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Updated On: Jul 18, 2022
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Past Daily: Pop Culture Listen to Pop Culture from Vurbl partner Past Daily as they cover the 1960s experience from drive-in movie theaters to the generational controversy over LSD.
Gordon Skene, two-time Grammy Nominee and archivist runs The Gordon Skene Sound Archive and this website, which is dedicated to preserving and encouraging an interest in history and historic news, events, and cultural aspects of our society. Past Daily is the only place on the Internet where you can hear a Nixon speech, listen to an interview with John Cassavettes or play a broadcast of Charles Munch rehearsing the Boston Symphony in 1950, all in the same place. It's living history and it's timeless.
Past Daily: Amazing Historical Concerts & News
Best of THEATER GATHER BY THE GHOST LIGHT creator and host Jonathan Cook introduces the "Best of Theater" playlist. This podcast playlist includes all things theatre and Broadway related from radio theater audio plays to playwright interviews and tips for all the aspiring writers out there. You'll hear a bit of comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and all genres in between! So take a seat. Join the audience. And enjoy the show! Gather by the Ghost Light
The Best Podcasts Not Owned By Spotify Looking for something that Spotify did not buy and push through it's promotional engine - namely NOT the Joe Rogan Show. Here are some great podcasters that did not sell their soul to Spotify. Vurbl Voices: Vurbl's Creators & Influencers
Top Streamed Netflix Original Films Reviews of the most streamed Netflix Original feature films from Watching Netflix Without You. This playlist will become more complete as we publish further reviews of top streamed content. Watching Netflix Without You
Most Popular Our most listened to episodes. Watching Netflix Without You
Vurbl Staff Picks! Listen To The Best Audio On Vurbl Listen to the best audio on Vurbl with these snippets and files, hand-curated by Vurbl's staff. Enjoy just a taste of what the Vurbl team is listening to right now. These are what we found to be the most interesting, hilarious, frightening, and or generally entertaining clips from the week. Hear audio from some of your favorite creators or discover something new. The Very Best of Vurbl: Editors' Picks
Best of Pop Culture Audio on Vurbl Listen to top and trending stories with this playlist featuring the best pop culture podcasts. Get audio updates on celebrities and up-to-date news and opinions on everything entertainment. Tune in for reviews of the hottest entertainment news trends like the latest Kardashian drama, what's happening with the Royal Family, and breaking Bachelor/Bachelorette news. Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
Deep Dive: Star Wars Original Trilogy May the force be with you as you listen to the best Star Wars podcasts analyzing the original trilogy. Join other Star Wars enthusiasts in picking apart all of your favorite scenes from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return Of The Jedi. Learn something new about these timeless blockbuster sci-fi classics. Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
Top Celebrity News & Gossip From Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Podcast Listen to these top recent moments from Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood podcast. Keep up with your favorite stars, artists, and various other celebs from inside the walls of Us Weekly magazine with these quick clips from the Hot Hollywood podcast. Hot Hollywood - The Hottest Entertainment News From Us Weekly
Deep Dive: Ghostbusters If there's something strange in your neighborhood, listen to some of the best Ghostbusters podcasts. Stay vigilant with this collection of interviews and discussions about everyone's favorite paranormal franchise, Ghostbusters. Listen to fans dissect and geek out over one of the pop-culturally memorable films of the 80s. Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events

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