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ON THE ROAD with MR CA WINE ON THE ROAD with Chuck Cramer, mrCAwine, is about California’s cool, aspirational lifestyle and awesome wines. Chuck Cramer is a dude who grew up in LA, and now finds himself living in London, working in the wine trade, and still living the California dream. He’s managed to stay true to his roots on this side of the pond, while selling wine from Terlato Wines California portfolio across Europe. This podcast will take you ON THE ROAD, on a wine journey with cool guests ranging from experts who work in the business of wine and mates who simply love wine. It's going to be a blast talking to you about about California, the Golden State, its gorgeous wineries, beautiful vineyards and the passionate people who roll up their sleeves so you can enjoy a bottle or two. We’re going to dive in to the most prevalent and trending topics, have a laugh, and ultimately improve your boozing. The top’s down, so hop in, buckle up and enjoy the ride…….
The Best 5 Minute Wine Podcast We take 5 minutes and discover wineries around the world.
Wine Ghosts Have you ever wondered why certain wines completely different than other ones? Which stories are hiding inside your glasses? In this podcast, I interview various professionals from the wine industry to help everyone be bitten by the wine bug. We help you to understand a little more about the most mystical beverage in history, whether you are a wine geek or just a lover of wine.

Each episode…” id-for-player=”2bZ3UtDaz5U” id=”looking-into-wine” link=”/station/looking-into-wine/” vid=”A8UqdVmd6yG” csrf=”u72A0BDy9hcNYYZSxzoUWT7DgZlDIoDGpslwTuOkOHk2g6pDqP5Uh1bqQBHS2DM9″ verification-image=”” entity-type=”station” is-authorized=”false” position=”vertical”>
Looking Into Wine I, your host Mattia Scarpazza, found Looking Into Wine to share knowledge about wine. Focus is on areas that sparked my interest throughout my study years and I wished I’d had more time to explore in more detail. Now it’s time!Each episode explores a specific topic in detail and how it is relevant to the wine trade.What to expect? Interviews featuring experts and professionals to guide us through regions, grapes and challenges of vine growing, my own research and much more.
Winervana Welcome to this wine buyer’s guide for the curious wine enthusiast. It’s one wine guru’s journey towards enlightenment. Or at least, towards wine worth drinking. If you enjoy drinking wine, but don’t know much about its nuances, and are eager to learn more, this is the podcast for you. There is no wine snobbery or numerical ratings.
‎Wine For Thoughts Welcome to our podcast, Wine for Thoughts, where we sit down, drink wine, and talk about everything under the sun! Sometimes we will talk about our experiences in life and how we navigate them and sometimes we will just pick a topic and go for it. Join us in this ride and don’t get off, because it is going to be a good one and you are going to have a wine of a time!!

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Hear conversations about the drink humanity has loved for thousands of years. These are some of the many top moments from wine podcasts to enjoy with a glass (or bottle) of your favorite vino. From its history to the winemaking expertise of today, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for wine enthusiasts and the craft as a whole.” id=”audio-of-top-wine-podcast-moments-for-your-favorite-wino” vid=”audio-of-top-wine-podcast-moments-for-your-favorite-wino” id-for-player=”audio-of-top-wine-podcast-moments-for-your-favorite-wino” link=”/playlists/audio-of-top-wine-podcast-moments-for-your-favorite-wino/” is-authorized=”false” csrf=”u72A0BDy9hcNYYZSxzoUWT7DgZlDIoDGpslwTuOkOHk2g6pDqP5Uh1bqQBHS2DM9″ custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Audio of Top Wine Podcast Moments for Enthusiasts Listen to the top wine podcast moments for the best reviews, history, and pairings, perfect for curious beginners or your average enthusiast.

Hear conversations about the drink humanity has loved for thousands of years. These are some of the many top moments from wine podcasts to enjoy with a glass (or bottle) of your favorite vino. From its history to the winemaking expertise of today, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for wine enthusiasts and the craft as a whole.
Vurbl Food: Cooking, Cocktails, Dining & More

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EPISODE # 44 PART 2/DENNIS HORTON MONTAGE Part 2 of Episode #44 Montage about Dennis Horton features my interviews with Jenni McCloud, Owner and Founder of Chrysalis Vineyards who was inspired by Dennis Horton and planted the largest vineyard of Norton currently in the World. Followed by one of the most respected individual in the Virginia Wine Industry, Luca Paschina General Manager & Winemaker at Barboursville Vineyards.  And last, but certainly not least Lucie Morton one of the foremost Ampelographers and Viticulturist in the world shares her thoughts about Dennis Horton.  This is an action-packed Episode with plenty of stories and insights into what Dennis Horton meant to the Virginia wine industry both in the past and currently today through the continued efforts of his wife Sharon Horton in their vineyards and Shannon Horton their daughter along with Caitlin Horton the winemaker today and Shannon's daughter.Take a listen below or download and read the transcript.  More to come in my Epilogue in the final part of this Episode.  I was fortunate to interview all three of the ladies here fore mentioned and let them have the final word.
Crone Shana and Monica discuss the magic surrounding the Crone and what spells to use with her.
An Interview with Stephanie: The Glamor Witch Welcome witches as we interview none other than the extraordinary Stephanie aka The Glamor Witch!
Astro Report March 2023 We are here to bring you another monthly astrology report by none other than Jerel aka Space Daddy.
Join Monica as she leads you down a trip to meet the MOTHER!” id=”2VCU3fQ1rmF” vid=”2VCU3fQ1rmF” id-for-player=”2VCU3fQ1rmF” link=”/listen/mother-meditation-2VCU3fQ1rmF/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Mother Meditation *Disclaimer, Listen in a QUIET place, NOT while driving*
Join Monica as she leads you down a trip to meet the MOTHER!
The Mother Shana and Monica discuss THE MOTHER! whose mom? Your mom? My mom? Everyone's mom?
