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New Heights Show on Education
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Mrs. Pamela Clark is the founder and executive director of New Heights Educational Group, a nonprofit located in NW Ohio. With a global reach, New Heights Educational Group has earned over 80 awards and honors since its creation in June 2006. Mrs. Clark has 17 years of experience helping families with all their educational needs. With a passion for bettering education, she works tirelessly to improve the lives of families that come to her for assistance. She is also co-founder of “Polished Bits and Baubles,” the founder of Affordable Genealogy, and a long-time member of the Drexler Society. ...Read More

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Learning Forward You will love the stories shared by our happy teachers and passionate educators. We grow the capacity of your people to improve student achievement and transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources. Each person in your school contributes to the culture of your school. School culture is built on the actions and interactions of the people. You make your school stronger by adding value to others and making others feel valued.
New Heights Show on Education Welcome to the New Heights Show on Education, an internet radio program and podcast in which the hosts cover various topics of education for Home, Charter and Public School families in Ohio and beyond. We cover many aspects of education: the power of education, restructuring schools, the IEP process, tips for teens, zoology, technology, common core, history, science, reading, business, entrepreneurship, special needs, round-table discussions, and reading of our bi-monthly teen comic book series which tackles youth issues. The show educates and inspires its audience by sharing and welcoming discussions. We invite the audience to send in show ideas and provide feedback. Future episodes will include round-table discussions and conversations with Executive Director of the organization, Pamela Clark.
English Grammar Review! Billgreen54 is proud to be part of the Ambassador program at Vurbl. He is passionate about helping others succeed. Teaching American English is Bill's fifth profession in over half a century. Bill and his wife Larisa have been teaching English in Ukraine for over fifteen years. They teach both private and corporate clients. Working with major corporations in areas of business and marketing English is a daily focus. Their private language school had taught over 50,000 English lessons over ten years before closing in 2018. Devoting more time to their corporate clients as well as online English is a seven day a week project. A solid understanding of English grammar is just one of the many life tools a person must have. Writing, speaking, teaching, and employment are all important reasons for having a solid grasp on better English. Bill speaks easy to understand American English to help you study as a refresher. Helping ESL students comprehend grammar is essential too!
Vurbl How-to Audio Listen in and learn a variety of new skills and do it yourself projects with this abundance of helpful how-to audio! From learning how to find a job to new home projects, and more, Vurbl has the how-to for you.
KidNuz KidNuz: Kids deserve a daily newscast all their own. Kickstart their morning with 5 minutes of timely, unbiased, and age-appropriate stories from politics, entertainment, science, health, and sports. Professionally written, professionally delivered by 4 Emmy winning journalists who also happen to be moms. Listen in five days a week, starting at 7 am.
Duolingo French Podcast Deepen your language skills and knowledge of the French-speaking world through fascinating true stories in easy-to-follow French, with added English for context. From Duolingo, the world's #1 way to learn a language. Hosted by Ngofeen Mputubwele.
TED Talks Daily Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio. Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between — given by the world's leading thinkers and creators. With TED Talks Daily, find some space in your day to change your perspectives, ignite your curiosity, and learn something new.

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Best-Of-Leadership on Vurbl by Greg Favazza A cache of mini-transformations from Greg Favazza, host of Your Transformation Station, will serve as a guide to frame real forward advice that will make your story more than just overcoming adversity. Each episode demonstrates innovative approaches to overcoming our ingrained social behaviors and become forward-thinking, bold, and authentic leaders.
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Your Transformation Station
Philosophy of Solipsism Learn all about the philosophy of Solipsism, a philosophy that revolves around the theory that the self is all-encompassing. In other words, for Solipsists only the self can know that they exist; anything external isn't real. If you're interested in philosophy or doubt that everything outside of yourself and your experience is real, this playlist will be right up your alley! Vurbl Education & Learning Audio
Deep Dive: Abraham Lincoln Dive deep and learn all about the United States' 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. One of the United States' most well known presidents, Abraham Lincoln drafted the Emancipation Proclamation, led the Union through America's bloody Civil War, helped with Reconstruction, and was assassinated at the end of his life and presidency. Lincoln's life is awe-inspiring, exciting, and impressive. Check out this playlist to learn more about 'Honest Abe'. Vurbl Audio Histories of the World
Intro To Life Kit If you're looking to listen to the "Life Kit" podcast but don't know where to start, this is just the place for you! We've created a starter pack for new listeners by collecting the top episodes of "Life Kit" here in this playlist. Explore everything from how to make friends, journaling, making money from home, dealing with burnout, organizing photos, the importance of sunscreen, how to read more books, and more. Vurbl Wellbeing & Happiness Audio
Classic Learning Test Learn about alternatives to testing students. New Heights Show on Education
My Good School Dil Se Stories from the heart explain how schools can achieve significantly better teaching standards, foster a sense of community, and help students reach their fullest potential. My Good School
Intro To Stuff You Should Know If you're looking to listen to the "Stuff You Should Know" podcast but don't know where to start, this is just the place for you! We've created a starter pack for new listeners by collecting the top episodes of "Stuff You Should Know" here in this playlist. Discover how a variety of things work like the sun, sushi, poetry, the secret service, existential risk, Tupperware, and so much more. Vurbl Education & Learning Audio
Relationship Advice: Emotions In order to have healthy relationships with others, we must first establish a healthy relationship with ourselves. Listen here to explore and understand your emotions, with topics like tips for maintaining good mental health, how to approach difficult conversations, how to be more empathetic, and more. Vurbl Best of Sex, Sexuality & Relationships
Idioms Playlist 2 All New! Idioms are a lot of fun! It's just how people speak! English Grammar Review!
Self-Improvement advice from leadership experts Learn the skills, critical reasoning, and higher level methods to discovering what your authentic life is, and use real life transformations examples to do it. Your Transformation Station

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Ep. 206 Interview with Experts - Become career confident with Helen Green Where are you in your career? High school? University? Mid life change?

No matter what life stage you're in, Helen is can point you in the right direction. She gives honest, sage guidance on course selection, the interview process, social media profiles and helping people find what career suits them.

In her words 'It is all about YOU'.
Ep. 116 - Who Do You Trust? He did this, she did that. Your walls go up. Lack of trust. You become suspicious, worried and stressed. Who can you trust?

Game changer - yourself. Your intuition, that inner voice screaming at you that we often ignore.

