final episode of the pod before I take a little break for the summer.
Today’s action point: Stop Jackdaw campaign are organising a week of action to push back against the approval of the Jackdaw gas field. All information about the week can be found on their website
Today, I’m speaking with the incredible Jackee Holder. A well seasoned walker of London streets, parks and green spaces with over 10,000 walking and writing hours under her belt, Jackee is a custodian of trees gathering stories and narratives on paper and through the spoken word to keep memories of our urban woods and forests alive. Jackee is an author, leadership and wellness coach and coach supervisor working in leadership and organisational development.
Jackee is the author of four non-fiction titles including 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well (which you can find in the PbN bookshop on and Be Your Own Best Life Coach. Her published works includes the illustrated Writing With Fabulous Trees Writing Map and ReWilding The Page: Urban Forest writing maps, portable illustrated guides offer writing and journaling activities tips for connecting with nature and the environment. Jackee is currently a columnist for Psychologies magazine where she pens the Write To Flourish monthly column.

Jackee’s connection to the nature of London
The wisdom of tree and what trees and forests mean to her
How her love of nature influences her work as a coach
Her relationship with Sanctuary
Jackee poses a question from her deck
How the writing maps came about
The beauty of the elder years
What she’s learnt that she wants to pass on
Her hope for the future

You can find out more about Jackee and her work plus buy her maps and card deck on her website and on her instagram @jackeeholderinspires
Conversation that would go well with this one are:
1.7 Nana Tomova, The Story Apothecary
1.8 Ian Solomon-Kawall (KMT), Biodiversity, Creativity and Safe Space in Urban Settings
4.5 Cheryl Duerden: Empathetic Forestry
4.11 Annabel Abbs, Walking into Creativity
As always, I’m over on my website I’m on instagram and twitter @promptedxnature
Happy listening and I’ll speak to you soon. Bye!
EP. 119 The Road To Becoming Better {Elk Hunters}! EP. 119 The Road To Becoming Better {Elk Hunters}!
"I Can't Hunt Elk From The Couch?"

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The Struggling Hunters is a hunting podcast of two old friends that have a passion for hunting, fishing, and anything out doors.
We have a good time kicking back and covering our struggles and successes in the public hunts, solo hunts, DIY hunts, conservation, hunting gear, and how we are making adjustments to be more successful in our future hunts.
We don't claim to be the best hunters "hints the name The Struggling Hunters" but we do love the pursuit of becoming better hunters and outdoorsman every year we go out learn the land and the animal we are pursuing.
We are becoming better hunters because of it. Hunting is our passion that drives us to the woods and we want to share that enthusiasm for the outdoors and hunting lifestyle with our listeners. Thanks for giving The Struggling Hunters " a shot we hope we hit the bullseye!!"


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120 Vipers With Eyebrows Some vipers have crazy horns - we chat about it, and discuss a brand new species of lizard from South America.
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Full reference list available here:

Main Paper References:
Busschau, T., & Boissinot, S. (2022). Habitat determines convergent evolution of cephalic horns in vipers. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 135(4), 652–664.
Species of the Bi-Week:
Amézquita, A., Daza, J. M., Contreras, L. A. B., Orejuela, C., Barrientos, L. S., & Mazariegos H., L. A. (2022). One more and one less: a new species of large bromelicolous lizard (Gymnophthalmidae: Anadia) from the Andean cloud forests of northwestern Colombia and the phylogenetic status of Anadia antioquensis. Zootaxa, 5150(2), 217–238.
Other Mentioned Papers/Studies:
Petrovan, S. O., Al-Fulaij, N., Christie, A., & Andrews, H. (2022). Why link diverse citizen science surveys? Widespread arboreal habits of a terrestrial amphibian revealed by mammalian tree surveys in Britain. PloS one, 17(7), e0265156.
Editing and Music:
Podcast edited by Emmy – 
Intro/outro – Treehouse by Ed Nelson
Species Bi-week theme – Michael Timothy
Other Music – The Passion HiFi,
Bempton Cliffs, UK: Puffins, Razorbills, and Gannets! Visiting RSPB Bempton Cliffs to see Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, and Northern Gannets was a dream come true!  Stunning scenery, amazing birds, and more await you at this site on the UK coastline.Main Story Begins at: 8:30Show notesGlobal Bird FairRSPBBempton CliffsBempton Cliffs Wiki“Chalk” from Chalk cliffs eBird Checklist:RSPB Bempton CliffsBirds mentioned:Atlantic PuffinRazorbillNorthern Gannet Gray PartridgeIntro Bird Call: European Goldfinch (Recorded: England, July 2022)Outro Bird Call: House Sparrow (Recorded: England, July 2022)Connect with us at...IG: @Hannahgoesbirding and @Erikgoesbirding Twitter: @WeGoBirding Facebook: @HannahandErikGoBirding Email us at Website:
Rossifari Zoo News 07/29/22 - The Crikey That's A Lot of Aussie News Edition! Dateline: July 29, 2022. Rossifari Zoo News is back with a round up of the latest news in the world of zoos, aquariums, conservation, and animal weirdness!  In Zoo News, we talk about another zoo shelter in place situation, the Columbus Zoo impact report, a multi-zoo effort to help track elephants, and more!We then have a bonus section with five stories out of Australia, and one out of New Zealand!  In Conservation News, we discuss some newly extinct animals, a shocking animal added to the endangered species list, and great news for tigers, cheetahs, and jaguars!And in Other News, we talk about a tri-colored tiger and a troublesome walrus! ROSSIFARI LINKS: @rossifari on socials @rossifaripod on TikTok
We open GREE-GREE #103 with TATANKA BRICCA and RON LEONARD updating us on the fossil/nuke industry's assault on rooftop solar, which is being defended by Florida’s right-wing Ron DeSantis but betrayed by California’s alleged progressive Gavin Newson.
From Georgia the NAACP’s great RAY MCCLENDON updates us on the campaign to fund grassroots campaigning, which holds the fate of the Peach State and with it the nation.  Ray also updates us on the Fulton County DA’s move to indict Trump.  Ray is joined by Flashpoint’s DENNIS BERNSTEIN with key questions on the Donald’s traitorous travesties.
HOWIE HAWKINS of the Green Party updates upon the Democratic Party’s assault on the Green and other third parties, a never-ending attack on democracy.
JOEL SEGAL emphasizes the importance of the “Georgia Miracle” organizing paradigm.
LULU FRIESDAT, DR. RUTH STRAUSS, MYLA RESON, DANETT ABBOT, JUSTIN LEBLANC, HAL GINSBERG, SAM BELL, BRIAN STEINBERG and many more great activists chime in on January 6, Roe v. Wade and much much more.  
In this most vitally critical mid-term season, please be sure to join us on these fascinating, compelling and inescapable issues.  See you now!!!  See you next week!!!
#19: Wildlife warrior Avi has worked with big cats, endangered turtles, and renegade scamps like skunks and racoons. Now he’s here in Aotearoa New Zealand making sure wildlife goods don’t illegally cross the borders.
The most important thing he wants you to know is that before you shop or travel, please check if your item needs a wildlife permit.
Note: We had some sound difficulties with this recording. We’re sorry and have resolved this for future episodes. Avi’s stories are still top notch, and we hope you enjoy them.
For shownotes visit
SMM’s Upcoming Conference On this week’s episode Dr Ashley Scarlett and Dr Chris Parsons chat about the upcoming Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals (1-5 August; in person and online). They talk about the program, some of the things to expect and the benefits of going to conferences (both in person or online)
Meet The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick connect with Andrew Bunting (Vice President of Horticulture) from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Topics include the formation of the PHS, the wonderful work and programs they offer, How they incorporate native plants into urban gardens as well as the internationally renowned Philadelphia Flower Show, what the future holds for the PHS, and how you can get involved. Music by Egocentric Plastic Men.
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06-30: This Month in Birding - July 2022 July is awfully hot across most of the ABA Area, and we’ve got a panel with no shortage of hot takes for the July 2022 This Month in Birding. Martha Harbison, Nicole Jackson, and Nick Lund join host Nate Swick to talk about national birds, woodpecker myths, ravens, macaws, and how your brain works when you bird. Don't forget to join the ABA for FREE coffee or join Nate in Panama in September! Links to topics discussed: Study Upends Theory that Woodpeckers have Shock-absorbant heads Common Ravens Repopulating the Eastern US Spix's Macaws Return to the Wild Study Examines Memory in Birdwatchers Subscribe to the podcast at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts, and please leave a rating or a review if you are so inclined! We appreciate it!
Ep. #198 Anti-War, Find The Truth, Dirt Clod Fights Had lifelong buddies on for the first time and we talk about putting the effort in to find truth, the Dresden carpet bombing, being Anti-War once experiencing war firsthand, becoming a helpless generation and dirt clod fights as a kid.Link to send us a message in! The MVM Show on Youtube -