EPISODE #44 DENNIS HORTON MONTAGE Part 1 Because I never had the opportunity to meet of know Dennis Horton before he passed away, I wanted to include his story and contribution to the Virginia Wine Industry in some fashion.   I was given an idea by Bruce Zoecklein Professor Emeritus of Enology at VA Tech.  He suggested that I interview a handful of folks in the Virginia wine community and have them share with me their thoughts on Dennis and 1 or 2 of their favorite stories.  I thought it was a terrific idea.  So, for Episode # 44 I have undertaken that challenge. In Part 1 of a 2-part Episode I interviewed Bruce Zoecklein, which only seemed fitting because it was his idea and Mike Heny who worked as the winemaker at Horton Vineyards from 1997 up through the harvest of 2017. What I found fascinating about my interviews was that each of the five folks I interviewed, Bruce Zoeckein, Mike Heny, Jenni McCloud, Luca Paschina, & Lucie Morton, all of who I have interviewed before in an Episode featuring them, was they essentially shared with me the same thoughts and impressions about Dennis and his significant contribution to Virginia winegrowing, but from their own vantage point.  I believe you will find Episode # 44, both Part 1 and Part 2 to be entertaining and enlightening. Listen to the audio below or read the transcript.
Sergei The Slavic Witche Interview Monica and Shana had the opportunity to interview Sergei, a witch in the Los Angeles pagan community. Sergei talks with our witches about Slavic witchcraft, what its like being a witch in Russia and gives us some spell work juts in time for Imbolc.
February Astro 2023 Welcome back to another Astro Report with your favorite witches and Space Daddy Jerel! Lets get right into what February has in store for us!
Alter Hygiene Welcome one and all, its time to get in gear this year and clean that dirty alter cause we know you probably havent so lets get too it!
Gryla and Yule Lads Happy Yule all, we have a special treat for everyone, as a gift to all of you we are giving you a sneak peak into a Patreon exclusive! Shana's Spooky Stories is a segment available on our second tier, but for the holiday season we will be giving this episode to you for free! Happy Holidays from the WSW crew!
EPISODE # 43 JASON MURRAY/ARTERRA WINERY Arterra Winery was founded by Jason Murray in 2013. Jason is a veteran of winegrowing in Northern Virginia for over 20 years. Arterra, which means "Art of the Land" represents Jason's quest to grow wine in a fashion unseen by most of us in the wine business.  His Marketing moniker is " Clean Wine." When I first heard that I didn't really understand if it was yet another take on "Natural Wine".  I learned in my interview that it is much more than that.Essentially, as Jason describes it simply, he tends his vineyard with the least amount of intervention possible.  His wines are meant to reflect the vintage, what the vineyard gives him is what is in the wine.  Ultimately sealed in Stelvin tin lined screw caps to preserve that character. No new oak is used and no additives or corrections to the wine are added or employed to do anything to adjust the character that the grapes give him in any given vintage. It is a very intriguing interview and tasting is believing.  After trying several of his wines I would tell you that the wines back up his story.  You should check them out for yourself and be the judge.  Listen to the Episode below or read the edited transcript.
December 2022 Astro Shana and Monica are back with another Astro Report with Jerel for December 2022!
Maiden Part 1 Shana and Monica give you an overview of the Maiden arch-type.
EPISODE # 42 COMMON WEALTH CRUSH COMPANY/BEN JORDAN, TIM JORDAN, PATT EAGAN Common Wealth Crush Company is a new exciting  development in the Virginia Wine Industry.  Ben Jordan along with his brother Tim and Jordan and Patt Eagan have opened what I term a winemaker Studio in the historic district of downtown Waynesboro, Virginia.  Conceptually, it will allow small wine brands to have access to a winemaking facility without having to shell out the up-front costs of building their own winery. Common Wealth Crush hopes to be an incubator for future Virginia wine brands and as they grow they will move on being replaced by other new start up wine brands.These types of facilities are available in California and Oregon for their industry but nothing like this exists in Virginia today. This is a ground breaking, forward looking addition to help further grow the footprint for Virginia wine throughout the wine market.Ben must believe this will be successful as he left his position as winemaker at Early Mountain Vineyards in July of this year, where he had been since 2015 as was considered a leader in the growth of quality wine in the Old Dominion.  His brother Tim is also a well-known viticulturalist and winemaker in Virginia.  Patt Eagan their other partner in the enterprise is the business and sales manager.  Between the three of them they bring the necessary experience and skill set to succeed.   This is a team of entrepreneurs to keep an eye on for years to come.
Nov 2022 Ask a Strega Welcome one and all to another Ask a Strega! Shana and Monica get into the questions that you our fans send in, so KEEPEM COMMIN!
EPISODE # 41 CHRIS PEARMUND/PEARMUND CELLARS Chris Pearmund has been in the Virginia wine industry for over 30 years.  He started his career in 1990 when he managed to snag an entry level position at Naked Mountain.  He would then purchase Meriweather vineyard in 1996 which has the oldest Chardonnay vines in Virginia today, planted in 1976. The numerous ventures and positions Chris has held in the Virginia Wine Industry is very impressive.  He started Pearmund Cellars in 2002 and today manages that operation along with several others: Vint Hill Winery and Effingham Winery. The later was established as recently as 2015.As you can imagine Chris is quite busy but continues to improve the quality of his wines and never stops and is constantly trying new innovations in the marketing of Virginia wine.You will learn a significant amount about Virginia winegrowing during the past several decades packed into this Episode.Listen below or download the transcript.
Crystals Welcome witches! Join Shana and Monica as they go over some of everyone's favorite spiritual accessory: Crystals!
Astro October 2022 Back for another Astrology Report for October! We welcome back Space Daddy Jerel with his ever knowledgeable over the stars!