Others? Forget it. Trust yourself and the rest will fall miraculously into place.
Ep. 115 - Thin Lines Thin Lines make the difference between love and hate, good and bad. they determine how we feel, act and live.

What about making the move, crossing the line from Victim to Survivor? It's up to us.
Ep.117 - Independence! Becoming independent can be a bit daunting later in life.....especially when you didn't ask for it. But are there hidden benefits?
How To Make A Global Impact! Feat. Simon Bailey What's up unscripted family! In this episode we are joined by our featured guest Simon Bailey, as he shares his story on 'How To  Make A Global Impact!'Simon’s purpose is to Spark listeners to lead countries, companies, and communities differently. His framework is based on his 30 years’ of experience in the hospitality industry, including serving as sales director for Disney Institute, based at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. He is a prolific author and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker that has worked with Signet Jewelers, SalesForce, T-Mobile, Stanford Healthcare, General Mills and Hilton Hotels just to name a few. An experience with Simon goes beyond feel-good content. He delivers practical strategies and impacts real lives.If you're ready to make a global impact, hit that download button!➡️  Leave us a rating & review on Apple podcast and we’ll mention your review in next weeks episode!Support The Show - ⤵️ us on all social media -@UnscriptedLeadershipSubscribe to our YouTube Channel - Simon On IG -  @simontbaileyPurchase Simon's books - the show
Ep 132 - How to Feed Your Soul We both love this topic and this conversation… Feeding your soul is essential to accessing the truth of you and it is what enlivens your sacred journey through life. Together we shared numerous tips to help you assess your level of soul fulfilment and address the areas where you need to boost the level of soul expression in your path. We’d love to hear from you – what do you need to have in order to access the sacred awesomeness of you?Have you joined our Facebook Group yet? Come on over and continue the conversation - we would LOVE to see you there!!
Buddycast with Rebecca Mae (Part II) On this episode of Buddycast, Rebecca Mae returns to Buddycast to talk about Pride Month and acceptance. So tune in and learn something new right here on the show made for EVERYBUDDY, Buddycast! #gobesomeonesbuddy. Please note Buddycast is an all inclusive show that does not tolerate hate. Any hateful comments will be removed. We are ALL buddies on this show.


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Crossing the River of Doubt (bonus episode) A reading from My Darling Girl, set to music (with credit for its sweeping beauty to Scott Buckley, details below).This piece is a love letter to those times when we feel we might be drowning in the doubts that swirl around us.It begins...Sometimes we cross the river of doubt with ease, skipping across the stepping stones, landing softly on the other side.And sometimes we stare at the raging waters, wondering how we ever thought we could traverse them.Close your eyes, and see where the words and music take you.With loveHenny xMy Darling Girl is available to order here Oblivion by Scott Buckley | promoted by 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
June City Watch Cambridge | APW Property Paul Shearer is joined by Stuart and Callum Williamson to take an in-depth look at Cambridge in this month's CityWatch.Topics discussed:The history of CambridgeThe high level of talent to come out of the cityWhy Cambridge is one of the UK's leading tech hubsCambridge has now overtaken London in being the most expensive place to buy. Is it still a worthwhile investment?*Please note that data discussed in this episode was accurate at the time of recording.About APWAPW advises ex pats and others from all over the world and connects them with UK properties. They have helped over 2000 people secure over 186 million pounds worth of property. For more information visit:
143. Acting, speaking & standing in your strength Acting, speaking & standing in your strength
141. Frustration - yin & yang Frustration - yin & yang
142. The 5 elements, my view on them The 5 elements, my view on them
139. Selftalk, surrender to injuries, friendship Selftalk, surrender to injuries, friendship
140. How do we talk to ourselves? How do we talk to ourselves?
Breaking it Down Hey everyone! I really thought that having a complete understanding of how we became who we are at this time is important. So recently I have set out on this journey to revisit the version of me that I lost after several years of challenging experiences. I am doing this in hopes of shedding the version of me who is unable to embrace things fully to welcome the version of me who is. Take a listen.


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Singles: Are You Really Ready for a Relationship? Attention Singles: Are you really ready for a relationship? Are you really ready to do what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship? Tune in to be sure...


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EPISODE 59: JOB HIGHLIGHT - JEWELER This episode is a job highlight. I spoke with Aude from France about her job as a jeweler. I hope you enjoy!


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Episode 173: Zodiac Signs in Profile: The Cancer Archetype Heyo star friends!
It's Episode 173 of StarSound Speaks.
Welcome to the launch of a 12-part series on Zodiac Signs in Profile.

My fellow ancient astrologers Rachael Middleton and Lindsay Natale join me here (in Cancer season, of course!) for a fascinating look at how the Cancer archetype plays out in our lives. We also take a trip through the zodiac to see where Cancer lands in your chart (whole sign houses) with a deep examination of each house.

Have a listen! And remember to Like, Share, Subscribe ... it really helps the channel... thank you! 💚

Rachael's site is She's also on

Catch Lindsay's astrology channel here:
and gardening channel here:

Timestamp: Cancer in the first house: 5:56 (with general Cancer info) and 13:41 2nd house: 20:33 3rd house: 22:38 4th house 24:18 5th house 27:01 6th house 28:34 7th house: 29:57 8th house: 34:15 9th house: 36:16 10th house: 37:36 11th house: 40:06 12th house: 43:10

~irlianna samsara
StarSound Speaks

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#astrology #Cancer #StarSoundAstrology
Episode 174: The New Moon in Cancer: Play and Grace Amidst the Pressure Cooker Dear star friends,

It's Episode 174 of StarSound Speaks with your weekly astro for June 26-July 2nd and the New Moon in Cancer.
Have a listen!
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irlianna samsara
StarSound Speaks


