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The Geopolitical Pivot Hello all! Welcome to the Pivot! The purpose of this podcast is to discuss in detail the geopolitical implications of the 21st century as we gravitate from a definite American unipolar international order to a nascent multi-faceted, multi-polar international system. This podcast looks to extensively address the question "how did we get to where we are now?" and the question, "where do we go from now?"

In order to do this, we must understand the powers of history, civilization development, technology, identity, and geography so that we can properly shed light on the true realities of our world. Through monologues, dialogues, interviews, and open-ended discussions, the Pivot seeks to provide a platform of intellectual engagement, assessments, awareness, and a learning environment! This podcast hopes to accomplish a new understanding of international relations, international security, and national security as we embrace and confront new challenges to the sustaining of our political institutions! This is intend
Political Trade Secrets: Winning Campaigns | Elections | Politics Welcome to Political Trade Secrets, where we reveal how elections are won. Each week, we take an inside look at campaigns and politics... We pull back the curtain, look under the hood, and investigate all aspects of successful campaigns and politicians, regardless of political party. Please leave a review and let us know what you think and what topics you'd like to hear more about.
Political Activists Anonymous We can't seem to quit no matter how hard we try. Might as well talk about it.
Down the Middle: A Political Podcast Now the fastest growing moderate political podcast in the nation! Join two best friends, Rob, a moderate Democrat, and Justin, a moderate Republican, as they engage in some calm and less calm, but always civil, discourse. DTM is a show about politics and current events through the lens of moderation, measuredness, common ground, understanding, and compassion. Indoctrinate yourself into moderate values, and join the Moderation Revolution!
Political Feels The Political Feels Podcast Show is a conservative talk show hosted by Evan Davis Support this podcast:
Politically Insane Josh Mahler hosts Politically Insane, where he talks about American politics and more. As a young Christian, who is patriotic for his country, the goal of this show is to bring news and opinions that are all based on factual information to help unify America. The name "Politically Insane" fits this show, because the host, and those on the show, are viewed as "insane" for their political beliefs and views.

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The Most Thrilling Sports Conspiracies (Audio) Dive into a world of mystery in this audio compilation of conspiracy theories surrounding the most questionable and suspicious moments in sports history

What major sports leagues have skeleton's in their closets? Apparently, all of them. Hear this collection of in depth analyses and discussions about some of the most bizarre and iconic moments throughout all of sports.
Vurbl Conspiracy Theories: Facts & Fiction
Inside Area 51: The Most Intense Bob Lazar Claims Listen to Bob Lazar describe working in Area 51, a remote location in Nevada, as a propulsion expert hired to study recovered alien spacecrafts. As the Area 51 whistleblower, Lazar sounded the alarm of suspicious alien spacecrafts in a famous local news interview back in 1989, but since then, Lazar has been even more outspoken about his time as an employee for The Naval department in Area 51. He openly explains the strange alien technology he encountered while on the job and the secrecy of Element 115 that defied all knowledge of physics. Listen to him on podcasts like the Joe Rogan experience and others. Vurbl Conspiracy Theories: Facts & Fiction
The Best of Hollow Earth Theory This playlist features the best clips of the Hollow Earth Theory curated by Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour. Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour
Audio Retellings of The Donner Party Story Listen to the tale of the Donner Party who traveled all the way to California for a better life but got caught in a treacherous snow snowstorm along the way that left many dead.

The Donner Party left Missouri in 1846 but encountered difficult and rugged terrain during their journey after following an uncharted route called Hasting's Cutoff that was supposed to make the journey shorter. Instead, it grew long and arduous after members were trapped in the Sierra Nevada in the midst of a snowstorm with little provisions. When food supply become dangerously low, they did the unthinkable and consumed human flesh to survive.
Vurbl Audio Histories of the World
All the Audio You Need to Hear about the JFK Conspiracy The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is still one of the great mysteries in American history. Wrapped in the tragedy are a series of unanswered questions that historians and the public alike debate to this day. Was there a second shooter? Was Lee Harvey Oswald responsible? Were there connections to the mafia or the CIA? The answers to all these questions remain a mystery, but take a dive into finding those answers with this curated audio playlist of everything you wanted to know about the JFK conspiracies, now on Vurbl. Stick around at the end to hear a two-part exposé on the details and conspiracies about that fateful day. Vurbl Conspiracy Theories: Facts & Fiction
Conspiracy Theory Podcasts That Never Die There is something about the medium of the podcast that is conducive to frank discussions centered on conspiracies. Vurbl breaks down the lucky (or is it unlucky?) 9 conspiracy theories podcast episodes that you need to be listening to… yesterday. Fascinated by UFOs, the JFK assassination, the moon landing, or even the connection between Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.’s murders? There’s a podcast for that, and even better… Vurbl Conspiracy Theories: Facts & Fiction

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Payday Blues - The Great Sucking Sound - 1974 - Past Daily Reference Room . . .and the hits just keep on comin'.

Click on the link here for Audio Player - NBC Radio - Second Sunday: Payday Blues - June 7, 1974 - Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Yes, even forty years ago, America was knee-deep in a recession and impending economic turmoil. The cost of living skyrocketed, wages stagnated, businesses went bust and the middle class was in line to disappear. Sounds familiar? But in 1974 the cost of maintaining a bare-bones lifestyle was considerably less than it is today. We hear how much it cost to feed a family in 1974 and recoil, forgetting that a Dollar didn't mean the same thing it does now. We were horrified at the possibility that gas would edge towards $1.00 a gallon - we would line up for days if it meant getting gas for that price today. Before then you realize a Dollar just isn't worth that much anymore. The familiar pattern starts to unfold - it's always been this way.

But in 1974 - with Watergate and the looming Nixon resignation, our economic woes were not that high on Capitol Hill's agenda. We had a nervous breakdown to consider and how the average family was going to feed and clothe itself wasn't Priority 1 - not until the Great National Nightmare was over.

It is however, still the elephant in the room. And in June of 1974, at the height of the Impeachment Hearings, NBC Radio ran, as part of its monthly series Second Sunday, a documentary called Payday Blues, where they did an in-depth look at the typical American family and how they were coping in this borderline-poverty environment.

While noting the differences, the similarities between life in 1974 and 2014 is eerie.

Here is that Documentary, exactly as it aired on June 7, 1974.