Live Episode 27 Aug 2022 Hello witches and welcome to the live recording of our first ever LIVE EPISODE! This was recorded live at The Greenman Store in front of a room full of witches! Recording was only slightly edited so please bear with.
EPISODE # 40 LEE HARTMAN BLUESTONE VINEYARD WINEMAKER Bluestone Vineyard started out as a small family vineyard when Curt and Jackie Hartman were, encouraged by their friends Phil and Lois Kreider, to help them expand their own availability of grapes for the purpose to produce wine for their own personal use in 2003.  In 2007 the decision was made to turn it into a commercial venture and in 2008 they began to plant more vines at their already existing property on the hill alongside of their house.  In 2009 they had their first production of just 500 cases.In 2010 a winery was built when Lee Hartman, their son joined them and assumed the position of winemaker and production manager. His 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon won a Gold at the Governor's Cup competition and was in the inaugural Governor's Case. That wine was also named one of the "37 Great American Wines" by Saveur magazine. He has never looked back.HIGHLIGHTS:a). Lee draws attention to the fact that he was a history major before he started making wine without any formal training or education in Enology. b). We learn what sets the Shenandoah Valley apart from the other wine growing regions in Virginia.c). He explains how the idea and ultimately the execution of putting some of his wine in cans made so much sense to him and why it has worked.d). The story behind the branding with the name Bluestone and how it ties back to the land/vineyard.e). Lee takes pride in the fact that his first vintage, 2010 a Cabernet Sauvignon they produced made in into the Inaugural Governor's Cup Case.f). we get his take on Climate Change and what it has meant to his winemaking.Much, much more.  Read the transcript below or listen to the audio.
Shanas Spooky Episode 1: Valhalla Memorial Park Welcome to a peak into one of our patreon segments from one of Shana's "Spooky Stories" segments! Grab a drink as Shana takes you back in time before the San Fernando Valley was even orange groves, to the crazy inception of the Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery.
Ask A Strega August 2022 Welcome back for another 'Ask A' episode where Shana and Monica take your questions and answer them in the most witchy way.
Astro Report August 2022 Welcome back witches for another monthly installment of WSW's Astro Report featuring none other than our very own Space Daddy: Jerel! Lots going on this month so lets dive right in.
Tea Witch S.M. Harlow Interview Welcome stregletts, we have a very special episode for you all! We introduce to you the wonderful S.M. Harlow! Join us as around the kettle as we talk tea with the one and only Tea Witch on all things tea!
Famous Ghosts Join Monica and Shana as they sip cocktails while sharing some spooky stories about famous ghosts.
EPISODE #39 CHELSEY BLEVINS/WINEMAKER FIFTY-THIRD WINERY Chelsey Blevins would tell you that winemaking found her.  It was in 2010 that she visited Horton Vineyards and was given a full tour of the cellars.  It was after the tour that Mike Heny, who was the winemaker at that time asked her if she wanted to work the harvest.  She said, why not.  Thus, her entry into the wine business.  Next, she got a position at Barboursville Vineyards working in their library tasting cellar.  She caught the wine bug and decided to enroll in the wine program at Piedmont Virginia Community College.  It was there that she met the new owner of Fifty-Third winery David Drillock.  David was intrigued when he saw this student taking copious notes and decided to approach her about a potential assistant winemaker position working under Graham Bell, his winemaker at that time.  She would go on to succeed him in 2019 as the full-time winemaker. Chelsey has had the opportunity to work under some of Virginia's top wine folks like Mike Heny, Luca Paschina and the crew at Barboursville, and Graham Bell.  She is now making her mark and impact on the future of Virginia winegrowing.  She is a star on the rise and someone to watch in the coming years.Listen to the interview below or read the transcript.  I know you will enjoy the Episode
July 2022 Astro Report Your favorite Strega witches are back again with another Astrology report from everyone's favorite Space Daddy: Jerel!
Aska A Strega June 2022 Wine, Spirits and Witches brings you to your regularly scheduled witchy program with another Ask A Strega!
EPISODE # 38 DAMIEN BLANCHON:AFTON MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS WINEMAKER & VINEYARD MANAGER Damien Blanchon was born and raised in the South of France where his family had roots in the Beaujolais Village region of Burgundy. He grew up with wine in his family and when he was 8  years-old he already knew this what he wanted to do–drive a tractor in the vines and be a winegrower.  He would go to school to learn the craft of winemaking and recalls a teacher tell him when he was finishing to gain his degree in Viticulture & Enology that he English would be the most important language he could learn and so he pursued an internship in the U.S.He was fortunate to answer an announcement placed by Matthieu Finot another French winemaker who was working in Virginia and took a position at Old House Vineyards in Culpeper, Va.  He would be at Old House for 5 years before being recruited by Elizabeth & Tony Smith the new owners of Afton Mountain Vineyards.  He would join them in 2011 and has been the winemaker and vineyard manager since.HIGHLIGHTS OF THE INTERVIEW:a). Damien recounts when he was young his grandfather would test him early by giving him a bottle of wine that had been tainted by the cork to see if he detected it.  He did.b). He describes how a teacher of his told him that English would be the most important language he could learn.  This promoted him to take an internship in Virginia.c). Damien talks about his unique approach to vineyard management.  He brews his own concoction of different herbs, and organic teas which he uses to spray the vines in lieu of using large amounts of pesticides and other inorganic sprays that are normally used to fight diseases in the vineyard.d). I was surprised that no research university or organization involved in grape growing had even contacted Damien to learn more about his methods and the results. e). Damien shares he thoughts on Beaujolais and admits his favorite "Cru" was Mont Brouilly.f). Damien speaks about how his Uncle was very involved in the 70's conducting trials for the viticulture department of Beaujolais changing various trellis system inspiring him.Much, Much more.  Listen to the Audio posted below or read the attached text transcript.