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Common uses of OUT - AIRC421 On this week’s podcast, you’ll learn lots of ways to use the word ‘out’ so that you can expand your vocabulary and be an outstanding English speaker.  Las notas del episodio y más podcasts para mejorar tu ingles están en:   Shownotes and more podcasts to improve your English at:
Multi Faceted WordPress Plugins Multi Faceted WordPress Plugins
It's Episode 567 and we have plugins for Recipe Pro, Daily Bible, Say what?, Description Header, Hide Notifications, WPFront Bar… and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!
WP Recipe Maker and Pro Version, Daily Bible Verse, Say what?, Heading with Description Elementor Widget, WP Hide Notifications Updates and Warnings, WPFront Notification Bar……. and ClassicPress options on Episode 567.
John's Intro:
This is a value for value show and I look forward to everyone providing some value back.
Before I get started, you will want to hang around to the end of the show for our Q & A segment with Amber…. and to those listening on the podcast, you may want to check out the YouTube version which has some great discussions before the show starts…
Amber's Rant:
This is #26 of 52 episodes for 2022!
I think I was blinded today when I got up and started working – we have sunshine on the Wet Coast! If you have little amounts of sunshine like we do, make certain that you get outside and take full advantage of it when it's there!!
Drag the kids out, drag your friends out, go have a picnic or something, enjoy and get that vitamin D! Remember to ditch the socials while you're out, and you will find you feel waaaayyyyy better when you get home!
Go be a kid.
We have some news from the world of WordPress for you today as well as some great plugins.
News this week:
WordPress Vulnerability Report – June 22, 2022 – There is a decent sized list today for the plugins to worry about – though be sure to check the ‘fixed plugins' too. I noticed that Gravity PDF is on the ‘fixed' list this week.
Some I recognize on the worrisome plugins this week: Pricing Deals for WooCommerce, Comment License, Custom Popup Builder, Rename wp-login.php, WordPress Team Manager – this is just a few, be sure to have a look at the list this week for both your site and your clients sites. forces security update for critical Ninja Forms Vulnerability – Last week Ninja Form users got a forced update for a PHP object injection vulnerability – this made it possible to be remotely exploited without anyone needing authentication of any kind. Oddly enough, Ninja Forms did not post about his update on its blog or social media accounts or anything…
If you use Ninja Forms and do not allow auto updates, be sure to head into yours and your clients sites to update in short order. strongly urges Theme Authors to switch to locally hosted webfonts – The reason for this is because of the recent German court case, which fined a website owner for biolating the GDPR by using Google-Hosted webfonts. The Themes Team is also considering banning remotely hosted web fonts moving forward, though this is still being discussed. Core contributors are now working on updating all the default themes from Twenty Twelbe through Twenty Seventeen to use locally hosted webfonts. This could affect your sites if you use Google WebFonts, so be aware of this.
GitHub makes copilot available to the public for $10/month, Free for Students and Open Source Project Maintainers – Copilot is GitHubs new AI pair pr...
All About Mintaka Starseeds: 7 Clear Signs You Are One To find out if you are a starseed or not and learn about the other starseed types, check out my free Starseed Soul Origin webinar 👇 ✨👽
Are you drawn to bodies of water like oceans and rivers? Then congrats, you could be one of the most rare starseeds on Earth - a Mintaka starseed. Today I share 7 Mintaka starseed signs and everything you need to know about the Mintaka starseed origin.
Read the full blog post here:
👽 Tutorial: Discover Your Starseed Soul Origin 👇

👽 Free Workshop: How To Create A Soulful Online Business 👇

👽 Personalized Numerology Reading 👇
I'm Julia and I help spiritual seekers step into their purpose and power. Subscribe to my podcast for weekly episodes and continue the conversation in The Spirit Nomad Podcast Tribe Telegram group. I answer your questions and you can share your thoughts about the episode.
News #306 - The Best Way to Learn Polish & Remember Everything: Active Recall learn how to study with active recall
Get It Off Your Chest Complex Angel sits down with Dija, Sheen & Omi to have a freestyle discussion and a Stimulate your mind session.
PRIDE: The Season Finale In this episode of The Caged Bird Chronicles Podcast, join Sage, DPat, B, and Lazie as they discuss Pride. The CBC addresses the history of Pride and the impact of it on today's society.



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The Rebbe Vs. The Joint (Parshat Shelach) The Rebbe Vs. The Joint
What is the nature of true Jewish leadership?

(In honor of Gimmel Tammuz)
(Parshat Shelach)
Torah Class - Parshat Chukat: Moses Hit The Rock. So What? Torah Class - Parshat Chukat:
Moses Hit The Rock. So What?
The Economies Of Life Being rich in the material world is different than being wealthy in the spiritual world.
On your personal development journey, you need to be sure you have the right foundation in place. Discover the 7 Fundamentals To Self Improvement and instantly accelerate your growth! (Who knows what you might be overlooking and how it’s holding you back…)
If you’re in the US or Canada, text me at 949-799-0788 and I’ll send you daily text messages that help you grow and discover yourself every day.
Not in the US or Canada? Send me a DM on Instagram to @self.improvement.daily
Weekend Recap 6/20 - 6/24 Monday - On The Way Not In The Way; Tuesday - 12% Of Your Daily Thoughts Are Comparison; Wednesday - It's Not About Your Comfort Zone; Thursday - "Keep Your Head Up"; Friday - The Economies Of Life
On your personal development journey, you need to be sure you have the right foundation in place. Discover the 7 Fundamentals To Self Improvement and instantly accelerate your growth! (Who knows what you might be overlooking and how it’s holding you back…)
If you’re in the US or Canada, text me at 949-799-0788 and I’ll send you daily text messages that help you grow and discover yourself every day.
Not in the US or Canada? Send me a DM on Instagram to @self.improvement.daily
you understand me. Jayboo Speaks about being around like minded people.
Come drive and shop with me This week's episode is a little different. You guys get to come with me while I go shopping to Target and TJMAXX. I decided to record the episode in the car with my phone so hopefully the audio is good. This feels like you guys are actually coming with me to run these errands.
I have a website that I post every episode and annoncements here:
Follow me on all my socials:
Instagram: @kelseytblack
Twitter: @kelseytblack
Snapchat: @kelseytblack
TikTok: @kelseytblack