Ep. 131: Temptress Truffles, Fruiting Bodies Collective & Compassionate Upliftment (feat. Elan Hagens) Today on Mushroom Hour we have the honor of being joined by Elan Hagens. Elan Hagens is a native Oregonian who has been playing in the woods, wildcrafting and going to outdoor education classes her entire life.  Her passion for everything animals and the outdoors led her to working with dogs in in her early 20s. Following that path landed her an opportunity to participate in a dog based reality show on CBS! Later work at an Iditarod sled dog kennel and training her dogs how to forage for native Oregon truffles further deepened her love for everything outdoors and led to her creating Temptress Truffles a decade ago.  Temptress Truffles is all about wild foraging, wildcrafting and connecting people to the outdoors. Elan loves watching people learn how to engage with nature in different ways besides technical outdoor sports and activities. She teaches classes in mushroom foraging, food Justice and nature crafting. In January 2021 she cofounded a new business called Fruiting Bodies Collective. Through an excellent podcast show, a growing facilitator training program and other projects, the Fruiting Bodies Collective hopes to destigmatize psychedelics and serve marginalized groups. All of Elan’s projects seem to stem from a deep-rooted passion for sharing her lifelong love of everything outdoors and helping everyone, no matter their background, to appreciate the natural environment as she does.   TOPICS COVERED:   Nature-Loving Tagalong with a Mother Who Loves Fresh Food   Becoming a Reality TV Star   Intentional Choices of Sponsors and Partnerships   Truffle Fundamentals   The Secret to Truffle Hunting - Habitat    “Raked Truffles” vs Dog-Found Truffles   Running a Foraged-Goods Business    Indigenous Land Acknowledgement   BIPOC Representation in the Outdoors   Mycological Elitism   Harvesting Wild Clay, Building Community   Fruiting Bodies Collective    Engaging and Educating as Psilocybin Emerges into the Mainstream   Black and Indigenous Representation in Psychedelic Spaces   EPISODE RESOURCES:   Temptress Truffles IG:   Fruiting Bodies Collective IG:   Danner - Elan Hagens:   Sparassis crispa (fungus):
EP2.1: New Host Q & A (Waterfowl Hunting Questions Answered) Matt introduces himself as the new host of the Fowl Front, gives some insight into the plans for the podcast going forward, and answers your questions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Bird Feeding Then & Now With decades of experience John & Brian discuss bird feeding from its humble beginnings almost a century ago, the amazing value that has been added to the hobby for both people and birds, as well as what the future holds. Could bird feeding vending machines be just around the corner? Plus, a surprise visit from a Red-headed Woodpecker that steals the show.
Fire's Catching: an iteration of Appalachian love for community and earth The people who form Appalachians Against Piplelines have been resisting the Mountain Valley Pipeline and other extractive, environmentally dangerous projects since 2018, continuing the long tradition of care for the earth and all beings among the mountains. In this sound-rich audio documentary about AAP's work, Appalachian-grown filmmaker Laura Saunders brings together the stories of folks who have dedicated years of labor, risked arrest, and continue to fight for the wellbeing of their communities. The ITC team is deeply grateful to all of the storytellers who shared their time, energy, and selves in this episode. See links at the bottom of the show notes to learn more about them. Thanks also goes to IU's Environmental Resilience Institute for offering High Impact grant funding to pay storytellers like the ones you hear in this episode — those working on the ground toward environmental justice. While our High Impact funding has now come to an end, we at ITC are always happy to collaborate in telling generative environmental justice stories that feel true and useful to the people living them. If you're interested in working together, email AAP Twitter:  AAP Facebook:  AAP Instagram: Laura Saunders:
Remix: sustainable food systems Over the past three years (150 episodes!) of In this Climate, some themes and lessons have emerged. One of those is the necessity of more sustainable food systems. So, this episode, we're pulling interviews from different moments and tying them together for a multidimensional look at how we grow and distribute and consume. We'll hear about Californian water use, local nutrient cycling, unfair coffee trade, and Panamanian campesino land defenders. Camille Pannu: Jason Bradford: Jessica Eise: Marvin Wilcox:
America's Energy Gamble with Shanti Gamper-Rabindran "We do have the technology," Shanti tells Jim in this interview. "What we need to do now is to put in place the policy to enable reaching these goals." Shanti Gamper-Rabindran is the author of America’s Energy Gamble: People Economy and Planet and works at University of Pittsburgh to analyze the economic, legal, and political barriers and opportunities for the energy transition to renewable energy and for economic diversification of fossil fuel-reliant communities in the United States and globally.
Turtle Rangers, Hatchlings and sleepless nights... Tune in to hear about the ranger team doing everything they can to protect baby turtles and save the species in Papua New Guinea! This week we will be hearing from Hayley Versace (On-site manager and Project Coordinator) and Steven Amos (Head Community Conservation Ranger) from the Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative (CICI). CICI is a remarkable organisation that does a range of conservation work aiming to preserve the biodiversity in Milne Bay, a Mission Blue Hopespot situated in the coral triangle. Today we will be focusing on their turtle conservation initiative and you'll get to hear from Ranger Steven who stays up all night for months on end to ensure the hatchlings emerge from the nests safely whilst also protecting the turtles from poachers. Head to to support their work!
It's been quiet in the tropics Meteorologists Dave Turley and Andrew Gorton discuss our hot and dry weather pattern, why has it been quiet in the tropics and a new meteorologist is joining the WTOC weather team soon.
The Black-Footed Ferret conservation program at the Toronto Zoo The Toronto Zoo is working to help protect the critically endangered Black-Footed Ferret from going extinct in the wild through a breeding program. Yeshy Beyersbergen joins me on the podcast to tell us about the program that raises the ferrets at the Zoo with the goal of releasing them into the wild to add to the population in North America.  Yeshy describes the program and the criteria that each ferret must have before being released in the wild. She talks about the precautions that she and her colleagues have to take to keep the animals healthy and the number of new kits (babies) the Zoo has this year. The number of kits certainly keeps Yeshy and her fellow keepers busy!
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