EPISODE # 36 WILLIAMSBURG WINERY/PATRICK DUFFELER;FOUNDER & MATTHEW MEYER;WINEMAKER Patrick Duffeler purchased his tract of land called Wessex Hundred just outside of Williamsburg, Virginia in 1983 and would start to plant his vineyard in 1985.  Patrick was born in Belgium and after gaining his degree in Economics & Finance from the University of Rochester, New York he started his professional career with Eastman Kodak. He would go on to work in the International Division of Philip Morris in Switzerland as the Director of Marketing and ultimately become President of Fragrances Selective. It was in 1983 that his wife Peggy had convinced them that he needed to slow down and after an exhaustive search they landed in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Along with producing world quality wine Patrick Duffeler has an amazing country Inn called Wedmore Place and several restaurants on the Estate at Wessex Hundred.His winemaker Matthew Meyer came to Williamsburg via California where he earned a degree at UC Davis in both Oenology and Viticulture and after a short stint at Grigich Hills Wine Cellars was recruited by Heitz Wine Cellars and learned directly from Joe Heitz.  Matthew moved to Virginia and took the position as Winemaker in 2002 and has been producing some of Virginia's highest quality wines ever since.HIGHLIGHTS OF THE INTERVIEW: a). Matthew recounts his introduction to wine as a young boy when he father was a Burgundian wine drinker vs Claret even though they were from Englandb). He talked about what a gift it was to work for Joe Heitz early in his career.c). He relays his father who was a big Burgundy aficionado would send him bottles of Burgundy because he said he would ruin his palette drinking all that California wine.d). When I ask Matthew about Climate Change he points to the continued issue with late frosts in the Spring and how they are getting later and later.e). Patrick brought an interesting perspective to the art of tasting wine and how when he learned to be a Perfumer when he was running an Internation Fragrance company the professionals told him that they couldn't smell and sniff fragrances and remember more than 18 before they got fatigued. He said the same for wine at the most.  Tasting a 100 wines in one sitting you only remember maybe 3 or 4 at the most.f). Matthew surprised me with his answer to my question about what was that one bottle of wine you had that made you go, that's it, now I get it.  Wine can be that ethereal.  g). Patrick's answer to that question was quite different as he tells the story of his Father taking them to a great restaurant in Perigord and he was served Foie Gras with Monbazillac.h). Matthew shares his theory about why Ca wine is so much higher in Alcohol than it was several decades ago.  he ties it to the new Rootstocks since AXR1 has been replaced.i). Patrick has a thought provoking story about what he calls "the Miracle after Midnight" part of winemaking in France.Much, Much more.  this interview is packed with stories and interesting opinions.  Listen below or read the transcript.
EPISODE # 37 AFTON MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS/ELIZABETH &TONY SMITH OWNERS AFton Mountain Vineyards was one of the first of the early farm wineries in Virginia when it was planted in 1978 by David Medford a Chemist from Richmond, Virginia.  However, he named it Bacchanal Vineyards after the Greek god Bacchus.  It would be purchase later by Tom & Shinko Corpora and renamed Afton Mountain Vineyards in 1987.In 2009 Elizabeth & Tony Smith would purchase it.  Elizabeth and Tony were both from Charlottesville, had been married at the Chapel on the campus of UVA and wanted to return to the area after spending several years raising a family in coastal Virginia.Since their purchase they have doubled the acres under vine and currently farm 11 different varietals on 26 acres. They have a full working farm as well.HIGHLIGHTS OF THE INTERVIEW:a).  They share with me the fact that they had several potential sites already that they owned but after consulting with Chris Hill about planting a vineyard they quickly realized those sites won't work.b).  I learn how they would discover Afton Mountain vineyards and when they purchased it in April of 2009, believing they had a winemaker lined-up they moved forward.  Only to find that it didn't work out and Tony Smith found himself now the winemaker.  Under the tutelage of Michael Shaps for the next several years he filled that role.c). in 2011 they were fortunate to recruit Damien Blanchot and he has been the winemaker ever since.d). It was intriguing to learn about the innovative techniques Damien uses to cut back on pesticides and other spray in the vineyard in favor of brewing his own concoctions of herbs and teas to treat the wines.e). It was exciting to learn how they managed to purchase the Historic Brand label of The Monticello Wine Company which was established in late 1800's.  f). some of the original vines which were planted in 1978 still produce today.  Possibly some of the oldest vinifera vines in Virginia.  Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.Much, much more.  Listen to the Episode below or read the transcript.
Between Spaces Monica and Shana sit down to briefly talk about spaces between spaces, what are they and what do they do?
Aska a Strega with Big Pappa Strega Shana and Monica are joined by the one and only Big Pappa Strega in this months Aska Strega Episode!
Astro June 2022 Join your favorite Stregas once again for another monthly reading by the one and only Space Daddy Jerel! Give a listen and see for whats in store for 2022's month of June.
Karma Plus Join your favorite Stregas in this weeks episode of absolute chaos. Discussions from karma to sleep paralysis, buckle up!
Weather Magic Monica and Shana touch on three aspects to weather magic, rain, sunshine and of course Shana's favorite wind!
Ask a Strega April 2022 Welcome back to our "Ask a Strega" series! Here for the month of april we answer your puzzling questions and provide insight into the strega world!