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Summertime Strategies To Address Your Child’s ADHD At Home Parenting any child comes with rewards and challenges, especially when your child has ADHD. However, if the symptoms of ADHD—disorganization, emotional irregularity, difficulty staying on task—go unmanaged, they cause disruption to family life, creating stress and anxiety for everyone. In this episode, Dr. Carey Heller talks about behavioral strategies that can help you manage a child’s ADHD at home, especially during the summer break.
I'll play it by ear. To play something by ear has two meanings. One is the musical meaning: when you play a song by ear, it means you play the song without any sheet music, so you’re not looking at the notes. You know the song, it’s in your head, so you can play it without needing to look at written music.The second meaning of “play it by ear” means to do something without much practice or preparation. If you give a speech to two hundred people and all you bring to the speech are a few notes, then you are ready to “play it by ear”, to give the speech knowing only the general outline of what you plan to say. In essence you are confident in your ability to speak extemporaneously, making up the speech as you go.     “To wing it” means the same thing as play it by ear:  to proceed without much preparation.John: “Did you study for the exam?” Mary: “No, I’m going to wing it.” So Mary feels confident enough to take the exam without studying.Podcast Text. The conversation repeats three times. The “Listen and Repeat” section follows after.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          When you prepare a speech, do you write everything down in advance?—Yes. I write the speech, then I read it aloud to myself. Then I revise it till I’m happy. What about you?My approach is the opposite. I just write down the points I want to make, and then I play it by ear.— You’re kidding! You just stand up in front of an audience and wing it?Yep. I like to improvise.Intro & Outro Music: La Pompe Du Trompe by Shane Ivers -
Sustainable growth and leadership with Top Earner Ciji Siddons Ciji Siddons is a top earner in Network Marketing and has been for over a decade. I met her almost 6 years ago working with a high level mastermind coach during my build in network marketing and we both had network marketing and personal growth in common. Today's chat gives us a behind the scenes look at the mindset perspective and overall points of views that a 7 figure earned in the network marketing space holds. Whether you are in MLM or not, this is a great chat with a woman who gives her business and community her whole heart and who is always on the hunt for next step into her expansion.

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The Mother Wound In honor of Mother's Day and all the toxic moms out there and the women who have come from a toxic mother... this one is for you.
The Mother Wound exists in 4 ways- Planetary level (not respecting Mother Earth), Spiritual (not feeling connected to something higher), Cultural (this idea you are somehow inherently wrong and broken) and Personal (the wounds and toxicity you absorbed from your own mother).
This weeks podcast we dive into the the cultural and the personal mother wound. If you have felt like you aren't good enough and/or have tension or friction or just plain disconnection from your own mother I discuss the origins of this and how it is effecting you on a macro and micro level.
The Mother Wound can be so painful, especially around Mother's Day. Join this discussion as I give you tips and tools to love yourself when your real mother never loved you the way you needed and also sprinkle in some antidotes from my real life and real struggles with my own mother.
Grab a cup of tea and tune in to this weeks episode.

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The Call to Remember with Emily Fitz I am so excited for this weeks episode as I interview my coach, Emily Fitz.
Emily combines business with spirituality to help up and coming coaches step into their most powerful selves so that they can share their magic and mission with the world and get paid well for it.
This conversation dives into topics like what is happening on a global scale with women, what it means to "remember" and what feminine and masculine energy is really all about.
If you are into the Woo, feeling the call to wake up and remember a much deeper truth than what we are currently experiencing, this conversation is for you!
Find Emily right here:
If you are looking to have a transformative experience in your life and business I invite you to join us in Hustle to Flow- starting late May 2022
For the spiritually curious women desiring more ease and flow when it comes to building a life they love…
This program gets you off of the never ending “hamster wheel” of always feeling like life is always working against you so you can start living the life you were born to live. A life filled with purpose and passion, joy, laughter and dare I say... pleasure!
Combined with the power of human design, I am teaching you exactly how to approach your life and business/work in a way that honors your unique energy type so relationships, business and life in general feel, dare I say.. FUN and ABUNDANT?!
For more info click here:

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Teaching our Children Self-Worth in a Society that Cock Blocks it with Bridget Briere Inspired by a text message from one friend to another, this conversation dives into a subject most parents may not think much of. Student of the Week, Student of the Month, Star Awards, Talented and Gifted Award... these types of awards are given out in most elementary schools across the country to students who "behave well".
These students showed some trait that the school deems "worthy" and awards the children. The children then go home and shows the parent the award where more conditioning and validating occurs.
Some of these children grow up to always look for the award, the result, the validation, the "you are worthy and good" feeling.
Some children never get the award and grow up to feel they aren't special or worthy.
This is an ongoing issue and now that I have children it's happening to them.
Listen in for a discussion about self-worth, children, school awards and what you can do to insert consciousness, healing and love. This is always an opportunity to do some healing for our own inner child.

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My First Plant Medicine Ceremony Part 1 This is a very special episode. On May 28th I turn 41 years old and this year will be ringing in my birthday on Texas country land sitting in ceremony with other women as I sit for my first ever plant medicine ceremony.
What is plant medicine? What does it mean to sit in ceremony? What is a women's retreat all about?
This weeks episode I share what I know about this idea, what my intentions are and how I am preparing for this moment of transformation in my life.
Visit me on Instagram: www.instagram.come/when_hustle_meets_flow
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The Power of your P*ssy with Gina Francis Womb wisdom. Heard of it? Intrigued by it? What the heck is it?
All womb holders- listen up. This conversation is for you. It is time to reclaim the power that has been hidden from you all these year. Grab a cup of tea or chai and get ready for an incredible conversation.
Gina Frances is a Womb Based Business Coach and Embodiment Guide. She guides women entrepreneurs & leaders to form sacred connection with their womb space, honour their inner seasons with cyclical wisdom, sync their business with their menstrual cycle, and lead in life with pleasure.
After 8 years on hormonal birth control, and a 13 month journey of bringing her cycle back naturally, she was awakened to her mission in this world. Through 1:1 coaching, transformational group courses, workshops and retreats, Gina bridges science and sacred. She educates leaders about their body and its rhythmic cycles, while creating more confidence, flow, and connection in their lives and career. Gina is the visionary’s doula; she holds accountability to her clients' mission with divine feminine vision.
Gina is originally from New Jersey, now living her dream life in Australia where she is studying Herbalism and a Master’s Degree in Sexology.

Find Gina here:
Menstrual Magick Bundle:

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A spotlight on mental health! In this episode Dr. Preet Kaur Sabharwal and Dr. Sheetal Siledar-Lee discussed the stigma associated with mental health in South Asian communities. Also, they talked about what can harm the emotional well being of South Asian youth and elderly populations and what they can do about it. #maitri #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness


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S3 Ep 15 Child marriage is a Curse! Victims of child marriage face severe lifelong damaging consequences including physical, sexual and economic abuse; denial of education; and a loss of freedom to make their own futures. In this episode Sasha K Taylor, a former FBI analyst and an advocate to end child marriage is sharing her own experience of being a victim of child marriage and discussing community role in preventing this oppressive practice.