EPISODE # 35 BILL CURTIS/OWNER & CHEF:TASTINGS RESTAURANT, WINE BAR, & WINE SHOP CHARLOTTESVILLE When Bill Curtis opened TASTINGS Restaurant, Wine Bar, & Wine Shop in 1990 it was the first of its kind on the East Coast to combine all these elements under one roof.  Bill has been involved in the Virginia wine and food scene for close to 40 years and has a tremendous Passion still, for the wine world.  He is exceptional in his breadth of knowledge and is especially sharp when it comes to wines from Burgundy, France.Bill is an example of a "fine wine merchant" in the true sense of that descriptor.  He will learn your palate, what your price threshold is and recommend wine that will always please your palate and keep you within your budget.  In my opinion this type of Wine Merchant is harder and harder to find in today's environment of on-line and flash sales.  This interview brought another perspective and look back and forward to winegrowing in Virginia.HIGHLIGHTS:a).  Bill shares how he hosted several of the early Monticello Cup tastings in the 1980's.b).  He explains how he learn to be a chef, (in the kitchen no formal training) and his style and approach to cooking.c). Shares some great stories about the early pioneers in Virginia winegrowing and offers the opinion that Piedmont Vineyards, no longer in operation, produced the best Chardonnay in Virginia at the time and would still stand the test of time against those being produced today.d). Bill shares how he started by buying two bottles of German Wine in 1972 at a Safeway in Va. one of the bottles was Blue Nun and the other was Spatlese from Prince Rupert Urban and the Blue Nun was 10 cents more expensive. It opened his eyes to wine though.e). In 1976 he opens Court Square Tavern and in 1977 he turns it into one of the first specialy beer joints in Charlottesville because that is what sold.There is much, much more of these stories. Take a listen below or read the transcript.
Astro Report April 2022 Greetings one and all! We are back with another Astro Report for the month of April 2022!
EPISODE # 34 JENNI McCLOUD/CHRYSALIS VINEYARDS AT THE AG DISTRICT Jennifer McCloud's journey and pursuit to reclaim Norton as Virginia's native grape began in the mid-1990's when she found herself in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Eastern conference of the American Society of Enology and Viticulture, (A.S.E.V.) where Dennis Horton and his winemaking consultant at the time Alan Kinne were speaking about Viognier and Norton, two grape varietals that Dennis had been producing wine from.  She was intrigued and when she had her first taste of Norton it just spoke to her.  She would later engage Alan Kinne to consult for her when she wanted to plant her own vineyard in 1997.Jenni claims to have the largest planting of Norton grapes in the world at 40 acres.  There is no question of her commitment to Norton.  However, she pioneered planting Albarino on the east coast and produces one of the finest of all Viogniers in this country. In addition, here 400+ acre farm has dairy cows from which she produces cheeses to sell at the Ag District outlet, here retail space just off of Virginia Highway 50 in Middleburg, VA.One of the comments Jenni made during her interview resonated with me.  She said: "why not plant a grape vine that wants to grow there, and not try and grow a grape vine that doesn't."  I thought that was an interesting and thought-provoking comment.  Think about it.There is a lot to unpack in this Episode.  Some of the Highlights are:a).  How she went from selling her Tech business to becoming a winegrower in VA.b). The background and deep history of the Norton grape which was propagated in Richmond, Virginia by Daniel Norborne Norton, a medical doctor back in the 1820'sc). Her inspiration and motivation to reclaim Norton as Virginia's grape.d). The challenges she has faced on this journey and the successes she has enjoyed.e). The reasons she believes Norton was not a focus of winegrowing here in the Old Dominion after the repeal of Prohibition.f). Her commitment to the land and how the Ag District became an entity recognized by the state.So much more.  Listen to the Episode below or read the text transcript and learn all you will ever want to know about Norton.
Regarding Readings Monica and Shana talk shop and get into the nitty gritty about psychic readings, spirit guides and fate.
Candle For Ukraine We would like to take the time to offer peace and protection not only for Ukrainians fighting and caught in the crossfire, but to Russian citizens protesting the conflict from home and around the world. We must remember not all see eye to eye with the current government and are being detained while voicing their outrage over this senseless conflict.
Astro Report: March 2022 Welcome back for this months Astro Report with Jerel! This months forecast we go over the U.S. Pluto Return, explore Piseces mythology, Mercurys fussiness and more!
Aska Strega Feb 2022 Its time for another Ask a Strega! Monica and Shana share your sotries, questions and their opinions. Got a question? Story dream or other magical/ supernatural thing you would like to share? Write us at our email [email protected]
EPISODE # 33 TIM & PETER RAUSSE/GABRIELE RAUSSE WINERY Tim & Peter Rausse were involved in the planting and development of the Gabriele Rausse winery beginning early in their youth.  Although Tim went off to school shortly thereafter, he would return and immerse himself in the operation and winemaking and hasn't looked back.  Peter calls himself the unofficial GM these days and recounts in this Episode how his role is to make sure everything at the winery works.  While Tim continues to stay focused on the vineyard and winemaking side of the winery.  Tim's wife is also a winemaker at a Northern Virginia winery and comes from a winegrowing family in the region located in the Southwest region of France that produces Monbazillac.Between the two brothers the winery is in good hands as their Father, Gabriele continues in his day job as the Director of the Gardens and Grounds at Thomas Jefferson's former estate, Monticello which is just up the road from his namesake winery.This is a classic winegrowing family story. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EPISODE:a). Peter recounts the story Gabriele often tells about when Peter was 3 years-old he once gave a tour to some guests that were visiting what at the time was called Simeon Vineyards. Simeon Vineyards was planted by Gabriele for the Woodward family in the early 1980s. The guests were amazed as he answered all of their questions accurately an indepth. That vineyard is now called Jefferson Vineyards.b). Surprisingly both Tim & Peter did not feel they were necessarily destined to run and operate the winery while growing up.c). Tim tells the story of when they first started to replant the Redlands Vineyard down the road from them how they went about choosing which varietals to put in the ground. There is a funny story surrounding the reasons behind planting Chasselas Dore and then how they figured out to make wine from it that would sell.d). Tim recounts how his wife and Peter came up with the idea of producing a sulfite free wine and the story behind the interesting naming of Vino dal Bosco.e). Both Tim & Peter had fascinating answers to my question about which wine they remember that got them to say, Ah, that is what wine is all about!Much, much more as I capture what it is like to follow in the footsteps of a wine ICON in the Virginia Wine Business.Listen below or read the text transcript
We're Stupid For Cupid Just in time for Valentine's day, Monica and Shana talk all about Cupid and Aphrodite.
February 2022 Astro Report Happy February! Join our witches and Space Daddy, Jerel, as they talk about the planetary forecast for the month and Imbolc. Jerel tells us the mythological tales of Aquarius and Hercules
EPISODE # 32 MIKE HENY/WINEMAKER: MICHAEL SHAPS WINEWORKS Michael Heny graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Comparative Literature from University of Virginia in 1990.  Hardly, the typical training or studies that would lead to a successful career.  He was in need of a job just out of college when he answered and ad for a position as a cellar worker at Montdomaine Cellars where Shep Rouse was the winemaker.  He remembers Shep tasting wine one afternoon outside the cellar when Shep asked him to join him.  It was the first time he even was exposed to the Tasting of wine.  He  became enthralled with the process there but would end up traveling to Europe only to come back and work the harvest at Meredyth Vineyards under Archie Smith.  He then would move on to a position at Horton Vineyards working under the guidance of two more of the early pioneers in Virginia winegrowing, Alan Kinne and Dennis Horton.  Ultimately, he ended back at the Montdomaine Cellars facility in 2019 but, working as the winemaker at Michael Shaps Wineworks who had purchased the facility in 2007 when it became the home for Michael Shaps wine program.  There are some more twists and turns you will learn about when you listen to the interview.  HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EPISODE: a). describes being a young boy when he became so curious with a bottle of German wine his parents were given as a souvenir of a trip to Europe his Grand-parents made.  He couldn't resist and opened it and tasted. b). he always wanted to be a Poet, so how he ended up being a noted winemaker for over 30 years in Virginia is an intriguing story.c). He was fortunate to work with several of the early pioneers of Virginia winegrowing and had some truly good mentors.d). One of the odd twists in his career was him working at one of the leading Retail wine merchants in the Country at the time Calvert-Woodley in Washington DC.  It opened his eyes to the wide world of quality wine knew nothing about at the time.e).He makes what I believe is a brilliant statement/observation when I asked him about the future of Hybrid grapes in Va.Much, Much more.  Listen below or read the attached transcript.

In this week’s episode Monica and Shana talk about Tulpas and ask a few questions about the existence of these interesting spirits.” id=”3xgYhx5LCMN” vid=”3xgYhx5LCMN” id-for-player=”3xgYhx5LCMN” link=”/listen/tulpas-3xgYhx5LCMN/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Tulpas WARNING: This episode involves talk of imaginary friends and childhood figures. We suggest nit listening to this episode around young or impressionable children.

In this week's episode Monica and Shana talk about Tulpas and ask a few questions about the existence of these interesting spirits.
Monica and Shana gaze into the future of 2022 using numerology, tea leaves and tarot to see what the year has in store for all of us.” id=”1Ssp2Ewdu4P” vid=”1Ssp2Ewdu4P” id-for-player=”1Ssp2Ewdu4P” link=”/listen/a-reading-for-2022-1Ssp2Ewdu4P/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
A Reading for 2022 Happy New Year!
Monica and Shana gaze into the future of 2022 using numerology, tea leaves and tarot to see what the year has in store for all of us.
EPISODE # 31 JUSTIN ROSE/WINEMAKER ROSEMONT VINEYARDS Rosemont Vineyards was established in 2003 by Stephan and Chandra Rose on a farm that had been in the Rose family since 1858.  When Stephan retired as a successful Dow Chemical executive, he was interested in returning to the family farm and get back to land, so to speak.  With the help of a family friend, he was introduced to Lucie Morton the world-famous Ampelographer and Virginia based viticultural consultant and expert. After many meetings with Lucie, she determined that it was a good location and the vineyard was planted.Rosemont has a great mix of both French American hybrids, primarily Chambourcin and Chardonel along with an equal amount of Vinifera like Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and some outstanding Syrah. When Stephans son, Justin graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2004 with the help of Lucie Morton he met a Napa well-known winegrower in John Caldwell.  That would lead to him going to Napa Valley College and completing their 2-year program in enology and viticulture in 1-year. He would return to the farm to oversee the completion of the winery in 2006 and become the winemaker for their first vintage in 2007.  This interview provides some insight into winegrowing in the Southern Region of Virginia where there are very few wineries or vineyards.HIGHLIGHTS OF THE INTERVIEW:a). Justin shares his stories of spending time in Napa and being given an opportunity to spend time with John Caldwell along with completing a two-year course at Napa Valley College ub enology and viticulture in a one-year time.  Quite an accomphlishment in and of itself.b). Justin shares the background on the family farm that his Father would decide to retire at and get into the business of wine-growing.c). He also makes it clear he didn't drink much wine before all of this and as a 23 –year-old was introduced to wine through Lucie Morton and her connection to John Caldwell in Napa Valley.d). Justin explains to me how his highly successful Vermouth project began and how much fun he has producing it.e). Equally as interesting is how his Sparkling Wine project began and how unique it is to produce the red wine from Chambourcin and the white sparkling wine from Chardonel.f). Justin makes it very clear that for him and his family it is all about the wine and the quality of the grapes that come from their Estate.Much, much more.  Listen below or read the transcript attached.
Water Magic In our fourth and final installment in our elemental series, Monica and Shana dive deep into WATER!
Fire Magic Welcome to part three of our elemental mini series. In this episode Monica and Shana talk about Fire and all things magic that surround it. Learn how to vibe with the spirit of Fire, things that are sacred to it and even a spell or two
Air Magic Join Monica and Shana as they expand on this 4 part series on the elements and their magic!