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72. Financial Empowerment For Horse Owners With Chartered Accountant, Kayla Russell In this episode, I chat with Kayla Russell. She is a Chartered Accountant and a past student of my Confident Equestrian Program, so I thought she would be the perfect person to join me to discuss financial empowerment for horse owners! Together we talk about: -All things budgeting for horse owners -How to shift from avoiding your finances to empowering yourself to take control of them -Money mindset -Expanding your awareness around ways you can create more income -Focusing on return on investment And so much more! To connect with Kayla you can find her at: Or to connect with me you can find me at: To join CEP visit
Parental Legacy Some families have a set of beliefs, values, and attitudes that are passed down from generation to generation through the messages children receive from their parents. In this episode, we shared the legacy we received from our parents and the legacies we want our children to emulate.Subscribe to the Intimate Room Podcast and never miss a new episode every Thursday.Follow us on Instagram @intimateroompodcast, Facebook:
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Hillsdale Dialogues 06-24-22: Introduction to Aristotle’s Ethics: How to Lead a Good Life, Part II In the Nicomachean Ethics—the first book written on the subject of how best to live—Aristotle argues that human happiness chiefly depends upon a person’s character, which is formed by making good choices. This course examines Aristotle’s teachings about human nature, the meaning of the good, and the virtues necessary for happiness. Students will not only learn what Aristotle says about the good life, but will also explore ways to put this knowledge to work.
Working With Archangel Raziel Who is Archangel Raziel and how can you work with this angel in your own life?  Raziel is known as the angel of mystery and keeper of secrets. Today I talk about how we can call on Raziel for help in our own lives. 

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The Purpose - Words of Affirmations Taking your everyday ordinary life (even days you don’t feel right), your eating, sleeping, going out, coming in, and placing it before God as an offering with your words.
101 - Growing Up While Technology Changed Completely Technology changed our life. Dani & Woifi are talking about their childhood, growing up, how technology changed their daily life, school and friendships. They are going into what their childhood was like growing up and not having a fun, internet or a phone.
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Ep.013 (Part 2) - Hot Sauce Special! Welcome to the Sex With My Ex podcast!TRIGGER WARNING: Mental health, addiction, depression. Your hosts are Kitty and Johnson, and we can’t wait to dive head first into all of the delicious, intriguing, funny and fun things that are sex. This episode was originally recorded as part of Episode 13. However Kitty dropped a Hot Sauce question on Johnson that gave way to an incredibly powerful and vulnerable conversation.He shares some very raw and honest parts of his life and, at the same time, speaks into issues that the SWME Podcast is passionate about advocating for.Johnson talks about mental health, the expectations from society and pressure to live up to an unrealistic ideal. He tells us about the struggles of addiction, being a separated Father and the reality of life struggles that all of the listeners will be able to relate to.Kitty and Johnson decided that this conversation was so potent they wanted to have it as an episode in itself.So it’s a little bit different. There’s no fancy jingles or Sexy Susie.But there is a WHOLE LOT of heart.You are invited to tune into this chat and to know that no matter what- you are not alone.We all have challenges in life and the SWME Podcast is dedicated to diluting shame and holding a judgment-free space for all of the conversations that need to be had.Sending love.Come and join our community of sex positive, eager to learn and beautiful listeners. Everyone is welcome! Subscribe here!WHERE TO FIND USOur Website InstagramTwitterFacebookPlease consider buying us a coffee to support the show and join our community of sexy Patrons by heading to our Patreon page.Support Contact DetailsUSA- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 UK- CALM helpline: 0800 58 58 58 Canada- Suicide Prevention Service: 1-833-456-4566 Australia- Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467 New Zealand- Lifeline 24/7 Helpline: 0800 543 354 India- Sneha India 24/7 helpline: 91 44 24640050 South Africa- Lifeline National Counselling Line: 0861-322-322
Let's Talk DIRtY Podcast - The Power Of Invisibility "Do You See Me"; S2;E16 Have you ever had the power of Invisibility?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt INVISIBLE? I mean like “they” see you but they don't See you.

Not being Seen can create a wealth of Problems for you, if you let it.

DADDY ISSUES are more than your dad not being around. Maybe "HE" didn't See you as a child and that created a lasting problem.

Let's Talk DIRtY isn't something new. In order to deal, we mean EFFECTIVELY, Deal with YOUR Daddy Issues. There comes a point in time when we have to have that DIRtY nasty Funky conversation with ourselves. I know that you Need to have that DIRtY conversation with YOU before you try to have the conversation about it with someone else.

It's time, WAY PAST TIME, to deal with the Very ISH that has been holding you Back, tucked away, HIDDEN because of what's on the other side it. Hey tune in, Listen up, and Take notes if you wish because we are about to have a Roller Coaster of a discussion.

We (MEN) are Stuck in a holding pattern is because of the #conversationswedonthave with other men for several reasons but...

If you missed the Radio Show, You aren't doing yourself justice but... We Got YOU, Grab a Pen/Paper, and Take Notes.

Like it, Comment, and Please Share this...

The ONLY way we get better is to share our experiences about being Stuck and then HOW we got Unstuck.

Let's Talk DIRtY if you Ready!!

Let's Go!!!

Tune in to the Let's Talk DIRtY Radio Show on Gospel Impact Radio every Sunday and Thursday at 3:00 pm EST.
Distinctly Detroit Podcast - Season 2, Episode 13: Malik Yakini of Mollywop The University of Michigan Detroit Center has participated in the annual Concert of Colors for ten years. The Concert of Colors is Metro Detroit's free annual diversity themed music festival and 2022 is the 30th Anniversary of the event. The University of Michigan Detroit Center produces the "Wolverine Outdoor Stage" at the festival and this year is going to be our best production. Welcome to a special edition of the Distinctly Detroit Podcast, highlighting some of the performers that will be energizing the Wolverine Outdoor Stage July 2022. Today, we have the honor of speaking with Malik Yakini. Malik is the band leader of our headlining act, Mollywop. They play a hard hitting style of Funk, Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and their own original grooves. Performing Sunday, July 24 at 9pm, Malik Yakini!
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Aspidites & More with Derek Roddy Black-headed python master, Derek Roddy, did us the honor of joining us this week for a deep dive into Aspidites!

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Snakes & Stogies Ep. 125 - Tyler Brooks Tyler Brooks returns to hang out with us this week and talk about some recent herping!