EPISODE # 30 JON WEHNER/CHATHAM VINEYARDS AT CHURCH CREEK In 1999 Jon Wehner and his family established Chatham Vineyards at Church Creek located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Jon is a second-generation winegrower following in the footsteps of his mother and father who had a small home vineyard for over 30 years in Great Falls, Virginia. The quality of the grapes from that vineyard produced a Vidal Blanc that was the house wine at one of Washinton, C. D. areas finest restaurants for many years, L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls, VA. He grew up learning the art of winegrowing from none other than world renown Ampelographer, Lucie Morton who was the consultant for both of the vineyards–past and present.Chatham Vineyards is the only winery today in the Eastern Shore AVA of Virginia and was one of the first vineyards planted to close spacing of the vines at the instance of Lucie Morton. From her experience from other parts of the world she understood the value of it and what it would mean to quality winegrowing for this new project.Chatham Vineyards current farms 20 acres of varietals and their Steel Chardonnay is recognized as one of the Old Dominions most unique expressions of that grape.  HIGHLIGHTS OF THE INTERVIEW:a). Jon describes his early years working in his families Great Falls vineyard and why he eventually wanted to settle into that style of living later in his life.b). Jon speaks about the life he and his family enjoy on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and the beauty of his surroundings and the remote nature of the location.c). We learn why he believes they are currently the only winery today located in the Eastern Shore AVA in VA.d). He explains how Lucie Morton was adamant about using close spacing when they planted the vineyard.e). Juanita Swedenborg was a topic of discussion as she was the vintner that made the wine from his family's vineyard in Falls Church and here role in breaking the issues around the ban on direct shipping of wine to the consumer.f). Jon explains what he has seen from Climate Change since he started in the late 1990'sMuch, much more.  It is a great look at a terrific producer of wine that is under the radar screen outside of the Virginia area.  listen to the Episode below or read the attached transcript

Listen in as our witches talk about Earth magic. Learn about everything ranging from sacred colors, creatures and spell work.” id=”8rYssDpof7S” vid=”8rYssDpof7S” id-for-player=”8rYssDpof7S” link=”/listen/earth-magic-8rYssDpof7S/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Earth Magic This episode starts off a special mini series Shana and Monica put together to take a closer look at elemental magic by exploring each of the elements one by one.

Listen in as our witches talk about Earth magic. Learn about everything ranging from sacred colors, creatures and spell work.
December Astro 2021 W Jerel Shana and Monica welcome back Jerel for the last Astro Report of 2021! Lets dive in and learn about some of the lovely and intriguing qualities of Sagittarius and see what the planets have on their agenda to close out the year.
EPISODE # 29 Sharon Horton & Shannon Horton/Horton Vineyards Dennis and Sharon Horton planted a small hobby vineyard at their home in Orange, Virginia in 1983.  That hobby turned into the full-time pursuit in winegrowing and in 1989 they planted their first commercial vineyard.  In 1993 their Viognier stunned the experts and was proclaimed the best Viognier in the country.  That quick fame and Dennis ambition to pioneer the growing of many different varietals made an indelible mark on Virginia winegrowing for years to come.  Dennis was once quoted as saying he had probably ripped out more vines and varietals that most vintners had even planted.  There is no question that the Horton's have been the greatest experimenters of grape varietals in Virginia.His work with reviving the grape varietal Norton, the original Virginia grape breed and cultivated in the early 1880's by Dr. Norton from Richmond inspired many others to plant and produce wine from Norton.  The Horton's also were the first to bottle and label a wine Cabernet Franc to complement their work with Norton and Viognier.HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EPISODE.a). Sharon details Dennis and her move to Central Virginia to start winegrowing and getting their initial vine cuttings for Norton from Stone Hill in Missouri, their home state.b). I find out that Dennis was a self-taught winemaker and the background on it.c). Sharon had an interesting response to my question on how a nurse, (what she did prior to winegrowing) becomes a vineyard manager.  A position she still handles today at Horton.d). I was surprised to learn that Dennis visited Ch. Grillet and took his inspiration from there to grow Viognier in his vineyard.e). 1993 Horton Viognier, their first vintage, propels Horton to fame in the country as the wine gets acclaimed as the best in the country.f). Sharon describes how Dennis continued to grow many different varietals that in the end totaled over 40 in his quest to experiment and find those grape varietals that were best for Virginia.g). Sharon shares the difference in growing Norton vs vinifera in vineyard practices and management.h). Shannon, her daughter, talks about growing up with winegrowing as your environment both as a young kid and now with her own daughter taking over the winemaking at Horton today.A fascinating interview with one of the early pioneers in the modern-day winegrowing here in Virginia.  Much, much more in the Episode.  Listen to it below and the text transcript is also available.  Enjoy
Ask a Strega: Big Poppa Strega We welcome back Big Poppa in this months Ask a Strega!
December ask a Strega Monica and Shana sit down with a bottle of Santa Clara and answer questions submitted by listeners. From intro witch info to money and love magic, our witches share their knowledge in the monthly Ask A Strega episode.
Join our witches as they talk about herbs, stones, and ever some shadow work that can be effective in the magic of making a life.” id=”3GY91Mt1UOd” vid=”3GY91Mt1UOd” id-for-player=”3GY91Mt1UOd” link=”/listen/baby-making-magic-3GY91Mt1UOd/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Baby Making Magic Monica and Shana talk about baby making magic! AKA Fertility and Pregnancy Magic.
Join our witches as they talk about herbs, stones, and ever some shadow work that can be effective in the magic of making a life.
November Astro 2021 with Jerel We welcome everyone's favorite Space Daddy, Jerel, back to give us all the juicy info on the planetary happenings for November 2021. Jerel walks us through notable dates and events, gives us advice on how to navigate the challenges of the month and provides some wonderful insight into the mysterious sign of Scorpio
From personal beliefs, interesting schools of thought and personal experiences, our witches dive in to who and what may have come before.” id=”6jbEvrBh0P6″ vid=”6jbEvrBh0P6″ id-for-player=”6jbEvrBh0P6″ link=”/listen/the-many-theories-of-past-lives-6jbEvrBh0P6/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
The Many Theories of Past Lives Shana and Monica go to the Underworld and back in this week's episode as they talk about past lives and the mystery and theories that surround them.