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Enter the new paradigm of healing In this week’s episode, Ava shares her perspective on a new healing paradigm and the importance of shifting away from the 'yang' model towards a new attitude for healing and connection.
Listen in to learn about the concept of yin and yang and how this duality is represented in our nervous system, our society and our attitude towards healing.
An important topic for our community, the healing professions and those experiencing illness and healing first hand.  
Chapter markers 
00:00 Introduction to the topic
3:00 Nervous system and yin & yang 
5:50 We live in a yang paradigm
07:45 The imbalance of the old paradigm
10:48 Healing is a yin condition
12:40 The new paradigm for healing
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20:48 Personal update from Ava
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131. you can truly do whatever you want This episode is here to remind you that you truly can do whatever you want and that it's safe to follow your alignment.   In this episode, we're chatting about: ✧ How I've been really testing the limits of what my mind thinks I'm "allowed" to do the last few months ✧ What happened when my intuition told me to go to a coffee shop even though I was "supposed to" be doing an inner voice session with a client ✧ Why you don't need to withhold your own alignment for fear of what others will think about it or how they will react to it ✧ Why alignment is an inside job (meaning your alignment isn't anyone else's job and anyone else's alignment isn't your job) ✧ The magic that's unfolding the more I lean into allowing and letting go ✧ Living from a place of alignment with who you really are   If you enjoy this podcast, it would mean the world to me if you'd leave a review on iTunes. For this month only (June 2022), when you leave a review (screenshot it before submitting it and email it to me at, you can receive personalized coaching from me on any topic/question you'd like. Just include the question in your email and I'll answer it in an upcoming podcast episode.   Liked the episode? I'd love to hear about it - take a screenshot and share your biggest takeaway on Instagram stories and tag me @madison.arnholt   Haven't left a review yet? Click here to leave a review so we can reach and help more people! I'm so grateful for your support.   🔮 Resources: Explore working with me 1:1 Free 7 day Ritual Queen Trial Connect with me on Instagram @madison.arnholt   Thank you for listening! Xoxo, Madison
Unplugged with D: Money Talk - Greatest Hits We have a gorgeous compilation of three of my favorite money episodes from the On the Daily Library.First up, we have Finnian Kelly, followed by Daniel Mangena, and rounding it out with Jocelyn Kelly.If you are on a money journey, this episode is for YOU.The Quantum Leap Waitlist CLICK HERE to get on it!Upstarter Podcast NetworkUpstarter Podcast Network has everything you need to help your podcast find success - from launching your show to editing and management, check out and sign up for a free Discovery call to see how they can help you.InstagramTimestamps:
[5:03] Finnian Kelly.
[13:12] Daniel Mangena.
[21:41] Jocelyn Kelly. 
--Connect with Danielle!on IG @danielle_onthedailyPodcast: @onthedailypodPlease subscribe, rate, and review our podcast.  As always, thank you for supporting us!On The Daily Podcast
91. How This Auto Detailer Took On High-Profile Clients And Built His Business. First Impression Detailing - David Gonzalez Starting at a young age working with his dad, David Gonzalez, began detailing and quickly became to love the process before starting his own detailing business

He was able to start working a deal with a country club where he was able to leverage an opportunity and build an impression with high-profile clients

Thus, born First Impression Detailing, now both mobile and has their own shop in the Conejo Valley area, David and his team services many clients and even willingly teaches other aspiring detailers to start their own business

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85. Indigenous Conservation Courses by UN Association in Canada (Jaime Webbe) The Indigenous Conservation curriculums, for elementary and high school students, are beautiful and insightful learning resource produced by the United Nations Association in Canada (UNAC). They were launched in June 2022 to coincide with Indigenous History Month and World Environment Day. In this episode, the CEO of the United Nations Association in Canada discusses these fantastic resources, how it teaches about Indigenous cultures and ways to protect the natural world. We also talk about how they can be used in schools, at home and in other informal learning settings.  Jaime Webbe is the President and CEO of the United Nations Association in Canada. This curriculum combines her knowledge and background in Indigenous education and sustainability. She spent almost two decades shepherding new sustainability concepts, approaches and technologies through the transition from scientific facts to internationally recognized best practice. With the World Bank and United Nations, she built partnerships bringing new donors, stakeholders and views to the table.Twitter: Conservation Toolkit: United National Association in Canada:
"Hidden Gem: Rooting For The Underdog (In Homage To The Late Great Incomparable Johnny Hartman)!" I felt inclined to pivot pause and pay homage to a remarkably talented vocalist who I deem to be a hidden gem… an underdog with an impeccable voice… Noneother than Mr. Johnny Hartman.
"Deferring Constructing Rome In A Day: Staking Your Claim To Rest, Resign and Decline!" Episode mantra: Repeat after me: "I deserve to claim my well warranted birthright to decline, resign and rest. The key to radiating love and support is to initially nurture myself. I'm entitled to responsibly pause, cool down and recalibrate, then responsibly click the metaphoric play icon)."
"Cease And Desist: Foregoing the Chase!" It's high time to reverse our psychology pertaining to attracting our burning desires. Rather than scrambling …. Fighting tooth and nail to clinch our goals, let's instead affirm ourselves that we will "allow" ourselves to attract what we are.
Donald Mitchell interview with Niilo Koponen, February 3, 1990 One of a series of interviews conducted by Donald Mitchell with people involved in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. This interview is with Niilo Koponen and was conducted on February 3, 1990. Funding for the digitization and transcription of this recording was made possible by the Atwood Foundation. For more information about this collection of interviews and for a text transcript of the interview, please see the guide to the collection:
Straight from the heart 🤲🏾 To know God is to know yourself
Why Throwing Chairs Isn't The Behaviour Problem You Think It Is When a child repeatedly has trouble managing their emotions (or behaviour), it's time to start asking why they keep getting dysregulated. What's the root cause?In this week's School Behaviour Secrets, we reveal how to identify the underlying cause of any explosive behaviours you're seeing in school - and why putting in place the right intervention is vital for achieving success.Important links:Get our FREE SEN Behaviour Handbook: Download hereJoin our Inner Circle membership programme: Inner CircleDownload other FREE behaviour resources for use in school: Free SEMH resources
News #320 - The Best Way to Learn Arabic & Remember Everything: Active Recall learn how to study with active recall
News #283 - The Best Way to Learn Swedish & Remember Everything: Active Recall learn how to study with active recall
These Will Kill Ya! 5 Spiders With Exaggerated Reputations First, I talk a bit about the Ephebopus slings that I recently acquired. Then...sure, spiders can bite, have venom, and can put a hurting on anyone foolish enough to trifle with them. However, there are some spiders available in the trade that have been the victim of over exaggeration and hyperbole to the point where many will refuse to keep them. In this episode, we take a look at 5 spiders that receive this dubious distinction.
Muktze | Shabbos 5:12 | Rabbi Eli Nosson Silberberg Muktze | Shabbos 5:12 | Rabbi Eli Nosson Silberberg
Resting on Shabbos | Shabbos 1:1 | Rabbi Moshe Perlstein Resting on Shabbos | Shabbos 1:1 | Rabbi Moshe Perlstein
Why the Brisker Rov did not answer אמן when someone said ויצמח פורקני׳ ויקרב משיחי׳ | Nusach Hatfila Why the Brisker Rov did not answer אמן when someone said ויצמח פורקני׳ ויקרב משיחי׳ | Nusach Hatfila | Rabbi Eli Silberstein
Why Is Amira Le’Nochri Forbidden on Shabbos? | Shabbos 6:1 | Rabbi Eli Silberstein Why Is Amira Le’Nochri Forbidden on Shabbos? | Shabbos 6:1 | Rabbi Eli Silberstein
Ovos and Tuldos | Shabbos 7:7 | Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Wolberg Ovos and Tuldos | Shabbos 7:7 | Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Wolberg
Non-jew Delivering Meat on Shabbos? Modern-Day Controversy | Shabbos 6:5 | Rabbi Tzvi Telsner Non-jew Delivering Meat on Shabbos? Modern-Day Controversy | Shabbos 6:5 | Rabbi Tzvi Telsner
Benefiting from forbidden Melachos on Shabbos Benefiting from forbidden Melachos on Shabbos
Creating an Opening | Shabbos 10:17 | Rabbi Mendy Cohen Creating an Opening | Shabbos 10:17 | Rabbi Mendy Cohen
Calming Oneself by Doing Damage | Shabbos 10:10 | Rabbi Moshe Perlstein Calming Oneself by Doing Damage | Shabbos 10:10 | Rabbi Moshe Perlstein
D38 WHAT DOES AL CAPONE, PROHIBITION, AND THE CURRENT SELL-OFF IN DIGITAL ASSETS HAVE IN COMMON? The recent sell-off of digital assets is the tip of the iceberg.
To understand the sell-off in digital assets you must first understand the current rules and regulations that govern investing. 
When the rules are blurry we end up with a prohibition-like environment and characters like Al Capone.
I have a bombshell I'm dropping in today's episode. 
You don't want to miss this one...


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D39 The Bitcoin Selloff is Fake News... How volatile are the Bitcoin markets really?
Like traditional markets, Bitcoin has a scarcity of knowledge about disciplined investing?
Investors enter the digital asset space without a plan. And they don't have a strategy. Therefore, they go into investing with unrealistic expectations.
Do you have a plan for market volatility?
Join me I'm today's episode as we unpack this powerful topic...


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D40: The hidden truth behind Creativity and Financial Security... Do you think the 1% are smarter or more creative than you?
There is a direct connection between creativity and financial freedom.
So, why is it that you've never heard this concept in school?
Simple, they don't teach it.
In today's episode, we will discuss the role creativity plays in wealth creation.
You don't want to miss this one...


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What is the useful life of the batteries? The vast majority of batteries are Lithium-ion, like most portable electronic devices, since it is the current technology with a better balance between energy density and price. The first electric bicycles worked with lead batteries that increased the weight of the bicycle to more than 40kg.Find more information about lithium forklift battery companies on our website.According to most manufacturers, the useful life of a Lithium-ion battery ranges between 500 and 1,100 complete charge cycles. In this sense, at a theoretical level, a cyclist who uses the bicycle daily to cover about 15km and performs the equivalent of two full charges per week could use the battery for about 10 years. In practice, but it must be taken into account that just as it happens with other devices, the battery suffers a slight wear annually regardless of the use that some manufacturers quantify in up to 5%, so it is not surprising that it has lost a significant part of its capacity after 4 or 5 years, despite continuing to function.What is the charging time of a battery?The time of a full charge varies mostly depending on the total capacity of the battery, its voltage and the transformer. As a guide, the charging powers range between 50 and 150W, and charging times between 2.5 and 4 hours. In any case, most manufacturers provide this information. Once the charge is complete, most transformers stop consuming so there is no problem leaving the battery charging overnight.How much does a battery weigh?Higher capacity batteries also weigh more, with differences that can reach 3 or 4 kg. In this sense, the most recommended is to adjust the size of the battery to the type of majority use that you want to make of the bicycle.What maintenance do I have to do to the battery?We leave you some maintenance tips, but we recommend consulting the instruction manual provided by each manufacturer to know more precisely what care each battery must receive.Before the first use, charge it up to 100%, as long as it is not fully charged from the factory.Frequently charge the batteries without waiting for them to discharge completely. You don't have to do it after each use, but keep in mind that the battery works a little better when it is above 50%.Always store batteries in dry and ventilated places at a temperature between 10 and 30 °C. During the winter, when it is very cold, it is recommended to store the batteries indoors if the bicycle is parked in a garage or storage room.If you plan not to use the battery for a long time, the ideal is to leave it with a charge level between 50 and 60%, neither very empty nor fully charged. In addition, a full charge should be carried out at least every 3 months.For more information -
Tips for online casino beginners in 2022 In this podcast we share the best tips for online casino beginners in 2022 to get the most out of your bets.Find more information about Live Casino on our responsiblyA great piece of advice for newcomers to online casinos is to control how they play, as playing too much and spending too much time can lead to serious addiction and gambling problems.It is important to control the game schedule and that it does not limit us to do other activities in our personal life. For this reason, time limits must be established, which do not put your emotional health at risk.Online casinos are committed to and aware of responsible gaming and take various measures to monitor their players and promote safe gaming practices.On the other hand, playing responsibility also has to do with the limit of money you bet. It is very common that, when you get a lucky break and a generous prize, the emotion leads you to want to bet more money and lose it. To do this you must set a maximum budget and never exceed it. You have to understand when it is time to withdraw and leave the game, no matter how lucky you have been.Research the reputation of the chosen casinoTo deduce if an online casino is trustworthy, search the Internet for the evaluations of it contained in other web pages, as well as the reviews of other users collected in forums, since they will give you a lot of information that will help you decide if that online casino deserves . worth it or not.Payment methodWhen you register at an online casino, you must choose a payment method with which you will make your deposits, reloads and withdrawals. Online casinos offer different payment options, such as credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers or electronic wallets such as PayPal or Skrill. It is important that, in order not to have subsequent problems, you choose a method in which you control its operation and have used it before, although transactions with any of them are guaranteed by the digital encryption systems used by reliable online casinos.Theoretical payment returnAs a beginner it is important that you know some basic concepts of the game. One of them is the theoretical payout return or RTP, which is the average amount of money you get back in a game compared to what you invested in it. Or, put another way, your odds of winning. Knowing the advantage that the house has over you is a concept to take into account when choosing one casino or another.Practice a lotThe best way to learn to play is by practicing and analyzing your mistakes, for this it is very useful to use the free versions of the games, which will also help you to find the most suitable one for you.choose simple gamesA perfect choice for beginner online casino players is slots, as their rules are very simple and intuitive. In addition, there is a wide variety with many different themes and you can play without having to make big bets.Another option is to play roulette and bet either on the red numbers or on the black numbers. Once the player has more confidence and understands the game better, he can try to bet on the numbers that can give him the biggest profits.To know more -