From personal beliefs, interesting schools of thought and personal experiences, our witches dive in to who and what may have come before.

Got a question or story to share? Send an EMAIL to [email protected] and it might get answered on the show!” id=”4cYZ1mRtF8h” vid=”4cYZ1mRtF8h” id-for-player=”4cYZ1mRtF8h” link=”/listen/ask-a-strega-oct-2021-4cYZ1mRtF8h/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Ask a Strega Oct 2021 Join Shana and Monica finally bringing back the "Ask A Strega" segment of the show, taking email questions from our listeners and giving input and advice.

Got a question or story to share? Send an EMAIL to [email protected] and it might get answered on the show!
October Astro 2021 w/ Jerel Monica and Shana are joined yet again by Space Daddy Jerel for October 2021 astrology report!
The Harvests Monica and Shana take us through the three harvests as we move through fall and look forward to Samhain. We learn traditions, sacred plants and more.
Astro Sept 2021 W Jerel September is upon us, so sit in the corner and think about what you did!
We All Have A Colin Shana and Monica talk about the many different types of energy vampires.
Vampires With Emily Monica and Shana sit down to interview the real life vampire, Emily Carmen. The trio talk about the vampire disease, porphyria, and all of the super natural lore that goes along with the illness. Shana tells us about an infamous New Orleans vampire.
Astrology August 2021 with Jerel Our Stregas, Monica and Shana, sit down to talk about the planetary happenings for August 2021 with our resident astrologer, Jerel.
July Astrology 2021 With Jerel We welcome back everyones favorite space daddy extraordinaire, JEREL!!! Join us as we go over all the planets mess for the month of July.

Monica and Shana talk briefly about the history of Litha and give you simple rituals, recipes and spells to observe the holiday. Shana gives you ideas for Litha Crafts and activities th” id=”AK6VyRwvDCt” vid=”AK6VyRwvDCt” id-for-player=”AK6VyRwvDCt” link=”/listen/summer-solstice-2021-AK6VyRwvDCt/” is-authorized=”false” custom-styles=”margin: 0 24px 24px 0;”>
Summer Solstice 2021 Welcome to the 2021 Summer Solstice witches! May you be blessed by the radiant power of the Sun today and always.

Monica and Shana talk briefly about the history of Litha and give you simple rituals, recipes and spells to observe the holiday. Shana gives you ideas for Litha Crafts and activities that can be done solo, with children or with a group or coven.

*Ricky asks for a bonus poll on baby names. Submit your opinion or give new name ideas through the Facebook group or email [email protected] 2021 only*
Aska Strega May 2021 Presenting our May Aska Strega courtesy of Mercury RX! Our witches talk about everything from sweaty boob crystals, Monica raging about bad sasquach documentary to out of body experiences!
Magical Ethics Monica and Shana dive into their opinions on the ethics within witchcraft.
May 2021 Astrology with Jerel Join us for our May 2021 edition of our Astrology series with the one and and only Jerel! AKA "Space Daddy".
Ask a Strega April 2021 Part 2 Welcome back to our April "Ask a Strega" PART 2!!!!!!!!!!
Spirit Guide Pathworking Monica and Shana take you on a journey to meet your spirit guide(s), so sit back and relax as our witches set you on the path to connect.
The Wheel of The Year Time to get down a fool and learn the wheel of the year!
Aska Strega April 2021 We hear you, and we see you, we answer your questions in this months ask a Strega segment!
April Astrology 2021 with Taddy McCoy We welcome back our astro witch Taddy McCoy for Aprils predictions.
Flower Power Stop and smell the flowers! Tune in as Monica and Shana go over some of their favorite magical flowers and how to use them in spell work.
Sipping wine with Satan: An Interview with the Satanic Temple Join us Stegletts as we sit down with the social media liaison, Mr. Rene Grigori for the SoCal sect of The Satanic Temple!
March 2021 Astro w Jerel Join us as we welcome back our star eyed astrologer Jerel!
Aska Strega Feb The Second Welcome back for our second Ask a Strega for February 2021!
Aska Strega Feb Part2 Welcome back for our second Ask a Strega for February 2021!
February Astrology 2021 With Taddy McCoy Join us as astro witch Taddy McCoy looks to the stars for whats in store for us this February.
Aska Strega Feb 2021 Welcome to our February 2021 Ask A Strega! We answer your submitted questions so listen up to see if we answer yours!
Glamour Magic Glamour Magic by Wine Spirits & Witches
Aska Strega January 2021 Welcome back to another Ask a Strega Episode where Shana and Monica answer the questions from our lovely listeners.
Astrology January 2021 with Taddy McCoy Welcome back Taddy McCoy with her forecast for January.
December Astrology Report with Jerel Our Stregas sit down with special guest astrologer, Jerel, to talk about the planetary happenings for December 2020
From the bottom of the couldron: Oct Aska Strega Your favorite stregas answer you're questions and share your stories, plus shout outs.
Poppets Join us streglets as shana returns from her trip and jumps straight back into haunted and magical dolls in this weeks episode.
Aska Strega nov 1st Join our stregas for this month submitted questions from you, our favorite witches!
Haunted Dolls Join our Stregas on this very spooky episode as they discuss some very haunted and some very REAL dolls….
Godesses of the Underworld Monica and Shana dive deep into Hades to give you information on Hecate and Persephone, Godesses of The Underworld!
The Magic of Plants Monica and Shana talk about plants and the magic that surrounds them, as well as what it takes to establish a connection with your plant familiar.
Shadowfest 2020 Join Monica and Shana as they give you tips and spells to celebrate the Stregas Samhain: Shadowfest.
Our One Year Anniversary Episode Join us witches and everything in between as we celebrate our one year anniversary episode!
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