Easy Way To Create a dictionary in C++ This podcast will introduce how to create a dictionary in C++.Using the Initialization List Builder to create a dictionary in C++In the C++ standard wrapper library, a dictionary is called std::map, which implements ordered key-value pairs with unique keys. Operations on elements map such as find, remove, and insert pairs have logarithmic complexity. This method uses square brackets to initialize the object map with literal values. Notice that each pair of elements is separated by a comma, as shown in the following code example.To know more about create a dictionary in C++ then check our website.Use Default Constructor to create a dictionary in C++Alternatively, we can declare an object of type map with given parameters and then initialize each key-value pair using a separate declaration. In this example, we demonstrate a map with keys of int and the values ​​of string-s. We can always put these statements in the loop or take values ​​from user input, whichever would be better suited to a real-world application scenario.Use the Constructor copy to create a dictionary in C++Another solution to create a new object map is to use a constructor copy, which takes another existing variable map as an argument and copies the key-value pairs to the newly initialized object. Note that this method does not move the map existing object and can be reused later during program execution.Use the Range-Based Constructor to create a dictionary in C++The scope-based constructor is another alternative to the above methods. This solution can be used to initialize a new variable map with the key-value pairs of the subset of some map existing object. In this example, we use the method find to specify the first key-value pair in the range. Therefore, a new variable map2contains pairs starting from the key value 2to the last element of the object map1.For More Information -
Dadcast - We Were Born Into A War Welcome to the Dadcast, where I Timon sit down with my Dad. We talk about spiritual things. In this episode, we discuss how God reestablished the Edenic mandate at least four times. We talk about other things but you'll have to listen to hear all about them. I hope you enjoy this episode of the Dadcast.
06-12-2022 Bro. Britt Case "The Prayers of Gods People" SUN 5PM 06-12-2022 Bro. Britt Case "The Prayers of Gods People" SUN 5PM
06-12-2022 Pastor Stevison "The Goal Is To Get In" SUN 6PM 06-12-2022 Pastor Stevison "The Goal Is To Get In" SUN 6PM
06-15-2022 Pastor Stevison "Forgiveness" WED 7PM 06-15-2022 Pastor Stevison "Forgiveness" WED 7PM
06-19-2022 Pastor Stevison "A Nail In A Sure Place" SUN 10AM 06-19-2022 Pastor Stevison "A Nail In A Sure Place" SUN 10AM
06-22-2022 Pastor Stevison "Forgiveness" WED 7PM 06-22-2022 Pastor Stevison "Forgiveness" WED 7PM
06-26-2022 Pastor Stevison "The Tabernacle Plan" SUN 5PM 06-26-2022 Pastor Stevison "The Tabernacle Plan" SUN 5PM
If You're Not Assessing You're Guessing You can subscribe, rate, review, and listen to every episode of the "Unleash the Awesome" podcast at .  0:28 "If you're not assessing, you're guessing." - Paul Kolody 1:18 "What gets measured gets managed." - Peter Drucker 1:30 How people typically measure weight loss, and what they need to be looking at instead. 2:48 Leading vs. Lagging indicators. 6:35 Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to consider as you are starting and scaling a business. 8:08 "Build your email list!" - Dave Gambrill 8:30 "Using the power of AIDA in Your Marketing" - Episode 18 of the "Unleash the Awesome" podcast with Dave Gambrill . 10:49 Digital products and group coaching have fat profit margins.  16:40 "The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals" - Chris McChesney, et al. . Come join the conversation in our communities... Digital Marketing Mentorship with Dave Gambrill Facebook Group . Digital Marketing Mentorship with Dave Gambrill Telegram Channel . And let me know what you thought of this episode and what you'd like me cover in future episodes over on Instagram. . If you're on TikTok, you can follow me over there too. . Here are some of the other most popular episodes of "Unleash the Awesome"... "Russell Brunson Shares Powerful Insights from his Book 'Traffic Secrets" - Episode 23 . "Job Search Secrets and How to be a STAR in the Interview" - Episode 34 . "Dr. Robert Cialdini Shares Powerful New Insights Regarding Influence and Persuasion". - Episode 66 . "The Secret Behind How John C. Maxwell Became the World's #1 Leadership Expert" - Episode 9 . #unleashawesome #mindset #metrics #davegambrill #techtools #entrepreneur #success #sidehustle #digitalmarketing #coaching #toolset #digitalceo #onlinecourses #10x #funnelhacker #successhabits #speaker #trainer #coach #consultant #habits #goals #paulkolody #author #mentoring #masterminds #practice #repetition #teaching #publicspeaking #keynote #kpis #sixsigma #mentor #goals #dreams #10x #4hww #process #systems #caloriedeficit #burncalories #loseweight #losebodyfat #strength #conditioning #speed #agility #hunterdoncentral #hcrhs #4dx #lead #lag #indicators #2cc CONSUMER NOTICE: You should assume that I have an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned in this broadcast and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.
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